I built a wintery cabin in The Sims 4

25 okt 2020
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The Sims 4: Snow Escape isn't out yet but I'm simply pretending that it is
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  • Just downloaded this house, but my sim can’t go upstairs 😫 WHYY??

    Katja GreisagerKatja GreisagerDag sedan
  • the way you showed the house at 16:34 is really immersive in my opinion

    Emily DownesEmily DownesDag sedan
  • My Favorite game pack is Animal Crossing New horizons ;0;

    Shilah BlancShilah BlancDag sedan
  • its funny how she made a build in honor of snowy escape but literally made builds in the pack. what else are you hiding from us simsie??

    KateKateDag sedan
  • The magic game pack is my all time favourite it’s near and dear to my heart due the fact the sims making magic pack from original sims. It was my first game expansion then

    Jessica WilliamsJessica Williams2 dagar sedan
  • That tiny bookcase hallway is going to be the reason I build a new sims house later today.

    Erin FarrellErin Farrell5 dagar sedan
  • If I have an Xbox that I play The sims on could I log in to my same acc that I have on my Xbox on my Mac?

    Anne PringleAnne Pringle5 dagar sedan
  • I love her Sim is just lying on the ground

    Sarah SmithSarah Smith8 dagar sedan
  • I just love how your sim is laying down looking dead, while your building the cabin.

    ItisLakyn PlayzItisLakyn Playz8 dagar sedan
  • I really enjoyed this build. I’ve been watching you for a year now. I enjoyed this pack with how cozy it was

    Autumn MutkoAutumn Mutko10 dagar sedan
  • que linda, amei ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Duda DaysDuda Days10 dagar sedan
  • how does she have infinite money i-

    Kaya nKaya n11 dagar sedan
  • 16:58 it snows in october sometimes for me in washington

    cammiecookiescammiecookies11 dagar sedan
  • My favorite game pack is ecolifestyle

    Hessel MaalderinkHessel Maalderink12 dagar sedan
  • So funny to watch this knowing that you'd built actual builds for the new pack.

    Grace HowellGrace Howell12 dagar sedan
  • I love how this turned out! Beautifully decorated. Love the floor plan. Sorry agree with your live stream, needs a hot tub! 😝 definitely needs to be added to the world in snowy escape. Is it on your gallery?

    Indy VansIndy Vans13 dagar sedan
  • Love this build, so cute, love winter, fall builds

    beth littlejohnbeth littlejohn14 dagar sedan
  • Kayla needs to get her anger out, sadly the plants are her victims 🤣

    Izzy mareeIzzy maree14 dagar sedan
  • i relate so much with the sim just casually laying in the snow

    Gauri GargGauri Garg14 dagar sedan
  • you should do a shell challenge with platforms

    Holly HHolly H15 dagar sedan
  • i love this house!! its so cute, i will definitely be using x

    Chelsea HoulbrookChelsea Houlbrook16 dagar sedan

    Jamie Draws!Jamie Draws!16 dagar sedan
  • i love this build so much!

    PinkyPurpleGalaxyPinkyPurpleGalaxy17 dagar sedan

    Dorian BenavidesDorian Benavides17 dagar sedan
  • Why are you so good at building sims houses?

    Ciara LCiara L18 dagar sedan
  • Jesus loves you :)))

    Zoe CZoe C19 dagar sedan
  • “I just can’t escape this” 4:39...don’t you mean SNOWY ESCAPE THIS?! Mwahahahahahahhahahah

    igising orsomethingigising orsomething20 dagar sedan
  • This is such a nice build

    Connie AngeleyConnie Angeley21 dag sedan
  • One of my favorite builds you’ve done!!

    Autumn RoseAutumn Rose21 dag sedan
  • Next pack: Communal Vacation features like hotels, AirBnB type things

    RenRen21 dag sedan
  • i love watching her be excited about her work 💗

    syncopatedglorysyncopatedglory21 dag sedan
  • How I wish my houses looked just a tiny bit as awesome as yours. However, Im getting better and better and your videos serve as my inspiration :)

    Stephanie WatzkaStephanie Watzka21 dag sedan
  • My sister hiked part of the Appalachian Trail for her honeymoon.....8-o -- that is WAY too much work on a honeymoon, LOL!...Nice cabin!

    Delta DazeDelta Daze22 dagar sedan
  • I really do like outdoor retreat. I went camping all the time as a kid so I love just having little family weekends in granite falls! I definitely prefer granite falls to Salva Dorado because I get more family vibes from outdoor retreat and I could care less about exploring a jungle 😂 but that’s just personal opinion

    Amy RoseAmy Rose22 dagar sedan
  • EA should add a feature where one sim can own multiple properties

    Norske KyllingerNorske Kyllinger22 dagar sedan
  • In my little corner of Eastern Oregon, it's not super common, but in 2008 it snowed in the 2nd half of September. Then there are years like this one where we don't get our first snow until November. But most years, yeah, first snow in October.

