If people did everything aggressively. Part 6

11 jan 2021
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What it might look like if people did everything aggressively.
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    Chøcølate•MilkChøcølate•Milk47 minuter sedan
  • 00:18 I laughed so hard 😂🤣

    Ceren C.Ceren C.2 timmar sedan
  • It was so funny when he broke the light lol 😂 I watch all of your videos

    Maison NeillyMaison Neilly3 timmar sedan
  • I’m sad that he didn’t show walking aggressively lol

    oceanwxvesoceanwxves4 timmar sedan
  • New neighbor : that guy kinda strange...

    wonuzzwonuzz6 timmar sedan
  • Alternate title: Everyone on Mondays!

    Gokul MurugapandianGokul Murugapandian6 timmar sedan
  • This comment deserves more likes..... 😁😁

    Dibyaday BetalDibyaday Betal6 timmar sedan
  • 0:36 that was actually quite slick

    CleanestBowlCleanestBowl7 timmar sedan
  • My younger brother when mom takes his phone

    PllrJAHMPllrJAHM8 timmar sedan
  • Naw naw I don’t remember any one that will make a big mess. Aggressive only if they have bad day or something.

    DoboyTvDoboyTv9 timmar sedan
  • If everyone was a nba young boy fan

    iOS AtomiciOS Atomic9 timmar sedan
  • 0:05 how gta characters open car doors

    Junior MunozJunior Munoz9 timmar sedan
  • 0:32 was satisfying

    Zedric MDZedric MD10 timmar sedan
  • the amount of physical energy this guy has xD send some my way cause im lazy af

    MightBeBrenMightBeBren11 timmar sedan
  • I died when I watched him trough his toothbrush into the toilet. 🤣

    Lego WorksLego Works11 timmar sedan
  • 0:21 i have the same lamp

    Mikailz StudioMikailz Studio11 timmar sedan
  • 0:36 i laughed so hard when u dropped the banana

    Lilijoy WalkingtonLilijoy Walkington11 timmar sedan
  • Gta 5 be like

    MayhemXingMayhemXing12 timmar sedan
  • Alternative title: people trying to make basketball shoots

    Jorgito Production’sJorgito Production’s12 timmar sedan
  • R.I.P. his hoodie

    Weeb BoiWeeb Boi12 timmar sedan
  • Fake, he wasn’t stomping everywhere.

    Storm GamerStorm Gamer12 timmar sedan
  • 0:32 the pro who shovels snow

    PT2 playerPT2 player12 timmar sedan
  • Youngboy fans be like

    NavpopNavpop13 timmar sedan
  • Quaratine life

    Nas CruxNas Crux13 timmar sedan
  • 0:33 when my wifi is terrible

    The PigeonThe Pigeon13 timmar sedan
  • I just wonder, what his neighbors think watching him do this stuff all the time😂

    Alexis Hatcher-SAlexis Hatcher-S13 timmar sedan
  • damn i snow seems like fun. i wish my country has snow weather

    Syaredza AshrafiSyaredza Ashrafi13 timmar sedan
  • I already live like that

    Solo TySolo Ty13 timmar sedan
  • The poor bananas though

    kramer kickskramer kicks14 timmar sedan
  • I thought his tooth fell out at the end not the brush 😂

    Harley OyeladeHarley Oyelade14 timmar sedan
  • I watch this so late and I almost woke up everyone in the house by laughing

    Soso YoSoso Yo14 timmar sedan
  • Man, what do your neighbours think of this behaviour? 😂

    cmcrae1989cmcrae198915 timmar sedan
  • He also has to walk aggressively

    Ice SimsIce Sims15 timmar sedan
  • Me when my whole day went wrong..

    Fraoulitoz Powerz ΥΤFraoulitoz Powerz ΥΤ16 timmar sedan
  • 0:20 BONK

    Dillon Gamer 11Dillon Gamer 1116 timmar sedan
  • When he was shoveling the snow his neighbors must of been like, man he had a tuff day

    Barbie SievingBarbie Sieving16 timmar sedan
  • Looks like me when I'm mad haha

    Aaron AlvarezAaron Alvarez17 timmar sedan
  • 0:40 i think that was mistake

    PANDA - بانداPANDA - باندا17 timmar sedan
  • No but that banana split was just too perfect 😭😭

    Kitsune ElieKitsune Elie18 timmar sedan
  • Alternate title: how you act when your angry at your parents

    FermentedGrapesFermentedGrapes18 timmar sedan
  • He has an ecobee lol

    • Mari •• Mari •18 timmar sedan
  • I can't🤣🤣🤣 that's so me in everyday life😅😇

    TrancosTrancos18 timmar sedan
  • Alternative title :- When a person has too much ADHD.

