tik tok made "i'm not like other girls" trendy again... great

8 feb 2021
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tik tok made "i'm not like other girls" trendy again... great
Hey everyone welcome back to my channel! Today we’re going to be looking at a topic that some of you guys have been requesting for ages- I took so long to finally make a video mainly because I felt like there were some great videos already up on SEworld talking about the subject so it kind of felt redundant if i made one, but in light of a new Tik Tok trend, I thought this was an opportunity to make a video on the original “i’m not like other girls” phenomenon and it’s new-ish form you might have seen online as of late. Before I blither on a bit more, these are the videos I referenced earlier:
tiffanyferg's I'm Not Like Other Girls" : seworld.info/will/baawktDLmJWVp3E/video
Jordan Theresa's "i'm not like the other girls" : seworld.info/will/hJ_elamVgGuMx2A/video
Tara Mooknee's "the rise of the "pick me girl" meme" : seworld.info/will/eqWYnLG9nmWFp5s/video
Why I mention Tik Tok specifically as the platform that inspired me to make this video is because it’s due to a trend on the app called “introduce yourself as why girls hate you” or “introduce yourself as the reason girls hate you.” The idea is pretty simple, it’s just people using the trend as an opportunity to introduce themselves as the reason they believe to be why girls hate them and boy… is this trend ever filled with “i’m not like other girls”/pick me girls. I thought it was especially interesting considering there’s been a pretty big shift in how people look at girls who claim to be different from everyone else online, being that they’ve turned into the butt of the joke, so the fact that this trend not only popped up but also has caught a ton of traction just seemed really surprising to me. What also felt worth noticing was it seems like the “i’m not like other girls” mentality has shifted from a more victim-esc, “poor me” tone to more of an “i’m a villain and proud” vibe? lol
SO i thought why not reflect on the idea of what “i’m not like other girls” is based on, how it’s branched off into different variations, and try to figure out how even though claiming you’re “different than everyone else” is now clown-able material, it’s still popular online.
intro + video recs 0:00 - 1:17
thanks skillshare! 1:17 - 3:12
what is “i’m not like other girls?” 3:12 - 4:12
inlog MEME *clap* REVIEW *clap* 4:12- 6:22
how did the original INLOG trend fall off? 6:22 - 8:02
why dont we want to be like other girls? 8:02 - 10:36
in my inlog era 10:36 - 12:49
the second generation of INLOGs 12:49 - 15:44
how do we defeat the INLOGs? 15:44 - 18:52
bloopers + end credits 18:52 - 19:37
I mentioned this briefly in the video towards the end but I’d love to hear about you’re “i’m not like other girls” phase if you’re willing to share... i’m nosey what can i say lol. hope you guys enjoyed the video though, if you did feel free to toss it a like and subscribe. if you want to stay updated on uploads you can also turn post notifications on and set them to “all” that way you never miss a video! that’s about it for me, i’ll see yall in the comments and thanks again for watching! :)
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    Casey AonsoCasey Aonso17 dagar sedan
    • As a child I was bullied and outcasted so much that I embraced being ...pretty weird, but my true self. This did cause issues with most high school girls they would hate me on spot, to the point where I stoped trying to be friends with girls at the time, but as an adult 50% of women I meet really like that I’m weird and that it’s just who I am and how I dress regardless of if they are weird or normal in style or persona, but the other half truely have a hate for people different to them no matter how much effort you put into trying to bond with them. I think definitely tiktok girls are trying to get attention but in general I’m not surprised girls want to prove to be seperate from other females as females are always lumped together as a whole instead of being treated like individual beings quite often especially if you come from a conservative/old school family. However in saying this the need to put others down in the process is childish and uncalled for but expected from teenagers.

