The Truth to Tyler Leaving 2HYPE

3 jan 2021
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My Response to Mopi leaving 2HYPE
Links to information on addiction

  • Well this channel is dead

    Justin EschJustin Esch5 timmar sedan
  • Why is Tyler lying!!!! I just don’t get it!

    Jordan RivasJordan Rivas7 timmar sedan
  • You ain’t gotta lie man lollll

    LameJnxLameJnx8 timmar sedan
  • “Just keep swimming”-Dori. Just keep on plowing ahead jesser

    Finn LindeenFinn Lindeen11 timmar sedan
  • Yo honestly this really really sucks I love you all but since yall need a newember I got yall

    Legend LayneLegend Layne12 timmar sedan
  • What is true

    glegendglegend13 timmar sedan
  • guys this is not a among us game. Jesse was just trying to help tyler and he turned his back on him.

    Preston San NicolasPreston San Nicolas14 timmar sedan
  • Jesser has a point

    Samuel IbalankySamuel Ibalanky15 timmar sedan
  • Boi that’s cap 🧢 🧢

    Dickie NavarretteDickie Navarrette17 timmar sedan
  • Upload😭😭😭

    Cash MobleyCash Mobley17 timmar sedan

    FishingwithvinceFishingwithvince17 timmar sedan
  • Do more who has the best

    Cade OsborneCade Osborne18 timmar sedan
  • Please start uploading

    Mitchell BlackburnMitchell Blackburn19 timmar sedan
  • Jesser can you drop new 2hype merch im tryna cop a headband but there is none

    Jonathan MerriamJonathan Merriam22 timmar sedan
  • Jesser baby j is having a baby omfg

    Caleb CantyCaleb Canty22 timmar sedan
  • mw and ima un subscribe because jesses is a lier

    thxdxr gamingthxdxr gamingDag sedan
  • Jesser can you continue the whole have the best and can you do who have the best pancakes

    Amil EdwardsAmil EdwardsDag sedan
  • Mopi

    YesYesDag sedan
  • When you can post???!!!

    Ken VKen VDag sedan
  • Kick James from 2HYPE

    King ProdzKing ProdzDag sedan
  • I swear to god if I hear the word manipulate one more dam time I’m smacking someone

    Ethan WellsEthan WellsDag sedan
  • Is Tyler mopi

    Vuitton VuittonVuitton VuittonDag sedan
    • Yes

      Charlie HaugCharlie HaugDag sedan
  • Bro jesser you haven’t posted in 2 weeks. Are you good bro😥🙏🏻

    Josh HulstJosh HulstDag sedan
  • I’m sorry man

    Omni _DaddyJROmni _DaddyJRDag sedan
  • At this point my guy I don’t know who side to take. You both sus tho. But your doing great keep it up and same for Tyler. Hope y’all clear this all up

    Manuel & Christi MedinaManuel & Christi MedinaDag sedan
  • Boooooooooo booo

    Viva LarasaViva LarasaDag sedan
  • Bro Jesse a fucking lie

    James MontgomeryJames MontgomeryDag sedan
  • Please post bro

    Coconut ClipsCoconut ClipsDag sedan
  • I’m confused...

    Reeses PuffReeses PuffDag sedan
  • I’m sorry the ways things went for you and the group

    Anthony MorabitoAnthony MorabitoDag sedan
  • Lesser

    Elevator ElliotElevator ElliotDag sedan
  • I want jesser to post 😔

    ALex NalchyanALex NalchyanDag sedan
  • Mooches vaping

    Tgx SpookyTgx Spooky2 dagar sedan
  • I’m worried for Jesse man he hasn’t posted in a while and he is going through one of the worst moments of his life losing his best friend

    VinnyboyVinnyboy2 dagar sedan
  • ok

    the longisland fishermanthe longisland fisherman2 dagar sedan
  • so do we get content or nah

