25 nov 2020
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  • Only the real ones liked the video. 👊😤

    Castro1021Castro1021Månad sedan
    • Bet he won’t reply

      Cathal GardinerCathal GardinerMånad sedan
    • Noo maradonaa noo

      ფოცხვერა 31ფოცხვერა 31Månad sedan
    • 😭😭

      Miguel PereiraMiguel PereiraMånad sedan
    • btw today maradona died

      Miguel PereiraMiguel PereiraMånad sedan
    • diego maradona🤧🐐🕊

      Nilson FloresNilson FloresMånad sedan
  • Lmao he packed 4 Liverpool walkouts in a row

    Imrann_010Imrann_0102 timmar sedan
  • Öcsibácsi kipottyant xd

    Ármin NémethÁrmin Németh10 dagar sedan
  • 8 ads in a 20 min video damn

    Josh ValdiviaJosh Valdivia12 dagar sedan
  • 😂👍

    CruyffCruyff12 dagar sedan
  • I only got deco 87,larrson 87 and Laudrup 85 😬

    Robert TRobert T17 dagar sedan
  • Hungary ❤️

    Panda - TrickShotGodPanda - TrickShotGod17 dagar sedan
  • Gg per zano

    Paolo StrippoliPaolo Strippoli17 dagar sedan
  • Nice start to the vid🤣

    Liampotts18Liampotts1824 dagar sedan
  • O maior colo da ea

    Matheus PalmieriMatheus Palmieri24 dagar sedan
  • Райзен тоже кантону вчера на стриме выбил

    Николай ВолковНиколай Волков25 dagar sedan
  • Like aki magyar🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺

    Marcell DudásMarcell Dudás25 dagar sedan
  • I packed cruyff😭😭😭

    Black SamuraiBlack Samurai28 dagar sedan
  • LOL I packed 87 Lahm in my base icon icon swap

    Victor VanlooyVictor Vanlooy28 dagar sedan

    YT_sparkydezYT_sparkydezMånad sedan
  • Italia regnaaaaaaa zanooooooo

    Raffaele CerretoRaffaele CerretoMånad sedan
  • فيه عرب ولا انا الحالي🤣🤣😔

    Fff FffFff FffMånad sedan
  • Who doing the lelelelelelel at 20:46 ur funny asf dawg love castro reaction on that 😂

    sksksks skskskssksksks sksksksMånad sedan
  • I would be happy with ballack because I support Chelsea

    Byron CottonByron CottonMånad sedan
  • The real ones watched the stream 😉

    reececo2007reececo2007Månad sedan
  • Why sell bale and Ibra?

    Ryan MeyoRyan MeyoMånad sedan
  • A man who cleans his house expects guests Castro (if you don’t get it he shaved his bottom)

    Mason GuyMason GuyMånad sedan
  • i got eusebio no cap

    EZelimz_ LeathalEZelimz_ LeathalMånad sedan
  • I love ur reactions lol

    LLMånad sedan
  • I pack cruyff and puskas in Pack Mega 😂😂

    Marcelo AlvesMarcelo AlvesMånad sedan
  • 19:57 wtf

    mischimmischimMånad sedan
  • “These are actually really good” I got lampard☹️

    Khodr HegazyKhodr HegazyMånad sedan
  • “These are actually really good” I got lampard☹️

    Khodr HegazyKhodr HegazyMånad sedan
  • PUSKÁS 🇭🇺🇭🇺❤❤

    Dmnkqwee10 OfficialDmnkqwee10 OfficialMånad sedan
  • Best vid to watch with a headache

    Marko GroenveldMarko GroenveldMånad sedan
  • Philip Lahm that's class

    Dean HorganDean HorganMånad sedan
  • ✅🇵🇹

    Ladrao KingLadrao KingMånad sedan
  • Ему не надоели накрученные паки?

    Bananka lolBananka lolMånad sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    SmokenSmokenMånad sedan
  • I have 2 friends who got Pele and Cruyff:)

    Theo FosslandTheo FosslandMånad sedan
  • On goooooo

    LawhEditsLawhEditsMånad sedan
  • Got eto’o

    Theo MckeonTheo MckeonMånad sedan
  • Puskás🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺

    Oláh ZsoltOláh ZsoltMånad sedan
  • 20:40 parkingson

    RiskyOfekRiskyOfekMånad sedan
  • I got Shevchenko😔

    Bendik ØBendik ØMånad sedan
  • When ur swinging on ur chair in class 19:57

    EV44N P3DRICKEV44N P3DRICKMånad sedan
  • I liked the pack where he got an icon

    Cornelius FifaCornelius FifaMånad sedan
  • Some spanish?

    Juanmi 2815Juanmi 2815Månad sedan
  • I got eusebio

    Joel KrantzJoel KrantzMånad sedan
  • めっちゃおすすめに出てくる

    ぷにおぷにおMånad sedan
  • Hi. I'm hungary 😁👌 🔥Puskás 🔥

    Zozo NewZozo NewMånad sedan
  • I got R9 not even joking

    Danny PrincipatoDanny PrincipatoMånad sedan
  • I got fkn scholes....