      The Smallest BeansThe Smallest Beans7 dagar sedan
    • SORRY bu,;t I need to make sure... it's $10 a YEAR, right? The skillshare thing? Not $10 a month? Thanks:)

      Brian DegnanBrian Degnan7 dagar sedan
    • No, this is incorrect. I’m 54 and I was ‘not like the other girls’ EVER, nor was I really like the BOYS- because the way I naturally gendered falls pretty much right in between what our society considers ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’. As far back as I could remember had people assuming I had some sort of “masculinity fetish”- that I thought I was, wanted to ‘act like’, or ‘be’ a boy/man. And it used to INFURIATE me because I was simply following my natural inclinations (being “un-feminine” was not discouraged or punished in my family full of people who grew up dirt poor in rural areas during the Depression when EVERYONE did what they had to regardless of gender and NONE of whom fit neatly into gender essentialist boxes) which included climbing trees & playing in the dirt *just as much* as it did playing dress up & with Barbies. If I’d been born 30 years later, I might have grown up considering myself NB or bigender, but in the 1970s it was either girl or boy and the one thing I have always known FOR SURE was that I was NOT A BOY, nor did I have the slightest desire to be one. I wanted the freedom to be MYSELF without hearing anyone’s stupid commentary, because it was patently obvious to me EVEN AS A CHILD that if I did not fit into society’s definition of what was considered “feminine/female” it wasn’t because there was something wrong with ME, there was something terribly wrong with SOCIETY’S DEFINITION OF FEMININE & MASCULINE. And if nobody else could see it, they were morons and it wasn’t my fucking problem. But ya know, it wasn’t ME going around when I was a kid/tween/teen/young adult going around all HEY I’M NOT LIKE THE OTHER GIRLS...the people who wouldn’t let me forget it were THE. OTHER. GIRLS. The girls I DESPERATELY wanted to be friends with who instead bullied, tormented, and ostracized me until I reached the point (around 11/12) when I realized that bullies were just fucked up individuals whose bullying had NOTHING to do with me at all and stopped giving any fucks whatsoever about what they thought, and found my friends in the OTHER girls who had been scorned for not being like the other girls. Boys bullied me too, but at least a FEW of them would be friendly/talk to me because we shared similar interests (Star Wars, D+D, etc) even if they did not actually “get” a girl being into those things. So FU with this “wOmEn reJeCtinG TrAdiTioNal FeMmE sTeReoTyPes = FeTisHizNg MaScULiNty/rEjeCtiNg bEiNg A wOmeN

      jankkjankk9 dagar sedan
    • I’m 54 and I still hate pink, but that’s because I’ve been obsessed with the color BLUE for as long as I can remember (and totally not kidding when I say ‘obsessed’.) I can still quite clearly remember being a small child (4 or 5) and RANTING to my mom about some cheap seesaw toy that had a little people no plastic girl on one end and a blue plastic boy on the other about ‘why is pink the GIRL color and BLUE the boy color? I HATE pink I want BLUE to be the girl color!’ But I also hated red because it hurt my eyes, and orange because it was ‘ugly’- which was because of undiagnosed sensory processing disorder. I now like red and LOVE orange, but find most pinks nauseating.

      jankkjankk9 dagar sedan
    • Wow! You’re not like other girls. You stream and make SEworld videos. No girl has opinions anymore, so you’re pretty darn special! /s

      Book BookBook Book10 dagar sedan
  • I am like other girls Because I’m not like other girls Have fun getting your head round this!

    Ruby LEERuby LEE8 timmar sedan
  • Where is Ramona from Scott vs The World? She's the epitome poster "I'm not like other girls" girl

    ann。 。ann。 。10 timmar sedan
  • the peak example of this is gilmore girls. lane even calls rory out for her snobby behavior.