    Karthik ManuKarthik Manu19 timmar sedan
  • The poor lamp

    NES SockeNES Socke19 timmar sedan
  • He's from animation world 😂

  • He is new dude perfect😂

    RipeliRipeli20 timmar sedan
  • Its like bakugou Life

    Yuri QuintaniliaYuri Quintanilia20 timmar sedan
  • Curious: how many doors have your broken? 😂

    Sovann PenSovann Pen21 timme sedan
  • Isn’t walking like “doing something”? So why isn’t he walking “aggressively”

    C O D E - R.J.LC O D E - R.J.L22 timmar sedan
    • Big brain time

      Shaili BhattacharyaShaili Bhattacharya4 timmar sedan
  • 😂😂😂 Come on, at least once in a lifetime you have seen someone act that way for real. 🤪

    Kate HollomanKate Holloman22 timmar sedan
  • The last one tho

    Francine VargasFrancine Vargas22 timmar sedan
  • I bet he have already destroyed his half of the things while making this series

    Siddharth GuptaSiddharth Gupta23 timmar sedan
  • The toothbrush in the toilet is very relatable

    Amazing ZaydAmazing Zayd23 timmar sedan
  • I'm thinking about the neighbours

    Remya AchangattilRemya Achangattil23 timmar sedan
  • I cann see you are a youngboy fan

    Samal 1803Samal 180323 timmar sedan
  • 0:36 no more bannana

    Chicken Dude manChicken Dude man23 timmar sedan
  • 0:05 That must've hurt

    TOGA TVTOGA TVDag sedan
  • 0:18 swiping through tinder aggressively

    SSI StealthSSI StealthDag sedan
  • He opens the door like a GTA character

    KabruKabruDag sedan
  • It was the toothbrush in the toilet for me...!

    Divinë GäläxyDivinë GäläxyDag sedan
  • Imagine not being aggressive once in your life...pffff- can’t relate

    Divinë GäläxyDivinë GäläxyDag sedan
  • Neighbour hood:is he cleaning or somthing

    Dr.MAB Haq Dr.HaqDr.MAB Haq Dr.HaqDag sedan
  • Let’s have a moment of slient for his toothbrush and his hand he had to stick his hand in the toilet and rip

    Christopher NesfederChristopher NesfederDag sedan
  • That banana peel was insane bro, best I’ve ever seen

    Hylke OosterdijkHylke OosterdijkDag sedan
  • Why isn't he walking or standing aggressively?

    Rishi TiwariRishi TiwariDag sedan
  • The life of bakugo

    AmayaAmayaDag sedan
  • Whats wrong with his legs?

    Pineapple Girl GCPineapple Girl GCDag sedan
  • why is it always snowing where he is but he's always wearing a t-shirt

    shellshellDag sedan
  • Last moment

    Mayur PatilMayur PatilDag sedan
  • Me watching a aggressive video gets a calm add

    TS jayyssTS jayyssDag sedan
  • The snow removing thing ,I do that when sweeping my house

    Zeriana CarvalhoZeriana CarvalhoDag sedan
  • Everyone laughing Is someone thinking how he will take out his brush now

    BotslineBotslineDag sedan
  • The frount door is not gonna let him be agressive with it

    Phoenix FlippenPhoenix FlippenDag sedan
  • i know this guys house way better than my own

    BeakyyBeakyyDag sedan
  • GTA be like:

    Marlin SomersMarlin SomersDag sedan
  • I like the way how peeled your banana

    27:P. Sudheer27:P. SudheerDag sedan
  • R.I.P Banana

    Krpt BioKrpt BioDag sedan
  • Gta be like: 0:08

    B3nja_GarcíaB3nja_GarcíaDag sedan
  • Mom: why dont you go play with the neighbours kid? the neighbours kid:

    Blue ThunderBlue ThunderDag sedan
  • 0:32 when it snows again right after you cleared the driveway

    SpaZzio On MarsSpaZzio On MarsDag sedan
  • 0:08 Mom: Son can you put the blanket in the cupboard? Daniell: YEET

    XxManicxXXxManicxXDag sedan
  • The banana one was so good

    XD LukeXD LukeDag sedan
  • Gonna need 10 shield if anyone is gonna fight him

    J YJ YDag sedan
  • I'm laughing too much help I'm dying.

    AKA ExpressAKA ExpressDag sedan
  • Why don’t you walk aggressively then?

    Issa MohssinIssa MohssinDag sedan
  • Me when my parents make me mad and I want them to know it

    Kambry YoungKambry YoungDag sedan
  • You can really the the clocks turning in his head. "Did i just drop my toothbrush?", "how am I gonna brush my teeth tonight?", "how am I gonna get it out?:

    Cayla BaileyCayla BaileyDag sedan
  • Bad things ever 0:38

    AhmedAhmedDag sedan
  • Nah this is just kids going try hard mode

    ii_Yokohii_YokohDag sedan
  • Last part it very good way to brush

    austinaustinDag sedan
  • I wonder if that last one was on purpose or not lol

    Survivor PlayerSurvivor PlayerDag sedan
  • RIP light 2020

    Ξpic deltaΞpic deltaDag sedan
  • R.I.P toothbrush

    Lisa gamingLisa gamingDag sedan
  • Why is there a clock above the toilet....

    Rare PearlsRare PearlsDag sedan

  • His reaction tho to everything he did🤣

    Layla TurnerLayla TurnerDag sedan
  • Rip the paper..

    Destroyer_XDestroyer_XDag sedan
  • I think the paper towels won this time...

    TheSteelponyTheSteelponyDag sedan
  • Noone: Daniels hands: 💪

    AxØlotlAxØlotlDag sedan
  • R i p toothbrush

    Sarah ParentSarah ParentDag sedan