AC/DC - Walk All Over You (Official Video)

11 mar 2013
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Music video by AC/DC performing Walk All Over You. (C) 1980 J. Albert & Son (Pty.) Ltd.

  • How someone cannot like him this song?

    jccembojccembo7 timmar sedan
  • Angus is a Rockguitargod. wie er abgeht ist einfach geil

    Christoph MählisChristoph Mählis11 timmar sedan
  • ACDC are the ground of your very Being.

    Jason O'DwyerJason O'Dwyer11 timmar sedan
  • L❤️VE IT! (Missing Bon)

    Liliana E.C.Liliana E.C.16 timmar sedan
  • Van Halen is good but not this good!!!

    dlynds20dlynds20Dag sedan
  • Thank goodness for Bon Scott!!!

    dlynds20dlynds20Dag sedan
    • The Man!!

      dlynds20dlynds20Dag sedan
  • This was the first Song from AC/DC I heard ! It was 1979

    frantefranteDag sedan
  • boys: highway to hell men: walk all over you

    Salim El-ArbaouiSalim El-ArbaouiDag sedan
  • Highway to hell was newly released, At the high school lunch table, my mates and I would do an a capella version of this. The girls thought we were insane! They were journey fans I'm sure!

    Walter ZoomieWalter Zoomie2 dagar sedan
  • They scared all kids from ever trying to compete with them it’s why music sucks nowadays

    loseyourwingsloseyourwings2 dagar sedan
  • Angus doesn’t just play the axe...he becomes the axe 🎸. Top 5 ever. 🤘

    BgJak073BgJak0732 dagar sedan
  • ЭТО бомба!!!!

    Виталий ПавловВиталий Павлов2 dagar sedan
  • I like angus doing the slide off the mike stand.

    Greg MatenkoskiGreg Matenkoski3 dagar sedan

    John SmithJohn Smith3 dagar sedan
  • It was a disaster when Bon was found dead.

    Jailbreak _79Jailbreak _794 dagar sedan
  • The band did his best there. Maybe they were at their peak.

    Jailbreak _79Jailbreak _794 dagar sedan
  • I got in touch with her after listening to this song. Now she's is my wife.

    Jailbreak _79Jailbreak _794 dagar sedan
  • baddest fkn band ever

    dan mcgrdan mcgr4 dagar sedan
  • Alek

    Alek JovanovicAlek Jovanovic5 dagar sedan
  • ACDC listen in Serbia

    Alek JovanovicAlek Jovanovic5 dagar sedan
  • My favorite "love song"

    Dane PurcifulDane Purciful5 dagar sedan
  • Phill is back yeahhhhhh

    Frosch FroschFrosch Frosch5 dagar sedan
  • Just like Freddie gone to soon

    Donnie WallaceDonnie Wallace5 dagar sedan
  • Rip Bonn

    Dimitri malatchesDimitri malatches5 dagar sedan
  • How can anyone dislike this and still call themselves a lover of music

    CONANCONAN6 dagar sedan
  • Never get tired of listening to AC/DC

    Stan IversonStan Iverson6 dagar sedan
  • I love everything about this song forever 😎❤🎸💯🤘🤘💯🎸💯❤😎

    Paula KentPaula Kent7 dagar sedan
  • So many memories whenever I hear them it puts a big smile on my face!!

    Tamara FrileyTamara Friley7 dagar sedan
  • Turned 56 today, listening to 1979 and back wards with some dashes of Power Up. Happy fucking Birthday to me, and happy birthday to anyone celebrating with the great and awesome AC DC

    Madd AlexMadd Alex8 dagar sedan
  • Bon

    Rick WardRick Ward8 dagar sedan
  • After the show I’m sure angus could not even walk t o my mailbox for the mail. Bon I’m so sad for

    Rick WardRick Ward8 dagar sedan
  • This guys. Always with that happy and confident look. You can't be more manly than that.

    dinunclvdinunclv8 dagar sedan
  • 4392 thumbs down???? what is wrong guys??? paradise ain't far from here !

    Carlos HarteCarlos Harte8 dagar sedan
  • One of the darkest, hardest, heaviest, nastiest acdc songs to exist!!

    Montana MikeMontana Mike8 dagar sedan
    • Fucking rights! Fell in love when this came out. Walked 3 miles uphill both ways with no shoes in the middle of a blizzard to buy Highway to Hell from the closest record store. Well, I lied about uphill both ways lol! And I was wearing sneakers, but the rest is true!

      David LingeDavid Linge3 dagar sedan
  • Angus tone on the into is perfect . What a beautiful guitar . This and into of Down Payment Blues have an insane natural distortion that no one else has really achieved . It pushed right into distortion with out going metal

    Techdeath HippieTechdeath Hippie8 dagar sedan
  • Phil on the drums at the start is badass

    Mr. RandomMr. Random8 dagar sedan
  • If you can't feel the energy and pure emotion of this Rock and Rock, check your pulse.

