FlightReacts NBA "Blind Ref" MOMENTS!

30 mar 2021
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  • If someone ticked ad off one more 😂time he would have been reaching in his bookbag

    Kendrick McfarlandKendrick Mcfarland4 minuter sedan

    K1ngTrxshPvPK1ngTrxshPvPDag sedan
  • SIMP!

    Diego RojasDiego Rojas6 dagar sedan
  • steph a school threat for throwing his mouthpiece

    James WedlockJames Wedlock10 dagar sedan
  • “April is here my simping is here”

    ZayfrmdaygoZayfrmdaygo11 dagar sedan
  • Soft ass refs bro😤

    SUPREME BOYSUPREME BOY13 dagar sedan
  • Wow

    Larry LeosLarry Leos14 dagar sedan
  • Flight a goat 🐐

    Larry LeosLarry Leos14 dagar sedan
  • michael carter williams shot like flight in that play

  • “Harden go to Hollywood “ Harden: playing in LA

    ivanjaja1ivanjaja116 dagar sedan
  • Bro I can’t stand the NBA refs 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    Christian MathewsChristian Mathews16 dagar sedan
  • Ay man lucky the ad was abt Micheal Jordan . The one time I don’t skip. 😂😂😂

    Camille FitzgeraldCamille Fitzgerald17 dagar sedan
  • If curry was to punch a ref in his face flight would say there’s nothing wrong with that

    Jah TillahJah Tillah17 dagar sedan
  • “Harden go to Hollywood” 😭😭😭💀

    Derek MontanaDerek Montana17 dagar sedan
  • April is here warriors are going to win it all this year

    Jack LodicoJack Lodico18 dagar sedan
  • Flight how is tht play by kd clean he was clearly out

    Kyle CarriereKyle Carriere19 dagar sedan
  • God loves you all

    FREEZE SaintFREEZE Saint20 dagar sedan
  • 9:55 When he said "he literally just shot the ball like someone does in P.E" I STARTED DYINGGGG

    TSM _LloydTSM _Lloyd20 dagar sedan
  • Flight can’t believe you took a massive L

    Cesar VasquezCesar Vasquez20 dagar sedan
  • 6:10 ?

    Ian CoburnIan Coburn20 dagar sedan
  • Kevin Durant step out of bounce flight nothing wrong that was clean😂😂😂

    Dylon HaydenDylon Hayden20 dagar sedan
  • april is here, daughter won’t reappear

    Jeremy Del RosarioJeremy Del Rosario20 dagar sedan
  • L

    Sauce BossSauce Boss20 dagar sedan
  • 9:45 flight shot!😆😆

    Mascio BacaMascio Baca20 dagar sedan
  • How can you guys call yourselves fans if y'all don't want him to be happy? He can't win for nun

    Virgo OfficialVirgo Official21 dag sedan
  • April is here, all haters stand clear.

    Hush EntertainmentHush Entertainment21 dag sedan
  • watching flight makes everyone’s day better

    mr matrixmr matrix21 dag sedan
  • Funny how flight didn’t give a school threat at the end of the video

    Vfjjbvcx CxcvkkbVfjjbvcx Cxcvkkb21 dag sedan

    too goodtoo good21 dag sedan
  • April is here don’t bring that prank shit over here😭

    A block TrapperA block Trapper21 dag sedan
  • “We in the month of April, we doing it for the faithful”

    AndresAndres21 dag sedan
  • for the millionth time. the hornets warrior call was CORRECT. hayward had sole possesion of the ball before he fell on the floor with green. its not hard

    pokelol97pokelol9721 dag sedan
  • 9:14 look at Thad Young

    Geminijets33Geminijets3321 dag sedan
  • April has come, it’s time for some fun

    Beerio BoiBeerio Boi21 dag sedan
  • April is here, *dreyah has an onlyfans account*

    Lester FreemanLester Freeman21 dag sedan
  • I don’t get why they put 4:56 in this video I saw nothing wrong🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    NateNate21 dag sedan
    • The ball went in but they didn’t count that

      K1ngTrxshPvPK1ngTrxshPvPDag sedan
  • April is here, Dreyah still entertaining other dudes out here

    pls peakmepls peakme21 dag sedan
  • april is here your down bad this year

    Fashsn UejeheFashsn Uejehe21 dag sedan
  • Steph: *breaths* Flight: LOOK AT CURRY MAN

    Saki YoshidaSaki Yoshida21 dag sedan
  • I ain’t no pimp all april ill simp

    KokuhakuKokuhaku21 dag sedan
  • 6:15 noting there flight are you blind he out if bounds

    Jacion BryantJacion Bryant21 dag sedan
  • Watch most NBA sus moments😂

    Yea FriendYea Friend21 dag sedan
  • "April is here, More bullshit has appeared"

    Paul GeorgePaul George21 dag sedan
  • Hahahah flight react

    AUSTINE InocencioAUSTINE Inocencio22 dagar sedan
  • chupamos

    Tiago MirandaTiago Miranda22 dagar sedan
  • Be saved Acts 2:38, NIV: "Peter replied, 'Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit."

    JackJack22 dagar sedan
  • April is here, dreyah will ruin my career

    Clipz_ AidenClipz_ Aiden22 dagar sedan
  • why the fuck arent reviews utilized fully jesus christ

    Larry FitzgeraldLarry Fitzgerald22 dagar sedan
  • L

    Aismoney SAismoney S22 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/mW3H076wnGapyH0/video

    Life with CariLife with Cari22 dagar sedan
  • I already knew that I was going to get triggered by this video

    Landon AlbertLandon Albert22 dagar sedan
  • Aye flight go react to devonta smith and jamarr chase

    Connor DavidConnor David22 dagar sedan
  • Flight I respect your decision dawg

    theanimetheatertheanimetheater22 dagar sedan
  • "Dreyah tried to ruin my career, April is here."

