Among Us Logic: Airship Arrival | Cartoon Animation

3 apr 2021
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The Airship has finally landed in Among Us! Join Player, Mr. Cheese, and the rest of the gang on the brand new map with all sorts of crazy tasks and kill animations. Will Player be reborn into an incredible imposter and win a game for once? Or will the crewmates come out on top? Watch the whole video to find out!
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  • What diid yellow say to black

    Nguyet DdaoNguyet Ddao27 minuter sedan
  • 5:47 Mr. Cheese:alright ready start your first shift? Me: yea and I believe your right bout the cheese but I believe that it needs special cheese but not just any cheese, MR CHEESE! Player: "grabs and stabs Mr cheese with a knife"

    Seamus LawlessSeamus Lawless46 minuter sedan
  • New guy: I was doing photos MrCheese: hold on who’s this guy New guy: well I’m new I’m Wizard Player: kill the outsider Everyone: kill the outsider Wizard: nooooo Me: 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Dreena TovarDreena Tovar52 minuter sedan
  • Player is never gonna win

    Corey JohnsonCorey JohnsonTimme sedan
  • Suban para la versión español de among us lógicos

    Mikael PugaMikael PugaTimme sedan
  • Kids be like when they see the new kid at school 4:41

    PumpkinFilmsPumpkinFilmsTimme sedan
  • What happen to mother

    Marco ZMarco Z8 timmar sedan
  • Among us logic: Airship Arrival; Before they got on Player: Oh my God, It's Finally Happening. The Aiship Is Here! Veteran: I know, Right? Player Trying to swipe his ID card: Hmm. Player: What the-? (Screaming) Gentleman: You Have to do it at the right Speed. Player: Its Harder then it looks, The Gentleman!

    Kevin WoodsKevin Woods8 timmar sedan

    Jayden RodriguezJayden Rodriguez11 timmar sedan
  • just elt player win once like why you so mean to himt his is lowk ey making me mad that player never wins

    Pyro PistonPyro Piston12 timmar sedan
  • Mad respect guyz0

  • I liked it when player screamed while trying to swipe his card.

    Kevin WoodsKevin Woods12 timmar sedan
  • easter egg from henry stickmin collection

    Rudy Bandolin JrRudy Bandolin Jr13 timmar sedan
  • can't you just let the poor player win once??

    TH TanTH Tan14 timmar sedan
  • poor player

    TH TanTH Tan14 timmar sedan
  • "Your outfit is hideous." Veteran,2021

    Marin MarinMarin Marin15 timmar sedan
  • Why does player always lose

    tay pctay pc15 timmar sedan
  • Will player ever win?

    HOWDYHOWDY18 timmar sedan
  • Wizard was so cute and good person.

    Technical LearningTechnical Learning18 timmar sedan
  • Which time are you're playing

    Ethan PereraEthan Perera18 timmar sedan
  • Play murder us

    Rea Dela cruzRea Dela cruz23 timmar sedan
  • Videos funny

    Kaushik RoyKaushik RoyDag sedan
  • 3:29

    Hunter GrahamHunter GrahamDag sedan
  • Why player all ways lose the time ತ_ತ

    Elijah RicheyElijah RicheyDag sedan
  • Why player always losing

    Grand SenawGrand SenawDag sedan

    Tinky WinkyTinky WinkyDag sedan
  • Fun fact: subtitles made it say “Mr Jesus” and not “Mr Cheese”

    Rookie YTRookie YTDag sedan
    • LOL mr jesus WTF

      Aiden WitherspoonAiden Witherspoon4 timmar sedan
    • lol

      Jacob WilksJacob Wilks7 timmar sedan
  • Hola deberias de hacer todas tus series en español porque no entiendo nada en inglés 😂😂

    Luis eduerdo Lopez castilloLuis eduerdo Lopez castilloDag sedan
  • bruh im unsubscribing let player win

    jahshawn stewartjahshawn stewartDag sedan

    Jakk NortonJakk NortonDag sedan
  • Yeah I like

    Muna AbdiMuna AbdiDag sedan
  • congrats player and mr cheese and verteran

    Techaros RobinsTecharos RobinsDag sedan
  • Soooooooooooooooooo cloeeeeeeeeeeee for player to win

    Bechanram YadavBechanram YadavDag sedan
  • when will player win ;-!

    Gabriel SantosGabriel SantosDag sedan
  • Kli

    Audrius KliaudaitisAudrius KliaudaitisDag sedan
  • poopyfarts is here0o0 his farts will be a smelly poop in the whole white airship^_^

    diana aresdiana aresDag sedan
  • The poopyfarts is genius

    Marvin BunMarvin BunDag sedan
  • Player was so op cipitan response so.op

    Hani HajjarHani HajjarDag sedan
  • Yes

    Ggggr MestidioGgggr MestidioDag sedan
  • ngus

    Dinhxuan ThangDinhxuan ThangDag sedan
  • Mog us 😒1!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1+

    door knobdoor knobDag sedan
  • BRO Player why did you have to talk you blew everything Couldn’t you just say in your mind?

    Sophia ChenSophia ChenDag sedan
  • 8:33 wut wut wuuuuut!?

    Benjen 1211Benjen 1211Dag sedan
  • Player almost won.......

