22 okt 2020
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NASHER DESIGNS. CRAFTED BY CHAMPION. BUY THE MERCH ➝ unlockd.teespring.com/drop/nasher/
Welcome to NHL 21 BE A PRO with ROSTISLAV "Rusty" NASHEROV. In this episode, we take on the NHL ENTRY DRAFT with hopes of being the #1 OVERALL PICK. Where will Rusty start his NHL career?
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  • NASHER DESIGNS. CRAFTED BY CHAMPION. BUY THE MERCH ➝ unlockd.teespring.com/drop/nasher

    NasherNasherMånad sedan
    • name of the song at 18:28?

      Hock3yBro51Hock3yBro5111 dagar sedan
    • Play all the games

      Davon LewisDavon Lewis19 dagar sedan
    • @Elucinate Psycho Do you know if the sizes are adult or youth?

      lex Herrlex Herr25 dagar sedan
    • Lov

      Sam DSam D27 dagar sedan
    • Play a game then sim one but when your team clinched the playoffs play one and sim 3 don’t sim in playoffs

      Braden DrakeBraden Drake28 dagar sedan
  • Ho

    Owen ツOwen ツDag sedan
  • 20:08 i would say play every game, it makes good content.

    Cyber CdnCyber Cdn2 dagar sedan
  • Play all 82 games

    Dylan HanavanDylan Hanavan2 dagar sedan
  • As a sharks fan I’m a bit disappointed the kings drafted u lol

    Rvz C0st4Rvz C0st410 dagar sedan
  • Tis a sick shirt sir

    keven pecorellokeven pecorello11 dagar sedan
  • Holy fuq! what a nice merch!

    SVEnsk ITAlienareSVEnsk ITAlienare11 dagar sedan
  • Nasher what's your favorite hockey team

    Jennifer SchemppJennifer Schempp11 dagar sedan
  • Lol i was doing Semi Pro, got 27 points in 7 games and got drafted first overall.

  • Good job on your video Nasher!

    The KegsterThe Kegster14 dagar sedan
  • how did he get to a 73 overall

    Colton_ Miller99Colton_ Miller9914 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    Jaxen SalvatiJaxen Salvati15 dagar sedan
  • He a gold digger😂

    Ty DabomTy Dabom16 dagar sedan
  • Go Kings Go!!

    Chris DiggsChris Diggs18 dagar sedan
  • Don´t sim its going to make u go down a lineup

  • Oh yes finally something positive about my LA Kings

    2B Breaks2B Breaks19 dagar sedan
  • Cool video

    Jennifer SchemppJennifer Schempp19 dagar sedan
  • Rostislav looks as good in that Kings Uni as those Nasher Champion colorways.

    Brian RebeleBrian Rebele19 dagar sedan
  • Dude shut up in the cutscenes

    What IsThisWhat IsThis21 dag sedan
  • You needed to play in the OHL to go first overall.

    TUBEbeleaferTUBEbeleafer21 dag sedan
  • Imagine if he went to Ottawa. That’s either, bring a team from the ground up, or delete file and make a new be a pro

    Dee FormedDee Formed21 dag sedan
  • Absolutely no one: Nasher: I aM GoInG To SHuT DoWn THeiR STaR PlaYerS AnD MaYbe ShooT ThEir CoaCH And GM In ThE HEaD.

    Abdullah AAbdullah A21 dag sedan
  • Do you have a kid size?

    Trooper_howard88Trooper_howard8822 dagar sedan
  • My grandpa got drafted to the Philadelphia flyers not in the game in real life

    Amber McCannellAmber McCannell22 dagar sedan
  • Stupid Rangers gave up a god player XD

    SlayerGaming_YTSlayerGaming_YT24 dagar sedan
  • Why is everyone getting drafted by the kings

    Colten youngColten young25 dagar sedan
  • Dont worry nasher you can still buy a Compact Car

    rmcgregor51rmcgregor5126 dagar sedan
  • Exactly same happened to me , I had like 24 points in the champions league and still 2nd just bs....

    Radek DzikRadek Dzik26 dagar sedan
  • I have similar stats as you, I wonder if Ill drop to Kings as well. Were in the Memorial Cup Finals now, and averaging 4pts per game. Video below if you want to check out how I got to the finals! seworld.info/will/m2natJq2iJSZnnk/video

    Crabby GamingCrabby Gaming26 dagar sedan
  • I love how Nasher has mutual respect for all teams, unlike other EA NHL gamers who trash talk their opponents. So positive! 😃

    JK_JK_26 dagar sedan
  • Get pk on your team

    GameDucksGameDucks26 dagar sedan
  • Last year 1st overall this year 2nd overall next year 3rd overall?

