I Built An At-Home Arcade Using ONLY Amazon Products!

3 dec 2019
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Ok Boomers, we've made THIS video for you! We're taking a flashback to the days of the arcade, but we are doing it all with only Amazon products, and from the comfort of our home! It took a lot of research, but we believe we have found 10 products that will help everyone get their game on! Wow, that last sentence was a little cringy. Come to think of it, this paragraph has been cringy from the start. Well, check out the video anyways and let me know what you think!

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  • Vaping is fine

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  • Robert I DK if he has a SEworld channel

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  • I have that like to giveaway already it was five dollars 💵

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  • get gontlet

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  • To be honest when u Guys froze I thought my computer actually froze 😂

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  • D o n e lol

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  • Dunny in Australia means shity toilet and you said you want to make it dumny

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  • Very cool video! thank you!! by the way, I have a Telegram channel where I publish cheap and high-quality products from Amazon!)) come in - @amaz_shop11😁😁

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  • 8:23 that's a ps5

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  • Did anybody notice they open sign was just nope with the letters rearranged. No just me

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  • I can't believe that Tanner can't use inspect element

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  • 10:56 i legit thought my internet turned off

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  • That looks actually dope all done

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  • Why would he be suprised if it worked? You can get games to run on anything with anything

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  • I wanted to be part of Hi5 before but now I really want to be

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  • the price tag be like $10000000000000000000... *LOADING*

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  • You shouldn’t talk about vaping in an arcade. You should be smoking cigs and leaning them on control panel 😂 💨

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  • Has anyone tried putting the speed on 0.5 for these vids,if ya haven't it's just dope or nope drunk edition

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  • How many money do they have

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  • i haave thaat

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  • I swear Robert favors the Irish dude on the SEworld Channel "Qxir".

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  • I bought that claw machine at toys r us for $20 a long time ago.

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  • How tall is tanner

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  • I need that arcade

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  • Don’t do it matt the studio almost catches fire in the future!!!

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  • If I have a extra room in my house I'm totally doing this

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  • I wonder if they kept the whole thing open because having a arcade always at you job is the coolest thing ever.

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  • Robert: “..We’re adults..” Tanner: Casually putting a mini bowling ball up his shirt

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  • I had the pinball machine.🦉𓅓𓆉

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  • 16:30 was so funny

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  • 16:30

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  • Matt then: What is that xbox? Me now: Its not an xbox, its the PS5

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  • I got the same skee ball machine for my birthday ind it is defanetaly a dope

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  • 11:56 I died LMAO

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  • Is that robertidk

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  • I have the same Rampage game at home

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  • Matthias: "What's 1+1?" Luna: "Daddy It Is Fish Remember 1+1=Fish"

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  • Micheal sound like cod guy to anyone els?

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  • Why didn’t Luna play Bowling :(

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  • #stargang every1's a star in the eyes of Star Patch ! | StarPatchFashion.com your future fashion trends .

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  • Last time I did a claw machine I was getting a unicorn for my sister and ended up getting 2 unicorns instead

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  • Amazing 😲 nice job, cool video btw.

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  • Oh no, the open sign is *LED*

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  • 14:55 My dad trying to figure out how to use the voice controlled remotes.

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  • Have loeds of fun is what it said on the ski ball thing. I will have loeds of fun, and im sure you will have more fun at a grammar class.

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  • The burping dude looks like a healthier Macaulay culkin

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  • 14:52 did robertjust say call it CRISP!

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  • 10 products that will keep your money save dope or nope

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  • Hichews ripped off Starbursts and now and later

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  • Thats super dope guys exept for the bowling it is a nope

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  • Can’t believe they didn’t give it a mega dope

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  • Robert: Luna would love this! Matthias: *YOU STOLE MY LINE*

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  • You Guys Skipped Galaga D:

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  • Oh yeah blue and pink aren't a seventies and eighties thing it's a 90s thing

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  • 19:35 POV : ben 10 turn into ghost freak in a arcade.

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  • Don’t know if this is rude or not but this was the BEST video I’ve ever seen on the channel

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