Wilbur Soot reacts to Tommyinnit singing Internet Ruined Me

21 jun 2020
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I really loved this moment in the stream :D
Tommy's twitch: www.twitch.tv/tommyinnit
Tommy's Channel: seworld.info/tv/5p_l5ZeB_wGjO_yDXwiqvw.html
Wilbur's twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
Wilbur's Channel: seworld.info/tv/1n_PfsVqxllCcnMPlxBIjw.htmlfeatured
The Internet Ruined Me: seworld.info/will/l6qn1L3Ii3Zl3Hk/video
If Tommy or Wilbur wants me to take this down please let me know

  • Let me know if you have any other clips from Tommy's or Wilbur's streams you want to see, and I can try to upload them as soon as possible.

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    • tommys reaction after wilbur stopped watching his stream,,,i cant find it anywhere

      XShockXShockMånad sedan
    • Anything wholesome

      Kat BakugouKat Bakugou2 månader sedan
    • Alternate title - Wilbur sings along to Tommy singing along to wilbur singing Internet ruined me

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    • FoxoManiak redhatter

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    • poopy you

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  • this is how I found tommy and now I am crying bniod

    propsprops7 timmar sedan
  • Philza: The Dad Technoblade: Older Brother WilburSoot: The Main Brother TommyInnit: Little Brother

    Nοե bǀҮqNοե bǀҮq10 timmar sedan
  • 3:02 NOW the internet has ruined him

    LionEDYLionEDY13 timmar sedan

    Baby YodaBaby Yoda13 timmar sedan
  • literally brothers

    lidia y.lidia y.14 timmar sedan
  • "tommy is like a little brother to me..tehcno is the older brother and philza is the dad" im deadd :))

    meljay catalinomeljay catalino14 timmar sedan
  • This is like on those movies when the little brother goes into his big brother's room and puts on his clothes and pretends to be old

    E.M. CreationsE.M. CreationsDag sedan
  • my favorite choir; Wilbur Wilbur and tommy

    pinky dinkpinky dinkDag sedan
  • "lets make fun of him" *10 seconds later* "awwwww tommmyyy

    AsherKittenYTAsherKittenYT2 dagar sedan
  • this video: beginning: "look at tommy let's go make fun of him" middle: "awwwww tommyyyy" end: "we do not associate with tommyinnit"

    PandaluverLilyPandaluverLily2 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur looks so happy watching Tommy sing his song and saying he's like his little brother it's the most wholesome thing ever

    PandaluverLilyPandaluverLily2 dagar sedan
  • 2:00 was do funny

    Sariah_123Sariah_1233 dagar sedan
  • Tommy is the only person who can cut himself off when talking😊

    Pennywise We all floatPennywise We all float3 dagar sedan
  • Tommy is Wilbur’s puppy

    The Chronicle GamerThe Chronicle Gamer3 dagar sedan
  • they are brothers

    ًً3 dagar sedan
  • Philza’s the father who had Techno, Wilbur and Tommy and Tubbo is just that one weird neighbours kid that always seems to be anywhere but his own house.

    Carys BlythCarys Blyth3 dagar sedan
  • “Let’s go make fun of him” *spends the whole video aweing in brotherly love*

    CherryQueenAngelCherryQueenAngel3 dagar sedan
  • there are fucking tears in my goddamn eyes

    __4 dagar sedan
  • this makes me so happy :)

    paetonpaeton4 dagar sedan
  • "let's make fun of him" and not a seond later he's smiling and going "awwwwwwww TommmY!"

    Yumiko KiyoYumiko Kiyo4 dagar sedan
  • They act Exactly like siblings. Philza dad, techno oldest Wilbur middle and tommy SMOL

    Kiva KennedyKiva Kennedy5 dagar sedan
  • The way he says ✨A W T O M M Y✨

    KeirastgKeirastg5 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: Let’s go make fun of him Also Wilbur: Awwwwww, Tommy 💖 Also also Wilbur: It’s like watching your little brother Also also also Wilbur: I’m so happy I made this PG

    Serene FengSerene Feng5 dagar sedan
  • I can’t with his hair it’s just FLOOF

    Boredom DoodlesBoredom Doodles5 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur before going to Tommy’s stream: let’s go bully the child Wilbur at Tommy’s stream: he’s like my little brother Wilbur after Tommy’s stream: fuck that child we gave him enough advertisements for this year

    FlowerFlower6 dagar sedan
  • dude wilbur thinks tommy is his little brother and im living it

    Capple AppleCapple Apple6 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur's laugh was so adorable HDJLAVSKD-

    Snake GaLSnake GaL6 dagar sedan
  • "get your own in tastes and interest" what a big brother thing to say man

    SoabacSoabac6 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur went from : "let's bully him" To: "Awwwwwwww hes like my little brother"

    -Ch0c0late_S0da--Ch0c0late_S0da-6 dagar sedan
  • Mah heart

    LivelyLively7 dagar sedan
  • “He’s like my little brother. It’s like watching my little brother.”

