10 jan 2021
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  • Hey Team .. All these videos were filmed before the national lockdown and all Nile Wilson content is currently being produced in a Covid-19 secure way, following industry best practice & guidance, in our approved gymnastics training centre. Hope You Enjoyed!

    Nile WilsonNile Wilson8 dagar sedan
    • 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

      Dan SmithDan Smith7 timmar sedan
    • I'm so sad to he that rip his girl freind

      Steel City GamersSteel City GamersDag sedan
    • robilem z takimi na budowie -po 2-3 tygodniach od rana do wieczora i drodze tam i spowrotem po ok 100 km plus swoiskim jedzeniu przy pracy fizycznej i treningu w nocy - i innych dodatkowych sprawach - słabo wyglądali i troche im zeszlo to napompowanie- wyrobienie sie liczy- wiadomo ze chwilowa sila jest-i strzał- jak nie uniknie sie - no bo jak - ale na dluzsza mete w ekstremalnych warunkach zycze powodzenia- -i po ciezkich kontuzjach- ale wyglad robi wrazenie - pozdro- i dobre role - z Bogiem

      Kamil CiezakKamil Ciezak2 dagar sedan
    • Martyn is a very skilled man,really not Bad for a big Guy like him Contrats from France

      tonymarcusotonymarcuso2 dagar sedan
    • So, at 150kgs he eats 1545kcal per day? That's cute.

      TheGermTheoryHoaxSlayerTheGermTheoryHoaxSlayer2 dagar sedan
  • Only got my like because you wrestled him

    cody editscody edits4 minuter sedan
  • ive seen him in like 1 milion clickbait titles

    Stinkyd3Stinkyd36 minuter sedan
  • this guy was in undisputed 4 and looked like an absolute monster

    PunkPunk13 minuter sedan
  • BANE???? I Thought Batman Defeated Him!!

    di ogodi ogo17 minuter sedan
  • Nile literally looks like his son 🤣

    AJC musicAJC music20 minuter sedan
  • seworld.info/tv/Av8zRdyRrkjikWLAQmO2Tg.html Очень нужны подписчики😃

    Карина КаринаКарина Карина22 minuter sedan
  • you 2 should go to the bar ;)

    TriQoD TacticoolTriQoD Tacticool49 minuter sedan
  • Shao Kahn lives

    jeffsupersaiyanjeffsupersaiyanTimme sedan
  • 5:52 he reminded me of hulk when he is angry and going for his enemy

    SpifySpifyTimme sedan
  • So interesting watching two men who are so physically different but who must have a lot of mental common ground.

    SuperVHSchannelSuperVHSchannel2 timmar sedan
  • it's like watching a horse go round a dog agility course.

    SuperVHSchannelSuperVHSchannel2 timmar sedan
  • holy shit I swear I met this guy in a club in my home town southport, there's a yearly bodybuilding contest hosted here and I was at the club the weekend it was on so naturally there were lots of shredded massive guys but this one dude stood out like a massive sore thumb in the middle of this club I asked how big his shoulder span was and got a photo but my phone died as the photo was taken and that was the last of the experience 6 years ago. Crazy to see how much of a following this guy has! Doesn't come as a surprise from the fact I was naturally drawn towards him in awe at the size of the dude!

    thelegand1thelegand12 timmar sedan
  • It's him. The next step in evolution.

    bqginbqgin2 timmar sedan
  • both amazing athletes.! Final joke was legend.

    shredman59shredman593 timmar sedan
  • 9:15 biri odama girdiğinde spor videoları

    Yusuf YıldırımYusuf Yıldırım4 timmar sedan
  • titan guy from on bak 2

    Mnz KotaroMnz Kotaro4 timmar sedan
  • Does he can fit throgh a normal door?

    TeddoproTeddopro5 timmar sedan
  • what a wardrobe! He seems the tattooed and bald version of Reecome (DBZ). :D

    Diego E. SacchiDiego E. Sacchi5 timmar sedan
  • According to his nutrient intake he eats around 1600kcal a day on 150 kilo bodyweight to maintain his weight...🤔 Wait! Whoooot? Haha🤣🤣🤣. Wierdest thing I have ever heard.🤣. Wtf. Littraly what a girl on 50 kilo has to eat to maintain weight 😂 LOL

    MeXo 282MeXo 2826 timmar sedan
  • Nile is bigger than Martyn

    Aykut AydoğduAykut Aydoğdu6 timmar sedan
  • Both AWESOME but it must be horrible for his legs. These jumps :D I mean for knees.

