The Gigatron TTL Computer without a Microprocessor

12 apr 2018
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  • "You'll need a soldering iron, preferably a good one" Dad?

    warmbeerwarmbeer2 timmar sedan
  • 4:31 demonios¡¡ la Estatica¡¡¡

  • Nice, we built something similar for our 3rd year elec eng course many moons ago except we had to wire wrap the whole thing from scratch on 3 different boards connected by ribbon cables.

    Rowan AtkinsonRowan AtkinsonDag sedan
  • wow

    brahim ñbrahim ñDag sedan
  • wow!)

    Ришат СайфутдиновРишат СайфутдиновDag sedan
  • That's a joke right? You know what snake is, right?

    Justin CJustin C2 dagar sedan
  • Классная вещь ))

    Игорь ВотиновИгорь Вотинов2 dagar sedan
  • Complete tutorial for Learning Rasperry pi click on the link :

    Parveen ThakurParveen Thakur2 dagar sedan
  • Крутяк!

    Василий ПонкратовВасилий Понкратов3 dagar sedan
  • Как же, контроллеры есть, они и выполняют роль процессора а по сути они и есть процессор. Потому как процессор это здоровенный и мощный контроллер.

    10sv10sv4 dagar sedan

    Kendall NavstarKendall Navstar4 dagar sedan
  • Крайне неожиданно. Для обучения интересный кит.

    EWLON CCTVEWLON CCTV4 dagar sedan
  • German TV show called "WDR Computerclub" created a version of the Z80 CPU using TTL ICs in the late 80's. The whole Z80 CPU microprogram was hardwired!

    Matt H. ImagingMatt H. Imaging4 dagar sedan
  • ....Now to make doom run on this machine

    KCASC_ HDKCASC_ HD5 dagar sedan
  • can it run gta sa?

    Melerper pMelerper p5 dagar sedan
  • I bought a ti84 recently because it's a ton of fun to write programs with it's built In basic and also to code in c for it.

    MelodyMelody5 dagar sedan
  • You have a computer and loader. Write your own interface.

    MelodyMelody5 dagar sedan
  • IT working a Cyberpunk?

    Mario CzeMario Cze5 dagar sedan
  • The monster 6502 looks like it should’ve been in the station at the time of the Apollo spacecraft’s launch

    Carla ParkerCarla Parker6 dagar sedan
  • "Some kind of ape." Monkey, actually. It's a mandrill. An Old World species of monkey found on the western coastal regions of Central Africa.

    Fredrick SeilerFredrick Seiler6 dagar sedan
  • Wow, it’s amazing!! Cool:)

    政策PDCA!政策PDCA!7 dagar sedan
  • That's so beautiful

    David LimaDavid Lima10 dagar sedan
  • That intro music is so kickass it makes me wanna throw a tanktop, shorts, headband & sweatbands on and jog to the grocery store

    Subliminal CastilloSubliminal Castillo15 dagar sedan
  • I told him every dip needs to be in a socket. He didn't listen. My only regret about this project. THOSE ICs NEED SOCKETS!

    Jakester _1701Jakester _170115 dagar sedan
  • cheaper will be better

    Ravage RangerRavage Ranger19 dagar sedan
  • 😄 Curiosity burned the cat! 🔥🐱 Mine are the same way!

    J. GonaJ. Gona19 dagar sedan
  • Wow the quality of that soldering tho

    SteelFlexIncSteelFlexInc21 dag sedan
  • Would a modern 6502 CPU crash on an opcode ending with a 2? #2? Anyway, not all that long ago, a guy I worked with in the 80's wanted to know if I could get his 'lyrics he wrote' off commodore 64 floppies. I know there were C64 emulators, and I had access to an old 386, and I had the floppy drive! All those 5 1/4" floppy disks still worked! 30 years old! I put all the data, pet ascii converted to TXT files, on a CD.

    HarryHydroHarryHydro23 dagar sedan
  • amazing

    Milan ČížekMilan Čížek26 dagar sedan
  • If this thing can made in China. It’ll cost less than half of current price. The computer is good for education purpose.

    Night CandleNight Candle27 dagar sedan
  • If you don’t know how to play snake, I’m sorry to say, but you’re way too dumb for this century ;)

    Jimmy The Powerful ! FUJimmy The Powerful ! FU29 dagar sedan
  • Que recuerdes ,felicidades desde España por tu labor

    Miguel Ángel DomenechMiguel Ángel DomenechMånad sedan
  • fuck im late i went to order one they are not making it anymore AGHH!