    Taylor RogersTaylor Rogers8 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: Let's go bully him...... Also Wilbur: Awwwwwww Tommyyyyy!!!!!! :))))

    ChristineChristine8 dagar sedan
  • The part where they're both singing at the same time is top tier wholesome content

    Ryan Burns PhotographyRyan Burns Photography8 dagar sedan
  • Poor Tommy looked like he was about to cry when Wilbur said he was proud of him

    Pokemix GirlPokemix Girl8 dagar sedan
  • i love tommys “this is- i can relate to- no actually- mghahs like my brain. my brain is like- gock gi on dark mode”

    Audrey WallaceAudrey Wallace8 dagar sedan
  • Will anyone appreciate the fact that in every song in the internet has ruined me series, he has said "she's beauty, she's grace"

    Lyra WhitemoreLyra Whitemore8 dagar sedan
  • He really is out here living the WattPad life Y/N WISHES she had.

    Annabelle EAnnabelle E8 dagar sedan
  • "Let's go make fun of him" -wilbursoot

    Dirtblock 42Dirtblock 429 dagar sedan
  • “i have trouble speaking to women” *”i don’t”*

    Prison MikePrison Mike9 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: let’s go make fun of Tommy singing my song😃 Wilbur 30 seconds later: aww Tommy, aww🙃

    Izzy ChambersIzzy Chambers9 dagar sedan
  • "lets bully him" 5 seconds later "aww tommy"

    AddisonAddison9 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: Lets go bully him 😈 Also Wilbur: “Awwwe Tommy 🥺” “He really is like my younger brother 😌✨”

    Ellis LawrieEllis Lawrie11 dagar sedan
  • Alternate title: 2 wilburs and 1 tommy sing a song about the internet

    KqsonnKqsonn11 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur and Wilbur and Tommy sing Internet Ruined Me

    AngyCactusAngyCactus11 dagar sedan
  • okay but wilbur with buttons undone and hair in front of his eyes, smiling... 😳

    septicgrayisnotonfireipliersepticgrayisnotonfireiplier11 dagar sedan
  • this was a simpler time

    Zoya RuthZoya Ruth12 dagar sedan
  • No one interrupts tommy more then tommy

    ocy olsenocy olsen13 dagar sedan
  • Don't mind me here, just getting my daily dose of serotonin

    Tey's StudioTey's Studio14 dagar sedan
  • wilbur insulting tommy as if he wasn’t cooing at him for the past 4 minutes is peak sibling culture

    Damian HiaDamian Hia15 dagar sedan
  • ''Aww..Tommy'' -tommy- : Scared, Pissed off and lonely

    Sxrifcice GemSxrifcice Gem16 dagar sedan
  • “Tommy is the younger brother , Wilbur is the middle child, Technoblade is the oldest and P1lza is the dad”

    Çät _ LøvêrÇät _ Løvêr16 dagar sedan
  • I cant stop smiling while watching this please send help

    Sophia NguyenSophia Nguyen17 dagar sedan
  • 2:00

    Dizzy CircleDizzy Circle17 dagar sedan
  • 1:57 them having a duet is so cute! They really are brothers

    23Bumolo2323Bumolo2317 dagar sedan
  • “it’s like watching a little brother” “he really is like my little brother, technos my older brother and phils our dad”

    nevaeh is pognevaeh is pog18 dagar sedan
  • I love how when he's not listening to him sing he's a mean older brother but when he is listening to him sing he's a nice older brother 😂

    Alois TrancyAlois Trancy18 dagar sedan
  • Wil: It's like I have a little brother- Me: *dies in fan-girl*

    PollyDoesThings :3PollyDoesThings :318 dagar sedan
  • me who is 12 and knows what a mental baggage is 👁️👄👁️

    Kirstyn TraynorKirstyn Traynor19 dagar sedan
  • No one interrupts tommy like tommy

    Allyssa GiassonAllyssa Giasson19 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: awwww tommmyyyy Also Wilbur: fuck that child get rid of him

    Sydney CollinsSydney Collins19 dagar sedan
  • wilbur went from "lets bully him" to "awwww tommyyy"