    The PunisherThe Punisher6 timmar sedan
  • Typical American - nothing but steroids. Not even strong just big.

    j bj b6 timmar sedan
  • Why He looks like a crackhead

    Nikouš PikoušNikouš Pikouš6 timmar sedan
  • I could take em

    Wilfred MaidmentWilfred Maidment6 timmar sedan
  • Nile is bigger than Marytn

    WHYxSOxS3RI0USWHYxSOxS3RI0US6 timmar sedan
  • i always love how friendly martyn is...seeing him chameo in kingsman always made my day XD

    Nicolas LucienNicolas Lucien6 timmar sedan
  • Real shocker is next Olympics Martin is going to be competing in gymnastics wonder what event...😂

    Michael HartmanMichael Hartman7 timmar sedan
  • Only laughing and I'm already scared.

    neletgneletg8 timmar sedan
  • Timon and Pumba

    SpaceJockeySpaceJockey8 timmar sedan
  • прикольно наверно управлять таким великаном

    xzakerxzaker8 timmar sedan
  • Martyn should join the USA gymnastics team!

    Steven PhangSteven Phang8 timmar sedan
  • 0:53 ngl, I read the N-word

    SatanSatan8 timmar sedan
    • Same

      🌟 marcus🌟 marcus2 timmar sedan
  • етто чиво вегатарарианец а ?

    Андрей ИльющенкоАндрей Ильющенко8 timmar sedan
  • u prepuber compared to him

    Maic CollinsMaic Collins9 timmar sedan
  • if vin diesel and the rock had a child and fed him nothing but testosterone

  • Martyn Ford: Waha HA Ha haha

    P HolmesP Holmes9 timmar sedan
  • how can humans be so different.

    SellusionStarSellusionStar10 timmar sedan
  • Martyn vs nathan Jones

    Supriyanto YantoSupriyanto Yanto11 timmar sedan
  • nile is bigger then martyn

    bryanmclbryanmcl11 timmar sedan
  • 25g of fat???? lmao

    xxDeath99StarxxxxDeath99Starxx11 timmar sedan
  • Reminds me of Sid James...

    Edward GribbleEdward Gribble12 timmar sedan
  • Duuuuude, that guy deserves the title giant😂 I’m gonna look like a gnome next to this guy for some reason😂

    Ak Shooter 7Ak Shooter 712 timmar sedan
  • Oh my! Martyn is huge! .... and so damn cute! Adorable personality too. He's the kind of guy that upon meeting him, I would ask for a huge hug lol I'm 6'1", and where I'm from, there's not a whole lot of opportunity to get a hug from a guy that is taller than me lol

    NyteKeeperNyteKeeper12 timmar sedan
  • Am i the only one having naughty thoughts seeing them fighting on the floor ? 😜

    Titi STiti S13 timmar sedan
  • Didnt know id see the baki character from the channel lon chelont

    Jaymer FillJaymer Fill13 timmar sedan
  • 9:25 little brother trying to fight the big brother.😆

    Philippe CristianPhilippe Cristian14 timmar sedan
  • 💊💉💉💉💊💊💉💊💊💊💊💊💊💊

    Roberto Cyr delcourtRoberto Cyr delcourt14 timmar sedan
  • Gachimuchi with gymnastics

    ГлинобесГлинобес14 timmar sedan
  • Baldur and Kratos

    ராமநாதன்ராமநாதன்14 timmar sedan
  • Can’t wait to see Martyn in the new Fast and Furious

    a boy has no namea boy has no name15 timmar sedan
  • No more gymnastics for you now, you gonna get so fat

    Aram TapacianAram Tapacian15 timmar sedan
  • Gnome vs. Beast😂✌️

    pok 83pok 8316 timmar sedan
  • He said "Давай" is he Russian?

    Рэй ЧеховРэй Чехов16 timmar sedan
  • He could be thanos without the CGI

    SonnyChenovaSonnyChenova16 timmar sedan
  • You can be one leg this big boy LOL

    marekraczek1marekraczek116 timmar sedan
  • This was amazing .

    J WacoJ Waco17 timmar sedan
  • Americans : 150 kg? Do you mean 2 baby elephants minus four fridges ?

    Erkin ErdoğanErkin Erdoğan17 timmar sedan
  • Got the steroid sweats

    Jsharp102Jsharp10217 timmar sedan
  • literally new marvel vilan

    hehehhehehehhe17 timmar sedan
  • i’ve just came back after watching nile 3 years ago why is he so skinny?

    DayDay 2xDayDay 2x17 timmar sedan
  • had to go and google it. That single leg, head inside, into a trip was too smooth for someone who didn't train. Dude's a bjj guy. Like him already.

    blackUP2424blackUP242417 timmar sedan
  • Martyn Ford would make a perfect bane.