    NellyNelly10 timmar sedan
  • I'm not like other girls. I'm not even a girl-

    Loki • Fʀᴏᴍ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ᴍʏᴛʜꜱLoki • Fʀᴏᴍ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ᴍʏᴛʜꜱ12 timmar sedan
  • I was so that girl who thought that she was different bc she read books. I have hyperlexia tho so by grade 7 I was practically reading at a college age level. And thus I have proved I had the mentality of ‘oh I’m so not like other girls’ maybe I still do tho 😂

    Kylie WhiteKylie White13 timmar sedan
  • I love the trend where it’s like a guy tells you “you’re not like other girls” and you’re like no, actually I am the amalgamation of every girl I’ve ever thought was cool

    Alexandra BaysoreAlexandra Baysore13 timmar sedan
  • I’ve never necessarily thought of myself as “not like other girls,” but for a long time I didn’t want anything to do with anything feminine (clothes, nail polish, makeup, etc.). Those things just had a negative connotation to me, and I also lacked the self esteem to try and pull off anything other than tshirts and jeans. Over the past few years, I’ve realized that it’s ok to be into more “feminine” things, and my self confidence has grown immensely. I love doing nail art now and wearing things other than tshirts. I definitely think that the books I read and movies and tv shows I saw growing up influenced how I saw things like fashion and wearing nail polish, because they were often portrayed as shallow and vain.

    Faith BorakFaith Borak13 timmar sedan
  • I do not understand how some of these girls probably preach about love, peace and to love one another then yet make tiktoks or videos talking about how they're not like other girls or reason why girls don't like you and just degrade other women. it makes no sense and it's upsetting.

    Rebel•BabyRebel•Baby14 timmar sedan
  • Wait yall think 40%is dark chocolate?? Wtfffff. I eat 88% dark

    the washing machine has eaten all my SoNkSthe washing machine has eaten all my SoNkS14 timmar sedan
  • 16 year old me *in high school*- “I only having guy friends”... turns out I just had major depressive disorder and my brother’s friends were at my house a lot, so I interpreted that as them being my friends. 18 year old me *at a women’s college*- “huh.. other girls are actually pretty nice! I appreciate feeling respected and like my opinions matter” 24 year old me *women’s college graduate*- “I WISH I COULD BE LIKE OTHER GIRLS BC THEY’RE FUCKING AMAZING! INSPIRING! TALENTED! INTELLIGENT! BEAUTIFUL!” It was a pretty big shock to me when I learned how deep my internalized misogyny went. So glad I spend my time lifting other women up instead of shitting on all of us 💕

    ripscout103109ripscout10310914 timmar sedan
  • im too gay to have even seen this trend

    narancia's backup headbandnarancia's backup headband14 timmar sedan
  • Oof, my “not like other girls” phase has been basically my entire life 🤣 I think as a result of being bullied at a young age I found comfort in being labeled ✨ quirky & unique ✨ I still have men who are attracted to me use that line that I’m “not like other girls”, thinking that they’re complimenting me. I don’t associate with men like that because they’re usually trying to make me their manic pixie dream girl 😬 which I think is another point to be made, the manic pixie dream girl trend has sort of enhanced that idea in men that “unique” women are somehow better than everyone else. It’s disgusting and I can always spot a misogynist when they compare me to Romona Flowers 🥴

    BritGotBoredBritGotBored14 timmar sedan
  • For me I think it's partially because we want others to share our interests and want to talk about them but we feel pressured not to. This can lead us to believe that others don't share that interest but it's just not something that always comes up in conversation. I've found myself trying to find the most subtle ways possible to express what I'm interested in.

    PzKitty678PzKitty67815 timmar sedan
  • I’m not like other girls, I’ve never had an “I’m not like other girls” phase... Oh nononono no noooooo

    Jessica RhodesJessica Rhodes15 timmar sedan
  • I thought I was “not like the other girls” when I was in junior high because my parents took me camping and my best friend was a boy that we camped with. I thought that I was literally the only girl who enjoyed the outdoors.. so embarrassing

    Callista TappeCallista Tappe15 timmar sedan
  • Much much needed video and commentary to deepen the conversation

    Flor PintosFlor Pintos15 timmar sedan
  • I spent so much time when I was younger desperate to fit into the 'not like other girls' category. I AM like 'other girls', if that even exists. And that's fine. Im not here to trash other girls

    RobboBobboMakeupRobboBobboMakeup15 timmar sedan
  • Exactly! Someone said that because I like ANIME it means I wanna be like a dude...