    NOT BxltNOT Bxlt2 dagar sedan
  • Petition for NBA 2K 21 my career

    Mark ShelbyMark Shelby2 dagar sedan
  • I wonder why he is isent uploading

    leticia castanedaleticia castaneda2 dagar sedan
  • I might have to go with Jesse on this one he just had more realistic claims and he had real evidence to support it

    rowan novakrowan novak2 dagar sedan
    • Are u high

      Nihaal ChawlaNihaal Chawla2 dagar sedan
  • Hey u guys are literally business minded and you guys sent him a sue form and getting rent from your friends is stupid

    Nihaal ChawlaNihaal Chawla2 dagar sedan
  • Mopi is cap 🧢🧢🧢🧢

    Brittany RboadesBrittany Rboades2 dagar sedan
  • You guys should make faze rug apart of 2hype or barawis fazes brother

    Martrice HuttonMartrice Hutton2 dagar sedan

  • Can I get a prayer please my grandma died today

    Jorge GuzmanJrJorge GuzmanJr3 dagar sedan
    • Prayers

      Rishabh MadabushiRishabh Madabushi2 dagar sedan
    • 🙏

      Alex Junior Baerga FigueroaAlex Junior Baerga Figueroa2 dagar sedan
  • wew

    Maricel Dela CruzMaricel Dela Cruz3 dagar sedan
  • Plz come back brotha we miss I

    Jacob AbajianJacob Abajian3 dagar sedan
  • So Tyler just wanted to leave because they're not good friends and in their responses it was still about business.

    Elijah BakosElijah Bakos3 dagar sedan
  • watch back to school watch mopi and jesser

    Brian BarrazaBrian Barraza3 dagar sedan
  • Jesser, Zack, Cash, Moochie are clear but Jeidel and Kris are trash

    Mitch WatersMitch Waters4 dagar sedan
  • Jesse play rainbow six seige

    Joseph EvansJoseph Evans4 dagar sedan
  • Wow Jessie's actually very smart 🤓

    Allan Junior ManaAllan Junior Mana4 dagar sedan

    Io. KyIo. Ky4 dagar sedan
  • I love the vids keep it up you are my favorite SEworldr I just bought a hoodie you are the best

    Style Bar Salon & SpaStyle Bar Salon & Spa4 dagar sedan
  • Stop being a baby and post again

    AidenB 14AidenB 144 dagar sedan
  • POST!!!!!!!!

    Gamingwith KaydenGamingwith Kayden4 dagar sedan
  • Was on mopi side since the beginning but now watching jessers vid I can see why mopi is the bad one 🙏🏼2HYPE FOREVER

    Teh_JuniorTeh_Junior4 dagar sedan
  • Mopi's dad has balls of steel...

    itsJeth _itsJeth _4 dagar sedan
  • I don't know who right....we need to hear the whole 2 hype and then i say if mopi it's right our my man jesser.

    Henryisagod EHenryisagod E4 dagar sedan

    poopy pantspoopy pants4 dagar sedan
  • jeser!!!!

    Monica PittsMonica Pitts4 dagar sedan
  • 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

    Karson RileyKarson Riley4 dagar sedan
  • r u alive

    ISKoISKo4 dagar sedan
  • Notice how none of mopi’s fans are here becaue he doesn’t have many also they know we’re right

    Tommy WeickTommy Weick4 dagar sedan
  • Why does a grown man need to tell you how he is felling 😕 4:38

    RockysznRockyszn4 dagar sedan
    • Uhh are you stupid? They wanted to know how he was feelings so things wouldn’t get out of hands tf

      Spooky SkeletonsSpooky Skeletons2 dagar sedan
  • i think jessie is the truth because every body thinks mopi but 2hype plus cash said jesser

  • 🧢🧢🧢

    Jason AllenJason Allen5 dagar sedan
  • I need to see you two reconnect. I know it won’t happen but that would be awesome.