    UteopiaUteopia17 timmar sedan
  • Nile is bigger than Maryn

    SeanSean18 timmar sedan
  • its realy fun to see a bull man like that flippin in the air , hahaha its just a lot of mass ! you can see clearly what is the center mass of gravity there ...

    DJ Rene FernandesDJ Rene Fernandes18 timmar sedan
  • Isn't that risky, basing on the fact that he's not a flexible athlete to do those exercises

    dnlybuff_stevednlybuff_steve18 timmar sedan
  • If he becames an arm wrestler maybe could challenge Schoolboy. :)

    Mauricio XimenezMauricio Ximenez18 timmar sedan
  • Nile is bigger than Martyn.

    Mr Danny BMr Danny B18 timmar sedan
  • Martyn Ford and Mike Tyson are the 2 people i would never question about them getting a tattoo on face or neck or skull... i get scared just by seeing them without them even talking

    Hp HpHp Hp18 timmar sedan
  • Nile is bigger than Martin

    Aapeli HakalaAapeli Hakala19 timmar sedan
  • Is he only having 80 grams of carbs per day?

    Bellsfit07 FitBellsfit07 Fit19 timmar sedan
  • So funny✌️🤣💪

    Burrito SexyBurrito Sexy19 timmar sedan
  • When Martyn started doing the bounce on using just his feet I heard that the U.S. geological survey office logged a 4.7 magnitude earthquake at the very same time.

    poogoosee bagoombapoogoosee bagoomba19 timmar sedan
  • He's such a nice guy, never judge a book by it's cover!

    Andy PazzAndy Pazz20 timmar sedan
  • He looks like Metal head, only weebs will get this.

    stfu stfustfu stfu20 timmar sedan
  • I think dont make a lots of tatoo... because....for me you like a not good guy... ...very scary

    Muhammad SyazaniMuhammad Syazani20 timmar sedan
  • Nile's 5'6"?!?! Martyn is a friggin' BEAST!!!

    X WillyX Willy20 timmar sedan
  • Looks like Kratos and Baldur

    Nick CoreaNick Corea21 timme sedan
  • Little guy is like “please don’t eat me”

    Christopher SmithChristopher Smith21 timme sedan
  • What happened to him he got so thin is he okay 🙏

    Moore N.Moore N.21 timme sedan
  • Boing 🤣🤣🤣

    ColeCole22 timmar sedan
  • Jump cuts are the most annoying thing EVER.

    Andy WardleAndy Wardle22 timmar sedan
  • I left this channel for 2 months and Nile lost all his mass I home he doin okay

    Maxwell WilliamsMaxwell Williams22 timmar sedan
  • David vs. Goliath

    Артем ПономаревАртем Пономарев23 timmar sedan
  • so inspiring

    Siel SerrySiel Serry23 timmar sedan
  • Два синяка

    Егор СмирновЕгор СмирновDag sedan
  • Nile standing next to Martyn is like me standing to next to a normal person 😂

    Jessica BurrellJessica BurrellDag sedan
  • I fucking knew Nile would want to get absolutely destroyed in a wrestling match by him. Who wouldn’t lol

    Q MostQ MostDag sedan
  • Martyn could play Judge Holden in a film adaptation of Cormac McCarthys Blood Meridian

    Kelsey MurphyKelsey MurphyDag sedan
  • Last time iv seen him he was alot bigger your a stick fam

    Sil RitsSil RitsDag sedan
  • I had a good chance in Gymnastics , Yeah until i noticed there isn't a gymnastics Training place in my area. So i did Calisthenics. 👋🏻

    Rayan MirRayan MirDag sedan
  • baddest villain out there

    jon wikjon wikDag sedan
  • Imagine 150kg with khabib's grappling and mcgregors striking. Still 50-50 with dana white.

    Din BachokDin BachokDag sedan
  • o to ten z ksw

    zielinzielinDag sedan
  • this big one is a nerd pretending to be alpha

    Tom TomaszTom TomaszDag sedan
  • Wat happened to your physique bro?

    the great Djangothe great DjangoDag sedan
  • 🙄Hi~

    Raven Junewalker EnglandRaven Junewalker EnglandDag sedan
  • The Lex Luthor we deserved, but never got.

    Pax AriasPax AriasDag sedan
  • Martyn had me on the feels as for his former life and pretty hard depression... Same buddy, same here... Felt like yesterday when I saw buddies of mine crawling badly, injured and all bloody from a bad cut... Perspectives change after this kind of point in our lives. As it seems for you as for me, we've embraced hatred for fuel and then learn to use it properly.

    Valentin PoliceValentin PoliceDag sedan
  • I’m I the only one that feels this a little homoerotic?

    Revan RevelesRevan RevelesDag sedan