    Noah AndersenNoah AndersenMånad sedan
  • I got cruyff aswell

    Harvey BoxHarvey BoxMånad sedan
  • Then there’s me packing nakata

    George WellsGeorge WellsMånad sedan
  • I got van basten in my pack

    Mr_VliegendeVogeMr_VliegendeVogeMånad sedan
  • Best NA xbox fifa players used Schweinsteiger. I dont know what is les trustworthy that he plays on Xbox or that he is from NA lol

    Mark Van LogtenMark Van LogtenMånad sedan
  • That shoe in the background justvibin

    NoRuthlessNoRuthlessMånad sedan
  • I got rush :(

    Daan HardyDaan HardyMånad sedan
  • He should of called this vid guaranteed walkout packs

    Bobby EpicBobby EpicMånad sedan
  • love from SWEDEN 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

    ッClixxyッClixxyMånad sedan
  • Way whaaat

    spidershine MAMspidershine MAMMånad sedan
  • i got vidic w or l

    Games 2PlayGames 2PlayMånad sedan
  • RIP El diego papa 🙏

    Luigi 11 YTLuigi 11 YTMånad sedan
  • Anyone else get Zidane out of there icon pack

    Bobby_ DoyleBobby_ DoyleMånad sedan
  • Which team is the green shirts that he packed zola in, at 17:22

    ShwelenShwelenMånad sedan
  • I packed messi yesterday

    Mesut KapikiranMesut KapikiranMånad sedan
    • @Suliman i will tell yours

      Mesut KapikiranMesut KapikiranMånad sedan
    • Tell ur mom

      SulimanSulimanMånad sedan
  • كريه ذا الكاسترو ازعاج

    SulimanSulimanMånad sedan
  • The two players with the worst records packed the best icons , man fuck EA

    Dg9 GuzmAnDg9 GuzmAnMånad sedan
  • Dinho > Cantona 🇧🇷 💚💛

    Evandro RossiEvandro RossiMånad sedan
  • My heart rate increases every time I watch this guy.

    Brillian TranBrillian TranMånad sedan
  • i got koeman be happy

    Carl LindecrantzCarl LindecrantzMånad sedan
  • I got eto’o from mine I’m so happy with it

    Alfie WilliamsAlfie WilliamsMånad sedan
  • 20:29

    Zokhan - PlayZokhan - PlayMånad sedan

    Juan Marcos PalomoJuan Marcos PalomoMånad sedan
  • love you too papa!!!

    Zano XVIIZano XVIIMånad sedan
    • Worzonataaaa

      alfredo_damianoalfredo_damiano15 dagar sedan
    • Aoo zaaa

      Paolo StrippoliPaolo Strippoli17 dagar sedan
    • Ciao il Zano

      RudyRudy20 dagar sedan
    • GGGgggggggGGgGGGGgGGGGGG

      Andrea SicaAndrea Sica28 dagar sedan
    • Ao Za

      jeco channeljeco channelMånad sedan
  • i packed the black panther EUSEBIOOO

    Danny expoDanny expoMånad sedan
  • i got garincha is that a dub

    TaxzhTaxzhMånad sedan
  • I got guardiola what an F

    CjudkiinzCjudkiinzMånad sedan
  • First the worst 2 the best

    Renegade_ClarkeRenegade_ClarkeMånad sedan
  • I got Rivaldo :(

    Conor ReillyConor ReillyMånad sedan
  • RIP Diego Maradona You will be missed very very much by us all 🙏🙏😢😢🙏🙏

    Caleb JonesCaleb JonesMånad sedan
  • yoo so much love from italy! subbed at zano and at you too

    teoxrrigoteoxrrigoMånad sedan
  • Fly High God of Football ❤️🕊

    Messiour CroissantMessiour CroissantMånad sedan
  • Que pasa amigo

    Jebemti MamuJebemti MamuMånad sedan

    Il_Pig 104kgIl_Pig 104kgMånad sedan
  • I packed zidane from the base icon, ngl I was hoping for cantana

    Oamanoel HawelOamanoel HawelMånad sedan
    • Ahh, unlucky dude I heard Zidane is trash, Cantona would’ve been such a big dub. Keep your head up champ you’ll get someone good next time✊

      Younan RooneyYounan RooneyMånad sedan
  • Zanone ??

  • that cruff reaction LOL i love this man reaction

    Sanatan thakurSanatan thakurMånad sedan
  • I used Ballack till tots last year he was op

    Jacob PerryJacob PerryMånad sedan
  • me after watching this : do sbc icon me after packed the sbc icon : 😑

    AzraolAzharAzraolAzharMånad sedan
  • I got baresi 😒

    AlexAlexMånad sedan
  • 13:45 ciao sanone

    Gabriele PavoneGabriele PavoneMånad sedan
  • @Zano XVII vai al minuto 13.40

    Filaccio 05Filaccio 05Månad sedan
  • I packed cruyff 89 in a 7.5k pack

    Joep Vd cruijsenJoep Vd cruijsenMånad sedan
  • when Castro packed Ian Rush 13:01, I was waiting for the "Thats Not Bad" line, but it never came.

    Patrick StivalaPatrick StivalaMånad sedan
  • just packed vieri

    jamaja and trashjamaja and trashMånad sedan
  • An idea: next time all good players come from packages, at least shows one goal, move or reaction of his football history. Thanx

    almostaheeelalmostaheeelMånad sedan
  • Maradona can finally play with other icons. Cruyff, Puskas, Eusebio and many more. May he Rest in Peace

    Doctor PrishnicovDoctor PrishnicovMånad sedan
  • These packs are unbelievable

    FrielsterFrielsterMånad sedan
  • 20:34

    FlakieFlakieMånad sedan
  • Zanoneeeeeee

  • Rip Maradona

    NoahNoahMånad sedan
  • @zanoXVII

    Tiago RonchiTiago RonchiMånad sedan
  • RIP 🇦🇷✊🏻🏆⚽️🇮🇹

    Azoz 225Azoz 225Månad sedan