Discord... but we play a drinking game

21 mar 2021
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discord but we play hangman and drink
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Today we play hangman... but in discord. We each do one word each and the rest of us in discord guess letter by letter trying to solve the word. This is extremely scuffed but I think the vid came out hilarious.
Friends in the vid:
@Im Cheezy
@Whos Chaos
@Im Suda
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  • greatest idea ever

    Crispy ConcordsCrispy ConcordsMånad sedan
    • 653 he said it

      funny tiktok vids Short ytfunny tiktok vids Short ytMånad sedan
    • @Whos Chaos hey chaos

      Fake Rick AstleyFake Rick AstleyMånad sedan
    • Punkchamp

      SlitTymesSlitTymesMånad sedan
    • @Gavin Byron Wow! It took about 15 mins but it worked!!

      Liam PatrickLiam PatrickMånad sedan
    • Dont know if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using InstaPwn. Just google for it if you wanna try it yourself

      Gavin ByronGavin ByronMånad sedan
  • 11:14 I had a fucking heart attack when I heard discord

    CeverusOcculusCeverusOcculus8 dagar sedan
  • SOUP!

    TWIZTWIZ17 dagar sedan
  • 1:29 sound effect plz ive been looking for like an hour

    tretre18 dagar sedan
  • Anybody else guess antidisestablismentarianism the moment they saw the letter count? I did and idk if I should be proud or worried

    PeppermintPeppermint25 dagar sedan
  • My guy had 3 white claws and was wasted...

    GTYIGTYI25 dagar sedan
  • Moore

    sim pisim pi28 dagar sedan
  • I live in Hawaii :/ 10:03

    Maui-Brawl-Stars YtMaui-Brawl-Stars Yt29 dagar sedan
  • Paint was too cheap for a freaking hangman, you had to do it in photoshop bruh i've been doing it all wrong Edit : Soup knows Paint's better

    HyokinsHyokins29 dagar sedan
  • is exdz ok and well?

    Oscar TrejoOscar TrejoMånad sedan
  • 3:09 suda singing flight reacts broke boy song

  • 3:52 there's no way it actually said that 😆

    idkDennisidkDennisMånad sedan
  • Yo I fucking love you for adding Frankie Macdonald in your video 🙏🙏🙏

    #MOP LIFE#MOP LIFEMånad sedan
  • **hydrated hangman**

    Ace_FTRAce_FTRMånad sedan
  • idk why but i read the title as “dispy doncords”

    john gjohn gMånad sedan
  • .

    Travis Scott fan boyTravis Scott fan boyMånad sedan
    • yes

      Travis Scott fan boyTravis Scott fan boyMånad sedan
  • E

    YesYesMånad sedan
  • Okay so that first round. A is the 1st letter of my first name, UREN is the the first 4 of my last name. so after it being guessed in succession it fucked my head a bit

    EnigmaEnigmaMånad sedan
  • LMAO how many of you guys clicked discord when you heard the sound

    Bryan MinorBryan MinorMånad sedan
  • Congrats on 2mil

    The twins Fun crewThe twins Fun crewMånad sedan
  • Why does tranium didn’t have a shirt was wierd bruh

    ItsYaBoiSaulItsYaBoiSaulMånad sedan
  • im watching this the same day you got 2 mil shame

    EKARDxdEKARDxdMånad sedan
  • Why do Frankie like that you wrong 😂 he from Nova Scotia hahah

    Buck Parker BordenBuck Parker BordenMånad sedan
  • Suda goes hard at the end

    Kaden BeckerKaden BeckerMånad sedan
  • Ayo almost 2 mil

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  • I dropped a like for the tranium soldier

    PsyQo MaajPsyQo MaajMånad sedan
  • why the eye patch?

    M. TTT.M. TTT.Månad sedan
  • little does soup know: Whiteclaw was invented by the same guy who made mikes harder

    Mcneil WebsterMcneil WebsterMånad sedan
  • 11:15 i thought someone was calling me you asshole

    DilllDilllMånad sedan
  • That condition was made 3 days after my birth

    Rad BradRad BradMånad sedan
  • 14:27 Gorilladaspinna

    StrykerStrykerMånad sedan
  • dog

    August MarkneAugust MarkneMånad sedan
  • What are you gonna do for two million subs?

    Lukas KavanaughLukas KavanaughMånad sedan
  • How did he get John Wilkes booth I got open winded bottle

    Camden NormanCamden NormanMånad sedan
  • E

    Potato ManPotato ManMånad sedan
  • I learned cursive when I was 4

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  • Yes

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  • Please give more money to RandyUserName on twitch plz

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  • Yes.