  • what a good song

    francisco acuñafrancisco acuña9 dagar sedan
  • I don’t understand how i went from travis scott,drake,21 savage to here

    Kerem TürkmenKerem Türkmen9 dagar sedan
    • you acquired a good taste in music thats how

      MaxpainopMaxpainop9 dagar sedan
  • My official walk up song. It plays every morning when I walk in the door at work. Complete with a fog machine and lighting effects. Everyone knows not to touch my lunch in the fridge.

    Double DDouble D10 dagar sedan
  • Bon Scott god ACDC Number One group rock last rock.......

    Giovanni GiorginiGiovanni Giorgini10 dagar sedan
  • The new GOP theme song!

    David KingDavid King10 dagar sedan
  • Phil Rudd owns this song.

    Michael KittermanMichael Kitterman11 dagar sedan
  • The eternal apexing of the like none other......then that lead solo......dammit......drops the mothafukin bomb on favorite song ☝

    Charlie SwitzerCharlie Switzer11 dagar sedan
  • Best song 😁

    Charlie SwitzerCharlie Switzer11 dagar sedan
  • Your looking so good under me💦

    Kosta TrajcevskiKosta Trajcevski12 dagar sedan
  • These Transgender Ladies are going to try to Walk all over Us. Bamby Scott Angola Young,Martha Young Cliffa Williams Phillis Rudd

    Green HornetGreen Hornet12 dagar sedan
    • @Terry Crotts Are You TERRY-FIED of the Pros=Pects???? Never talk like that 2 da Green Hornet who EX-POSES EVIL Got it Dude or Dudet?

      Green HornetGreen Hornet5 dagar sedan
    • You got a fetish with transgenders? Gtfoh

      Terry CrottsTerry Crotts5 dagar sedan
  • I can't stop listening 2 old A.c Dc😀🎉

    Lisa CogginsLisa Coggins12 dagar sedan
  • That walk all over you chorus is better than any other chorus. Ever.

    Louis Roger EsselmannLouis Roger Esselmann12 dagar sedan
  • I thought for 35 years this is the best AC/DC song ever, and Highway To Hell is better than Black In Black, both great albums.

    William HoffmanWilliam Hoffman12 dagar sedan
  • Atomic rock'n roll!

    Cédric ChevrotCédric Chevrot12 dagar sedan
  • Highway to hell was their best album

    Michael dMichael d14 dagar sedan
  • The most underrated song in the catalog

    Studio DaVeedStudio DaVeed14 dagar sedan
  • This is where it's at baby, bring it on over here too me! I got your fix!! Take off your high heels,let down your hair... paradise ain't far from there!!!😁😎🤘🤘🤘

    Hrt MjikHrt Mjik14 dagar sedan
  • This was when they were at there best. The new album is a wreck in comparison. The timing & rhythm has been lost as well as when less meant more. The silence between was what made AC/DC so powerful. They lost that years ago. And when Angus’ guitar work meant. God Bon was a master.

    Duncan ODuncan O14 dagar sedan
  • My neighbour’s favorite song , whether he likes it or not

    Bam BoozledBam Boozled15 dagar sedan
  • Why can’t females play like this?

    Ian GreyIan Grey15 dagar sedan
    • we dont need them

      sara and patrick 2.0sara and patrick 2.014 dagar sedan
  • How fucking cool is Angus

    xbeast666xbeast66615 dagar sedan
  • Y love you ac/dc

    Bruno DuhamelBruno Duhamel16 dagar sedan
  • Best damn rock n roll band of All Time!

    theshapeexiststheshapeexists16 dagar sedan
  • I bobbed my head so hard so fast my doctor diagnosed me With a concussion lol!

    boohie- fan228boohie- fan22816 dagar sedan
  • This is what REAL rock 'n' roll looks like kids. Original AC⚡DC With Bon scott. Sound like this will Never will be duplicated again. Geniuses all of em. R.I.P Malcom Young

    Mark FlahertyMark Flaherty16 dagar sedan
  • That mans poor neck!!!

    joel cutiepiejoel cutiepie16 dagar sedan
  • I was married at the time when I first joined the band and my wife said: 'Why don't you write a song about me ?' So I wrote 'She's got balls'. Then she divorced me. -Bon Scott

    JayDeeJayDee17 dagar sedan
  • My heart. My heart.

    JayDeeJayDee17 dagar sedan
  • I cant watch this haircut..... jesus

    Tesseract95Tesseract9517 dagar sedan
  • AC/DC the best Band,the next is Metallica on the second place.

