IS THIS MAGIC? This Fan Has No Blades | Fan Showdown S2E3

28 dec 2020
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Back so soon, Yes this is episode 3 of the fan showdown season 2. I told you I wouldnt Keep ya waiting and here I am. This one is great, today someone created a fan that works yet doesnt have anything resembling normal fan blades, OUT STANDING.
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  • Please test this: I think the bladeless fan would move more air with only the outer shell and all internal shells deleted.

    ZEUS O.ZEUS O.Dag sedan
  • this is some big nerd shit but i fuckin love it

    Ferdi FreshFerdi FreshDag sedan
  • Petition for a competition using carbon fiber as the substrate

    Sigma0444Sigma04443 dagar sedan
  • You really should take Trinity and put a ring the outside the the 3 blades...that should drive up the flow rate and drive down the noise also... Your losing flow and making excess noise by tip vortices.

    Piyoti LaHoundPiyoti LaHound3 dagar sedan
  • 1:47 The bow tie

    ingeonsaingeonsa3 dagar sedan
  • Why didnt you try to put more voltage in the bladeless fan ?

    LuisXGPLuisXGP4 dagar sedan
  • What would happen if you took the bladeless fan and glued the same design and printed twice and glued them back to each other making a ventri effect. You may have to invert it from a sphere to a cone type shape to make a converging diverging or just play with the openings on each side..

    Jacob RayJacob Ray4 dagar sedan
  • This is strangely entertaining and interesting. Even if its just little PC fans.

    Collin SchubertCollin Schubert4 dagar sedan
  • I’ve been unsubbed from your channel 3 times now. What’s the deal?

    jordan secristjordan secrist4 dagar sedan
  • Enis is pronounced like penis but without the "P."

    QuadrenaroQuadrenaro4 dagar sedan

    Evelyn De LeonEvelyn De Leon4 dagar sedan
  • is there any reference to noctua's own design or are we not even getting close?

    Clayton SorensonClayton Sorenson5 dagar sedan
  • Did he say PROPS to Sean

    AbstractGAbstractG5 dagar sedan
  • Where can I find the stl file for the 3 bladed fan?

    Daniil lebichDaniil lebich5 dagar sedan
  • Centrifugal. Centrifugal ugh he said it sooo wrong

    JackJack5 dagar sedan
  • Where can I get that shirt?

    Ola LilliehöökOla Lilliehöök6 dagar sedan
  • In 20 years this channel be like *Yes, lads, it's time again for GPU showdown! Yet again you guys have submitted your GPU designs...*

    Goliath ProjectsGoliath Projects6 dagar sedan
  • ✝️God loves you so much ! Jesus is king ! ✝️

    electro_sans 0electro_sans 08 dagar sedan
  • I love how he rips a fat vape and calls it air testing. Genius 👌🏾😆

    Buhle MakhobaBuhle Makhoba8 dagar sedan
  • It's a Tesla turbine. With gasses the gaps need to be quite small

    Duncan QuickDuncan Quick9 dagar sedan
  • that airfoil fan though makes so much sense. if it can perform lift on an airplane then maybe it'll pull more air into the PC seems that hypothisis was correct.

    Stag DragonStag Dragon9 dagar sedan
  • compare these designs should be with the same size. Large one is always better than small one. Large one has better performance like low noise , large flow rate & low power.

    趙紫龍趙紫龍9 dagar sedan
  • What sorcery is this? I just randomly got here? What am I watching lol.

    Elsan AndresElsan Andres10 dagar sedan
  • Поделка неочём...

    Юрий СвятославЮрий Святослав10 dagar sedan
  • Pc needs that

    Thomas PaineThomas Paine11 dagar sedan
  • yo it sounds like there's 2 N's but like there isnt tho

    Jacob HuskeyJacob Huskey13 dagar sedan
  • Could you beat the bladeless with just a large heatsink with no fan? what's the largest air cooler that can be bought retail that doesnt use a fan (or could safely run with the fan removed)?

    craig855scraig855s13 dagar sedan
    • @Thomas farquhar I know a fan is more efficient than no fan, but im just wondering if (and not for my build, purely for experimential learning) a large heatsink and no fan. Can do better than a small cooler with a shit fan. The benefit being: No fan at all = ultimate noise test winner

      craig855scraig855s4 dagar sedan
    • A heatsink works with the cold air going over it and pushing the heat energy out, thus meaning a fan would still make it way more efficient

      Thomas farquharThomas farquhar5 dagar sedan
  • I think you need more RGB in the background. I’m not sure that I was thoroughly distracted by the current level of blinking color shifting light! Also the noise reduction R&D is cool but without CFM and Static pressure data is it really useful?

    bonepickerxbonepickerx13 dagar sedan
  • It's just a horizontal fan

    Litel 909erLitel 909er13 dagar sedan
  • Alternate title: Fan guy simps Sean the crazy bladeless fan inventor

    The aztec caspianThe aztec caspian14 dagar sedan
  • Wait what if it’s pronounced ennis and he is a girl?

    Unlimitless PowerUnlimitless Power14 dagar sedan
  • "vapes into fans"

    Trevor McCoyTrevor McCoy14 dagar sedan
  • Day 265: Finally, I gave myself up to youtube's weird 3D printed fan algorithm...

    Paul Von GreiffPaul Von Greiff15 dagar sedan
  • should've said "btw my name is prounounce like dennis but note WITHOUT the d" i already feel with him on his childhood struggles

    CimbaMuzicsCimbaMuzics15 dagar sedan
  • Collab with Linus!

    The JokerThe Joker15 dagar sedan
  • It`s not baldeless, it just have a blade with a different design.