    Amy BrashearAmy Brashear2 dagar sedan
  • Poor player he’ll never win

    Large ThickshakeLarge Thickshake2 dagar sedan
  • Gentleman: Bullseye >:l Player: did you really have to do It then

    TTVxdbeammTTVxdbeamm2 dagar sedan
  • They were probably still having that moment as ghost

    David MacCallumDavid MacCallum2 dagar sedan
  • This is the closest player has ever come to winning

    Melissa ChagarisMelissa Chagaris2 dagar sedan
  • so the gentleman cosplayed rhm?

    odessa lebaodessa leba2 dagar sedan
  • 6:55 TheGentelman is so funny

    Sunnita MukhtarovaSunnita Mukhtarova2 dagar sedan
  • Quick question if we have any questions about how

    Noel PllumajNoel Pllumaj2 dagar sedan
  • Player never wins lol

    BlackBeltG3 GamingBlackBeltG3 Gaming2 dagar sedan
  • Hr

    Iya’s Wonder VlogsIya’s Wonder Vlogs2 dagar sedan
  • 1:54 Bottle of Water was not The Impostor Never has been At least in this universe)))

    YamQliE73YamQliE732 dagar sedan
  • Gentlemen cheated

    Huntah VerboortHuntah Verboort2 dagar sedan
  • I dub the...the airship! Edit- Rose: OUHXBIJAVVXUGABIIYGD

    Lan CatuLan Catu2 dagar sedan
  • En español latino

    Enrique DiazEnrique Diaz2 dagar sedan
  • Gentleman:Veteraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Omar ColindresOmar Colindres3 dagar sedan
  • Sería mejor si fuera español

    Efrain MamaniEfrain Mamani3 dagar sedan
  • Don't destroy a dramatic moment 😡😡😡

    Sept John DelfinSept John Delfin3 dagar sedan
  • Poi said you would like 👍 for me for dinner 🍽 birthday 🎉 for me for the birthday 🎉 dinner 🍽 birthday 🎉

    Noel PllumajNoel Pllumaj3 dagar sedan

    official miyokoofficial miyoko3 dagar sedan
  • 6:52 lol

    Fazlul KhanFazlul Khan3 dagar sedan
  • Quality Dr

    Itz_griffin 75Itz_griffin 753 dagar sedan
  • MSNBC saw egg hill qwerty hip and BC Mend JD KDKA me

    Itz_griffin 75Itz_griffin 753 dagar sedan
  • QWERTY I look jug fess DCCC HNm

    Itz_griffin 75Itz_griffin 753 dagar sedan
  • DG qo Awe tasdfh Dhiehieirr

    Itz_griffin 75Itz_griffin 753 dagar sedan
  • Asdfhjkl

    Itz_griffin 75Itz_griffin 753 dagar sedan
  • Wand NFL I or Krme Ldkfk Kdkdkk Looked

    Itz_griffin 75Itz_griffin 753 dagar sedan
  • Popy farts cheater

    Ivan RodriguezIvan Rodriguez3 dagar sedan
  • Yes I like the ariship

  • before i watch u u had 543 suscribers now u have a million was i out for that long?

    CloudxCake StrawberryCloudxCake Strawberry3 dagar sedan
  • WHY

    Kipkip1728Kipkip17283 dagar sedan
  • first instinct: KILL THE OUTSIDER

    JJHJJH3 dagar sedan
  • LOL MRCheese being all Bossy and all and Get 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

    Ashton WolfAshton Wolf3 dagar sedan
  • Noooo, deberían dejar ganar a jugador así sea una vez

    Fabian LaverdeFabian Laverde3 dagar sedan
  • 1:54 The Bottle was not An impostor

    СЦП СосатьСЦП Сосать3 dagar sedan
  • Quiero que el impostor rojo gane no pierda

    quesoqueso3 dagar sedan
  • I love poopyfarts

    RiftzRiftz3 dagar sedan
  • Player: *is winning* Me: something ain't right Gametoons: Indeed

    Audrey FuhrAudrey Fuhr3 dagar sedan
  • The airship doesn't talk so it can't tell storys

    George JonesGeorge Jones3 dagar sedan
  • This has to be the closest player has been to winning

    NYTXboy123096NYTXboy1230963 dagar sedan
  • Let player win please

    supermariofredbear tigersupermariofredbear tiger3 dagar sedan
  • 8:42 this is the same equivalent as if toad said “uhh,the princess is in another castle?”

    Elij KunElij Kun3 dagar sedan
  • me nvm

    sleepy router5000sleepy router50003 dagar sedan
  • When i watch gametoons among us i feel like I'm just watching player lose

    Elhadji NdiayeElhadji Ndiaye3 dagar sedan
  • Will player ever win?

    ShinyShiny4 dagar sedan
  • I like the airship map💝☝️😃

    Lisa MoralesLisa Morales4 dagar sedan
  • 6:59 you pay for this someone

    Fazlul KhanFazlul Khan4 dagar sedan
  • Gentlemen Is RHM

    Baran Shams Al DeenBaran Shams Al Deen4 dagar sedan
  • Omg i love the how u get ejected and it goes slow motion and then the song 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Chroma LightBringerChroma LightBringer4 dagar sedan
  • Mother must have cheated on her husband because rose has mothers voice

    David YatesDavid Yates4 dagar sedan
  • Oooo come on let Player win

    footballfanmsnfootballfanmsn4 dagar sedan
  • The gentleman his right hand man now

    Chase SteblerChase Stebler4 dagar sedan
  • I think she has some good stories to tell: Reginald copper bottom: well listen here you little shi-

    Aidan PintoAidan Pinto4 dagar sedan
  • Gentlemen men is right hand man

    Brandon NiBrandon Ni4 dagar sedan
  • the front of the airship looks like a giant crewmate

    Stavros KousoulakisStavros Kousoulakis4 dagar sedan
  • ee e e e e e e e e e e

    S1XMZS1XMZ4 dagar sedan
  • Give Player a win already

    SnS NorcrossSnS Norcross4 dagar sedan
  • 6:59 You’ll pay for this VETERAAAAAAAAN

    Anna TomulewiczAnna Tomulewicz4 dagar sedan