19 okt 2019
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We played The The Jackbox Party Pack 6 and one of my favorite games was Push The Button, its a deception based game about trying to find out who the alien is and push them out the airlock!
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What is Push the Button?
It's a game in The JackBox Party Pack 6 which is a hidden identity game. Can you discover the aliens in time? Think MindNight, Secret Hitler, TTT, The Thing ANY deception based game.
It's a fun little game that lets you draw, answer questions, hack and deceive your friends! Now this is our first time playing it, so we are learning all of the game mechanics ON THE FLY as well as LIVE haha. So we need to be cut some slack. I really look forward to the next time we play, its going to be great. #CTC
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  • You know what Chilled, I came back so I can break the be kind thing you said. Your hair only looks great, not very great.

    TheChickenPukeTheChickenPuke10 dagar sedan
  • among us before it became viral lol

    Adam OzAdam Oz16 dagar sedan
  • The day before Among Us.

    Seth GottschalkSeth Gottschalk2 månader sedan
  • Rachel smoothest brain

    Andrew ArtsAndrew Arts2 månader sedan
  • Wow this game makes no sense i hate it.

    Christopher SandersonChristopher Sanderson2 månader sedan
    • “Makes no sense”

      michael bavdekmichael bavdekMånad sedan
    • It's actually really simple, everyone gets tested, aliens get a different prompt to humans, but aliens can hack to switch the prompts so that humans look suspicious and they don't. That's all there is to it

      deeenis Денисdeeenis Денис2 månader sedan
  • John apparently didnt pay attention to the tutorial lmao

    keith centenokeith centeno2 månader sedan
  • 44:40 top 5 Galm moments

    Dean RoseDean Rose2 månader sedan
  • I freaken knew it was Galm, smh.

    Ty ClarkTy Clark2 månader sedan
  • Please play again. Great video

    Franklin BerryFranklin Berry3 månader sedan
  • Chilled is so bad at being human. lol

    AaronAaron3 månader sedan
  • I strongly agree with Chilled’a celebrities getting together

    Tristan KalvodaTristan Kalvoda3 månader sedan
  • Chilled... there no way you think Kristen Stewart is hot...

    Noonyx33Noonyx333 månader sedan
  • Why did people just ignore Ze's sus alien response to "what do you think of when you hear the word sweaty"?

    Austin FriendAustin Friend3 månader sedan
  • I can't believe, it was SO clear that Aphex was the alien, and Chilled was innocent! Chilled was making a LOT of sense with the things he said, the information he provided, the questions he asked! And yet people kept being so suspicious of Him! To be fair, I didn't knew who the second alien was, I suspected Tiff due to her not believing Chilled so much and saying "uh uh, yea yea, sure sure" all the time when Chilled was defending himself, which seemed like she was trying to frame him further and shrug off his justifications and make other players also not believe him (which would be a logical alien play), all while he was making sense in his claims that he was hacked and providing information on what he saw etc etc. But that's pretty much all the lead I had on the second alien. I believe they haven't checked the second alien enough, and it was simply a roll of a dice, selecting the second alien suspect at random pretty much.

    SarrilSarril3 månader sedan
  • All y'all bagging on Chilled when I do the exact same thing. I'm anxious no matter what role I'm in, and my family knows this, so if I'm eerily calm I'm percieved as the alien.

    No Name IdiotNo Name Idiot3 månader sedan
  • Is it even possible for humans to win in this game?

    Karl WheelerKarl Wheeler4 månader sedan
    • @deeenis Денис I see...

      Karl WheelerKarl Wheeler4 månader sedan
    • Yes, the fewer the players the easier it is for the humans, if you're playing a 4 player game it's actually harder for the alien

      deeenis Денисdeeenis Денис4 månader sedan
  • It could be Tiff and Rachel....... I'm like HOW!?

    SolomonchildSolomonchild5 månader sedan
  • Who else knew from the get go that Aphex and Ze were the aliens in round 1? “I’m slightly not hungry right now” BS.

    BrosterBroster6 månader sedan
  • Soooo.... secret palpatine?

