Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview with Mike Lindell

28 apr 2021
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Mike talks about recovering from his addiction to crack and gambling, not getting vaccinated, going into hiding after getting many threats, coming to our show in 2014, Rudy Giuliani’s apartment being raided, meeting with Donald Trump in 2016 and being photographed with papers that said “Martial Law,” and Jimmy pushes him on his Dominion Voting Systems conspiracy, donating $50,000 to help bail out Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse, and the interview is interrupted by the other Mike Lindell (James Adomian).
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  • Mike's delusional 🙄

    King PawKing Paw10 minuter sedan
  • You could tell the audience wanted to clap at mike's accomplishments and laugh at his jokes, but jimmy's staff told them not to

    Wilford BrimleyWilford Brimley57 minuter sedan
  • Alex Jones next :)

    maxgotsmartmaxgotsmartTimme sedan
  • Trump often said things that rubbed people the wrong way but it’s true there was massive election felony issues in the 2020 election.

    Gary MayoGary Mayo2 timmar sedan
  • Jimmy Kimmel is trash !!! Hollywood owns him .

    Gary BaileyGary Bailey2 timmar sedan
  • In spite of Mr Kimmel’s uncivilized attacks and false narratives, Mr Lindell held it well and crashed him like gracefully stepping on an annoying disease-bearing bug. Mr Kimmel went very low on this show. What a shame!

    Miguel DiegoMiguel Diego2 timmar sedan
  • A wonderful man. Loves God and has come back from addiction and is a millionaire. Jimmy is a total looser. He will never be the man Mike is!

    DreamSessions PhotographyDreamSessions Photography2 timmar sedan
  • Jimmy is useless

    Random DolphismRandom Dolphism2 timmar sedan
  • God bless you Mike Lindel and good for you for keeping a cool!!!

    AJ ReyesAJ Reyes2 timmar sedan
  • This guy is whack that's all I got to say

    Robert JoloyRobert Joloy2 timmar sedan
  • The only mistake I see mike making is allowing jimmy disrespect him on television.

    Robinson PittsRobinson Pitts3 timmar sedan
    • So you respect Mike? I'm really curious why.

      Beach StreetBeach Street3 timmar sedan
  • kimmel biased and weak.

    Richard Lawrence DunbarRichard Lawrence Dunbar3 timmar sedan
    • What about Lindell? Con man, snake oil salesman, conspiracy theorist.

      Beach StreetBeach Street3 timmar sedan
  • Shame on Jimmy! Must be the crack…. That is a low blow. I’m disgusted

    Nicole AdamsNicole Adams3 timmar sedan
    • Nicole you know that Mike is a known con artist selling false Covid-19 cures for his own profit.

      Beach StreetBeach Street3 timmar sedan
  • Yay, Mike Lindell

    Judith HoggJudith Hogg4 timmar sedan
    • @Beach Street everyone has an opinion, but mine or yours, that’s all it is, an opinion.

      Judith HoggJudith Hogg4 timmar sedan
    • What do you like about Mike? You know he's a con man right?

      Beach StreetBeach Street4 timmar sedan
  • That Jimmy guy is a puke 🤢 whoever he is.🤡

    Amylic DelicAmylic Delic5 timmar sedan
    • You forgot to say Mike is puke. He's the one selling lies for the purpose of his own profits. Jimmy is just calling out trash.

      Beach StreetBeach Street4 timmar sedan
  • Ellens done.Jimmy is next

    MangtasMangtas5 timmar sedan
    • Why?

      Beach StreetBeach Street5 timmar sedan
  • Jimmy has zero shame....he keeps baiting this man and embarrassed himself endlessly. He tried to repeatedly destroy his credibility with drugs and the fact he is a pillow salesman to diminish any sort of information he has. Lefties are so defensive of anything that could possibly make them look bad and Jimmy is always defensive it’s a joke how he still has a job.

    Chris ReedChris Reed5 timmar sedan
    • Smart people destroy the creditability of people peddling in conspiracy theories and lies for their own financial benefit. Far Righties like this quake are so shameless they undermine our democracy just to keep pooping on gold toilets.