    CaptiveCoinCaptiveCoinMånad sedan
  • God I am old. I remember programming on a PDP computer in college learning about comptuers. Sigh.... And then as to your comment "Anyone should be able to assemble this", I paused, looked at my wife in the distance, remembered her trying to clean a Dyson Bladeless Fan by pouring water into it while still plugged in, remembered the burns on her arm due to the small fire, and had to say ... NOPE! Man are YOU wrong.

    Walter EnglerWalter EnglerMånad sedan
  • So it has a microcode layer. That's kinda hilarious, and makes it a CISC processor.

    Jon-Pierre GentilJon-Pierre GentilMånad sedan
  • Yawn. I suppose the relay based computers did not count. BTW, when I was in the USN, I had occasion to work on a digital computer that not only did not have any microprocessors, but no integrated circuits, or even NPN transisters. I think it was an AN/YUK-5, but don't remember for sure. It was used for payroll processing and inventory management. It even had a magnetic core memory. Logic gates and flip-flops were made of discrete compoments, mounted on edge cards.

    mrnickbig1mrnickbig1Månad sedan
  • Still uses ICs. I want to see one made with fully discrete components.

    Jagielski GamingJagielski GamingMånad sedan
  • In the Snake game the snake eats the dots and becomes longer and longer. The player has to avoid the snake touching itself.

    JFla Appreciation and Playlist ChannelJFla Appreciation and Playlist ChannelMånad sedan
  • You don't know how to play snake?!

    Tom HowcroftTom HowcroftMånad sedan
  • Back in the early 80s after leaving the Air Force I worked at Datapoint in San Antonio and they had discrete computer boards with a sequencer, microcode ROMs and memory controller, etc. Pain to work on when failed.

    Wayne FlaniganWayne FlaniganMånad sedan
  • Is Gigatron dead? Their website is non-responsive

    Bret LinneBret LinneMånad sedan
  • it needs to blink more.

    ur4n1umur4n1umMånad sedan
  • The ape is a Mandril.

    Steven BoothSteven BoothMånad sedan
  • my ideal machine is a circuit board that let's you plug in processors and memory chips at different locations. you can create your own bus at the back of the board using parallel cables of various widths, then use github to develop an open source operating system for the most popular layouts.

    Kirby ZhangKirby ZhangMånad sedan
  • Я думаю что очень нужно иметь компьютер который работает на микросхемам и без процессора и с микросхемам и типа таких которые могут выдержать высокий электромагнитный импульс типа как в микровалновках . Для чего ? Я думаю что солнце может выбросить импульс высоких энергий и все обычные компьютеры просто сгорит и только могут выдержать те компьютеры которые работают на микросхемам пригодных для микроволновых излучений .

    issac grinbergissac grinbergMånad sedan
  • Great work but even better cat

    JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretzJESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretzMånad sedan
  • Incorrect, this is a computer without microprocessor. All board IS a processor.

    Ramulus2009Ramulus2009Månad sedan
  • It's not an ape. It's a male mandrill. An old world monkey related to baboons.

    theedrstrangelovetheedrstrangeloveMånad sedan
  • Ok you're officially smacked down as a geek for not recognizing the iconic Mandrill demo image. Sad.

    Mad ScientificMad ScientificMånad sedan
  • If motherboards were sold like this i bet pc's would be waay cheaper

    roleplayer rolesroleplayer rolesMånad sedan
  • Take this x box serie x

    mR0d3aGmR0d3aGMånad sedan
  • Very cool!

    Dark KnightDark Knight2 månader sedan
  • Please someone explain what happened at 1:49

    Hemendra SahuHemendra Sahu2 månader sedan
  • u have to collect the dots (all of them) without hitting a wall or yourself getting larger with each dot and therefor harder to control. it's a nibbles clone. either that or nibbles is a snake clone. i am not sure

    Dougie FuocoDougie Fuoco2 månader sedan
  • I got so excited watching this. Went to their site and... not they don't make them anymore... 😭😭😭

    Chad WindhamChad Windham2 månader sedan
  • Eight instructions is plenty, if you want to be Turing complete you can get by with one instruction if that instruction is mov.

    anonymic79anonymic792 månader sedan
  • Realmente é um belissima trabalho individual.. parabens pela tarefa 👍👏👏👏

    Marcelo AbreuMarcelo Abreu2 månader sedan
  • Racer!!?? Oh man!!! That just gave me some serious shivers on the retro spine!! I remember playing a game with excatly that background imagery, sound, look and feel on my Commodore C116 back when I was a little kid in the 80's!!!! Only that the car was red. there were some other opponents and it was called something else but racer. And I loved the 80's style montage sequence in your video!

