Van Life - Stealth Van Build - Part Five

12 jan 2021
230 240 visningar

Its winter, I'm living in my Chevy Express, and building it out in parking lots!
Minivan Location:
Summit Map:

  • Your style of "painting" is the best:-))))))))))))))

    Bud ChestnutBud Chestnut9 timmar sedan
  • Yewwww!

    Miles VMiles V12 timmar sedan
  • You have convinced me to get a jigsaw.

    DizziousDizzious14 timmar sedan
  • Are you sure you want to have your kitchen or any fluids above your electrical? That seems risky. Best of luck with your new build and adventures.

    Joe LatorreJoe LatorreDag sedan
  • Looks like the good ole in place visualisation design method. No better way to build it practical.

    Ebo ChiEbo Chi4 dagar sedan
  • great song at the start... what is it??

    CHUPIcoltoCHUPIcolto5 dagar sedan
  • Add permanent wood stove too

    piyush Jipiyush Ji5 dagar sedan
  • If you do cut those holes in the bed platform to let heat come up and want some custom vents/covers for the holes, let me know the ID and I’ll print and send you some. 👍

    r0bdr0bd6 dagar sedan
  • This is comimg along quite nicely

    Leon HargettLeon Hargett6 dagar sedan
  • Be carefull with that warm bottled water, could be legionella in it.

    NLterror6000NLterror60006 dagar sedan
  • So how much would you charge to build one for me?

    Marnie LokenMarnie Loken6 dagar sedan
  • I miss your videos

    Elicia McCoyElicia McCoy6 dagar sedan
  • Did B-Quiet get ahold of you? I recommended you to them when they were looking for van builds!

  • gee whiz look at this guy just taking his sweet time while the crock pot hasn't had a sip of electricity in weeks! You are a bad crock pot dad foresty. HAHA!!!

    Shape Shift Inc.Shape Shift Inc.7 dagar sedan
  • I like to check if my bath is safe by throwin' in my Gf's hairdryer.

    Tommy KnockersTommy Knockers7 dagar sedan
    • Like, when your GF is in the bath?

      Russell McPhersonRussell McPherson6 dagar sedan
  • SEworld wanted to know if this video was the following... "informative, life changing, useful, enjoyable, calming, heartwarming, inspiring, and other"...

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    • @Paulo Neutegem lol

      JonJon7 dagar sedan
    • @Jon fancy a Remax add popping up...

      Paulo NeutegemPaulo Neutegem7 dagar sedan
    • @Paulo Neutegem They want to be funny putting on Home Depot Ads of all things

      JonJon7 dagar sedan
    • SEworld is like: Why in the world is not letting us plague his videos with adds 🤑 Foresty's like: Not on MY channel!!! 😎

      Paulo NeutegemPaulo Neutegem7 dagar sedan
    • They must be on to the baby wipes.

      JonJon7 dagar sedan
  • Long time listener and first time caller..... As for insulation.... Is there any way to drill and do some foamed insulation between the panels of the interior and the exterior? Like foaming an old house? Just thinking out loud.

    Brian OlehyBrian Olehy7 dagar sedan
  • Bro waiting for long time for ur video where?

    Kumaran SellathambyKumaran Sellathamby7 dagar sedan
  • reverse the piano hinge on bed so on underside

    J FrazierJ Frazier7 dagar sedan
  • Do not go with a cubic mini😟 It is a gimmick!! Small wood is a pain in the ass and goes out every hour Brrrrrr!!! I'm using a stainless steel light quality wood stove in my airstream.🦩 And I've been using woodstoves every type in all my different vessils.Stay tuned I will get motivated to film it next couple of days cheers from another albertian🇨🇦

    2000talon2000talon7 dagar sedan
  • I just subscribed after watching your last video. I love videos like yours. Build build build.😃 Its my fix. Keep em coming. Thanks.

    Clear WaterClear Water7 dagar sedan
  • Waiting for a Foresty Forest news flash is like waiting for Groundhog Day. Every time the dude pops up, it feels like it's gonna be an early spring.

    Michael RowsMichael Rows7 dagar sedan
  • Loving the van build series! Would you be so kind as to post links to those cordless tools you’ve been using? They appear to be somewhat compact compared to what I’ve seen guys in garage-type home shops use! I’m certainly NOT a carpenter or hard core woodworker, so I don’t necessarily need “professional” grade kit. But I DO enjoy using the right quality tool for whatever project I’m trying to do- and those tools look extremely competent, and also manageable for my small hands. Thanks for sharing your extraordinary skills and wonderful adventures with us!! 💐💐💐

    SistahRevSistahRev7 dagar sedan
  • Perfect again

    Benson HilgemannBenson Hilgemann7 dagar sedan
  • Any updates on the next video? Slow and steady wins the race but we're keen to check out how it's going

    Jamie HeritageJamie Heritage7 dagar sedan
    • @Paulo Neutegem Nah, what you need is a Drone Express Air Delivery.

