1950's Galion Road Grader, Will it ever work again??? Pt.3

14 feb 2021
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  • what works better to remove those stuck bolts than a vise grips is a small monkey wrench as it tightens the more turning force is applied

    D LD L9 timmar sedan
  • could you use a numbering system for your videos to make sure I don't miss any? Thanks

    Mike WallingMike Walling15 timmar sedan
  • if you see this if not to late. a friend has problems with mice the same way wit seldom used equipment. finally after much pondering put eire mesh over the bottom vent holes and seems to do the trick. like the videos Dave

    dave bohnertdave bohnert2 dagar sedan
  • What with the grader are you getting back to it

    dave halloweendave halloween3 dagar sedan
  • diesel creek. hmm you know that's a gas engine right ? kinda takes away from your diesel aspect of the channel.

    Southern RCSouthern RC4 dagar sedan
  • When you painted you could have left the moving parts blue for contrast and it would look cool. Good job so far

    Jamie KatzJamie Katz4 dagar sedan
  • Tonka yellow...yeah..

    King BeeKing Bee5 dagar sedan
  • if needed you can make a sleeve to make a bearing fit, done that

    andy kloveandy klove6 dagar sedan
  • Used to wrench Farmalls working tobacco in New England. I still have my '48 Super A to tinker with. I love these mid 20 century machines. I think its because being born in the mid 1990's (aka young) I get to learn some hands on history about the world and the people who lived before me through the design and craftmanship. Subscribed.

    havoc1482havoc14827 dagar sedan
  • Some of the best cleaners I have used is oven cleaner from the dollar store on engine blocks $1 a can vs $4 for degreaser!!! Toilet bowel cleaner works well for soaking brackets and other parts !!!!

    michael atozmichael atoz7 dagar sedan
  • There is a correct way to turn your vice grips and crescent wrenches. You had your vice grips backwards from how they should be used. You are putting the pressure on the hinge and pin and not on the solid portion as you should.

    Jerry LynchJerry Lynch7 dagar sedan
  • Its so hard for me to realize how young people haven't seen some things I've seen. I don't even go to movies any more because I find them politically repugnant. I mean political correctness gone over the bend as far as I can see. Movies were a big part of my life and now the leftist Communists have taken it away. If these jokers just knew 1/2 what I know about Communism they would find it despicable but it has been hidden from them by our media.

    Paublus Americanus AMERICANUSPaublus Americanus AMERICANUS7 dagar sedan
  • Love the Mr. Heater double burner working away in the background.

    Jon GreenJon Green7 dagar sedan
  • т.е этот хрен снял движок, корзину, чисто чтоб покрасить и не дефектовать? + рычаг тупо без нагрева отбарабанил и наварил "жосткость" етить он восстановитель!!!!

    сторожка сторожкасторожка сторожка7 dagar sedan
  • Just a thought for the future, but maybe should have loosened and antisiezed the jamb nuts and yokes on end of clutch rod before reinstalling so when it was time to adjust clutch there wouldn't have been any fighting it? Love the videos especially the mechanical ones. Definitely informative and entertaining. Love the old iron.

    Matthew RedmondMatthew Redmond8 dagar sedan
  • ..."socially distance restoration"....LOL Great !!! Best regards from Sao Paulo Brazil

    Mike RetzMike Retz8 dagar sedan
  • A 50/50 paint job. Looks good from 50 feet or at 50 mph

    Tim McTim Mc8 dagar sedan
  • Any worries about asbestos here? Great video.

    Funky JBellFunky JBell8 dagar sedan
  • The real question is, have you had a chance to watch "Christine" yet? Lol

    Tim McArdleTim McArdle8 dagar sedan
  • I've seen blind bearings taken out with greasy strips of rags and a well fitting bit of round stock

    Andrew ByrneAndrew Byrne8 dagar sedan
  • I really enjoy watching you bring new life to neglected pieces of equipment. In stark contrast to the throw away culture of today.... Good job....👍

    Dale YinglingDale Yingling8 dagar sedan
  • whats the song that starts at 21:25 ?

    Trace LegacyTrace Legacy8 dagar sedan
    • Ghost Riders of Diesel Creek by the Semi-Supervillains

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek8 dagar sedan
  • Should've painted it red. It IS an IH after all, not some crummy Caterpillar... Plus it would've given a nice contrast to the rest of the grader.

    M DemersM Demers9 dagar sedan
  • Man you always, ALWAYS start at the top when painting. If you get a run, you can just wipe it off if it's not running down into your fresh paint job.