    Connor Johnson`Connor Johnson`22 dagar sedan
  • “April is here, Flight is simping for Dreyahh”

    O.V.O M J DIOORO.V.O M J DIOOR22 dagar sedan
  • i hope flight was playing when kd was out of bounds and tried to save it

    Chris OrtizChris Ortiz22 dagar sedan
  • flight what hoddie are you wearing there are legit couples at my school with that same hoddie that hoddie looks ass

    jason kempejason kempe22 dagar sedan
  • Micheal Carter bleed from his nose. Flight: stop flopping. Kd take a hike out of bound. Flight: not wrong here

    Earl WashingtonEarl Washington22 dagar sedan
  • I might have to redo it All flight no fear April is here

    SpiderBoyCWSpiderBoyCW22 dagar sedan
  • 11:00 "Hes speaking the language of the gods"

    NoHaxNoHax22 dagar sedan
  • "April has come, Don't no why flight and his ex are not done"

    MTK_RainMTK_Rain22 dagar sedan
  • “Normal warriors play” 💀

    21 Subyy21 Subyy22 dagar sedan
  • Imagine calling ur fans nobody’s couldn’t be flight😂

    Hayden TrumanHayden Truman22 dagar sedan
  • Player shows emotion Flight: SCHOOL THREAT

    Boss HOFBoss HOF22 dagar sedan
  • Them ads hitting my boy 😭

    Trevon GoatTrevon Goat22 dagar sedan
  • L reacts

    SahilVSahilV22 dagar sedan
  • "april is here, my daughter is a month closer to a year" 😭

    Spence GuySpence Guy22 dagar sedan
  • you guys are ruthless like chill if the man is happy he's happy

    Noah SchoenefeldNoah Schoenefeld22 dagar sedan
  • Nah flight u canceled

    Enis TahiriEnis Tahiri22 dagar sedan
  • Flight is just amazing. He has delivered us amazing videos despite problems going on is life. Real Trooper up in this bitch!

    dneuifbn efuowbnfdneuifbn efuowbnf22 dagar sedan
  • Flight: 7:32 don’t say a word this is gay 7:40 change topic

    Camden ZazaCamden Zaza22 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/qaHdsLGnmomFsJ8/video

    Your simply a TreeshYour simply a Treesh22 dagar sedan
  • Imagine not subscribing to my channel ” 🤨”

    king sam tvking sam tv22 dagar sedan
  • Flight ur the most trash player in the world

    Ant No capAnt No cap22 dagar sedan
  • Unsubscribed from this simp

    Flight An LFlight An L22 dagar sedan
  • April is here, the simp has appeared

    FoxxxzyFoxxxzy22 dagar sedan
  • 11:00 turn on subtitles

    kadinater13kadinater1322 dagar sedan
  • Mess with you heavy flight but you are down astronomically

    Miami2kMiami2k22 dagar sedan
  • the dunk by harden that didn't count, the rockets lost that game by 1 point

    kadinater13kadinater1322 dagar sedan
  • When he said Harden go to Hollywood 😂

    Kristina RaglandKristina Ragland22 dagar sedan
  • why y’all care so much about dreyya just let him live his life

    Vallabh BusettyVallabh Busetty22 dagar sedan
  • I like how flight avoids the kd out of bounds play

    NGB JMANNGB JMAN22 dagar sedan
  • "3,872"

  • Notice how when curry literally throws his mouth piece at the ref flight knows that was a school threat moment

    v-GREENTOO _MUCH-vv-GREENTOO _MUCH-v22 dagar sedan
  • April is here, I gave Dreyah a contract extension this year

    Speed Is SpedSpeed Is Sped22 dagar sedan
  • Doesn’t Curry deserve a HALL OF FAME MENACE TO SOCIETY BADGE for throwing his mouth piece at the Ref

    Jaheem LubinJaheem Lubin22 dagar sedan
  • STC Simp Team Stand Up

    Demarcus RobinsonDemarcus Robinson22 dagar sedan
  • “Dreyahh’s is in tears, April is here”

    matthewmatthew22 dagar sedan
    • but they back together

      Master OogwayMaster Oogway22 dagar sedan
  • Simpreacts

    TonyTony22 dagar sedan
  • React to another NBA voice over

    ParkerParker22 dagar sedan
  • That was a jump ball Golden State Warriors versus the Hornets

    Juan’s LifeJuan’s Life22 dagar sedan
  • Ok flight come to Dallas Texas to 1v1 me and come to the basketball court at cambell park and if i win you have to get me and my brother a ps5 and shoes ok next friday though at 3 a clock ok

    THATboykamTHATboykam22 dagar sedan
  • simp

    KNG JKNG J22 dagar sedan
  • young of trae ?

  • Wow Howard dude was holding on to Seth and now their teammates

    Ant No capAnt No cap22 dagar sedan
  • Wow now it’s young of trae😂

    Ant No capAnt No cap22 dagar sedan
  • Exactly bro embild always instigates then acts friendly to a player 🤦‍♂️

    Ant No capAnt No cap22 dagar sedan
  • Simpreacts aka Walking L

    Brayden BaysBrayden Bays22 dagar sedan
  • You could tell at the end there he wanted to give curry a school threat badge😭😭

    Littlej12Littlej1222 dagar sedan
  • "It's April, time to get a new girl"

    Zengtian LinZengtian Lin22 dagar sedan