      Michael RowsMichael Rows7 dagar sedan
    • @Foresty Forest Your 'Job number 2' is taking a long time. Take some Ex-lax it'll fix your constipation in no time, Eh! 🤣

      Michael RowsMichael Rows7 dagar sedan
    • Urgent telegram for Foresty Forest... The dog sled is hurrying to deliver your mail. Be patient. Hopefully there will be no more storms this week.

      Paulo NeutegemPaulo Neutegem7 dagar sedan
    • @Foresty ForestOh sweet man that's good news 🙌🏾 Thanks for the reply

      Jamie HeritageJamie Heritage7 dagar sedan
    • Hey Jamie.. I'm waiting on a few things to arrive in the mail.. so i can finish up a certain job. Could be another four days 😟

      Foresty ForestForesty Forest7 dagar sedan
  • Just love it, but insulation, I just haven’t seen or heard anything about insulation. And those windows. Surely heat is just flying out of there. Maybe I worry too much. Carry on.

    Andy DuffyAndy Duffy7 dagar sedan
  • Im amazed! Very inspirational. Lol how did you kearn to do all this stuff my Foresty Friend?

    Intelligent DesignIntelligent Design7 dagar sedan
  • Looking dope, keep up the good work!

    Reality ChallengedReality Challenged7 dagar sedan
  • I do kinda question putting 3 cooking methods (electric, gas, wood, and croc pot) in such a limited space. That's a lot of space and weight dedicated to 1 task redundancy. Is there no other way you would want to use the space?

    DeilGristDeilGrist7 dagar sedan
    • I agree. I think we need more cooking options, 3 isn't enough...

      JonJon7 dagar sedan
  • I can't wait for Forest to be back baby wiping his chicken before cooking it.

    Jamie MartlewJamie Martlew7 dagar sedan
  • Forest you are so smart! Can't believe you taught yourself how to put all this stuff together! 💯

    CocoCoco7 dagar sedan
  • How much wood in a wood stove could a Foresty Forest chuck if a Foresty Forest could in a wood stove chuck wood? As much wood in a wood stove as a Foresty Forest could chuck if a Foresty Forest could in a wood stove chuck wood.

    Michael RowsMichael Rows7 dagar sedan
    • @Paulo Neutegem You're welcome, Paulo Geppetto. Now gimme a whistle, Eh!

      Michael RowsMichael Rows7 dagar sedan
    • @Michael Rows Thanks a lot man! Your comments are priceless! Ps: My nemesis is Jiminy cricket!

      Paulo NeutegemPaulo Neutegem7 dagar sedan
    • @Paulo Neutegem Dude, your mind chucks like a Master Grasshopper. 🙏

      Michael RowsMichael Rows7 dagar sedan
    • Sounds like that new series with Chuck Norris, Elijah Wood and Forest Whitaker...

      Paulo NeutegemPaulo Neutegem7 dagar sedan
  • I'm waiting to hear some Foresty Forest through the grapevine. But then I remember to listen through the *Beervine.*

    Michael RowsMichael Rows7 dagar sedan
    • @Michael Rows 😂

      Paulo NeutegemPaulo Neutegem7 dagar sedan
    • @Paulo Neutegem Oh, I'd love to try some your Portuguese 🇵🇹 *Pieonnetti* 🇵🇹 ... 🤣

      Michael RowsMichael Rows7 dagar sedan
    • @Michael Rows lol! No man! That is real food. As in Peacan pie witch is my favorite!

      Paulo NeutegemPaulo Neutegem7 dagar sedan
    • @Paulo Neutegem Wait what, is that some kind of food fetish?

      Michael RowsMichael Rows7 dagar sedan
    • Michael Rows Now I feel like eating pumpkin pizza!

      Paulo NeutegemPaulo Neutegem7 dagar sedan
  • That wood stove is causing quite a Beaver dam in the comments. Don't worry, Foresty Forest got his handy Woodpecker to take care of business.

    Michael RowsMichael Rows7 dagar sedan
  • Its coming along

    BrettBrett7 dagar sedan
  • Dude this is awesome!!! Motivation for me

    TechWithRoddTechWithRodd7 dagar sedan
  • 5:35 you gotta pull those wires back out and twist them. you cant risk having a lose piece of wire shorting something out.