    M DemersM Demers9 dagar sedan
  • this man seriously did everything with channel locks and vice grips. I have never seen such dedication

    Goaty McGoatfaceGoaty McGoatface9 dagar sedan
  • Hello from Russia. Why didn't you get rid of the old paint?! DISLIKE! Sell it like new!))

    Teh lifeTeh life9 dagar sedan
  • Looks great nice paint job.

    Darrell RoetersDarrell Roeters9 dagar sedan
  • Banana clutch rod - that's factree. And that's the most love that engine's seen in 30-40 years, I reckon.

    Brian KottmanBrian Kottman9 dagar sedan
  • Try looking up bearings from TIMKEN BEARINGS, i get all mine for work for machines that are from the 30's and 40's

    TallPines DieselsTallPines Diesels9 dagar sedan
  • have it resurfaced ground will make it look like new

    r pher phe9 dagar sedan
  • Love the music Matt ,care to tell us who they are

    r pher phe9 dagar sedan
  • Vice grips and channel locks. Yep, he's a farmer. I would sleeve that rod with some thick wall tubing.

    Huskies GoHuskies Go9 dagar sedan
  • Don't waste time and paint on the exhaust manifold! It is the color it will always be! No matter what

    Stoney BrowningStoney Browning9 dagar sedan
  • Get the solid brass pilot bushing! The fancy roller bearing style always break!

    Stoney BrowningStoney Browning9 dagar sedan
  • The pressure plate is unlawfully fornicated! Or by the king's consent fornicated! Depending on the source!

    Stoney BrowningStoney Browning9 dagar sedan
  • Hey, Matt, Why weren't you wearing a mask? I understand you like to take shortcuts BUT you only have one set of lungs. I don't think you have heard of Hantavirus Disease, This is a disease that you catch from mice dropping. It affects the lungs and it's deadly, you didn't know. But you do know about painting, the need to wear it.

    Harvey StraussHarvey Strauss9 dagar sedan
  • Just start the engine and flap disc the hell out of that fly wheel

    Ross WregaRoss Wrega9 dagar sedan
  • think i would find a piece of pipe the same size of the rod and slide over the clutch rod

    jeff morganjeff morgan9 dagar sedan
  • should run like a new grader

    jeff morganjeff morgan9 dagar sedan
  • Bolts and bearings, the worst shopping day ever unless you find someone who knows what they are talking about.

    Sean WorkmanSean Workman10 dagar sedan
  • Those are not vice grips. their channel locks.

    bill chapelbill chapel10 dagar sedan
  • Now for a respray on the chassis and cab and she will be looking just like new

    Spirit WolfSpirit Wolf10 dagar sedan
  • What kind of an engine does it use?

    Mr WhipsMr Whips10 dagar sedan
    • @Diesel Creek an international?! I would have never expected that. But thanks for the info

      Mr WhipsMr Whips10 dagar sedan
    • It’s an international BD220

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek10 dagar sedan
  • .... as soon as i saw that damn napa logo i knew that throw out bearing would be wrong fucking napa

    Derek AddyDerek Addy10 dagar sedan
  • She looks gorgeous , the lady in the yellow dress 😁 keep up the great work from straya Aussie

    Terry SwannTerry Swann10 dagar sedan
  • 25:47 that there is pitting corrosion. Essentially very localized galvanic corrosion.

    Dennis PremoliDennis Premoli10 dagar sedan
  • Do the right thing...and booger that thing up so you never can adjust it again

    Mike DemmlerMike Demmler10 dagar sedan
  • Hey Matt thanks for your videos looking forward for more. Mark

    Mark CarsonMark Carson10 dagar sedan
  • Looking good, can’t wait to hear her run again. Fun project

    Greg LammersGreg Lammers10 dagar sedan
  • I think they call it heat checking

    greg sappingtongreg sappington10 dagar sedan
  • Next time when you paint something use aluminum foil to mask stuff you don’t want painted

    greg sappingtongreg sappington10 dagar sedan
    • Ahh that’s a good idea!

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek10 dagar sedan
  • that paint job is good from far but far from good. I love it. 👍

    Jake MustianJake Mustian10 dagar sedan
  • I would not even bother putting those lower bolts back on the flywheel side tbh..

    Mro!?Mro!?10 dagar sedan
  • Did you ever fix the bed of your dump truck

    Brian StarrBrian Starr11 dagar sedan
  • I think it looks great

    Brian StarrBrian Starr11 dagar sedan
  • Tried getting the 1st part of the Talion grader but the link doesn't work.