    King RoxieKing Roxie15 timmar sedan
  • Why must every girl be and act the same?... It's because of that stupid bubble they made for every girl to fit into... We should all know that people are different...

    King RoxieKing Roxie16 timmar sedan
  • Liberal feminism be like.

    TetraTereziTetraTerezi16 timmar sedan
  • It’s more like “introduce yourself as why *everyone* hates you” and the answer is that your selfish and arrogant

    Study BuddyStudy Buddy16 timmar sedan
  • Are "pick me girls" the same as "I'm not like other girls"?

    BrokenSir1BrokenSir116 timmar sedan
  • I'm not like other girls,Once I melted a pair of kitchen clamps while cooking homemade donuts with my best friend (I fixed them but the damage was already done and you could see it lmao)

    Alexia A.Alexia A.16 timmar sedan
  • Me: getting flashbacks from when I thought like this when I got into puberty Honestly I'm a little embarassed but this mindset was just encouraged by other students who bullied me in high school soo.. don't really think it's my fault and now I'm more mature about it so it's fine🤷🏻‍♀️

    KoslovskiKoslovski17 timmar sedan
  • Me at 13: i’m not like other girls Me now, a freaking trans guy: because you’re not a girl, dipshit

    Absolutely Kool AbnormalitiesAbsolutely Kool Abnormalities17 timmar sedan
  • i never actually been threw a not like other girls faze solely because of barbie but for a while i didn't like pink, but that was only because it just because i like purple.

    C̶h̶e̶r̶r̶y̶C̶h̶e̶r̶r̶y̶17 timmar sedan
  • Personally, I think the root of my 'im not like other girls' phase started when my dad said that the girls around me wearing makeup were 'asking for it' from guys. At least that's when I noticed it more prominently. I was like 10 at the time. No one was wearing makeup. Well, I didn't want my dad to think I was asking for it! So I decided to be the complete opposite. Wore baggy clothes, outgrew and didn't keep up my hair, little effort in appearance, kept to myself and thought reading books was a personality (but I did thoroughly enjoy reading but also thought it made me better cause iM rEAdInG bOoKs anD nOt oN sOCiAl mEDia). Took me almost 8 years to realize the damage my misogynistic father ingrained in me, and to undo a lot of misogynistic thoughts of my own.

    Thicc PotatThicc Potat18 timmar sedan
  • the amount of not like other girls makes them like other girls

    frogwizzardfrogwizzard18 timmar sedan
  • Yo, this vid is the best explanation of this phenomenon. I feel like everyone understands this perspective, but to be able to put it so well into plain-speak common language is really impressive. Thanks for your hard work!

    Jake MathesonJake Matheson18 timmar sedan
  • I'm that one gir that used to say she's not like other girls because I didn't like pink or playing with dolls, and had guy friends, I"M SORRY

    Marta RosiakMarta Rosiak19 timmar sedan
  • yesderday my friend said she liked hanging out w guys since girls are too much drama.. which is odd considering shes the only one bringing drama into our own friendgroup smh

    M17UN4 C4P70RM17UN4 C4P70R22 timmar sedan
  • phrase " "im natural :)" not many girls can say that these days" is so funny to me as a russian-speaking person, because in russian there's a word "натурал" [natural] which means "straight", and basically that phrase kinda sounds to me like " "im straight :)" not many girls can say that these days" lmao idk it just sounds funny (and just to clarify, i don't like using the word "натурал" cause it implies that being straight is the "default" when it clearly isn't, so yeah, don't use it)

    maramara23 timmar sedan
  • Hey um why is it even bad to want male attention to begin with? It isn’t harming anyone if a woman wants some action let her live lol. Why judge her because she wants something different? Everyone has their wants and motivations and they’re all different. That’s what makes us human.

    Jessica JJessica J23 timmar sedan
  • I’m not like other girls Yeah, I’m transgender

    Gundham Tanaka OfficialGundham Tanaka OfficialDag sedan
  • i'm not like other girls. i am an "other" girl.