    PT2PT28 dagar sedan
  • ok I will tell you a warm tape or electrical tape + wire on the glass and then the solar battery you only need a couple of batteries you need the glasses will always be warm

    Avetor UACAvetor UAC8 dagar sedan
  • Why not use the flexible lightweight solar panels that could conform to the shape of the roof?

    DeilGristDeilGrist8 dagar sedan
  • Hey forestry! My girlfriend noticed that you have your head at the back door but in a video a while ago you talked about not wanting that because of the possibility of being rear-ended while sleeping on the side of the road. Love the videos!!

    Connor RobertsConnor Roberts8 dagar sedan
  • Is he serious day 23? No way that has taken him over three weeks, has to be a inside joke. Please don't think I'm having a go at Mr.FF, not saying that to be mean!!!!!

    Number 16Number 168 dagar sedan
  • Looking cool AF 😁👊🏻...yes to the wood burner for many reasons ☺️✌🏻

    Pedallin rawPedallin raw8 dagar sedan
  • Posting today?

    Gazdaru AndreiGazdaru Andrei8 dagar sedan
  • Very nice

    Maria BetancourtMaria Betancourt8 dagar sedan
  • You know it's serious when you hear your first name

    JonJon8 dagar sedan
    • Dogbert's got a sunday newspaper rolled very tight! And he aint look too happy!

      Paulo NeutegemPaulo Neutegem8 dagar sedan
  • Time for an update Simon

    Gen4tenGen4ten8 dagar sedan
    • You heard him!!! Whoever u are!

      Paulo NeutegemPaulo Neutegem8 dagar sedan
  • yea waiting for the next one

    Robert CurranRobert Curran8 dagar sedan
  • Awesome forest. Your putting in a wood stove Wicked !!!!!

    maple leafsmaple leafs8 dagar sedan
  • Great Stuff. Just stumbled across this channel. Awesome. Now I need to go back and start from the beginning. Getting some good ideas for my Honda build!!

    Out on a LimbOut on a Limb8 dagar sedan
  • Something about u I can't explain but u take people away from there problems .and this terrible life. God bless u with ur journey..always my friend gb

    gregory byrdgregory byrd8 dagar sedan
  • Foresty I am camped out at Lake Mead Nevada and a van just like yours complete with tinted windows drove by in the near distance. Are you in Nevada?

    Joseph PiskacJoseph Piskac8 dagar sedan
  • Well, I think you shouldn't use wipes on your chicken. It's weird. That's what I think. So there.

    sololimosololimo8 dagar sedan
    • The first time I saw it I thought he'd gone nuts. Then when I realized it was a joke it was triple the fun. 😁

      Paulo NeutegemPaulo Neutegem8 dagar sedan
    • You know he's joking, right--he's joking, that's why baby wipes come up often.

      grow2bwiser !grow2bwiser !8 dagar sedan
  • I want to see that wood stove insulation you ever thought about adding a TV

    Sigma GlockSigma Glock8 dagar sedan
  • All good but do you install the spoiler, neons, TVs and 500 watt system sound system?

    Chaaaos IChaaaos I8 dagar sedan
  • I guess you have to appease your paying crock pot cult subscribers, but with your new power supply, I'd dump it and go for a vintage pyrex bowl with lid and a microwave. I did that years ago and have never missed that old crude pot. No appeal. Make a double reflectix cozie for the bowl and lid and save even more on electricity while your food cooks away slowly without any electricity.

    Yoo HoooYoo Hooo8 dagar sedan
    • Microwave? You sound like a city slicker. Good luck with your Ramen noodles, Eh! 🤣

      Michael RowsMichael Rows7 dagar sedan
  • post frequent videos please, I love your videos but it's too long of a wait.

    rahul kashabrahul kashab8 dagar sedan
  • Forest , how can I send you pictures? I use to have a van like yours , you could make a custom box in the rear window and use it as a refridgerator during winter , no electricity needed.

    Mobile empireMobile empire8 dagar sedan
  • Hi from Newfoundland , Foresty... Great idea, the Wood stove.... check out the Dwarf mini wood stove... seems better than the Cubic Mini according to the SEworld videos i watched... built in ash pan ... burns longer over night ... many pluses.... several vans on SEworld , similar to yours, have a wood stove .... dry heat , free fuel, save battery power -win-win-win.... who knows, they may donate one to you !! Chris

    NFLDERNFLDER8 dagar sedan
  • How many amp the new Alternator going to be?

