What Happens After You Go Viral

24 sep 2018
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Today we talk about what happens after you go viral, or after you suddenly become "popular". How being in the spotlight affects your life and personality. I think it's a topic that needs to be explored and publicly discussed more.
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  • It's like in a whole different situation.....ur telling my story to me....thank you.. Still learning to balance between those two....

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  • Amazing Love from India

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  • Kenichi!

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  • 1:26 AKA have a lot of lone time

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  • 1:58 the lesson is if you have clothes you’re an egotistical child

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  • 2:52 gosh that was better version than the original and i never seen the original...

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  • Do you actually have le goose

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  • Andrei: BALLS, YES BALLS Also Andrei: Make the channel good for kids

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  • Looks like your the quiet kid at school

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  • Best selling comic: Wilfer the pirate

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  • 1:15 haha I'm in the 1% of extroverted animators haaazaaa

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  • ok boi

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  • Interesting

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  • 6:26 it's okay to take a break from time to time. because then you will be able to come back with your batteries fully charged My headphones: "Battery low. Please charge"

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  • 5:39 its literally the same thing with jaiden and ari lol

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  • To be honest, you said you had momentum. Which means the after the berake you are going to have the same momentum? (i know this is wrong from a physics stand point, this is supposed to be motivatonal)

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  • I do funny meme video gameplays. And it’s dope but people say I’m underrated. Can y’all checkout and let me know how good my content is?

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  • dude I have more breaks on uploading stuff I like do like 3 months of break

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  • I want to be a youtuber. So the tax part helps well only if we have the same taxes as romania

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  • You went for a year the legend seedy went away for almost 2 years now

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  • I want to communicate with the world but while remaining anonymous

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  • n word

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  • EEEE?

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  • I subscribed I'm making u more tensed....😂😂😂💕💕💕 I'm a fan... ur awesome

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  • Love this guy

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  • So wait if I want to be an animator to ENTERTAIN people, SEworld is just gonna be like, "Hey did you know that we give money to people who make good content and now you need to give me money and all this money junk that you didn't want to have anything to do with because you wanted to entertain people," and then have a mental breakdown because of it? WHAT >:O

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  • Well Said...

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  • I understand ❤️

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  • I forgot what your channel was called so I typed in animation made by romainian guy and I got back to the channel,yay!

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  • Actually, I had the same way. When I got 1.2 M views for one video I made, and I saw the views, I threw up too. Edit: Yeah if you see my videos, it’s about a old singer possibly no one knows.

    The Random SoldierThe Random Soldier26 dagar sedan
  • "I Want to be on the Spotlight but at the same time I am terrified of the spotlight" Man, Completely Relatable...

    Badass BobYBadass BobY26 dagar sedan
  • I love 4:53 lol🤣🤣🤣

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  • 4:09 i personally figured this out before this video was made so i wanted to treat people as people regardless if there famous or not

    Kuljit MinhasKuljit Minhas28 dagar sedan
  • When you mix joy with work, it becomes work! And work is always... WORK. It can be hard and it can suck the joy out of you. However, taking breaks before you need them *is a real life hack that works like a charm*

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  • BALLS not the other ball

  • Dam i luv this guy

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  • I'm a kid and I love your vids.

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  • I feel this, even tho it was 60 subs and 7,000 views, that was viral to me, now I have gained 10 subs and 2,000 views.

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  • Needed this today. I want to grab the spotlight but am too terrified about lots of works having that much attention. But I want my works to be loved. (╯︵╰,)

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  • 1:24 do i see gingerpale?

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  • This is relatable, even if My contebt is just random stuff I not be together.

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  • I don't agree with taking a break before you need it in terms of SEworld. Because like if he takes a break everything could have just been for nothing if you understand what I am saying.

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  • Your channel is awesome already

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  • If 1 month is 10 years in youtube CoryxKenshin's break was 90 years

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  • for me is like whatever for me is get a litle famous and stay that hay for a time and get a litle more famous and do that forever

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  • Acurate dipiction of voldamort

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  • “I want to be in the spotlight but at the same time I’m terrified of the spotlight” I can relate so much oml, like I want my channel to get big but then again I’m no where ready for attention

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  • 4:50 my dad in the background getting me to do homework

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  • kojho

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  • I'd rather be as im now than famous

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  • 👈Im getting scared rn (yes im trying to self promote)

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  • Did he just thank me for my attention? You're welcome. Your videos calmed me when I have difficulty breathing a while ago. Thank you..

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  • Me who's in Romania and Romanian:sh*t

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  • I feel like this whole video sums up why I stopped creating content

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  • wow 2mill so fast

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  • 1:30 was me as a kid still is me

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  • Thank u, so much Andrei. I really love your videos it really inspires me for some reason. Keep it up♥️

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  • Is it just me or are there more then a few superhero refences in this video?

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  • We are the same person... stop it. No you. No you! Alright fine.

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  • have you done collabs that i just haven’t seen? or have you not done collabs at all on your channel

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  • Ikr

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  • "I was like a demon child"

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  • Me in a corner trying to find a video idea

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  • His ego vored him

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  • I love the snake scene

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  • Dude if you say you're Dragon people will think you're a furry

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  • E

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  • so he was the quiet kid

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  • That dragons looked pretty cool

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  • Did you notice it the secret spoiler at the start of the episode about the Wilfur saga I know this is late but nice easteregg

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  • Andrei are you a dragon

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  • you should start a podcast … I know this is going to add up as a load, but I think it can be somewhat of a chill out Podcast, maybe, some Behind the scene Podcast. By the way, Love your Animations @AndreiTerbea

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  • dude I already saw your face man hehe

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  • 4:20 He said balls! HE SAID BALLS!!!

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  • I love that jim carrey movie

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  • Andrea: "After youre channel goes viral it will die" Pewdiepie: Am i a joke to you?

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  • if 1 month is 10 yt years that my favorite youtube uploads once every 30 years

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  • Is Wilfur your ego, Andrei?

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