    TiaKattTiaKatt23 dagar sedan
  • Kayla buys fall candles in August/September and says builds a snowy winter cabin in November... Coming from a state with no seasons, makes sense!

    Amanda SchererAmanda Scherer24 dagar sedan
  • My favorite game package Parenthood

    Alisha BarnesAlisha Barnes24 dagar sedan
  • OH AND- actually something hit inside me weirdly enough when you said there were two chimnies but three fireplaces because it reminded me of my great grandmothers cabin. she had this thing where there was a fireplace in the basement (cuz thats where uncle kenny lived lmao) and one in the living area, and the chimineys were connected together. so dad and uncle kenny would start a fire in the basement and the warm air would rise up the chiminey into the upper house, and if it was still too cold then great grandma could start a fire in the house and it would be easier for her to light it because of the little bit of heat :D felt like i just HAD to say something about it because it reminded me of her cabin sooo much

    Rouge Mochi42Rouge Mochi4225 dagar sedan
  • eeeeee in the new update thats coming with platforms they're making it so that you can make any lot a vacation lot reguardless of world !! SULANI HONEY MOON :O

    Rouge Mochi42Rouge Mochi4225 dagar sedan
  • Talks about hating coffee but is pointing at tea..

    Aurora IzabellaAurora Izabella25 dagar sedan
  • This is picturesque masterpiece. Maybe the most gorgeous house I have ever seen someone to build. So freaking awesome 🤩🤩

    Just FilipJust Filip27 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely love this build, I like too many of the game packs to pick a favourite

    Ella-Jayne FryElla-Jayne Fry27 dagar sedan
  • I’m sorry but the sim laying on the floor had me dead the whole video😭

    VAEH !!VAEH !!28 dagar sedan
  • I am still team hot tub tbh

    Carson ReynoldsCarson Reynolds28 dagar sedan
  • I want a hotel pack for the sims so bad

    Ashley ClaireAshley Claire28 dagar sedan
  • realm of magic is my favorite. i hope more fantasy stuff comes to the sims 4 eventually :c

    LoveforkujaLoveforkuja28 dagar sedan
  • Literally every cabin in Norway and Finland at least has a Sauna😂😂 Fancy or not

    AsdfghjklAsdfghjkl29 dagar sedan
  • But doesn’t like every cabin have a hot tub tho

    Ryan RussoRyan RussoMånad sedan
  • granite falls walked so snowy escape could run

    Erin-Leigh YusekErin-Leigh YusekMånad sedan
  • kayla: the stairs are straight .. well, can't relate

    xcellixcelliMånad sedan
  • what is your gallary name? i love your vids!

    Amelia SmithAmelia SmithMånad sedan
  • Kayak, love your vids but you repeat yourself so much... In every vid you say pretty much the same things lol

    daxjpdaxjpMånad sedan
  • simsie pretending she had not known about snowy escape since august is fire hahahah🥰

    mariana lourençomariana lourençoMånad sedan
  • Kayla you can make hotels by making a tall building with different rooms but the doors are locked for everyone but the sim who lives there.

    Sophie CaulfeildSophie CaulfeildMånad sedan
  • kayla: outdoor retreat is the worst game pack also kayla: *raves about how great outdoor retreat is for like 10 minutes*

    doodle gracedoodle graceMånad sedan
  • I’ve been playing Sims 3 pretty hard for the last few days. I went back to it because I liked it more than 4. But thanks to you, I’m reinstalling 4 as we speak.

    kristen978kristen978Månad sedan
  • As a kid, I would’ve loved staying in a loft area like that cause honestly we’d stay up all night and talk or play games 😂

    Zoe HarrupZoe HarrupMånad sedan
  • This is such a vibe. I’m putting this in my game 😍

    Zoe HarrupZoe HarrupMånad sedan
  • I really love the idea of rentals being like airbnbs. you can stay in one to visit family, go on work trips, go on vacations, school trips. it’s so modern and something I personally use more than hotels.

    Alexis JacksonAlexis JacksonMånad sedan
  • kayla if you put a sawna you have to put a pawnd or a pool to cool down

    Rita EiningyteRita EiningyteMånad sedan
  • 4:11 So My House is _fancy,_ in that logic? Cool

    Joku AnnaJoku AnnaMånad sedan
  • So cozy!

    Anita HigdemAnita HigdemMånad sedan
  • It looks so nice! haven't played with outdoor retreat for ages.. My favorite pack is vampires!

    Sycamore17Sycamore17Månad sedan
  • I live in Utah and we have already had our first snow!

    Mandy KeddingtonMandy KeddingtonMånad sedan
  • I thought this said Winery Cabin and I was very confused for a good 10 minutes 😂

    Morgan TuxwardMorgan TuxwardMånad sedan
  • "I finally wanna build a winter house because the new pack inspires me" *meanwhile already builds the new world*

    Luna SolLuna SolMånad sedan
  • I live in Canada. A hot tub in the snow is a sport for us! Jump out of the hot tub into the snow, roll around and jump back into the hot tub! We can't be the only people that do that!

