24 nov 2020
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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
In this video I show you BASE ICON PACKS ARE BROKEN!!! FIFA 21 and show packs from the base icon upgrade SBC...
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    MTMT8 dagar sedan
  • 7:14 Thierry doesn’t have 5* 5*?? Ripped off

    Masoom ShafiMasoom Shafi10 dagar sedan
  • Yesterday i packed ronalinho 89

    umboumbo11 dagar sedan
  • I nearly wasted 600k for abc and got 86 viera😍 2mio back insta😂

    OskiMoOskiMo15 dagar sedan
  • How do u get base icon packs

    Agustin GarciaAgustin Garcia19 dagar sedan
  • Wasted my foder to get fucking Alan sherar

    MatinMatin20 dagar sedan
  • if you can use Inaki you can use Rivaldo. Both got that 2 star WF

    06Steinar Freyr Kjartansson06Steinar Freyr Kjartansson21 dag sedan
  • I will never in my life get good pulls like this. Not one. :(

    All MightAll Might22 dagar sedan
  • I got van der sar and I have alisson, ter stegen and oblak 93 all untradeable :)

    Ahmed Sultan Al-JuhaniAhmed Sultan Al-Juhani23 dagar sedan
  • I got ballack lol

    Ugri LeagueUgri League23 dagar sedan
  • I got eto

    Borna Božić KundrataBorna Božić Kundrata23 dagar sedan
  • i have no luck so i decided my dad should open my base icon pack, he got maradona...

    RgZRgZ24 dagar sedan
  • why do all hate denmark 😥😥

    Oliver JensenOliver Jensen24 dagar sedan
  • He said Henry had 5 star 5 star when he was 4 star 4 atar

    Joe BuckleyJoe Buckley25 dagar sedan
  • “Not necessarily good value” I sold alot of my club and tried my best because im not that good at the game its my first fifa and I got gullit and he is 1 million+!!!!

    BlackPantherBlackPanther26 dagar sedan
    • aye congrats bro

      pogpog5 dagar sedan
  • Petition to make squad battles games 3 minute halves Jesus this swaps grind.

    Drew WoottenDrew WoottenMånad sedan
  • Can anyone make me Icon Swap for some cash?

    Anton EhrlicherAnton EhrlicherMånad sedan
  • Me with base litmunum 😭. Dk how to spell his name

  • At 7.13 he is waffling about Thierry Henry

    SonnymacccSonnymacccMånad sedan
  • 2:07 french Zidane lmao

    daahk maahkdaahk maahkMånad sedan
  • Overmars is bad but at least you can put him into nani sbc

    StrikeLpStrikeLpMånad sedan
  • Yeah they are broken i packed inzaghi

    Martin ZeleMartin ZeleMånad sedan
  • When you got maradona it gave me flashbacks to when I got riquelme out of mine

    Josh KearnsJosh KearnsMånad sedan
  • Got ferdinabd and lampard

    Quinten De BruijnQuinten De BruijnMånad sedan
  • 8 mil coins budget and the record is almost negative 🤦‍♂️😂

    Razvan RotariuRazvan RotariuMånad sedan
  • He rated a Norwegian team

    Julian GrovJulian GrovMånad sedan
  • Got motivated did the SBC and got Vieri ...

    Diego TorresDiego TorresMånad sedan
  • george best

    Tadhg HickeyTadhg HickeyMånad sedan
  • The vague canvas cosmetically move because plain lilly bless upon a safe click. chemical, anxious sunshine

    D KD KMånad sedan
  • I got pele from base icon pack :o

    TRANQI JTRANQI JMånad sedan
  • I got stupid okocha

    Mary HackettMary HackettMånad sedan
    • he's not badddddd

      VH FootballVH FootballMånad sedan
  • Jo baby overmars is really really good. playing him with finisher and he's banging in goals like crazy for me. Super explosive and quite nice dribbling and really decent finishing (I would compare to dembele) Watch aa9 skillz right top 200 video.