    BoxmanBoxman6 månader sedan
  • That second game tho, Chilled believed Galm was an alien for such a while then decided he was innocent... Chilled was the one to blame for their loss

    Shamrockin’ RobinShamrockin’ Robin6 månader sedan
  • I almost ripped my dick off when Ze put Tiff in the scanner instead of Chilled

    Ernie SprattErnie Spratt7 månader sedan
  • Man why can’t some people just shut the Fucj up during tutorial? They’re the same people asking questions over and over

    Sina AlaviSina Alavi7 månader sedan
  • 36:42 made me think Galm was an alien because the grammar is wrong: “a astronaut”

    SemphortuneSemphortune7 månader sedan
  • Good job alien

    Elizabeth Young ChannelElizabeth Young Channel7 månader sedan
  • This is so FUNNY "I got hacked I got hacked!!!" Lol

    Elizabeth Young ChannelElizabeth Young Channel7 månader sedan
  • > Completely ignores the tutorial > wAiT wHaT??

    DundiDundi8 månader sedan
  • Why not put the second window in the top right corner?

    WhateverItzMeeWhateverItzMee8 månader sedan
  • If only nanner will play this game... This is the kind of game that is made for him XDXD

    Ben ChuiBen Chui9 månader sedan
  • I love Game language. I immediately thought Destiny 2 strongholds when I saw that glyph.

    TechyMarkTechyMark9 månader sedan
  • At the beginning it says Ridley Ripley Russell. I get the Ridley and Ripley references, but what's the Russell referring to?

    Freedom BrickFreedom Brick9 månader sedan
  • I love this game please play more

    Lauren RayLauren Ray9 månader sedan
  • Good, you still make videos! Haven't watched you in a loong while!

    VeryMuchLuckVeryMuchLuck10 månader sedan
  • Rachu: I think it's Galm! Everyone: yeah ok sounds legit Chilled: N O H E D R E W T H E P I E W R O -

    RistrettoMVRistrettoMV10 månader sedan
  • Wow, in both games, they send one of the players that passed the bioscanner test into the bioscanner, not realizing that if they were aliens, they'd most likely try to keep you for using the bioscanner in the first place.

    colBohcolBoh10 månader sedan
  • God their deduction skills are terrible, if you have two aliens in one room the human will look like an alien, take two people you think are humans and put them in with one suspicious person

    Brody WilsonBrody Wilson10 månader sedan
  • and 2nd round we pretty much knew it wasnt tiff but everyone kept getting paranoid of eachother over nothing.

    Cross Arrow EntertainmentCross Arrow Entertainment10 månader sedan
  • also for next time move your webcam so its not blocking the prompt words

    Cross Arrow EntertainmentCross Arrow Entertainment10 månader sedan
  • 'i think we should check an alien.' Well hello captain obvious nice of you to make an appearance.

    Cross Arrow EntertainmentCross Arrow Entertainment10 månader sedan
  • If you've been watching chilled for years, you can actually tell when he is innocent and guilty. He gets agitated when he is innocent but when he is guilty, there was this fakeness to his 'agitation' to more of an excitement instead.

    Momo TakagawaMomo Takagawa10 månader sedan
  • I knew for like six minutes that it was Ze and Aphex.

    The Night RangerThe Night Ranger10 månader sedan
  • 32:53 lmfao!!!!

    TeeTopKPopTeeTopKPop10 månader sedan
  • play this more please!

    Toast oᴥoToast oᴥo10 månader sedan
  • Chilled got too paranoid of Tiff lol. If Tiff and Smarty were aliens then why would Tiff test Smarty in the final minute as captain? Surely aliens would test humans and not backstab their teammate 😂? That was a small brain moment.

    Kivo And StecyKivo And Stecy10 månader sedan
    • Aliens win if at least 1 of them is alive, "backstabbing" one of them to cover the second one is a solid option

      DundiDundi8 månader sedan
  • Rewatching this video made me realize that tiff is chilleds daughter

    Albert SuAlbert Su11 månader sedan
  • They keep putting suspicious people up for the glyphs and it makes me mad

    Grand Hierophant KhatepGrand Hierophant Khatep11 månader sedan
  • After watching them play Gary’s Mod for so long, I think I’ll always remember how to spell tneconni and rednatsyb.