    Gabrielle DarqueGabrielle DarqueMånad sedan
  • all the finnish people in the comments freaking out over the sauna is sending me

    Elise MElise MMånad sedan
  • This makes me wanna go make hot chocolate in a log cabin with soup and wearing red plaid pj's

    JasmynCheeseheadJasmynCheeseheadMånad sedan
  • does anyone know how to freely rotate items? im stoopid

    oopsie it’s katieoopsie it’s katieMånad sedan
  • Outdoor Retreat is a beautiful world. I just wish you had the option change it from a vacation world to a livable world similar to how you can change lot types. I would so much more use out of it. Custom worlds is something I really miss. We have them sort of in S4 with some mods, but they replace an existing world so you can’t have both.

    Lia FaileLia FaileMånad sedan
  • Why is she pretending she didn’t know about the pack

    Sam FielderSam FielderMånad sedan
  • Just realised I'll now be able to recreate Bob Ross paintings in Sims! Guess what I'll be spending christmas doing~✨

    KlaudiaKlaudiaMånad sedan
  • Wow, you got it down. A loft is so common in a cabin. Every residential cabin has a hot tub though. I respect your decision not to have one. Let's just say they can't maintain one.

    LynLynMånad sedan
  • it was snowy maam were i am btw

    Shellie SanfordShellie SanfordMånad sedan
  • Love the hotel idea 👍👍👍

    Noodlehead WoodnhouseNoodlehead WoodnhouseMånad sedan
  • I’ve never seen real snow.

    Trina Made ItTrina Made ItMånad sedan
  • girl i am drunk but pleaseeeeee hit me up and let me play with you because i am new to sims (haven't played in a while) but the content would be amazing. 2 million based off of you trying to teach me how to be a better builder. please. this is my formal request. i love this. also congrats on a million!!!!!! i love this! i have been with you for like a year! wish we were friends in real life honestly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KitKatFlalala45454KitKatFlalala45454Månad sedan
  • we got snow in Wyoming

    Emily BjorkEmily BjorkMånad sedan
  • Wait i just remembered u live in Orlando but like what hs did u go to????? Freedom? Cypress??

    Tobi MTobi MMånad sedan
  • My favorite game pack is Jungle Adventure. Outdoor Retreat would rank as my 2nd favorite.

    Andrew MoellerAndrew MoellerMånad sedan
  • 4:00 it’s SOW-NAW NOT SAW-NAW

    Marra AMarra AMånad sedan
  • Can u do more winter cabins❤️ love your videos🥰

    Vanessa SöderbackVanessa SöderbackMånad sedan
  • Honestly, I love get to work an parenthood together, probably university too would go good in hands with it, just, you can study, and become a doctor, etc.

    MarieMarieMånad sedan

    SuperMarioMouseSuperMarioMouseMånad sedan
  • Literally every cabin I've been to has a hot tub 😂

    LilyverseLilyverseMånad sedan
  • Proud of you and the 1mil!!

    Kerra SeayKerra SeayMånad sedan
  • i love realm of magic!! definitely my fav game pack and one of my favorite packs from the entire game.

    RainbowzRainbowzMånad sedan

    S BemisS BemisMånad sedan
  • I'm dizzy when watch this. To fast for me. I'm sorry.

    fibybyfibybyMånad sedan
  • Lilsimsie saying it doesn’t snow in Florida me in ohio trick or treating in my snow so people can’t even seen my costume bc its too cold

    the unicorn_that doesn't care :-pthe unicorn_that doesn't care :-pMånad sedan
  • Ommgg congrats on 1mil subs!!!! Love youre vids

    Chillie HelsingChillie HelsingMånad sedan
  • "In the middle of winter, everything is dead" - Lilsimsie, 2020 OH PLEASE GOD NO

    Pyrosymphony Fireworks Design StudioPyrosymphony Fireworks Design StudioMånad sedan
  • Why is there 2 fireplaces downstairs

    TT’s LawTT’s LawMånad sedan
  • Why didn’t I get a notification?

    TT’s LawTT’s LawMånad sedan
  • Wth i wasnt subbed to u ive been watching ur vids forever! >:0

    The CCSRL Team [Ft. 4 Losers]The CCSRL Team [Ft. 4 Losers]Månad sedan
  • Love the build

    Victoria LehnartVictoria LehnartMånad sedan
  • I guess objectively Parenthood has to be the best game pack, it definitely gives you the most for your money. However, i honestly ADORE Spa day and think it doesn't get the love it deserves. The build/buy is some of my favourite stuff in the game and i quite often take my sims to the spa on dates or for like a mummy/daughter day out!

    Samantha KateSamantha KateMånad sedan
  • I reeeeeally want my Sims to be able to buy lots. Like multiple lots and let other Sims rent them. That would be so awesome

    Amelie MaAmelie MaMånad sedan