    John HerringJohn Herring11 dagar sedan
    • seworld.info/will/oKrN1c3PrYhq0oE/video

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek10 dagar sedan
  • You and DirtPerfect have got to do a vidja together! Love both of the channels!

    Russell []Russell []11 dagar sedan
  • Sometimes if u take a letter or number away from the bearing itll match up just dont try to do that at autozone...

    Ion RacerIon Racer11 dagar sedan
  • clutch linkage rod. i taking it off camera you are going to unthread the rod and clean the threads out and make it work easily. hint. there is a Permtex 85420 flange sealant that is totally water proof.. gasoline and diesel proof and never gets hard that should make a great anti seize for the clutch pushrod threads and perhaps the bell housing bolts. i use it on head gaskets .. do you need tune up specs for that engine.. can you identify which IH straight six it is. i see 460, 560, 656, 706, 806 engines listed in my chilton tune up guide that i have managed to hold on to for almost 40 years..

    wayne pwayne p11 dagar sedan
    • @wayne p wow thanks alot for the info!! im sure it will help!!

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek10 dagar sedan
    • @Diesel Creek my book shows the BG220 but the BD220 and BG220 tune up specs are the same Hot valve lash (int/exh) .024”-.026" Spark Plug Gap .028"-.033" Distributor points gap (new points) .019" Reset used points .016" Cam angle (degrees of dwell) 28d.-35d. Initial timing setting 4d. BTDC Idle speed range (rpm) 350-400 Max. recommended rpm 3600 Bore 3-9/16" Displacement (c.i.) 220.5 Compression Ratio 7.5 to 1 Brake Horsepower (max) 112.5@3800 rpm Brake Horsepower (net) 91.9@3400 rpm Torque (max)(ft.lbs.) 194.4@2000 rpm Net Torque 178.0@1200 rpm head bolt torque. Drilled bolt, 75 to 85 foot pounds head bolt torque solid bolt.. 90 to 100 foot pounds. Rod bolt torque shows 65 to 75 foot pounds.. main bolt torque. 100 to 110 foot pounds. oil. above 32F. 30W 0 to 32F 20W or 10W30 hope this helps.

      wayne pwayne p10 dagar sedan
    • It’s a BD220 the rod linkage is actually free believe it or not. I was shocked too

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek10 dagar sedan
  • Love the videos you have been making lately.The grader is awesome.🏁

    red manred man11 dagar sedan
  • take the fly wheel and have it surfaced grouand

    james brownjames brown11 dagar sedan
  • Paint her up in combo of light and mustard yellow. Two tone

    r sprocketsr sprockets11 dagar sedan
  • 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed! Looking good!

    Larry Iowa/Texas RoosterLarry Iowa/Texas Rooster11 dagar sedan
  • It's great to see how many subs you have grown to. Glad to see all the comments as well. Great to have a bunch of talent in alot of different areas. Keep up the good work kid !

    Steven KeweenSteven Keween11 dagar sedan
  • Nice music. Welldone

    Tuomas TyrväinenTuomas Tyrväinen11 dagar sedan
  • Matt if you haven’t sourced your bearings yet give these guys a try. Buffalo Bearings Inc. Kenmore, NY. I have had great luck with them. You may have to send them your bearings. GL.

    Karl CarnevaleKarl Carnevale11 dagar sedan
  • Different blades weight due to rust on the impeller ventilator will lead to the beating of the shaft and the bearing it will break. The water pump will start to leak. Sorry for my english, its google translate.

    Павел ЛебедевПавел Лебедев11 dagar sedan
  • I think it was great that u took time to paint while the motor was removed,,,!! Shows u take pride in what u own,,, be it new or old hand me down or not,,, its afterall yours,,!!

    Richard SmithRichard Smith11 dagar sedan
  • yep those standard lazy part store employees, hope you searched for a bearing store and come out with the correct size the first time.

    ken frazierken frazier11 dagar sedan
  • Looking good Matt, let’s hope you find the bearings. 😀🇬🇧🇬🇧Tom

    Thomas John TigheThomas John Tighe11 dagar sedan
  • enjoying watching you work, that sure does look like an interesting learning project.

    Dave SilviaDave Silvia11 dagar sedan
  • Try find or make cover for clutch housing inspection port to prevent rodent residence. Smooth work as you go. Teach your offspring to service her and keep her going for another 70+ years. Just a pity she can not smooth my net connection.

