The 2022 Ski-Doo Lineup

17 feb 2021
52 900 visningar

Wherever you look for #ThatSkiDooFeeling, the 2022
Ski-Doo snowmobiles are here to deliver more power, more reliability and more comfort to your discovery when you need it.
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  • Really just want the yellow MXZ option back!

    Weston EshelmanWeston EshelmanDag sedan
  • They never added the Tundras and Skandics lmao

    Payton CommackPayton Commack6 dagar sedan
    • @Gage Chapman They are utility sleds.

      NFLClip2019NFLClip20194 dagar sedan
    • arent those slow?

      Gage ChapmanGage Chapman5 dagar sedan
  • Send me one I’ll do a full review :) 😂 worth a shot

    Dalton WitterDalton Witter6 dagar sedan
  • How about the Tundra 600 Efi, anyting new there???

    L-O LandenL-O Landen6 dagar sedan
    • @Gage Chapman Slow?! Yeah I know it´s not a speedball, but what I need it for is something different. Want to know if they changed anything from 2021 model.

      L-O LandenL-O Landen5 dagar sedan
    • slow

      Gage ChapmanGage Chapman5 dagar sedan
  • I bought a 2005 renegade this fall and as soon as it got home it didn’t run anymore. And i still haven’t riding it. It’s in like it’s 3rd place to try to be fixed. It’s most likely the previous owners fault but just saying

    Fart FarmerFart Farmer6 dagar sedan
  • When did everyone become back country mountain riders?

    Ryan TimleckRyan Timleck6 dagar sedan
    • Since it started selling more sleds.

      IcutmetalIcutmetalDag sedan
  • Bye bye yamicat junk skidoo just went to a new level.

    Mike MillerMike Miller6 dagar sedan
  • thanks for your help with me all brothers and subscribers 👍👍🙏🤝

    Fadi SayedFadi Sayed7 dagar sedan
  • Who wants a brown mountain sled 🤮

    MacKay MotorsportMacKay Motorsport7 dagar sedan
    • People who want a sled that others don’t, that’s who.

      IcutmetalIcutmetalDag sedan
    • someone who can afford it unlike you

      Gage ChapmanGage Chapman7 dagar sedan
  • I love the summit and when my dad showed me that video when I saw the Mach it means so much to me my dad’s friend has a Mach 1 700 triple and I was ubsested with it since I was like 3 I love the line up

    Mitchell CherovskyMitchell Cherovsky7 dagar sedan
  • Now I can’t afford the sleds but maybe I can afford some new clothing if there will be new releases

    Razr CageogicRazr Cageogic7 dagar sedan
  • ANGRY DUCKS 2022 !!!!!!!

    papa Wattzpapa Wattz7 dagar sedan
  • That Mach Z is gorgeous

    WolfieWolfie7 dagar sedan
  • If you want to send one to me I’m sure I could do I amazing review and really boost sales! It was worth a try...

    Ride RedRide Red7 dagar sedan
  • They really forgot about the scandic and the tundra

    Eric BrownEric Brown7 dagar sedan
    • slow

      Gage ChapmanGage Chapman7 dagar sedan
  • What a joke they still haven’t upgraded the industry’s worst headlights.

    Tom SomervilleTom Somerville7 dagar sedan
  • Skandics?

    UP NORTHUP NORTH7 dagar sedan
  • Not a ski-doo fan, but the promo video was pretty sick

    johnnybyupjohnnybyup7 dagar sedan
  • Lynx is now available in North America. 5 manufacturer choices now. Maybe next year they will bring back Moto-Ski.

    canammx125canammx1257 dagar sedan
  • When will they offer the expedition extreme with the 900 turbo?

    lipton6996lipton69967 dagar sedan
  • The Backcountry and The Freeride Look Insane

    Edward ChestneyEdward Chestney7 dagar sedan
  • BRO IF I HAD THE MONEY i would buy the summit in a heart beat

    jack teachworthjack teachworth7 dagar sedan
  • The MXZ is so bland looking please bring back the 2020 Yellow colors to MXZ.. dang

    J F Z28J F Z287 dagar sedan
    • @Gage Chapman Sunburst yellow looks good, sorry to me 2021 and 2022 is boring as hell...

      J F Z28J F Z285 dagar sedan
    • you would like piss yellow

      Gage ChapmanGage Chapman7 dagar sedan
  • I’m very impressed this year with the look of the new snow mobiles! They are all absolutely GORGEOUS!

    Zoey NormorZoey Normor7 dagar sedan

    Vyse MeisterVyse Meister7 dagar sedan
  • yeah no...not paying 20,000 dollars for that mach z

    Kyle NelsonKyle Nelson7 dagar sedan
    • Okay then.

      IcutmetalIcutmetalDag sedan
    • didnt ask you to

      Gage ChapmanGage Chapman7 dagar sedan
  • They look gay

    Jake heislerJake heisler7 dagar sedan
    • thats a mirror looking at urself

      Gage ChapmanGage Chapman7 dagar sedan
  • Mach Z 180hp and launched control 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Eric DuchesneEric Duchesne7 dagar sedan
    • @wasup fool It’s still throttle by wire; just a cable at the bars.

      IcutmetalIcutmetalDag sedan
    • @wasup fool 🤣 Polaris Trax

      Bruce StewartBruce Stewart7 dagar sedan
    • And with a throttle cable instead of that wireless crap. Be interesting to see what the Lester's say on PolarisTrax lol

      wasup foolwasup fool7 dagar sedan
  • The free ride looks sick😱

    Kale LinfordKale Linford7 dagar sedan
  • 23 000 Canadian dollars for the mach !!!!!!!!!!

    am_340am_3407 dagar sedan
    • @Danny Topping me?

      Gage ChapmanGage Chapman7 dagar sedan
    • Who the fuck Is gonna buy the Mach Z ? Celebrities ?

      Danny ToppingDanny Topping7 dagar sedan
    • With shitty headlights

      Tom SomervilleTom Somerville7 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    am_340am_3407 dagar sedan
  • I like the colour options

    foxriders18foxriders187 dagar sedan
  • 180 hp 900 turbo?

    Sander HeideSander Heide7 dagar sedan
    • Yes.

      IcutmetalIcutmetalDag sedan
  • Rock on :) from Mont-Valin

    Luc SergerieLuc Sergerie7 dagar sedan
    • Was it really there ?

      am_340am_3407 dagar sedan