CallMeCarson VODS: E3 (Part One)

12 jun 2019
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Streamed on 6/9/19
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  • This is for sure staged, the fact he knew where it was

    James ClarkJames Clark15 dagar sedan
  • dope or nope

    jacara jacksonjacara jackson18 dagar sedan
  • It’s weird seeing the jokes of “It’s not coming out” because all these games got pushed after the pandemic started.

    littleferrhislittleferrhis21 dag sedan
  • 50:51 JACK BLACK

    the kid parzivalthe kid parzival22 dagar sedan
  • ninja blevans

    the kid parzivalthe kid parzival22 dagar sedan
  • Can someone timestap doom eternal

    orangeapplesorangeapples5 månader sedan
  • Bro Keanu Reeves reunited my parents broken marriage

    NotAshtonNotAshton6 månader sedan
  • annoyed how they know fromsoftware but not miyazaki

    WhibbaWhibba7 månader sedan
    • It's probably just not that relevant in their day to day life

      Olivia MarkerOlivia Marker4 månader sedan
  • Little did they know 2020 the games came out and they had to stay inside so no difference in there lives

    Slim TerrySlim Terry7 månader sedan
  • Visit Colorado Springs, Colorado! The only town in Colorado with an active KKK organization, Colorado Springs, Colorado!

    XDXD8 månader sedan

    Gamer guy 1218Gamer guy 121810 månader sedan
  • Slayer for Smash

    TheOneAndOnlyGreeTheOneAndOnlyGreeÅr sedan
  • Viewer: we want Carson funko pop! Carson: you might be please in a few months. IT WAS HIS YOUTOOZ

    PKMMaster _PKMMaster _År sedan
  • Mickey only shows up for like 2 frames in Kingdom Hearts though

    Some DudeSome DudeÅr sedan
  • Weebs are boomers

    Lilshmil_24Lilshmil_24År sedan
  • Did they diss arkham knight?

    BeanBeanÅr sedan
  • 30:10 from fortnite?!?!?!?!

    WolfWolfÅr sedan
  • Uh...meow???

    NukkeTapNukkeTapÅr sedan
  • Tell me why them yelling how 2020 is a decade away made me go “wait a second 2120?” I’m so fucking stupid in so many ways

    Julia NJulia NÅr sedan
  • this made me the happiest ive been in weeks. thank you

    Jesse MJesse MÅr sedan
  • keanu: N O Y O U R B R E A T H T A K I N G

    AtmosphereRobinAtmosphereRobinÅr sedan
    • AtmosphereRobin my breathtaking what?

      The Shrimpy TomatoThe Shrimpy Tomato11 månader sedan

    Tillet _Tillet _År sedan
  • Tbh yall should not be trashing on dbz kakarot

    Meme AddictMeme AddictÅr sedan
    • jgdmp.1 ikr

      Meme AddictMeme AddictÅr sedan
    • Yeah I know it looks good and it’s fucking amazing

      jgdmp.1jgdmp.1År sedan
  • Rabbids:battle royal

    Pizza ParkerPizza ParkerÅr sedan
  • Colorado battle royale

    manateemanateeÅr sedan
  • Bruh my man Phil Spencer bro

    Phat JoeyPhat JoeyÅr sedan
  • Wtf are those games

    RichlorRichlorÅr sedan
  • Carson got interested in an Xbox game and didn't throw shit about it (talking bout halo) This means something >.>

    Jair Liévanos MoraJair Liévanos MoraÅr sedan
  • i have heard the john wick from fortnite joke about the cyberpunk trailer like 50 times

    Your friendly neighborhood GladiatorYour friendly neighborhood GladiatorÅr sedan
  • In almost every E3 2019 video their thumbnail is Kiana Reaves

    omggo Stuffomggo StuffÅr sedan
    • omggo Stuff cos he was the best part

      The Shrimpy TomatoThe Shrimpy Tomato11 månader sedan
  • 1:17:00 *bligga thats a Japanese ship*

    SubbieSubbieÅr sedan
  • Things got a lot more.....EPIC

    PencilPractice 90PencilPractice 90År sedan
  • 29:45 fortnite

    DingerBooferDingerBooferÅr sedan
  • I live in Colorado, and I can confirm. That is exactly like Colorado.

    Dan ClarkDan ClarkÅr sedan
  • 37:35

  • Hi Carson

    HERONS StudiosHERONS StudiosÅr sedan
  • how did they get the fortnite guy in cyberpunk?

    Ronan HigginsRonan HigginsÅr sedan
  • everything is exciting when Keanu Reeves explains it

    TrwableTrwableÅr sedan
    • you mean the guy from fortnite?

      Ronan HigginsRonan HigginsÅr sedan
  • "welcome to Colorado" Where are the tornadoes

    DeerIsSleepyDeerIsSleepyÅr sedan
    • Don't worry there will be a Oklahoma dlc

      Captain PhantomCaptain PhantomÅr sedan
    • Colorado never has tornadoes like we had one warning because there was extreme rain and there wasn’t even a tornado like girl at least make sure you know what ur joking about

      Julia NJulia NÅr sedan
    • @manatee that's funny because there's a warning in colorado rn

      DeerIsSleepyDeerIsSleepyÅr sedan
    • Colorado has had like 1 tornado since 1990

      manateemanateeÅr sedan
  • Mm mm I sure do love eating my spaghetti-o’s and playing some non existing games

    KeeloManKeeloManÅr sedan
  • 30:34 FLOSS NOW!!!