      Beach StreetBeach Street5 timmar sedan
  • We all love Lindell, NOT KIMMEL! I don't believe anything Kimmel says anytime anywhere. First and only Kimmel show I've ever er eh watcjed.

    Mary FisherMary Fisher6 timmar sedan
    • Why do you love Lindell? You do know that he is promoting conspiracy theories and lies that are not true.

      Beach StreetBeach Street5 timmar sedan
  • Wow...disgraceful. Will never watch this show again. Go Mike! Keep on pushing. Everything will come to light.

    JaxPlays GamesJaxPlays Games7 timmar sedan
    • What do you mean everything will come to light?

      Beach StreetBeach Street5 timmar sedan
  • Notice almost nobody clapped for this guy 😂

    jk22222sdjk22222sd7 timmar sedan
  • Jimmy Kimmel 👎😦

    Craig AndrusCraig Andrus7 timmar sedan
    • Question. Why would you thumbs down someone who is trying to expose the truth?

      Beach StreetBeach Street5 timmar sedan
  • Jimmy Kimmel is so low. I am glad most of the people watching realize it.

    Markus AureliusMarkus Aurelius8 timmar sedan
    • What about a con men selling lies for his own financial benefit. Is that low?

      Beach StreetBeach Street5 timmar sedan
  • He's so badly wants to be significant

    CigarmannCigarmann8 timmar sedan
    • Seriously, Mike just needs to stick to selling pillows and stop selling all these lies.

      Beach StreetBeach Street5 timmar sedan
  • dunno what to think about this i do know only 5 % of people who try ever stop doing crack that's not a joke as far as chinese hacking i dunno that's like asking if they behind pandemic an you know what maybe they are u can call them what ever but ruthless will stick come out someday i guess an it's not like they handing out truthful answers on a platter so who knows maybe he has something about hacking

    p lp l8 timmar sedan
  • Jimmy is scared shitless!!🤣

    Kim SmithKim Smith8 timmar sedan
    • Of what?

      Beach StreetBeach Street5 timmar sedan
  • I AM NOT a fan of this pillow guy, but to be BULLIED like that was horrible!!! Kimmel, you lost a life long fan on this one. Addiction is NOT A PUNCHLINE!!!!

    Michael HollowayMichael Holloway8 timmar sedan
  • You rock Mike! A truly gracious man of God who put up with the brainless Jimmy Kimmel’s sorry attempt to belittle you. The information will eventually come to the surface of the swamp!

    Bob AdsitBob Adsit8 timmar sedan
    • @Bob Adsit I'm curious where you are getting your news. You are aware that Lindell actually tried to tell people a toxic plant extract was a Covid-19 treatment, when there was no scientific evidence of this. Oh, and he was a stockholder and on the board of a company that made the extract.

      Beach StreetBeach Street4 timmar sedan
    • Keep drinking your Kool Aid.

      Bob AdsitBob Adsit4 timmar sedan
    • You do know that "drain the swamp" was a code word for fire all the honest men and women and bring in a bunch of con men and crooks to take over the government.

      Beach StreetBeach Street5 timmar sedan
  • Mike a celestial warrior keeping his composure and laughing at kimmel what a champ!!!

    Lu VasquezLu Vasquez8 timmar sedan
  • HAHA. The crying right is very prominent here. LOL All these people saying Jimmy bringing up his past is horrible.. WOW! This moron came on the show and promoted his book which includes his past. Just after Jimmy said he read it (doubt less than %5 of the new conservative right read it or any book since their grade school years) he brings up his struggles with addiction. It's in his F'in book! That dude (notice how I don't say his name?) needs to focus on his recovery because 11 years sober is still very fragile to relapse acting this way. Props to him for turning his life around and helping others. "They are attacking our power grid" holy S... God takes care of idiots "What's does IP stand for?" ..... "it's where the computers are at" I'll spend eternity wherever stupidity such as this is not! Why should freedom of speech be allowed to conspiracy theorists as a maybe? ..... But professionals in their field are labeled liars when they suggest things to actually save these Darwinism Award winners! Sigh

    Jason ReedJason Reed9 timmar sedan
    • Referring to Fauci in the last sentance

      Jason ReedJason Reed9 timmar sedan
  • Kimmel has never questioned the machines...with the nothing to hide let the machines verify that. What if your wrong Kimmel....what will you do...you sound more like a conspiracy theorist jimmy. The border Kimmel...if you avoid the issue Kimmel your part of the problem.