    A. K.A. K.2 månader sedan
    • Reminds me of the game *Turbo* which was in the arcades in the early 80s made by SEGA.

      D2K PrimeD2K PrimeMånad sedan
  • In soviet russia, the gigatron builds you

    SilverBullet93GTSilverBullet93GT2 månader sedan
  • Turns out if you willfully take out all the advances in computer technology since the 1960's the resulting machine becomes almost useless (by modern standards) other than as a mantle piece.

    Johannes DolchJohannes Dolch2 månader sedan
  • This video really brings back a lot of memories, I remember I used to working on these things in college.

    Aaron FengAaron Feng2 månader sedan
  • That "computer" is just a pile of crap.

    jorgejorge2 månader sedan
  • Why not a George Boole analytical engine in a kit. lol. just kidding.

    EnergeticWavesEnergeticWaves2 månader sedan
  • @8:38 "it only supports 8 instructions" and that's where the name RISC; Reduced Instruction Set Computing comes from, right? Ok putting joke and pun to aside, something far more relevant equipped with a capable RISC cpu is Raspberry Pi400 kit at half the price.

    Tech29Tech292 månader sedan
    • "and processors from Intel supported hundreds of instructions"; but I believe they were built on CISC architecture (complex instruction set computing). I bet people have been comparing/mixing RISC vs CISC even earlier then EPOCH (unix date).

      Tech29Tech292 månader sedan
  • Schools be like: I'll take your entire stock.

    H PH P2 månader sedan
  • you can make that much much smaller with a micro procceser

    daniel hegartydaniel hegarty2 månader sedan
  • You don't know how to play Snake? I didn't think that was possible.

    LucatinLucatin2 månader sedan
  • The music really sucked in this.

    Star GazerStar Gazer2 månader sedan
  • Fajnie że są polskie napisy

    dariusz kowalskidariusz kowalski2 månader sedan
  • wow

    Jonathan CaronJonathan Caron2 månader sedan
  • microprocessor just means micro programmed processor, something that has an instruction set, so since the PC feeds the ROM just like in any classical uP, how is this NOT a microprocessor? It has no monolithic uP chip, but isnt it wrong to say it has no micro processor?

    Bradley RBradley R2 månader sedan
    • Microprocessor is an old term for CPU.

      Command64Command642 månader sedan
    • Microprocessor is a name for an central processing unit (CPU) that fits in one chip.

      NoNo2 månader sedan
  • why oh why did they not add blinkin lights! Literally the reason I never got one

    GodOfCowsGodOfCows2 månader sedan
    • @No I know that, but I meant lights showing what the registers where doing

      GodOfCowsGodOfCows2 månader sedan
    • They indeed added 4, controlled by a 4-bit value (16 possible combinations)

      NoNo2 månader sedan
  • Ben Eater's 8-bit breadboard computer: 'cries in the corner'

    David EikelandDavid Eikeland2 månader sedan
  • Imagine play Doom on that computer

    HexakosioihexekontahexaphobiaHexakosioihexekontahexaphobia2 månader sedan
  • David, If you sold a chip, you need to sold a leg, and wait for the next one, because if you sold a leg too long, the chip will be overheated, and you can't use anymore

    MartinHUN StúdióMartinHUN Stúdió3 månader sedan
    • Depends on chip and soldering iron temperature

      NoNo2 månader sedan
  • that kitty cat was really hungry :)

    angel lopezangel lopez3 månader sedan
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    Евгений КудрявцевЕвгений Кудрявцев3 månader sedan
  • 6:26 It's a Mandrill.

    Andrew WallaceAndrew Wallace3 månader sedan
  • I just played the intro 50 times over. It's sooo good!

    AllMuscle1AllMuscle13 månader sedan
  • 4:36 CAT

    Mason DirksMason Dirks3 månader sedan
  • nop, I don't have the patience to solder pins while inspector cat is breathing over my neck!

    Veronique487Veronique4873 månader sedan
  • 8:11 has this man never played snake before?