    ThePhenomenalPhantomThePhenomenalPhantomÅr sedan
  • oh god i like spongeman

    Patrick RawsonPatrick RawsonÅr sedan

    xoosdxoosdÅr sedan

    xoosdxoosdÅr sedan
  • ok but what even happened after halo 4 there was definitely something in-between but I have no idea

    solid_soapsolid_soapÅr sedan
    • @Ragnarockm9 the halo 5 canpaign i admit wasint the best. I didnt play alot of multiplayer because of its toxicity tbh, but i liked forge and stuff to be it was an ok game

      rommel_ghostdivrommel_ghostdivÅr sedan
    • rommel_ghostdiv it's story was a massive pile of steamy shit the multiplayer was pretty decent, forge was excellent, custom games were ok too, customization is bad. warzone is also pretty tight. Overall it was 6/10

      Ragnarockm9Ragnarockm9År sedan
    • @Ragnarockm9 halo 5 was good

      rommel_ghostdivrommel_ghostdivÅr sedan
    • solid_soap halo 5 sadly happened

      Ragnarockm9Ragnarockm9År sedan
  • Lmao first blair witch was about a witch, then aliens, and now spooky trees and creatures

    Alyssa ZombiAlyssa ZombiÅr sedan
  • Gamer goo is my new nickname for semen now, thanks Carson.

    Smoky_ Hoshi201Smoky_ Hoshi201År sedan
    • yay first speedpaint :)

      ezraezraÅr sedan
  • 2020 it's not coming out

    solid_soapsolid_soapÅr sedan
    • 2020 has been delayed until 2021

      Tillet _Tillet _År sedan
  • Dude I was here for that!

    VirginityCheckVirginityCheckÅr sedan
  • 29:42 Best part of the stream, don't you dare say otherwise.

    BlazingBlightBlazingBlightÅr sedan
    • Gears of war funko pop

      YourOnlyHopeYourOnlyHopeÅr sedan
    • "otherwise"

      LocuLocuÅr sedan

      loaduscoolclipzloaduscoolclipzÅr sedan
  • All these goddamn boomers talked over the entire cyberpunk segment. My disappointment is immesurable and my day is ruined.

    No ReasonNo ReasonÅr sedan
  • watch them all *fall*

    KalelKalelÅr sedan
  • 2:50 rename this E3 but it's funny.

    Dr.Who1980 ProductionsDr.Who1980 ProductionsÅr sedan
  • They missed “breathtaking”

    Ben J. WilliamsBen J. WilliamsÅr sedan
    • Ben Williams no 32:21

      Jasper KatJasper KatÅr sedan
  • 17:13 SMP live dungeon edition

    Atlas WtfAtlas WtfÅr sedan
  • DiD SoMeoNe SAy ForTNiTe?!

    Mink109Mink109År sedan
  • Damn he slightly missed the breathtaking part

    ErrorbotErrorbotÅr sedan
    • funko pop

      decaffeinated africandecaffeinated africanÅr sedan
    • They fucking missed it this E3 was a mess

      Gamer ManGamer ManÅr sedan
    • Are you kidding? He missed gears of war pop.

      Dan ClarkDan ClarkÅr sedan
    • Yeah and then when he said: youre breathtaking! they took it out of context. XD

      FED MASFED MASÅr sedan
    • What part

      Game EnderGame EnderÅr sedan
  • Me and the boys

    Red ClassicsRed ClassicsÅr sedan
  • Connect four champoinships

    Dr ThreeDr ThreeÅr sedan
    • Only on the Xbox game pass

      HuwuacHuwuacÅr sedan
  • first dislike yeet

    NeetNeetÅr sedan
    • What have you done to Gordon Ramsey?

      Time Well SpentTime Well SpentÅr sedan
    • No

      Jack ByersJack ByersÅr sedan
    • Gay

      Punished MeatPunished MeatÅr sedan
    • @BlazingBlight because i could.

      NeetNeetÅr sedan
    • How can you do that to my boy Keanu and my other boy Carson?

      BlazingBlightBlazingBlightÅr sedan
  • 8th comment bb

    Chaos LeaderChaos LeaderÅr sedan
  • What’s up chat? How you doing?

    CitralCitralÅr sedan
    • No u

      rommel_ghostdivrommel_ghostdivÅr sedan
  • G A M E R

    Fiesta CultFiesta CultÅr sedan

  • ahhh peepee poopoo gottem

    Dr.NakiseyDr.NakiseyÅr sedan
  • 3

    Braeden SwindleBraeden SwindleÅr sedan
  • Vod squad am i right guys

    Uncle-_-Chiz -Uncle-_-Chiz -År sedan
    • jjkjk

      MunasillaMunasillaÅr sedan
    • Vod squad

      BananaMan720BananaMan720År sedan
    • No you're not

      DolleryDolleryÅr sedan
    • "Shut up vod viewers" -some twitch viewer

      HexplainHexplainÅr sedan
    • Vods Quad

      Joshua FlemingJoshua FlemingÅr sedan
  • fuck yes

    Diss ociateDiss ociateÅr sedan