    Won ValdezWon Valdez9 timmar sedan
    • You do realize this sham audit in AZ is simply to keep getting folks to donate money. Fleece the sheep.

      Beach StreetBeach Street5 timmar sedan
  • Worst pillow ever!!!!!

    Jennifer HinshawJennifer Hinshaw9 timmar sedan
  • Wow Jimmy your an @$$

    Gabriel StoneGabriel Stone9 timmar sedan
  • Kind feel bad for Mike. I can see it in his eyes. Too bad he’s losing his business and will probably go back to crack. The end.

    Xcessive GamingXcessive Gaming10 timmar sedan
  • This interview MUST be translated to all languages so every human being learn how to sit and have a proper conversation with another person on the other side of the aisle

    real Madrid Fanreal Madrid Fan10 timmar sedan
  • Mike Lindell is totally certifiable. He was informing Steve Bannon (who should be in jail for bilking people out of millions for his fake border wall) that the Supreme Court is just about to unanimously declare the orange nightmare to be president. People are just using him and it's not right to be doing that.

    Pamela WingPamela Wing10 timmar sedan
  • Jimmy Kimmel works for the corrupt elite.

    R. L. T.R. L. T.10 timmar sedan
  • Mike Lindell's book is worth reading. Crazy stuff and totally fascinating. I found it hard to take him seriously at first, but after watching him for a while and reading his book, I do think he's legit. It's a substance over style thing, but his style has even grown on me - he's more transparent than any politician out there, he loves Jesus, and he's heavily invested in an addiction recovery network, which I think is all really cool. And the Arizona Maricopa County forensic audit may just prove him right. Data files were deleted, and no router images or admin passwords have been handed over, in violation of the state senate's court-supported subpoena. Somebody better be going to jail in AZ.

    Paul FrewPaul Frew10 timmar sedan

    wendy jenkinswendy jenkins10 timmar sedan

    wendy jenkinswendy jenkins10 timmar sedan

    wendy jenkinswendy jenkins10 timmar sedan
  • Jimmy Kimmel what an A hole, trying to make fun and discredit his opinion based on facts, only Mike had the Balls to still come to his show knowing that Jimmy would do this to him. Where is being open minded about the valid info which is presented by the evidence. Jimmy implying that Patriot Mike must have his brain scrambled due to his previous drug use, this is dispicable of Jimmy. Mike Lindell is a great Christian who is a great example of a True Patriot, who has a sense of Humor too.

    D KummerD Kummer10 timmar sedan
    • What evidence? There has been 80+ lawsuits, all dismissed for lack of evidence. It's been 5+ months since he claimed to have "evidence". You do know this "Great Christian", a "True Patriot" said that a toxic plant extract was a Covid-19 treatment without there being any evidence it was safe or effective as a Covid-19 treatment. All while he was a stockholder and on the board of a company that made the toxic stuff. Please tell me how a man like this can be a "Great Christian" and "True Patriot". He's a simple con man.

      Beach StreetBeach Street3 timmar sedan
  • I see he didn't lose any attendance during the lockdown 😂😂

    Mark BoninMark Bonin11 timmar sedan
  • Jimmy not funny, change my mind

    Ryan JacksonRyan Jackson11 timmar sedan
  • Jimmy invites guests into his house just to try to humiliate them. Dude, you suck. Do you kick your dog too?

    Jill PalmerJill Palmer11 timmar sedan
  • OMG he could just as easily pay these hackers to lie...

    SundanceWolf- SkyyeLakaraSundanceWolf- SkyyeLakara11 timmar sedan
  • LMAO STILL no evidence... GO JIMMY!

    SundanceWolf- SkyyeLakaraSundanceWolf- SkyyeLakara11 timmar sedan
    • @Zack T Sure he does. If he did, it would be in a lawsuit. You do know 80 lawsuits were filed, all have found no evidence of wide spread voter fraud. The only reason anyone claims otherwise is to get idiots to donate money to them.