    BennyjmanisabossBennyjmanisaboss5 dagar sedan
  • maybe their pranking us...?? Hopefully...

    Eli VizcondeEli Vizconde5 dagar sedan
  • mopi

    Dylan TarrDylan Tarr5 dagar sedan
  • Mopi is da goat Jesser just wants money for da clout

    Slippery71Slippery715 dagar sedan
  • I hope mopi sees this me: Stop being so bad to your friends mopi ( 😶

    2 much among us2 much among us5 dagar sedan
  • The 😈 has a place for you in hell.

    cook jcook j5 dagar sedan
  • jesser: sad mopi: mad cash: WHATS GOOD EVERYBODY

    Will ChehadeWill Chehade5 dagar sedan
  • Bro plz upload lol

    Josh VowelJosh Vowel5 dagar sedan
  • earning check o wait you have none

    SWCSWC5 dagar sedan
  • o pr

    SWCSWC5 dagar sedan
  • dog water

    SWCSWC5 dagar sedan
  • lebron james actually didn't mean to high five you tbh.

    SWCSWC5 dagar sedan
  • your literally cool dude get pranked.

    SWCSWC5 dagar sedan
  • no one likes you besides everyone

    SWCSWC5 dagar sedan
  • I thought he’s arm was broken 😭😂

    Zak AbdiZak Abdi5 dagar sedan
    • maybe he did rehab really hard

      Jordan EarnestJordan Earnest3 dagar sedan
  • come back

    MistakeZMistakeZ5 dagar sedan

    okimcoolokimcool6 dagar sedan
  • Jess I'm sad😭😭

    Desmond ThomasDesmond Thomas6 dagar sedan
  • I speedrunned wow wow wubbzy

    YourlocalhoodYourlocalhood6 dagar sedan
  • Post more bro

    No Body CaresNo Body Cares6 dagar sedan
  • I’m un subscribing Tyler is telling the truth u lying

    Slapppy FtSlapppy Ft6 dagar sedan
  • when you gonna post again?

    Colin MerrimanColin Merriman6 dagar sedan
  • Throwback to Peter please jesser

    Jody AlterJody Alter6 dagar sedan
  • Jesser is a liar

    BBplayerzBBplayerz6 dagar sedan
  • Messed is a liar

    BBplayerzBBplayerz6 dagar sedan
  • Watch my SEworld 2 see Jesser mixed with Vin Diesel

    FR3AKz CLIPzFR3AKz CLIPz6 dagar sedan
    • At OneHunrd Thieves

      FR3AKz CLIPzFR3AKz CLIPz6 dagar sedan
  • Watch my SEworld of Jesser mixed With Vin Diesel

    Landon DukeLandon Duke6 dagar sedan
  • Yo jesser is one of the nicest SEworldr I have ever seen

    Fred PartridgeFred Partridge6 dagar sedan
  • I trust jesser because Tyler isn’t putting any of those emails in. And jesser didn’t just type out those emails out. Tyler is strait up lying. I’m sorry for what Tyler is going through. And I also feel bad for jesser for losing one of his best friends. And I know that crap is mest up. I’m sorry Jesse.

    Andrew WAndrew W6 dagar sedan
  • Tyler: I never cared about the money Also Tyler: I’m not saying the word because of demonization

    Dylan PinardDylan Pinard7 dagar sedan
    • way different lol

      Garrett SecorGarrett Secor6 dagar sedan
  • Mopi= crybaby

    Simon jw119Simon jw1197 dagar sedan
    • Simon=braindead

      LulupigLulupig6 dagar sedan
  • Bruh Jesser Mopi is obviously telling the truth

    Austin LeiAustin Lei7 dagar sedan
  • bruhh mopi blew a 3-1

    ianian7 dagar sedan
  • Cuz everyday I type up your name and it says a week ago or two weeks

    Mike DiGilarmoMike DiGilarmo7 dagar sedan