ANGEL Girl vs DEMON Girl Challenge || Unusual Moments from Life! BAD vs GOOD Girl by RATATA BOOM

13 jan 2021
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Do you need to make a difficult decision? Well, the angel and the demon are right there! They are ready to give their advice at any second, just ask! But who will you listen to and will you make the right choice?
One thing we know for sure - a good angel and a bad demon also have their own lives. I wonder what she's like? After all, their feelings and different characters can turn the same life situation in completely opposite directions! Thanks to us, you can open the veil of secrecy and follow them a little! It will be very interesting;)

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  • i tried to be an angel girl every time but the demon have to come out of my body 1 day......

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  • when i am in a happy mood i am an angel but when i am in a sad or an angry mood i am an demon.

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  • sometimes i am a angel, i will help peoples but sometimes i am a demon, i will distroy everything and wont help anyone.

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  • But I will never go to the Darkside because I love the Lord

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