    John SmithJohn Smith8 dagar sedan
  • Great videos as always. Unfortunately you guys have a very limited choice of Diesel Vans compared to Europe. Most can get an auxiliary Diesel Heater mounted in the engine compartment from the factory which uses the cars existing heat ducts and vents. That would eliminate the need for extra space in the cab and extra Diesel tank.

    elsombrero1000elsombrero10008 dagar sedan
  • I'm just waiting for the next video .

    Pushpendu RoyPushpendu Roy8 dagar sedan
  • So I know you do a lot of slow cooker recipes. I just seen something tiktok. You maybe interested in. It was a pancake made in a slow cooker. But being as you live in a van it maybe a perfect recipe. For someone on the road.

    AdamAdam8 dagar sedan
  • I need your address. I want to send you some Carmex. You will love it.

    Jeff ZoikJeff Zoik8 dagar sedan
  • Were you singing the Foresty Forest intro while you were showering? haha

    The BotmanThe Botman8 dagar sedan
  • Walking around the house singing "Foresty Forrest he lives in a van. Foresty Forest!" the husband asking what song do you keep singing? What is a Foresty Forest?

    SouthPadre QSouthPadre Q8 dagar sedan
    • It's a forest... a forest that smells... foresty!

      Piece of Schmidt GamingPiece of Schmidt Gaming6 dagar sedan
  • what the name of the diesel heater you have and what size is it or does it matter why i'm asking is because i want to put one in my camping trailer it's a 28 footer will i need to put two diesel heater or could i get away with putting just one

    Cesar FariasCesar Farias9 dagar sedan
  • the sound is very low

    ellie norderellie norder9 dagar sedan
  • Foresty, when you're hiking so much as you are, always alone and very often in a bear habitat, I strongly advice you to have your bear spray on a belt around your waist, and NOT in the backpack. Chances are that if you encounter a bear in close proximity, it will be a surprise for both you and the bear, and you probably won't have much time to take the spray out of the backpack. Furthermore, you may become separated from the backpack, which will leave you defenseless. So unless you're in big open spaces, the spray should always be instantly accessible. I hope you are well-informed of what you should/should not do in case of different scenarios of bear encounters. Stay safe and keep it up! Nice progress!

    Kaloyan KirezievKaloyan Kireziev9 dagar sedan
  • Definitely need a fully automatic baby wipe dispenser. Also yes do the woodstove. They make amazing small but awesome ones now. May I suggest you seriously consider a nice flat panel tv mounted on a swing-out metal arm. Or just mount it above the kitchen area. Gonna send you a nice new lead-free chemical-free crockpot as a house warming gift.

    Anthony PerroneAnthony Perrone9 dagar sedan
  • Not sure why you are worried about that outlet location if your not worried about your kitchen actually sitting directly on top of your fully exposed entire electrical system? WTF?

    Bubba BongBubba Bong9 dagar sedan
  • Put in a little bit of light green and some orange to contrast..... all grey looks like a bunker Big van though

    zaryab khanzaryab khan9 dagar sedan
  • Wow your videos are starting to do numbers Forestry

    Jacob EdenJacob Eden9 dagar sedan
  • A wood stove would be an easy way for some good cheap heat. But it would take space in the van. As well as take away from your stealth because you’d have a chimney coming out of the top of your van. Depends what you want more. Cheap heat or more space and stealthiness.

    jnf2211jnf22119 dagar sedan
  • Nice.

    PilipinaGal TreasurePilipinaGal Treasure9 dagar sedan
  • I saw you have a crock pot drawer, have you ever considered ditching it for an Instant Pot instead? Vanlife tested by many others and does what a crock pot does plus so much more. You should investigate, I'm taking mine to the grave!

    Stephan DoironStephan Doiron9 dagar sedan
  • Looking fabulous.

    Crocheting Around New ZealandCrocheting Around New Zealand9 dagar sedan
  • Unless you cover all those windows as well as the 'walls' with insulation, it will have no effect. Just saying, eh.

    Andy SykoraAndy Sykora9 dagar sedan
  • 0:20 One second you're painting out of a can the next you're eating out of the can?? Oh wait, replay shows different can! LOL Seriously, love your vids!

    ggsmith48906ggsmith489069 dagar sedan
  • @0:46 Crockpot has made an appearance! LOL.

    June BugJune Bug9 dagar sedan
  • More videos or we riot

    JonJon9 dagar sedan
    • @Jon Okay! Dogbert eh?! Newspapers riot agains Foresty!!!

      Paulo NeutegemPaulo Neutegem8 dagar sedan
    • @Paulo Neutegem it's actually Dogbert with a roll of newspaper which makes it even more threatening than you could imagine 😁

      JonJon8 dagar sedan
    • @Jon Says a dog with a club at hand. Berry threatening!