    Haru KazamiHaru KazamiDag sedan
  • My I"'m not like other girls phase" involved basketball shorts and tshirts from the boys section at Target and saying "girls are too much drama" with having ONLY FRIENDS WHO WERE GIRLS JHDJHEDVWJE

    Jordy McNeillJordy McNeillDag sedan
  • "introduce yourself as why girls hate you" ironic thanos voice: i dont even know who you are

    kezia lynnkezia lynnDag sedan
  • I grew in a small town, so for a while when I was a kid I did think I was different. Only the boys played videogames and they introduced me to anime. For a while I just accepted the "I'm one of the boys" feeling. I still had girl friends, but I didn't have as much fun since I preferred "boy things" that they didn't even want to try. But now that I am more free on the internet and know better I am dying to find girls to play with me and talk about shit I enjoy. I wanna be girly without neglecting my fondness for games.

    Isadora MullerIsadora MullerDag sedan
  • Bro this video is literally FABULOUS. Your explanation was perfect. 10/10 video

    GillyGillyDag sedan
  • Tiktok is not special literally every social platform has the same pattern, boomers give opinions and then cry when someone tells them otherwise and if you are a girl have for sure that a lot of people will hate you no matter what

    Diego MontañoDiego MontañoDag sedan
  • The thing I find weirdest about it is that people always say it's basic to be blonde, but y'all do realize that only 3% of the population has blonde hair, right? People just keep bleaching it

    Sugawara KoushiSugawara KoushiDag sedan
  • Thank you for the video.

    veronica chasieveronica chasieDag sedan
  • I used to be like that and it just caused me to have trouble finding what i really liked, because I tried to stay away from every "girly" thing even though i liked it (like make up, clothes, even manners and ways of speaking). It made me feel like i was wrong to be a girl and that every girl was a loser, when in reality i was just fighting over the mysoginy that ive learned from my male friends. At an older age feminism really helped me

    Just JotaJust JotaDag sedan
  • no but like everyone saying “iM nOt lIkE oThEr gIrLs” and “counter culture” in general also bully people on the internet that don’t act conventional :)))

    Arkus YoseiArkus YoseiDag sedan
  • I’m not like other girls 😜... I’m actually a g’nome And you’ve been GNOMED

    Meme MasterMeme MasterDag sedan
  • I loved the video though I comment to point out how beautiful and soothing your voice is! You talk in such an articulate and understandable way, I could listen you talk for hours

    Agus ChipoAgus ChipoDag sedan
  • I used to think I wasn't like other girls because I read books and didn't like to wear makeup. Now, I realise how much I actually am EXACTLY like the so-called 'other girls' - I love dressing up, I love wearing makeup, I love pop music and k-pop and being romantic and I'm proud of it!! Being like other girls is fun and it's absolutely great. There's nothing wrong with being like 'other girls' because, well, other girls are...pretty cool. So be like them, if you want!

    Shreya MShreya MDag sedan
  • 13:13 that middle one has to be satire she panned to fucking fortnite and I cackled

    Genna SiteroGenna SiteroDag sedan
  • THIS TREND IS THE WORST PLS the only good ones are the ones making fun of the trend, or the satirical ones

    aliciughaliciughDag sedan
  • I’m not like other girls, I’m a 53 year old asian man

    l m s n __l m s n __Dag sedan
  • why cant women just be acknowledged as multifaceted human beings? Without judgment, competition, and criticism.

    Taylor McGarveyTaylor McGarveyDag sedan
  • What if I am both shoe and chicken girl

    Emily ChristieEmily ChristieDag sedan
  • i sort of had an “im not like other girls” phase because i later found out that im actually trans 👍

    arinarinDag sedan
  • Saying that you are basiaclly like everybody else makes you special these days.

    twinboomtwinboomDag sedan
  • I'm not like other girls... I'm not even a girl.