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  • that outro song hit

    Miss3tears AmvsMiss3tears AmvsMånad sedan
  • Tranium has ro shot gun 10k white claws🤣

    cole_gam1ngcole_gam1ngMånad sedan
  • There multiplayer and single player but at the end multiple people are sad

    Whimsicle The fireflyWhimsicle The fireflyMånad sedan
  • You don't need other people to play hang man

    Whimsicle The fireflyWhimsicle The fireflyMånad sedan
  • faxxx.videos

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  • faxx

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  • Call me a crayon, cause im tryna get in her box 🔥🔥🔥

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    • Crayon*

      Fabled GamingFabled GamingMånad sedan

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  • I love how crispy added FnAF sounds it feels good to know that people haven’t forgot it

    ShxtzzShxtzzMånad sedan
  • He LOOKS Like he works At discord

    mitefnmitefnMånad sedan
  • Lmfaooo

    The Real GenjiThe Real GenjiMånad sedan
  • What’s up Broski 🦋🦋🦋

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  • 16:38 why does that sound like critical

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  • Almost 2 mill, 4 months ago what you said bro. Ahaha

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    • 1 word Kate

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  • Subed before 2mil subs!

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  • Wait in the thumbnail why is there a c at the bottom if it is a letter

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  • K9 RevengeK9 RevengeMånad sedan
  • i lean it at 2 he never learnt is

    Emil MeyerEmil MeyerMånad sedan
  • parker and other subs, i just want to wish good will to you all and thank you for the hours of entertainment you provide us all

    mrroflwaffles1891mrroflwaffles1891Månad sedan
  • i have a questoin what gave you humer

    Kaitlyn QuewezanceKaitlyn QuewezanceMånad sedan
  • how you get drunk off of white claw, let alone 3 white claws, no can handle his liquor😂

    Kamalu426Kamalu426Månad sedan
  • Crispy one question tho, where did sharp go? he disappeared same as ham

    MeHdiiMeHdiiMånad sedan

    zycro._. LOLzycro._. LOLMånad sedan
  • Wait first why is it that crispy looks like Billy Russo from the punisher??? 🧐

    Christian MartinezChristian MartinezMånad sedan
  • Hypr doesn’t know what a vowel is

    thebreezyonethebreezyoneMånad sedan
  • Is it me or crispy kinda looks like Lucifer?

    MineRealMineRealMånad sedan
  • when the dicord call sounded on the nae nae part i actually clicked on my discord to check lmao

    jackbefilming :0jackbefilming :0Månad sedan
    • discord*

      jackbefilming :0jackbefilming :0Månad sedan
  • Why does Tranium look like Grigori Weaver?

    Nuk4learNuk4learMånad sedan
  • 8.9k cans of white claw

    AntonAntonMånad sedan
  • How come my guys got an eye patch on?

    BFEE101 !BFEE101 !Månad sedan
  • Yoh I was watching the Omegle with him on a date with the Omegle girl and I just learned crispy is from Atlanta. I’m shook now I know to watch out for him in the streets not In a bad way.

    Last Fresh ArtistLast Fresh ArtistMånad sedan
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  • so close to 2 mil

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  • y’all funny as hell istg

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  • so close to 2 mill

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  • Tranium can't hang😂

    Shaggy_E210Shaggy_E210Månad sedan
  • "Chug, Chug, Chug" Proceeds to play SteveWillDoIt's Intro music

    KenzoKenzoMånad sedan
  • no one notice this is 3 month old footage

    EtherealEtherealMånad sedan
  • ALCOHOL!!!!

    ButtersButtersMånad sedan
  • Content that isn’t an Omegle video? Impossible...

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  • Can we get another IQ test between y’all please 🤣must do ever year to see how smarter y’all got 😅

    Thomas RyanThomas RyanMånad sedan
  • bruh am i the only one that also did pogchamp

    TrollzTrollzMånad sedan
  • I loved this so much, you should make a drunk series of random stuff, cause that's what happens when you're drunk.😂

    It’s SquishyIt’s SquishyMånad sedan
  • i dont know id it is because im german but tranium is way toooo drunk after those

    Tim MittermeierTim MittermeierMånad sedan
  • 2k away

    JB MEDIAJB MEDIAMånad sedan
  • am i the only fantano fanboy who clicked cos he saw a yellow flannel

    Emmett M.Emmett M.Månad sedan

    ScateryScateryMånad sedan
  • i just learned a new word. Vaganosis.

    Ban BanBan BanMånad sedan

    lool loollool loolMånad sedan
  • You need to make more of these 😂😂

    The Florida MenThe Florida MenMånad sedan
  • When hyper said he dosnt know vowels I lost it 🤣🤣🤣

    chris lovechris loveMånad sedan
  • Cheater, C is in the wrong letters list even though it was part of the word and said.

    LegacyOfABronzePlayerLegacyOfABronzePlayerMånad sedan
  • End song had me like: 🥴

    EJT006CleetusEJT006CleetusMånad sedan
  • Soup In a video is the best thing ever

    CokeGamingCokeGamingMånad sedan
  • Crispy almost at 2 mil

    LiamLiamMånad sedan
  • Guys. Christmas is the 23rd-

    Logan SherwoodLogan SherwoodMånad sedan
  • Soup: "I'm gonna go for..." Tranium: "uUuhghh"

  • that discord call made me pause the video

    Electro FireElectro FireMånad sedan
  • Im a the only one that noticed the stevewilldoit intro music when he jugged the whiteclaw 13:00

    Justus WinstenJustus WinstenMånad sedan
  • Tranium looks like a drunk pirate Jimmy Kimmel

    LakkoleeLakkoleeMånad sedan
  • tranium the only one who knows how to drink tho

    MikeyyMikeyyMånad sedan