      Beach StreetBeach Street5 timmar sedan
    • Of Ohio has a mountain of evidence

      Zack TZack T5 timmar sedan
    • Douglas Frank

      Zack TZack T5 timmar sedan
  • Mike Lindell came across credible. Jimmy Kimmel is brainwashed. The election was a sham. We all know it.

    MDLogicTimMDLogicTim11 timmar sedan
  • So MAKE some in the USA who can make this stuff!

    SundanceWolf- SkyyeLakaraSundanceWolf- SkyyeLakara11 timmar sedan
  • Judge: “Are you alleging fraud Mr. Giuliani?” Rudy: No, your Honour...this is not a fraud case”.

    james blatchfordjames blatchford11 timmar sedan
  • He seems like the nicest guy 😂🤣

    Chris StrattonChris Stratton11 timmar sedan
  • The comments on this video vastly differ from the mainstream media reports. Jimmy's choice to use ridicule instead of respectful reasoning really shows his lack of character. Not being an American, I had no idea who Mike Lindell is. What I know now is that he is by far a better person than Jimmy,

    bloggermouthbloggermouth11 timmar sedan
  • You’re missing the biggest story since November 2nd! The Arizona Maricopa county board of supervisors DELETED the ELECTION DATABASE before turning over the subpoenaed materials to the Senate auditors! This IS evidence spoliation and is considered by the courts to be evidence of guilt! TREASON!

    Dan ScheperDan Scheper12 timmar sedan
  • Jimmy Kimmel should go back to objectifying women. Oh that's right he's a liberal so we can't bring that up.

    Vince GarciaVince Garcia13 timmar sedan
  • Kimmel is a loser and goes with the flow

    DiezelBurnerDiezelBurner13 timmar sedan
  • Jimmy gets even worse as it goes on, yikes.

    Legal ZA0Legal ZA014 timmar sedan
  • Jimmy, you’re trash

    Joel FloraJoel Flora14 timmar sedan
  • These trumpers are salty af lmao Get over it, y'all lost by 7 MILLION votes baby. Take the L and quit crying

    Victor FVictor F14 timmar sedan
  • You can see the difference between the quality of people. There’s humans with their inherent flaws and then there’s the Jimmy’s of the world.

    Vulcan LogicVulcan Logic14 timmar sedan
  • Extremely irresponsible to platform Mike Lindell, Jimmy. Extremely disappointed that you didnt challenge him enough, and instead chose to lolcow him. Millions of people watched this crackpot. His rhetoric emboldens conspiracy believers, among other extremists.

    MDKAIMDKAI14 timmar sedan
  • Mike lindell a true patriot who they are trying to suppressed. All kimbell can do is insult instead of actually making a point cuz kimbell is a tool for liberal idiots who. Who got no brains kimbell what fuckin joke you cant even give a good point to debate him you liberal loser.

    tom northcutttom northcutt14 timmar sedan
  • I am a recovering addict my self and let me say that for this man to turn his life around the way he did is a motivational story. Jimmy shows just how stupid and a piece of f***ing s**t he really is and he has totally lost any respect I had for him. He keeps pulling the crackhead card cause he is too stupid to argue in a debate!!! F*** YOU JIMMY!!

    Ryan JacobsRyan Jacobs15 timmar sedan
  • Jimmy K is not funny.