    B and Ash HockeyB and Ash Hockey27 dagar sedan
  • whats next yootooz?

    a skywars nooba skywars noob27 dagar sedan
  • I had 2 point in 2 games and got drafted 1st

    Joshua AllenJoshua Allen27 dagar sedan
  • When I was younger.. I'm 38 rn... Champion wasnt cool and now it's the shit lol. Not knocking you, merch looks dope. It's just crazy how shit changes.

    • Do you know if the size is adult or kids?

      lex Herrlex Herr25 dagar sedan
  • does he play on pc or console? and if console what kind of capture card?

    Bentley HamiltonBentley Hamilton27 dagar sedan
  • that merch looks fire

    Bentley HamiltonBentley Hamilton27 dagar sedan
  • He made it! He made it! Daryl Razor made it!!!!! The best commentator in the NHL!! Finally got into an nhl game.

    Virga WolfVirga Wolf27 dagar sedan
  • What happend to the og camera angle

    Lawson GreyLawson Grey27 dagar sedan
  • Thank you Nasher for being my favourite SEworld I have been waiting for you to get merch and I got the hoodie and I can’t wait for it to arive

    Luke ButlerLuke Butler27 dagar sedan
    • Do you know if the size is adult or kids?

      lex Herrlex Herr25 dagar sedan
  • Playing every single game would be AMAZING I would really appreciate it!!

    Edwin FeflerEdwin Fefler27 dagar sedan
  • So you pritty much gotta tank in minniors to get drafted by other teams instead of rangers or kings lol

    BlazeGamingBlazeGaming27 dagar sedan
  • What a goal!

    Caylem FarquharCaylem Farquhar27 dagar sedan
  • Play every single game. There's no rush to the play-off's, the game has been out for merely a week or so. You see people mentioning their 5th-9th season already, it just gets dumb. Every game is a journey we're more than willing to take with you over the course of the year, Nasher. Cutting games means cutting entertainment! And from what I can already sneak on the next preview, Rusty will find a way to skip a couple games here and there ;)

    DaocpwnswowDaocpwnswow27 dagar sedan
  • Yo that merch is sickkkk!

    Michael MontenegroMichael Montenegro27 dagar sedan
  • Play 2, sim 2

    JfahJfah27 dagar sedan
  • did anyone see the 2nd goal in the first game go through flurrys leg

    Keegan JordanKeegan Jordan27 dagar sedan
  • 12:27 funniest thing I've ever seen

    Jack SparlingJack Sparling27 dagar sedan
  • sim the games nasher

    Arielle KelskeyArielle Kelskey27 dagar sedan
  • i like being on the second line with gally

    The Blazed BluelinerThe Blazed Blueliner27 dagar sedan
  • My agent said I was going first overall bailed the interviews and went 2nd to LA? LOL

    Chris PalendatChris Palendat27 dagar sedan
  • Be a Pro honestly sucks. It's not impressive at all and lacks logic of any kind. But hey that's EA for you.

    jason coladonatojason coladonato27 dagar sedan
  • Are you going to you the same camera angle you used in nhl 20

    MystixsMystixs27 dagar sedan
  • I scored 74% on my NYR interview. I sat down with them first, so far haven’t had LA interview me...

    John DoeJohn Doe27 dagar sedan
  • The only way to do this is because you have no way to get the wrong number or not to get a better life than to get it done and you tyyy is the way to do that right and you will not be able enough for you

    DedalusDedalus28 dagar sedan
  • 7:17 I think it is 850K cause it's one behind 1M or I'm just high

    TwistySwedenTwistySweden28 dagar sedan
  • I win the Stanley Cup and the Calder Trophee with the LA Kings 😁😉

    thejulznetwork 8766thejulznetwork 876628 dagar sedan
  • Go for alll the team records

    Wings is my HeroWings is my Hero28 dagar sedan
  • Damn he actually partnered with champions

    Birk LieBirk Lie28 dagar sedan
  • You need to have good grades and have a good team reputation. Like what frozen lava said. Your points after all in europe have nearly the same rate as The Great One. Your offense grade is great. Thing is I don't see much defense except for hits.

    Alan WangAlan Wang28 dagar sedan
  • Anyone know if you can change your number that they give you in be a pro?

    Andrew FithianAndrew Fithian28 dagar sedan
  • Play 3 sim 3

    Ian DickmanIan Dickman28 dagar sedan
  • nice goal rusty!

    WemyssteamgamingWemyssteamgaming29 dagar sedan
  • nasher i got 23 points in 7 games and got 2nd pick

    Logan De JongLogan De Jong29 dagar sedan
  • Sim every other or sim 2

    DuhBruhDuhBruh29 dagar sedan
  • when i got drafted i was like “fuck yea bud imma make some cash” and then that .850m pops up and i was pissed lmao

    SimonSimon29 dagar sedan
  • Th name kopitar reminds me of a Pokemon so bad 😂

    Nicholas BaldrickNicholas Baldrick29 dagar sedan
  • Play 2 and sim 2

    Noah HalldenNoah Hallden29 dagar sedan
  • dude u are awesome and u are my favourite SEworldr

    CLJWCLJW29 dagar sedan
  • Welp I think you should answer the team answers then.