    Owdji_Owdji_Månad sedan
  • Gave away my rashford, Walker and Fernandes. Got a Van nistelroy 86, 220k. Lost around 400k for this bullshit. Cant recommend .

    vasileeeeeeeeeeevasileeeeeeeeeeeMånad sedan
  • The whole Henry section was a madness, first reading his stats then saying hes 7mil

    David StevensonDavid StevensonMånad sedan
  • # I got deco :(

    brenden fergusonbrenden fergusonMånad sedan
  • I got my luck for 3 years on these packs got etoo in my first and Pele in my second

    Reece PetoReece PetoMånad sedan
  • I got cantona

    Sem ArtsSem ArtsMånad sedan
  • this video has 520k views wtaf

    FB royalsFB royalsMånad sedan
  • i packed Barnes, ok

    corrbvncorrbvnMånad sedan
  • 7:31 was this guy bugging

    amir ahmedamir ahmedMånad sedan
  • You look like polish youtuber Koza Sport.

    SaajgonekSaajgonekMånad sedan
  • Nice video where You got the choreo????

    Volkan KayaliVolkan KayaliMånad sedan
  • All my dreams of getting my psn account fixed was finally a miracle in the end with the help of *Jmc_techz* on iG he is super amazing. fast and reliable

    Daniel JoeDaniel JoeMånad sedan
  • All my dreams of getting my psn account fixed was finally a miracle in the end with the help of *Jmc_techz* on iG he is super amazing. fast and reliable

    Daniel JoeDaniel JoeMånad sedan
  • 7:13 5 star 5 star yeah

    PolarkopaPolarkopaMånad sedan
    • @Mohammed Raihaan 🧢

      PolarkopaPolarkopaMånad sedan
    • @Polarkopa ?

      Mohammed RaihaanMohammed RaihaanMånad sedan
    • @Mohammed Raihaan baby

      PolarkopaPolarkopaMånad sedan
    • You heard of a joke?

      Mohammed RaihaanMohammed RaihaanMånad sedan
  • You get all these good icons and i open 1 on my account and get the worst one = Deco...

    nybakkwillenybakkwilleMånad sedan
  • Got zambrotta dont know how to feel

    JJ LLJJ LLMånad sedan
  • idk my mind is fxked now haha. Henry stats what are you saying? first 5star 5star, then worth 6million? ur eyes okay?

    Neil PsailaNeil PsailaMånad sedan
  • Svensk?

    Aksel WAksel WMånad sedan
  • Yeah right, broken... Van nistelrooij en gattuso...

    Mr GWNMr GWNMånad sedan
  • 7:00

    YoanYoanMånad sedan
  • I got base fucking veron, cheers nep

    SK3LLMENSK3LLMENMånad sedan
  • love getting keane in one and hugo sanchez in the other!

    Jackson SheltonJackson SheltonMånad sedan
  • 700k for Henry not near millions

    Arthur CurryArthur CurryMånad sedan

    RicardoCSRicardoCSMånad sedan
  • Not like I got Raul or nothing

    Jordan HideJordan HideMånad sedan
  • Just packed Essien! He's 1'1M coins 😍

    Víctor ColladosVíctor ColladosMånad sedan
  • I packed Alan shearer :(

    Jack JonesJack JonesMånad sedan
  • I got Puyol RB 😬

    HrsnHrsnMånad sedan
  • Welcome to me club zidane mate.

    Joe ChardJoe ChardMånad sedan
  • Henry 7million😂 5 star 5 star

    Liverpool LFC LegendLiverpool LFC LegendMånad sedan
  • Typical and I pack okocha.