      Paulo NeutegemPaulo Neutegem9 dagar sedan
    • @Foresty Forest Nice. Good to know you're rinsing and wiping really well 👍

      JonJon9 dagar sedan
    • New video is just a few bean rinses and baby wipes away.

      Foresty ForestForesty Forest9 dagar sedan
  • Release more videos

    The WishmasterThe Wishmaster9 dagar sedan
  • Foresty Forest, allow me to introduce you to Kim: You're awesome man. I watch you so much I saw this chick and thought "Damn, this is the chick for Foresty Forest." Vegetables and Bacon.

    Micheal DustoinMicheal Dustoin9 dagar sedan
  • Are you in Airdrie Alberta ?!! We used to live there and it looks like you are at our old Home Depot!! Stay warm Foresty we love watching you !!

    I Want To Cook ThatI Want To Cook That9 dagar sedan
    • Calgary mostly.. van is almost ready to sail away from the city.

      Foresty ForestForesty Forest9 dagar sedan
  • Best show on TV right now!

    blackmomma33blackmomma339 dagar sedan
  • Building the van to have a chick come over

    Calvin TathensCalvin Tathens9 dagar sedan
    • Dont forget there's room for a cradle in the rear part too. 🤣

      Paulo NeutegemPaulo Neutegem8 dagar sedan
  • Would be great if u could do 2 videos a week

    Shabeer MohamedShabeer Mohamed9 dagar sedan
  • Really enjoy watchn your videos

    Shabeer MohamedShabeer Mohamed9 dagar sedan
  • We are awaitn a new video plzzzzzz

    Shabeer MohamedShabeer Mohamed9 dagar sedan
    • Haha working on it man !

      Foresty ForestForesty Forest9 dagar sedan
  • re: your alternator ground, 'BADGE EVERYBODY NEEDS ONE', you should have him on speed dial, also a fellow Kanuck.

    Mobile MancaveMobile Mancave9 dagar sedan
    • Haha so i hear! I figured it out though, should be all good once i receive all the pieces.

      Foresty ForestForesty Forest9 dagar sedan
  • You've probably answered this somewhere, but do you have training as an engineer or something? How do you know all this stuff?! Keep up the good work!

    tykid27tykid279 dagar sedan
  • Now thats nice and roomy! Now you can have a guest! 🥳

    ladeene06ladeene069 dagar sedan
  • I'd like to see how your wifi setup works, or if you see any good wifi setups for your van in remote areas

    DustinDustin9 dagar sedan
  • Great job!

    Dashiel JohnsonDashiel Johnson9 dagar sedan
  • Take the second chair out

    Mr. Nice GuyMr. Nice Guy9 dagar sedan
  • What is the music at the intro... nice pop / soft rock vibe .... is it unlicensed SEworld music .... I would love to listen to it more LOL

    NFLDERNFLDER9 dagar sedan
  • Hi from Newfoundland! I have a crockpot same colour and everything, as yours and I love it

    NFLDERNFLDER9 dagar sedan
  • _Believe it or not Foresty Forest isn't at home._ 🎵 🎶 🎶 _Please leave a comment at the beep._ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ _He must be out or he'd show a video._ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ _Believe it or not he ain't home._ 🎵 🎶 🎶

    Michael RowsMichael Rows9 dagar sedan
    • @Jon Definitely! You can also use a Flying J's gift card.

      Paulo NeutegemPaulo Neutegem9 dagar sedan
    • @Paulo Neutegem Can I use my Home Depot card?

      JonJon9 dagar sedan
    • Insert 5 Cents and leave your comment. When he comes back from Home Depot he will read it asap.

      Paulo NeutegemPaulo Neutegem9 dagar sedan
  • Great videos I love your way of doing things

    Rowan NashRowan Nash9 dagar sedan
  • really cool dude, been wanting to build a 5ton dry van into affordable mobile living to afford racing rally car forever. a tought on the wood stove is save it till you insulate the roof, build a roof top fireplace (outside of course) so you can have a vent and fan to draw in smell and heat as well as open the doors in the woods and let the ashes buck on the drive out. Keep up the good work inspiring stuff

    snidewhipssnidewhips9 dagar sedan
  • Just a thought and I may be totally wrong. A wood stove on the inside of your vehicle that has liquid gas in it? If there are fumes inside your van from the diesel fuel or from the underside of your van from the exhaust, into your van if there are and undetected leaks. Gas fumes are more lethal for inflammability.

    myfamilymattersmyfamilymatters10 dagar sedan