    ZuZuZuZu3 månader sedan
  • Computer without a microprocessor is a computer with a procesy

    Joey ShitJoey Shit3 månader sedan
  • what's name of music in 2.50 ?

    Nguyễn Trọng TháiNguyễn Trọng Thái3 månader sedan
  • I agree, not really a lot you can do, it is impressive that they managed to do this without a micro processor, but a rasp pi is cheaper and will usually do just as well

    Dylan CoulbeckDylan Coulbeck3 månader sedan
    • Having the feeling of "i made this" is more satisfying than just unboxing and plugging in.

      NoNo2 månader sedan
  • Onde acho pra comprar?

    Rodrigo LindembergRodrigo Lindemberg3 månader sedan
  • The animal is an orangutan

    Pranav PPranav P3 månader sedan
  • 1:49 am I the only one noticing the first page loads like its lagging behind but thats clearly not possible.. physics

    BigNoobBigNoob3 månader sedan
    • Probably reflection, camera fault or file corruption. Joke section: we live in a matrix

      NoNo2 månader sedan
  • Название на русском а видео на английском. Интерестный ход.

    Леонид ВолошенюкЛеонид Волошенюк3 månader sedan
  • 6:31 the music haunts me still

    Lawn CareLawn Care3 månader sedan
  • That racing car game looks so cute!!!!

    Michael ParanormalMichael Paranormal3 månader sedan
  • very nice!

    Luiz Augusto PradoLuiz Augusto Prado3 månader sedan
  • 4:31 Cat

    Janice AlejoJanice Alejo3 månader sedan
  • If you want to have it for free (one way or another) you can use MAME (although you'll need to download the rom before running it). MAME is the most interesting emulator know since it can emulate stuff that's more unusual then other emulators including plug and play games, some arcade games like Emeraldia or Zooo (yep, that's a real arcade game however I know a DS port known as Zookeeper), Linus Åkesson's Craft (a single chip demo made for Breakpoint 2008) and even the previously mentioned Gigatron (including firmware version 5a), making it my favorite emulator.

    Minecrafter PicturesMinecrafter Pictures3 månader sedan
    • Remember, that there also are dedicated emulators with debugging features, on the gigatron github in Contrib/at67

      NoNo2 månader sedan
  • The Dream Machine should have a 1024x768 resolution, theres tons of 4:3 LCD monitors out there looking for a purpose in life. And 4:3 is the same as old CRT TVs which the 8/16/32 bit home machines used. 2K and 16:9 might be overkill for the 8bits, but no reason to never have a future 2K mode, there could be a quad split screen option to allow four simultaneous machines to use a display. for A B testing etc. if the Dream Machine was optionally slot based... Maybe a universal Dream Machine using CPU modules, then could drop in any flavor of CPU/system desired, 6502 6800 Z80 8088 8051 6809

    Joe FishJoe Fish3 månader sedan
    • The specifications were set almost a year ago, google "Commander X16"

      NoNo2 månader sedan
  • I just realised that your intro looks like the logo is being drawn on a commodore 128, and not the vic 20 I imagined it being on

    Bryden MacphailBryden Macphail3 månader sedan
    • Could as well be on a C64C. (Case looks like that)

      NoNo2 månader sedan
  • can you install windows 10?

    Dennis AguilarDennis Aguilar3 månader sedan
    • No, Windows is 32-64 bit only.

      The Great ZoomThe Great Zoom2 månader sedan
  • 6:32 those images were part of IBM's original set of demo images for the EGA and VGA. We used to see them scroll across computer screens in stores all the time back in the day, along with several other images each clone producer added

    SteelRodentSteelRodent4 månader sedan
  • Everytime He Has To Desoder Chips He Forgets He Has A Desodering Tool

    Despair's Last22Despair's Last224 månader sedan
    • Ah yes, capitalizing every first letters.

      Command64Command642 månader sedan
    • Doesn't work very well when something has a lot of pins. You have to apply a lot of heat which will destroy the pads

      allanwallanw2 månader sedan
    • @Preinstallable on Roblox Go Play Grab @$$ With A Fake Person Im Not Writing Like That And Besides Look At Most Comments On SEworld They Are Like Book Tiltles

      Despair's Last22Despair's Last223 månader sedan
    • Please Stop Typing Like This, You Are Not Writing A Book Title.

      Preinstallable on RobloxPreinstallable on Roblox3 månader sedan
  • Baboon

    Peter Van Horn IVPeter Van Horn IV4 månader sedan