    James MardelJames MardelMånad sedan
  • Can I have your Rivaldo 😂

    D&T GamingD&T GamingMånad sedan
  • If I would be happy with 10 of these then I will do one today

    Jacob FreemanJacob FreemanMånad sedan
    • 8-7 after 15, looks like I’m doing one

      Jacob FreemanJacob FreemanMånad sedan
    • 5-6 after 11

      Jacob FreemanJacob FreemanMånad sedan
    • 5-3 to do it after 8

      Jacob FreemanJacob FreemanMånad sedan
  • How do you get icon packs

    SeanSeanMånad sedan
  • I got fucking baresi 😂😂😂😂😂

    Artan QazimiArtan QazimiMånad sedan
  • Rip maadona

    HTLTUBSY 123HTLTUBSY 123Månad sedan
  • “Base icon packs are broken” i just packed Litmanen

    KenduTVKenduTVMånad sedan
  • 2:05 “the french zidane”

    LarsLarsMånad sedan
  • “The French Zidane” - Nepenthez 2020

    Christopher RolaChristopher RolaMånad sedan
  • I got baby gullit😝

    Ps4 GamerPs4 GamerMånad sedan
  • How are they broken when I get 85 hagi, and a mate got deco? Yeah so broken.

    Tia EllenTia EllenMånad sedan
  • My mate got Barnes from his

    Will TennantWill TennantMånad sedan
  • Lmao this guy thought Cantona was a CM, smh

    Matthew EdwardMatthew EdwardMånad sedan
  • Is kluivert an L or W

    Adil GhanchiAdil GhanchiMånad sedan
  • Got Inzaghi and sell my mom for that

    Nico AriasNico AriasMånad sedan
  • i got eto is that a dub?

    Jago HornerJago HornerMånad sedan
  • i got eusebio no cap

    AFunDadAFunDadMånad sedan
  • I packed inzaghi kkkmkmk

    Guilerme FreitasGuilerme FreitasMånad sedan
  • R. I. P Maradona

    Kubik LauberKubik LauberMånad sedan
  • I got Lineker 🙃

    LXSixtyLXSixtyMånad sedan
    • same man ffs

      Tevez KhanTevez KhanMånad sedan
  • Is suker good?

    WLG_ jimmy-YTWLG_ jimmy-YTMånad sedan
  • How the hell did y’all get base icon pack

    williamenriquelopez 1williamenriquelopez 1Månad sedan
  • Why is every one so lucky i got van basten

    Mr_VliegendeVogeMr_VliegendeVogeMånad sedan
  • R.I.P Madadona❤️

    SI SENORSI SENORMånad sedan
  • Rip legend ❤️❤️❤️

    Adam AstillAdam AstillMånad sedan
  • I got eto

    Cory GriffithsCory GriffithsMånad sedan
  • Laudrup is robbed. He deserves a MUCH better card and much more respect. A true legend.

    Victor DewitteVictor DewitteMånad sedan
    • So does Rivaldo and a lot of these great icons.

      PopolBruh826PopolBruh826Månad sedan
  • I got Inzaghi :)

    Bosno14Bosno14Månad sedan
  • Is Maradona a dub Cause I got him

    Mesut KapikiranMesut KapikiranMånad sedan
  • 2:05 my man just said the french zeidan

    Dr. ScatterDr. ScatterMånad sedan
  • I watched this video and it made me do it. I got pires😂

    Corey JudsonCorey JudsonMånad sedan
  • R.I.P Maradona

    SinarkaSinarkaMånad sedan
  • I got fucking litmanen lol

    sota sideinsota sideinMånad sedan
  • France, vy... hahaha

    Erry NazrinErry NazrinMånad sedan
  • Got Suker

    Tycho KWDTycho KWDMånad sedan
  • I got riquelme Kmt

    Shane TobinShane TobinMånad sedan
  • Spent 350k (only had 550k) and all my unreadables... my team is trash and I packed Schmeichel 😭

    Alexandre SenatorAlexandre SenatorMånad sedan
  • This sbc sucks guys!

    Árni ArnarsonÁrni ArnarsonMånad sedan
  • 9:30 RIP 🙏🏽

    Erton FeriziErton FeriziMånad sedan