    Old Chocolate LabOld Chocolate Lab15 timmar sedan
  • The real big lie I have always been of the opinion that whether the full scale of the 2020 election's fraud and manipulation ever comes to light, the historical record will never be able to account for three facts that betray most Americans' common sense: (1) no president for a century and a half has won more votes during re-election than he did for his first election yet lost re-election, and President Trump gained over ten million new votes over his 2016 victory; (2) Joe Biden, a man evincing obvious signs of mental decline and dementia who generated historically low levels of excitement among his own Democrat voters, somehow won over fifteen million more votes than Barack Obama, the political rock star who energized Democrats like no other politician in recent memory, managed in 2012; and (3) President Trump won almost every traditional bellwether county in the country from coast to coast by double-digits. After a year when Facebook and Twitter did everything they could to minimize Trump's reach to his voters and his voters' reach to each other, and after years of outright Pravda corporate news that pushed the Deep State's "Russia collusion" and Ukraine "quid pro quo" lies to take down a sitting president, President Trump's vote totals in 2020 were still so remarkable that they would have normally indicated a resounding mandate from the American people. It is revealing that, unlike other past election losses, there was no great Republican "autopsy" done in order to pinpoint what went wrong, as there was after Mitt Romney's 2012 failure. Other than an occasional assertion that Republicans "must do better with suburban women," there is no serious analysis about how Republicans should improve upon President Trump's 2016 totals. The reason why is obvious: he did better with voters, in general, than any other sitting president in history, and with minority voters in particular than any Republican in sixty years. Trump won

    Trump Boogy NationTrump Boogy Nation15 timmar sedan
    • Actually, the majority of Americans understood that *rump is a crook and con man, wanted to be an autocrat, and voted him out of office with more than 7 million popular votes. You might not like the results, but those are the real facts. Keep sending *rump your money so he can keep pooping on gold toilets.

      Beach StreetBeach Street4 timmar sedan
  • sounds like we got a bunch a Trump people on this text. But you all are believers Right believing lies. Opposed to GOD this is how it starts.

    Ernest JohnsonErnest Johnson16 timmar sedan
  • This nutjob is a big threat to our democracy..see comments below from morons defending Lindell...our democracy craters because people who are making comments here are so dimwitted...

    RobbieRobbie16 timmar sedan
  • Jimmy Kimmel is very classless, especially sitting next to a hero like Mike Lindell.

    Warrior WardrobeWarrior Wardrobe17 timmar sedan
  • "I think it's important that we talk." - Jimmy after talking trash to Mike for 10minutes....

    Warrior WardrobeWarrior Wardrobe17 timmar sedan
  • This is the first & last time I watch Jimmy Kimmel

    Mrs. Maggie DMrs. Maggie D18 timmar sedan
  • Kimmel is the drug dealer. He gives his cynical, self-righteous audience their fix every night.

    conrad gaarderconrad gaarder19 timmar sedan
  • By attacking an x addict...your attacking the millions of addicts ...well done ...your a joke . Sheeple wake up...stop supporting this clowns Mike lindell is a very generous man

    Kingdom of HeavenKingdom of Heaven19 timmar sedan
  • Jimmy, you are a sick dude. Very insecure and narcissistic...a scary combination.

    DocHolliday311DocHolliday31120 timmar sedan
  • keep praying for Mike he is doing better business-wise than he was before but it's costing him a lot because he spends his own money for us. Trolls and shills, we need to pray for them too.

    Bernadette DurochBernadette Duroch20 timmar sedan
  • Have you EVER seen a talk show host entirely discredit a guest, based solely on a past drug addiction? Or claim they are still delusional? Or make such CRUEL jokes at the guest's expense? No? Me neither. Shame on Jimmy.😔 Smh

    Lora LeeLora Lee20 timmar sedan
    • Um, you do realize the guy is a con man selling lies and conspiracy theories for the purpose of making money off donations from idiots who buy this garbage. Since when is treating con men politely the correct behavior?

      Beach StreetBeach Street4 timmar sedan
  • 62k to 13k likes to dislikes. But virtually all comments are negative. Hmmm......

    Michael HainesMichael Haines21 timme sedan
  • Wasn’t jimmy a coke head?

    Ryne BotelhoRyne Botelho21 timme sedan
  • Mike Lindell is so honest and open. He laughs with Jimmy at his own expense. Kimmel is a wise guy with liberal nonsense. His goal was to try and make him look as bad as he could. Cream rises to the top. I use to watch Kimmel but never again! Ridiculous. This wokeness he pushes is turning against him.

    Andre ReynoldsAndre ReynoldsDag sedan
  • Interesting interview. Mike is a little off, but he has a heart of gold. Notice how the audience didn't clap when he said he supports a recovery foundation, and gives most of his money to charity. Shame. The impersonator was funny, I have to admit though..