    ErrorLifeIsNullErrorLifeIsNull29 dagar sedan
  • you try to always wrist shot the puck try to slap shot it it goes in a lot more

    Niko MartynaNiko Martyna29 dagar sedan
    • Yea the it's kinda where it lands.

      ErrorLifeIsNullErrorLifeIsNull29 dagar sedan

    Stogy StonesStogy Stones29 dagar sedan
  • I want you to sim a period than play 2 peiods

    Aiden’s crazy LifeAiden’s crazy Life29 dagar sedan
  • Wow you already got to 73 ovr. I'm liking the star challenges! They're giving you many many ovr points. Keep this rate and you'll be at least 80 ovr! Maybe 85 ovr! Just keep in mind these will be harder in nhl.

    ErrorLifeIsNullErrorLifeIsNull29 dagar sedan
  • Play 1/4 of the games in the regular season and 3/4 in the playoffs. It's nice to have some hype.

    ErrorLifeIsNullErrorLifeIsNull29 dagar sedan
  • What difficulty does he play on?

    Marcus ParrillaMarcus Parrilla29 dagar sedan
    • All-star!

      ErrorLifeIsNullErrorLifeIsNull29 dagar sedan
  • Play every game!!!!

    Arvīds CeriņšArvīds Ceriņš29 dagar sedan
  • Too bad you can only get drafted by 3 different teams in this mode.

    Kieran McCormackKieran McCormack29 dagar sedan
  • Nasher is the ultimate non simp Charlotte got one convo flirty with him and he was like NaH bItch

    Doge EpicDoge Epic29 dagar sedan
  • I played with Garrett roe

    Francois MethotFrancois Methot29 dagar sedan
  • If anything losing the fight seems to help the team. Year after year I'd win a couple fights per game only for them to get momentum because they "stepped up".

    mguntermgunter29 dagar sedan
  • go with full season

    Kristers KolužsKristers Kolužs29 dagar sedan
  • like for play everygame reply for sim every other

    Infinity playsInfinity plays29 dagar sedan
  • I think that playing 1 game, and then sim 2. This way you can play multiple seasons quick, as well it doesn’t allow you to rack up points in the season and be the obvious choice for Calder. Competing against the other rookies for a shot for the Calder and hopefully the cup would make a better story line. Obviously if one of those 2 games you sim is let’s say the Rangers, or any other rival team we make on the way, you play that one and reset the cycle.

    Kyle PattersonKyle Patterson29 dagar sedan
  • Nasher: hit of the year! Me right after: miss of the year!

    Mr ShockeyMr ShockeyMånad sedan
  • Nasher they probably saw you where selected by their ARCH Rival New Jersey Devils in last game

    Pinker rinkPinker rinkMånad sedan
  • In NHL 20 be a pro when rusty got hurt for 64 days I thought that was the most I would ever see, but the same day I got hurt for 80 days with an elbow surgery!!! I still got the most points on my team though.

    Don EndeanDon EndeanMånad sedan
    • Ouch!

      ErrorLifeIsNullErrorLifeIsNull29 dagar sedan
  • Hiii

    Bill GadzosBill GadzosMånad sedan
  • play every game

    Keegan FrobisherKeegan FrobisherMånad sedan
  • You gotta stop doing those star challenges just take the neutral it's safer even if you don't do it that good it's fine

    noah gomezrobitaillenoah gomezrobitailleMånad sedan
  • kings

    Jessica CadenelliJessica CadenelliMånad sedan
  • Yo that champion merch is hard

    Caylem FarquharCaylem FarquharMånad sedan
  • Wow I thought this guy had like 4 mil subs but he only has like 420 k

    Carson AndersonCarson AndersonMånad sedan
  • That merch is 🔥 doe

    HeheHeheMånad sedan
  • I’ve literally got 70 points (put to rookie on 20 min periods) and did poor with LA intentionally and still always went number 2

    TheSnipingShark 935TheSnipingShark 935Månad sedan
  • www

    Ekta NarayanEkta NarayanMånad sedan
  • Play every game bc you'll get more overall and your stats go way up if u play every game unlike when u skip then the bots play

    Ethan ColemanEthan ColemanMånad sedan
  • I got drafted #2 to la every 2 shifts they score i got like 19 goals in 6 games and im 2-3-1 idk what the fuck is goin on with the computer but its trash

    Chad pChad pMånad sedan
    • I ment why on the bench eiter sim till my shift or actually watching it ..

      Chad pChad pMånad sedan
  • How come when I drafted to la kings too

    Evan ManthaEvan ManthaMånad sedan
  • 13:15 song name?

    L M.L M.Månad sedan