    Matti MoodleMatti MoodleDag sedan
  • i had a moment to wonder why i never had a phase like this and then i remembered that im terrified of men and dont want any of their attention- edit: just finished the video nvm my head is so confused lmao

    Emma LaylieEmma Laylie2 dagar sedan
  • no social media is safe from the pick me girl phenomenon

    h0meworkh0mework2 dagar sedan
  • "Introduce yourself as the reason other girls hate you" I hate to be the bearer of bad news but other girls probably don't even think about you. I don't think this is a "trying to impress boys" thing anymore as much as it is trying to convince yourself that you're more important than other people which I hate to say, is a pretty normal thing for teenagers. It's why "living rent free in your mind" and "Idc about haters" mindsets are considered cool nowadays.

    Izel CocoloIzel Cocolo2 dagar sedan
  • The reason why girls think other girls are too dramatic is because they’re dramatic themselves.

    ALicia cALicia c2 dagar sedan
  • At the end of the day, women need to stop shaming each other. It’s the competitive nature to be better than other women. It’s annoying as hell and I distance myself from people who can’t stand that I can do something better than them. It’s a normal fucking thing to be better at some things than others. Not everything is a damn competition.

    ALicia cALicia c2 dagar sedan
  • I was dying from this video. It brought up some suppressed memories of 6th-7th grade.

    Summer ZornowSummer Zornow2 dagar sedan
  • Another thing that bothers me about Tiktok is not only the majority of the "I'm not like other girls uwu!" content creators think that they're unique and original when they literally just copy from one other on the app? Ok Jessica, we get it you have a Manga wall and you watch anime but so does millions of other people in the world MOVE. I hate how most of the people on the app have a mentality that everything started in Tiktok. Every trend, every show, every fashion style, etc. when these things have been done years before. Can we just get the artists and actual good content creators to be the only ones on the app instead? Geez.

    milktea heromilktea hero2 dagar sedan
  • i thought i was Different from others because I was a badass and a book worm.....does it make seanse?

    Sofcats AcevedcSofcats Acevedc2 dagar sedan
  • Great video, especially the "why we don't..." part. You brought up some important things, and it's really interesting to listen to your opinion.

    Lena RozaliLena Rozali2 dagar sedan
  • “Introduce yourself” Hi, not everyone gets along 🥸

    cinnamon sparklescinnamon sparkles2 dagar sedan
  • "She's low maintenance"

    SydturatedSydturated2 dagar sedan
  • This is taking me back to the One direction era lol

    SydturatedSydturated2 dagar sedan
  • Nathy Peluso at the beginning 😂🖤

    LucasLucas2 dagar sedan
  • I'm not like other girls I'm, not a girl! (Agender, they/them :3)

    Annawesome the FlameingPikachuAnnawesome the FlameingPikachu2 dagar sedan
    • @Jedi The Kitten lol good to hear! ;3. I think I remember that kinda smiley being popular on flipnote hatena? Which I think is where I picked it up. I just think it's cuter than other forms of smileys!

      Annawesome the FlameingPikachuAnnawesome the FlameingPikachu19 timmar sedan
    • I don’t know how to describe the feeling I’m getting from your comment, but I’ll try. The :3 added gave me such a wholesome and nostalgic overload and made me overload with joy. You, my kind stranger, have made another strangers day for a weird reason. :)

      Jedi The KittenJedi The KittenDag sedan
  • I'm not like other girls, I'm wanted for tax fraud, murder, arson, assault, and robbery. I'm so ✨quirky✨

    Y/NY/N2 dagar sedan
  • I absolutely love this video.

    Pablo LopezPablo Lopez2 dagar sedan
  • my phase was because literally because i was emo.. LMAO

    Aoi TsudaAoi Tsuda2 dagar sedan
  • This new trend is so embarrassing for them. I thought we were done with these “I’m different “ things!