    Zbigniew GalaraZbigniew Galara18 dagar sedan
    • Motorhead is 3rd

      James AgweJames Agwe17 dagar sedan
  • These are my favourite AC/DC songs (In Random order) Back In Black Thunderstruck Are You Ready Shot In The Dark Rock N Roll Train TNT Hells Bells Highway To Hell Walk All Over You It's a long way to the top (If you Wanna Rock n Roll) Touch Too Much You Shook Me All Night Long War Machine Hard As A Rock High Voltage Big Gun Rock n Roll Damnation If You Want Blood (You Got It) Whole Lotta Rosie Money Talks Safe In New York City Rock Or Bust Let Me Put My Love into you Who Made Who Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

    Joshua VenablesJoshua Venables18 dagar sedan
  • If you haven't checked it out yet! go ahead and check out Shot In The Dark

    Joshua VenablesJoshua Venables18 dagar sedan
  • Sempre fantastici!!

    Sergio CalzaSergio Calza18 dagar sedan
  • Take off the Hi's let down your hair...........................

    Chris ClellandChris Clelland19 dagar sedan
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    Dean TuckerDean Tucker19 dagar sedan
  • Brian and bon are the best singers of the band their voices will never die

    Agustin RiosAgustin Rios20 dagar sedan
  • The best ever

    Rodrigo TobarRodrigo Tobar20 dagar sedan
  • Their most underrated song

    Fotis KaiserFotis Kaiser20 dagar sedan
  • What energy Angus has, every time he steps up, he lays it DOWN. Live wire 🤟

    Richard KjelsrudRichard Kjelsrud21 dag sedan
  • Ruleta de flecha :v

    Joe RJoe R21 dag sedan
  • Grown ups

    VideoGames SoundtracksVideoGames Soundtracks21 dag sedan
  • Geil !!!

    Anita HeilbrechtAnita Heilbrecht21 dag sedan
  • Lighting your

    Exit EnterExit Enter21 dag sedan
  • AC/DC /Metallica -super bowl!!!!!tour together!!!!

    Exit EnterExit Enter21 dag sedan
  • Wish -AC/DC Metallica do a tour together be awesome !!

    Exit EnterExit Enter21 dag sedan
  • Oh Lord!! THANX 4 ROCK N' ROOOOOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Walter Vazquez ColinoWalter Vazquez Colino21 dag sedan
  • i never knew

    BrianBrian22 dagar sedan
  • super

    Robert WojciechowskiRobert Wojciechowski22 dagar sedan
  • Best hard rock singer for sure

    jetclntnjetclntn23 dagar sedan
  • :):):)

    Grzegorz KowalskiGrzegorz Kowalski23 dagar sedan
  • Pure Rock N'Roll walking all over the modern gimmicks.

    Shaun BukuthShaun Bukuth23 dagar sedan
  • ¿Alguien en español con buen oido ? Reportense ⬇️

    Santiago TorresSantiago Torres23 dagar sedan
    • Por acá hay uno xd

      Lautaro OlmosLautaro Olmos18 dagar sedan
    • Ya vayase a dormir we, al chile

      Fantasma PunkFantasma Punk22 dagar sedan
    • @Travis Bowman fakiu

      Fantasma PunkFantasma Punk22 dagar sedan
    • I have no idea what you just said

      Travis BowmanTravis Bowman22 dagar sedan
  • Simplemente epico

    Santiago TorresSantiago Torres23 dagar sedan
  • How can you pick a favorite AC/DC song? Impossible but this is up there!

    Alex JumpeterAlex Jumpeter24 dagar sedan
  • Bonn Scott had such a good voice. He lost it because people walked all over him.

    EpicNoovbEpicNoovb24 dagar sedan
  • looks like some Trump voters

    John SawyerJohn Sawyer24 dagar sedan
  • Acdc At its finest

    Liam SmartLiam Smart25 dagar sedan
  • I'm no Brian Johnson hater, but come on man!

    Christian AdamsChristian Adams26 dagar sedan
  • Hard to get better. Can it get any better! I want it playing in my F33king Attack Tank as I lay waste to some Jack House.

    The S WordThe S Word26 dagar sedan
  • This song, who made who, and let there be rock are me favorites

    Koil ZimbabweKoil Zimbabwe26 dagar sedan
    • Thunderstruck... Have a drink on me... Night Prowler??? Dude... How can you pick a fave?

      Alex JumpeterAlex Jumpeter24 dagar sedan

    Phyllis PoolePhyllis Poole26 dagar sedan

      Phyllis PoolePhyllis Poole16 dagar sedan
  • Love you ACDC

    Teresa SuluTeresa Sulu27 dagar sedan
  • BADASS SONG!!!...😈😈😈

    Michelle ArbesMichelle Arbes28 dagar sedan