    John PietersJohn Pieters12 dagar sedan
  • If I were you I might consider replacing the clutch disc and pressure plate as well as the pressure plate mounting hardware, as you well know mouse pee is some nasty stuff and it has been know to attack the clutch disc friction material and brake shoe linings. Something I have done on old equipment that uses a pair of pliers to adjust the clutch is either weld nuts to the rod or pieces of flat stock so I can put a wrench on it to make adjustments easier when required. If that is a Cornbinder engine you might just take a gander the appropriate year International parts catalog for your clutch parts/bearings PS since you did a Richie Bro overhaul on the engine make sure to paint at least the ends of the hoses and half the fan belt. 😁

    gullreefclubgullreefclub12 dagar sedan
  • Engine paint looks great

    Richard RRichard R12 dagar sedan
  • IMO the Cat yellow is better than the baby shit yellow.

    David JDavid J12 dagar sedan
  • you need a oxy torch with a real fine tip like a 1 or a 0. roast your stuck bolts to a nice glow then let them sit for a while to cool back down to room temp that little bit of expansion does a ton

    chrischris12 dagar sedan
  • I'm curious how the hell the mice even got in there.

    Motorhome ManMotorhome Man12 dagar sedan
  • studs in the bell housing will be no fun when it comes time to twist it all back and forth trying to align those splines!

    Paul BeckettPaul Beckett12 dagar sedan
  • Maybe she was just pissed off that she was abandoned and basically left for dead so long. Somebody finally showed a little attention and she needed to get some anger out.

    Motorhome ManMotorhome Man12 dagar sedan
  • Re: cracks on flywheel, that is heat cracking, common to see on flywheels and brakes, resurface it.

    dalmatiangirl61dalmatiangirl6112 dagar sedan
  • Looking forward to more Christine. 😊👍👍

    aceadmanaceadman12 dagar sedan
  • Definitely enjoy your videos

    Shawn WalkerShawn Walker12 dagar sedan
    • Glad you like them!

      Diesel CreekDiesel Creek12 dagar sedan
  • I hope you clean the sump out while you had the engine out of Christine,

    CameronCameron12 dagar sedan
  • Can't wait to see it in action

    Carmine RigantiCarmine Riganti12 dagar sedan
  • Around 28:21the blue glue gun is making your cameras light sensor freak out. Save the life span of your camera and block these shots, we know what your doing if you show us your fine work after. (There probably are filters for this but I'm sure they'd be way overpriced) As for Christine, Its looking great she may be worth the hassle after all.

    RaycarRaycar12 dagar sedan
  • Love that you're painting it up! It'll be the only one around that's for sure!

    aaron71aaron7112 dagar sedan
  • If you end up reusing ball bearings, soak them in some melted grease, to get the grease inside the bearing, leaving it until it's cooled. Thats how I get grease in old bearings I end up having to reuse......

    Old Car AlleyOld Car Alley12 dagar sedan
  • What's up

    Ryan BeyeaRyan Beyea12 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Ryan BeyeaRyan Beyea12 dagar sedan
  • good job !

    Brian GrahamBrian Graham12 dagar sedan
  • for a second i thought my computer was acting up again when the video would pause for a second every so often

    Mike BluntMike Blunt12 dagar sedan
  • LOOKS DAMN GOOD ‼️👍👍. Vinny 🇺🇸

    mmanutmmanut12 dagar sedan
  • Did you inspect the rod and main bearings

    Warren KlingensmithWarren Klingensmith12 dagar sedan
  • Ilabay na. Buboi gasolina dayon dagkuti. 😀

    KBA33KBA3312 dagar sedan
  • Brilliant v log coming together slowly now hopefully Christine will feel grateful after all this attention & try not kill you again 😂

    Dom BoothDom Booth12 dagar sedan
  • Loving the content Matt. Keep up great work 👍

    Pete Chatten-BerryPete Chatten-Berry12 dagar sedan
  • No need to apologise for things we missed, the unedited version of everything is so much more lifelike 🙂

    Erik AndersenErik Andersen12 dagar sedan
  • Those cracks on the flywheel. I’m pretty sure they call that pitting. Not 100 percent sure on that. Sounds like that’s from ware and tear and from heat.

    Fire WalkerFire Walker12 dagar sedan
  • Not sure where you are at on the project, but if you haven't got the engine back in, may want to try hanging the clutch on the input shaft first then put the engine in. That way you only have to worry about getting the inner shaft lined up. Not sure if that will work on this, I couldn't tell if there is an access hole to put bolts in the pressure plate after engine is installed. This is how I do it with tractors since it is near impossible to get everything lined up correctly for an easy slip together.

    johnronsmithjohnronsmith12 dagar sedan
  • please do a POV video. Just POV drive

    KnowledgeRanchKnowledgeRanch12 dagar sedan