    SikudenSikuden2 dagar sedan
  • I used to think I was different than other girls because of my wardrobe. One day I would wear a cute sundress and sandals, the next baggy jeans and a vintage band tee and my dad's old flannel, one day I look like a pin up girl, and the next I would be rocking athleasure or pj's to school. I thought I was different because my style was always changing based on my mood and what I liked rather than what was trendy and I thought I was different because every girl in school seemed to have a one look and stick with it. However, now that I'm older I realized that doesn't make me different but rather cumulation of every girl. I am complicated and I'm not just one trait I'm many and that's OK. I'm not like "other girls" I'm simply a combination of multiple because that is what males me happy. That is what makes me, well me and I love that I can embrace the idea and that I am a mix of everything and I am like other girls because every girl is so complicated and amazing and beautiful and I'm so happy that we have this divine bind that only girls can understand. I guess I just like the bond of being just like other girls, not to fit in, but because I'm simply being me and in that unites me rather than alienates me from others.

    Emma McMahonEmma McMahon2 dagar sedan
  • I thought I was so different and deep and cool because I wore black all the time, drew, listened to rock music, and read all the time. Thanks Disney and all the other places that told me that all those traits made me "different". It took until like high school to figure out that yeah, everyone's different, but no, that doesn't mean I'm "hashtagNoTLikEOtHeRgIrLs"

    Nyx ViciousNyx Vicious2 dagar sedan
  • I went into this video trying only to get a laugh at this trend, but you made me see a different side of things and that some trends can reflect pretty problematic attitudes in our world. Thanks again Casey! Love your videos, it's always so calm, clear and positive. :)

    Hannah de BoerHannah de Boer2 dagar sedan
  • My biggest issue with the 'pick me girl' meme is that (like everything online) it's been transformed and ruined. I got called a pick me for saying I don't like having my period.. Like what? A pick me girl is a girl who puts others down for male approval- not having a different opinion.

    ghostyghosty2 dagar sedan
  • I love the way they think EVERY girl hates them. I don’t even know u stfu

    Olivia McKinneyOlivia McKinney2 dagar sedan
  • The closest I got to a “not like other girls” phase was middle school. I grew up in a non religious house that listened to rock in the Bible Belt. Not exactly unique but all my female friends at the time were raised by those judgmental religious types. So because I’m not religious and I listen to rock that must mean that I’m a terrible influence and must be culled or avoided. Pair that with my avoidance of “preppy” girls, basically the volleyball team, because they were all extremely rude to anyone not in their friend group and yeah there’s definitely a feeling of “otherness” to be had. Of course I make it to high school and found female friends who either liked the same things I did or were willing to be friends with people who weren’t exactly like them. Just better people over all. So idk don’t force yourself to hang out with people who make you feel “different” or “wrong” and you’ll be less likely to lash back out through the “I’m not like other girls, I’m better” response.

    rockchic733rockchic7332 dagar sedan
  • I’m not like other girls I’m not even a girl I’m a wash cloth

    A cup of TAE with some SUGA and a KOOKIEA cup of TAE with some SUGA and a KOOKIE2 dagar sedan
  • I never went through this phase and never really heard of this so new to me

    Kara ElliottKara Elliott2 dagar sedan
  • I think pick me is the counter part to simp no one wants to be a pick me no one wamts to be a simp yet it is so ingrained in how we were taught to be. I saw a very interesting video on femininity the youtuber is called "Chloe" She seems to present to her audience that pick me is very much a mindset and behavior that comes from growing up in poverty. which makes a lot of sense. Those who live in poverty feel isolated and are desperate to find someone or be loved or be scene as "different" to have "VALUE" This is definitely an issue of poverty and an issue of mental health. Kind of like gender dysphoria mixed with wanting to identify with a gender buuuut not knowing a healthy expression of that gender. Because, you know,... poverty does not teach us how to thrive it teaches us survival. I like the way "Chloe" approaches pick me mindset! it is compassionate and also non-judgmental. Leaving space to explore and be curious and grow...