    Zach CushingZach Cushing11 månader sedan
  • Where do you play this game?

    Lovely BongalosLovely Bongalos11 månader sedan
  • how is he able to play with everyone and everyone is able to see the screen with no delay?

    TF TiagoTF Tiago11 månader sedan
  • The amount of hacks make this game wayyy too easy for the aliens

    Alec MillerAlec Miller11 månader sedan
  • This seems too hard for humans, half of the rooms dont help

    Dawson TidwellDawson Tidwell11 månader sedan
  • In the second game smarty was very clearly the alien after the opinion hold since he claimed to get hacked and said he saw a different prompt but for that test the aliens/hacked humans just don't get any prompt.

    Tacobell1384Tacobell138411 månader sedan
  • Holy shit this guy is cringe

    Nebraska Cornhuskers AthleticsNebraska Cornhuskers Athletics11 månader sedan
  • Why the fuck is this guy taking this so seriously

    Nebraska Cornhuskers AthleticsNebraska Cornhuskers Athletics11 månader sedan
  • No one actually tries to justify their alien drawings. They just come clean and say it's a hack

    NychusXNychusX11 månader sedan
  • more push the button XD

    WeebQueenWeebQueen11 månader sedan
  • 1:01 Game: "Do not share this information!" Chilled: How about *NO*

    ML255TVML255TVÅr sedan
  • only the aliens know how many hacks are left. Also, you can tell a hack from the truth, as an alien has a "Simular sentense" where yours was completely off

    Zarica DemoniZarica DemoniÅr sedan
  • You aresuppozsed. To put in some one you trust, then test an alien

    Tardis ManTardis ManÅr sedan
  • The 1st game I was wrong and thought it was Galm and Ze as Galm did nit make himself look innocent at all. The 2nd game though was just a catastrophe with the obvious evils. Smarty and Galm were so obvious because that was not a pie from either and there was no reason suspect Tiff and no reason to check Rachael. Also Chilled remove the bottom screen for the people who want to play at home!

    Welshkiller100Welshkiller100År sedan
  • I’m asking future me if Aphex and smarty are the aliens Close enough Even futurey you here, you were technically correct

    JaspA gamesJaspA gamesÅr sedan
    • Was it aphex and ze

      nola bratteignola bratteig11 månader sedan
  • Y'all need to stop going to the movies on a first date. The FIRST date is supposed to be about meeting the other person. Go talk. Don't go do something where you CAN'T talk to each other for 2+ hours...

    CentrifuzeCentrifuzeÅr sedan
  • The bioscanner scene in the first one revealed the Captain's identity as an alien. He didn't scan Chilled because that would reveal he is human.

    Seth AdkinsSeth AdkinsÅr sedan
  • I swear, Tiff was just yelling angrily at Chilled for being targeted even after the game ended.

    Noah DukatNoah DukatÅr sedan
  • But what if you put 2 aliens vs 1 human

    Creature ManCreature ManÅr sedan
  • Galm even goes "Smarty what are you doing???"

    oxStr8upGrEeKxooxStr8upGrEeKxoÅr sedan
  • So obviously galm a a a a a a

    ZirilZirilÅr sedan
  • *S P A C E H I T L E R*

    Nicky h225Nicky h225År sedan
  • is this game f2p?

    Erick GutierrezErick GutierrezÅr sedan
  • Uncensor the profanity, you wuss.

    Expendable RoundExpendable RoundÅr sedan
  • Oh, & the Deliberation fountain? Not water.

    Woka Doka DeeWoka Doka DeeÅr sedan
  • the game is super cool omg

    hello worldhello worldÅr sedan
  • Sure...but the Galm's 'pie' was square. xD

    neolithiumproductionneolithiumproductionÅr sedan
  • Best thing since town of salem

    Jeff MontgomeryJeff MontgomeryÅr sedan
  • I cant ever watch these videos when the ladies are around I just find them obnoxious.