    Ruel BarbadilloRuel Barbadillo20 dagar sedan
  • Such a big brother moment 😂

    Karolin ThuesingKarolin Thuesing21 dag sedan
  • 1:58 that sound hella good

    Jobelle CeaJobelle Cea21 dag sedan
  • look at tommys youtube search box, it says vikkstar disstrack, very nice, tommy, very nice

    Tyra LagerbergTyra Lagerberg22 dagar sedan
  • I love how at the start Wilbur was like “let’s bully this child” and then when watching the video he was just “aww tommy” and then afterwards straight back to “let’s bully this child”

    Little FluffykittyLittle Fluffykitty22 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur, after 4 minutes of aww-ing at Tommy: Fuck that child, get him out of here.

    Potted PlantPotted Plant22 dagar sedan
  • this is adorbs lol i love how he is just "aww tommy" LOL *brotherly love*

    Blanca Jannet AguilarBlanca Jannet Aguilar23 dagar sedan
  • :0

    Esa K.Esa K.23 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur and Tommy: Then she doesn’t deserve my MENTAL BAGGAGE. Tommy: I don’t know what that means Wilbur: *Quickly stops drinking and then laughs*

    DJ AMDJ AM24 dagar sedan
  • geez his hair

    ArielAriel24 dagar sedan
  • 2 to the 1 to the 1 to the 3 please get tommyinit off my screen Wilbur soot -2020

    •Fåndømløver••Fåndømløver•25 dagar sedan
  • the second Tommy looked at Wilbers comment his face went from happy to wtf

    Kaitlyn PittmanKaitlyn Pittman25 dagar sedan
  • this is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen

    Abbie Nickson xAbbie Nickson x26 dagar sedan
  • this is so cute awww

    KathyrexKathyrex26 dagar sedan
  • very wholesome😌

    hunter is pretty oddhunter is pretty odd26 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: lets go make fun of him Also Wilbur: Awwww Tommy uwu

    Mercutio BatesMercutio Bates27 dagar sedan
  • This is a real BRO MOMENTO

    Valentin PrannoValentin Pranno27 dagar sedan
  • Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe but this ha ha ha ha does put a smile on my face

    yusuf aliyusuf ali27 dagar sedan
  • This is the cutest video on the internet

    SarahSarah28 dagar sedan
  • Brother and brother vibe together

    Cr0sS-Ełäÿ_gâćhaCr0sS-Ełäÿ_gâćha28 dagar sedan
  • *The Tommy version is better than the original*

    Wasabee OnlineWasabee Online29 dagar sedan
  • It’s so cute how he considers Tommy as his brother 🥺😭

    J3on_XookJ3on_Xook29 dagar sedan
  • Tommy may be older then me but i know more about the word in Wilbur's song

    Shrek ChanShrek Chan29 dagar sedan
  • This isn't the pizza hut...

    Josh HillJosh Hill29 dagar sedan
  • tommy from last year hits different

    ben zadikben zadikMånad sedan
  • And *mental baggage* I don’t know what that means Wilbur : *dying of laughter* aaaaaaw tommy

    ThatRealWidowThatRealWidowMånad sedan
  • Dat harmony doe 1:56

    Lapple AppleLapple AppleMånad sedan
  • The firsg "awww" is just something so beautiful. And their hair. Holy shit this is wholesome

    SHADOWolfSHADOWolfMånad sedan
  • its kinda insane that he was only at 2.6k viewers at the beginning of the year.

    stubitman 12stubitman 12Månad sedan
  • awwww

    white umbrellawhite umbrellaMånad sedan

    Haha yes die trashHaha yes die trashMånad sedan
  • if someone told me willber and Tommy are brothers i would be like that makes sense

    undercraftundercraftMånad sedan
  • It’s so wholesome

    Christian AmirezChristian AmirezMånad sedan

    lil bean UwUlil bean UwUMånad sedan
  • crazy to come back to this and see that tommys twitch views are now at 200,000 in only a 6 month difference

    ClassicClassicMånad sedan
  • Tommy Said *I've meet dream* 3 months Later *meets Pewdiepie* FYI(He met Pewdiepie on Among Us)

    JohnmegJohnmegMånad sedan
  • I love this

    XeonXeonMånad sedan
  • he went from "let's go make fun of him" to "awwwwweeee tommyy"

    TaevaTaevaMånad sedan
  • This tommy guy is funny he should stream

    Maximum 94Maximum 94Månad sedan
    • He does.

      Jo plxnetJo plxnetMånad sedan