    Erik CarlsonErik CarlsonDag sedan
  • How you gonna embarrass someone like that. Democrats never wants to listen to anything you have to say period. Cold hearted, no common sense. Can't even pick the right person that's fit to be president. That's enough said. Look at the president now. You chose him you are somewhat on the same lev

  • Jimmy is as bad at interviews as the women on The View. Shut up and let the man answer your questions.

    Smiley SlickSmiley SlickDag sedan
  • I used to like watching Kimmel's skits with his Aunt but I won't ever be amused by him again. He says he's studied Mike Lindell yet he acts like he knows nothing about him. Obviously Kimmel has an agenda!

    k zookk zookDag sedan
  • Your a dirtbag Mr. Kimmell. Shameful

    Vicki BaumbachVicki BaumbachDag sedan
    • Ooops, I think you mixed up the names. Mike is a dirtbag for selling lies and conspiracy theories. Jimmy just calls him out on his shameful behavior.

      Beach StreetBeach Street4 timmar sedan
  • This what absolutely terrifies the left. He has had it hard without the victim card. He turned his life around and stood on his own 2 feet and made something of himself.

    Darren AndersonDarren AndersonDag sedan
  • Jimmy doesn't even have a choice. He's being controlled and told to make Mike look like a jackass. They probably have video of him diddling the kiddies like everyone else in Hollywood!

    Mark DaveyMark DaveyDag sedan
  • This interview just made me buy 5 new sets of sheets from mypillow. I didn’t know much about Mike’s life story but his class and grace while being treated so poorly was really an eye opener and his credibility skyrocketed for me. Will definitely listen closer to what he has to say. Jimmy, time to do better, sir.

    ChelseaChelseaDag sedan
  • The main lesson here? There’s still a sucker born every minute. Lindell’s crack addict dreams come true. Hand-in-hand with America’s biggest and most notorious con man. Only in America!

    james blatchfordjames blatchfordDag sedan
    • I’ll get to Rudy later....stay tuned.

      james blatchfordjames blatchford15 timmar sedan
    • Fool

      Julian RochellJulian Rochell16 timmar sedan
  • What a shame that you treated him with such disrespect. I’m very proud of Mike Lindell for being such a sport and taking your abuse. I used to love your show, but have not watched since you turned so political. Get back to some good clean fun without being offensive to either political side.

    Earlene DwinellEarlene DwinellDag sedan
  • Hey Jimmy whats your opinion on LAPD having to clean up 180 lbs of human feces from the homeless encampments surrounding your filthy bum piss city?

    On The Road w/ TatorOn The Road w/ TatorDag sedan
  • And this was Jimmy's first and last most watched interview

    Lamot Family FunLamot Family FunDag sedan
  • Late night shows are political. Why are they afraid of facts and truth? Mike is honest!

    Brian WilderBrian WilderDag sedan
  • Lindell is lovely, full of class. Kimmel is so cruel and immature. Wow.

    Captain SwanCaptain SwanDag sedan
  • Jimmy Kimmel looks like the Pizza guy from that To Catch a Predator episode.

    Second Down ChicagoSecond Down ChicagoDag sedan
  • Interesting Jimmy wanted this, and Mikes a great soul. Allows Dems to see Mike's true good character. MSM media will find ways to drag Mike down, so to me this being posted is great.

    The RockerThe RockerDag sedan
  • Hey Mike, you are transparent soul,,, definitely an honest Christian. Great sharing of yourself. Thank you !

    The RockerThe RockerDag sedan
  • Man, lots of unnecessary attacks from Kimmel. Yeah disagree with him but don’t tell a genuine man he is crazy from the crack rocks.

    David PetersDavid PetersDag sedan
  • Jimmy Kimmel is ashole Why does he even have a voice. What waste of space.

    David GardnerDavid GardnerDag sedan
  • So many low blows from Kimmel. No respect

    WinnHavenWinnHavenDag sedan
  • The Constitution puts all power in the people's hands

    Paul WisePaul WiseDag sedan
  • Twelve Americans are a tribunal

    Paul WisePaul WiseDag sedan
  • The guys just so goofy I can't hate him.

    Icy BirdIcy BirdDag sedan