    TheSareusTheSareusÅr sedan
  • "I think we should test an alien!" *several people are typing*

    Crystian PedrozaCrystian PedrozaÅr sedan
  • Chilled was not playing this right at all you dont admit to being hacked you justify your answer regardless of if you have or haven't

    EtherealWolf2459EtherealWolf2459År sedan
  • Galm: Oh, any crime LEGAL. I misread that as illegal. Galm, crimes by definition are illegal.

    Leon MercuryLeon MercuryÅr sedan
  • Predictions for first round: Aphex and Tiff.

    Leon MercuryLeon MercuryÅr sedan
    • Well, I knew one of them.

      Leon MercuryLeon MercuryÅr sedan
  • I like how ze sold himself out and no one even noticed. He said “ooooooh gym and sweaty, I get it.” Meaning he just realized how the whole aliens get a different prompt thing worked. It’s slightly the same prompt but not really and he said it out loud.

    Lord TachankaLord TachankaÅr sedan
  • Can yo guys please play this more???

    Ace BeveridgeAce BeveridgeÅr sedan
  • I love this game! I want more Push the Button!

    HemontHemontÅr sedan
  • Aphex is such a dumbass

    lance sterlinglance sterlingÅr sedan
  • The game that ruins friendships First, golf it w/ friends, the UNO +4 card and now this. 10/10

    David WelshDavid WelshÅr sedan
  • Knew it was Ze and Aphex, Aphex was talking way too much shit and Ze said he hadn't been hacked then later said he did.

    ThatwavycarrotThatwavycarrotÅr sedan
  • That last vote made me scream. Galm literally drew what looked like a diamond with a circle. He didn't draw a got daym pie

    Frost GamerFrost GamerÅr sedan
  • More videos on this please, lots of fun to watch 😂

    The Flying ToolThe Flying ToolÅr sedan
  • so why would you toss people you think are aliens into the start up process for the scanner? aliens can sabotage it

    SC PSC PÅr sedan
    • SC P You shouldn’t. They misunderstood the rules. You send two people in to start it up, but you can test anyone, not just one of those two players.

      Ethan BlackEthan BlackÅr sedan
  • IM A MASTER OF DEDUCTION! I guessed both rounds aliens and got them right before the airlock process.

    Tristen SealeyTristen SealeyÅr sedan
  • More more more

    Jared KingJared KingÅr sedan
  • I'm legitimately upset at Tiff for clarifying what the second symbol was

    bearly hardleybearly hardleyÅr sedan
  • Please more!!!!

    Xx_Its_Ty_xXXx_Its_Ty_xXÅr sedan
  • "I think we should test an alien" 32:47 I love that 1sec build up everyone had to their remarks to that 🤣

    Jeremy MooreJeremy MooreÅr sedan
  • I loved this would love to see more

    mustfa ayadmustfa ayadÅr sedan
  • You see the chat pretty much knew Ze was suspicious first round cause of his Tom foolery, Smarty is smarty so legitimately he didn't understand how the alien role worked, so when he claims he was hacked he legitimately thought he was hacked since it gave him a different prompt each time, GaLm saved his ass first prompt but that wasn't suspicious since it's the first round. What made me question GaLm was because he was super angry at smarty for putting him in the dock and said "Smarty WHAT Are you doing." which is a direct message, to be frank I also thought GaLm just fucked up the pie thing lmao, overall this is a amazing game probably my favorite jack box game so far.

    Mitch ChilladinMitch ChilladinÅr sedan
  • play this again

    shyguygamer turtleshyguygamer turtleÅr sedan
  • Really give the feels of betreyal games, using people you know are innocent with suspect to indentify them, thanks for the video chilled ^^

    DukeDukeÅr sedan
  • Smarty is complaining even tho he win then get mad when he an alien and ppl said he is smh

    Bryan GonzalezBryan GonzalezÅr sedan
  • Bruh smarty sucks at shit 😂

    Emma BrownEmma BrownÅr sedan
  • First time Ive ever seen this game. Love it. Please play this more, I can’t stop laughing and enjoying your content

    Adil ChowdhuryAdil ChowdhuryÅr sedan
  • 22:32 i love how everyone just cuts out when Ze says that

    That One GuyThat One GuyÅr sedan