    Mista mewMista mew2 dagar sedan
  • I'm not like other girls, I'm not a girl

    I like chezI like chez2 dagar sedan
  • no, megan... im not like other girls! i have H E M O R R O I D S 👩🏻

    dyan khrdyan khr2 dagar sedan
  • This was a very interesting video as I am not on TikTok and don‘t want to haha. I think this whole problem is simply based on the harsh comparison and fear of loosing or lacking among women. There are to many standards that apply to girls. This results in toxic rivalry. But this is a very interesting discussion too long for just one comment :)

    Julia PJulia P2 dagar sedan
  • I didn't go through the I'm not like other girls phase. I went to gender identity crisis instead! Yay!

    DarkTeschlordDarkTeschlord2 dagar sedan
  • I remember seeing those comparative memes where the other girls were good at makeup and you were just a mess, but the thing is I'm actually good at it, yet I wish I weren't so I could share that and feel special, haha.

    Samantha DonjuanSamantha Donjuan2 dagar sedan
  • It's all about giving people a chance instead of outright rejecting them because of your bias about them. I hope I can get better at it :-)

    Ananya AkruwalaAnanya Akruwala2 dagar sedan
  • great example of this stupid trend is show girls they went hard

    love myselflove myself3 dagar sedan
  • no matter what you do as a woman you'll always be criticized worst of all when women put down other women.

    love myselflove myself3 dagar sedan
  • Character development is when you start liking the color pink

    Skyler DoSkyler Do3 dagar sedan
    • It is! (I don't like the color pink, i think it's unfair to the other shades. But i'm a lot like other girls in more aspects then I'm not, and that realisation was character development for me.)

      A p q HA p q H12 timmar sedan
  • I wasnt like other girls cause i used to watch ANIMEEEEEEEEEEE xD fuck I was dump. But tbh I didnt have a lot of girls around me to share this fandom with at the time :V

    V BV B3 dagar sedan
  • you should check out this Virginia Woolf book called room's of one's own !! it is her lectures she gave to colleges about women in fiction and what that encompasses

    emily gomezemily gomez3 dagar sedan
  • i think this is the most eloquent explanation of "not like other girls" ive ever heard

    Audio Cuts For DanceAudio Cuts For Dance3 dagar sedan
  • The "I only hang out with guys because girls are tOo mUcH dRaMa" is kinda funny to me because having both male and female friends I found depending on what was going on in their lives (mostly relationships) the guys could have more drama than the girls sometimes and other times the girls have more drama.

    Smooth RamenSmooth Ramen3 dagar sedan
  • i had a not like other girls phase but i was right turns out im non-binary lmao 😔✌️

    RatRat3 dagar sedan
  • My bestfriend was Dance Team Captain, and I did Chess Club and Math League. I didn't have a hateful I'm-not-like-other-girls phase, but I had one. I think not being straight helped in not hating girls.

    HarleighHarleigh3 dagar sedan
  • 8:18 , search up wilbur soot teenage girl thing, he says that any teenage girl cant like anything without getting made fun of it for.

    emmie mcdemmie mcd3 dagar sedan
  • I practically had the perfect set up to go through the inlog stage. Since I was young in school I didn't have any friends and I was bullied and so my only friends were my brother and male cousins so I grew up to play videogames and rough house and stuff like that and it's also part of my personality that I just don't like gossiping or talking in general(not to add that I couldn't even speak the language of the school I was going to) so from the age of 9 to 12 I went through that nasty ass stage but most of it stemmed from me actually genuinely not being able to fit in with the other girls, i didn't like boys, i didn't like dressing up I didn't like gossiping, and that isn't because of the bad prejudice around it, I just didn't and still don't, but then I met someone in my class that also played videogames and was more masculine but also liked makeup and dressing cool and I thought to my self that maybe I'm not so different from other girls and that there are others like me and I was so relieved at that moment I really thought I wasn't meant to be in this world and I actually had really bad years because of my inlog mentality. Now i luckily found group of friends that I really connect with and am also connecting with people online and I've accepted myself a lot more.

    Jenny-ᄉ-Jenny-ᄉ-3 dagar sedan