    André LczAndré Lcz15 dagar sedan
  • The fission I didn't think I would like the fission until I seen it running and it has a really cool like shimmering pattern. There was a time I was all about fan performance and had a bunch of Scythe Ultra Kaze 3000s (133 cfm fans) on my wet bench but it was such overkill they never spooled up unless I raised the baseline, so I put some RGB Corsair fans in it with the lights in the hub instead of the housing because it looks much better and more even lighting. My water loop can quite possibly keep the CPU cool without any fans on the rad given the volume of water, and radiator surface area. I think I'm going to test it actually. Anyway my point was I can sacrifice airflow (going to much lower performing fans) for appearances with 0 change to my temps so why not have some fun with it? =)

    KarebearKarebear15 dagar sedan
  • fans sending fans. and one of then is the biggest fan of fans. or so I hear.

    Natsu DragneelNatsu Dragneel15 dagar sedan
  • do you post the 3d files of the winners anywhere for us to download and print?

    Brandon CelikbasBrandon Celikbas16 dagar sedan
  • The Bladeless would win at an RPM that makes it sound like the competition.

    Mikael GrönMikael Grön16 dagar sedan
  • Can the stl file be shared for the bladeless?

    Go AwayGo Away16 dagar sedan
  • The youtube algorithm is wild. A few minutes ago I was watching videos of prison fights and now I'm watching a video on 3d printed fans

    McGby128McGby12817 dagar sedan
  • Winglets

    Jason BrooksJason Brooks17 dagar sedan
  • Is there a fan using the force like a tornado does?

    skamelion skamelionskamelion skamelion17 dagar sedan
  • It isn't bladeless. The connecting bits act as blades.

    MorrivarMorrivar17 dagar sedan
  • Maybe I missed it, but have you ever shown us how loud the test bench is with NO fan? I’m curious what’s the effective minimum decibels.

    ErzengelDesLichtesErzengelDesLichtes17 dagar sedan
  • Oh no , Im a Fan

    reevusreevus17 dagar sedan
  • one of these days, someone's gonna send you an average enjoyer

    Braden BestBraden Best18 dagar sedan
  • The “blade-less” fan isn’t free from “blades” they aren’t exposed in the traditional sense, but there are still blades and they are just enclosed. The vertical structure walls that run the length of the cone and have a pretty substantial width are in a sense directing the airflow down and to the layers of circular channels while exiting out the concaved slits. It’s just a different design.

    Carbon No6Carbon No618 dagar sedan
  • So sad, Trinity fan had airfoils backwards! Who else noticed?

    gheckolock81gheckolock8118 dagar sedan
  • First video I've seen of yours. Very interesting approach, good eye candy, well put together. I grant you +1 subscriber. :D

    ohmynounohmynoun18 dagar sedan
  • Well some more engineering in the bladeless and it will be the one

  • I noticed in one of the videos you had an air speed meter could you not print a funnel to go from the fan to the meter this would give the exact flow of the fans.

    That guyThat guy18 dagar sedan
  • 'airfoil" should have been named ax

    Marc WolfeMarc Wolfe18 dagar sedan
  • Someone should combine the bladeless and the three fan design to see what happens

    Robert Terrence ManingasRobert Terrence Maningas18 dagar sedan
  • Wouldn't it be easier to see the air flow if there was a wall that divided the smoke side from the clear side? 7:15

    Robert Terrence ManingasRobert Terrence Maningas18 dagar sedan
  • I'm all for the fan using less plastic.

    Johnny CashJohnny Cash18 dagar sedan
  • someone should make a fan that focuses more on the air being pulled in near the center, the closer to the centrifuge, the better

    Kon SequenceKon Sequence18 dagar sedan
  • how about levitating fan with magnates

    3229. Saifu Nazar3229. Saifu Nazar18 dagar sedan
  • the fans looks a bit heavy, i think that the beering of a normal fan will have a trastically reduced lifetime.

    Richard LRichard L18 dagar sedan
  • Welp, had no idea their were people 3d printing or showcasing Fans. Cool

    Bud GatesBud Gates18 dagar sedan
  • Im pretty interested in these and i regret not clicking on the bell

    Angelica YankinsonAngelica Yankinson19 dagar sedan
  • The other video aside you should DEFINITELY try acetone smoothing the bladeless design for better performance. It's counterintuitive but what you've basically got there is a modified Tesla Turbine design. It's relying on what Tesla called "adhesion" to induce movement in the working fluid and adhesion works best with glossy smooth rotors.

    Cabbage MerchantCabbage Merchant19 dagar sedan
  • As part of the smoke test what if you use a smoke ring shooter, so we can also see how the fans effect existing air currents?

    blaegmeblaegme19 dagar sedan
  • Just stumbled across your vid. Always good to see new designs made. All good and well, video nice quality, decent sound, some humor, decent pace (apart of too long smoke sequences) but one massive thing missing if this is to be anyhow serious and to have any meaningful take off - you simply have to have a proper testing methodology. Sucking some smoke is good for cigar lovers but totally useless for measuring performance of cooling fans. Also, compared to mainstream fans (it is a pity you didn't have one as a bench mark, at least we would have had some meaningful comparison ) the temperatures you achieved are simply not worth the trouble, those deltas could be achieved with large heatsink and fanless open case :). I like your style hence some advice, of course you tell me to take a hike ;). I started playing with with PC cooling 20 years ago where we soldered potentiometers to graphic cards and mother boards and were hunting dumps for old fridges for multi stage freezer coolers lol. I was inot TEC tech and built the first passive TEC cooler system ever to work. I wish I had 3D printing back then :). Anyways, good luck and I subscribed to see how are you doing

    Peter LabiakPeter Labiak19 dagar sedan
  • Can you print just the hub and glue a CD onto it to get a measurement of the fan motor's sound output under load but without moving air?

    AidenAiden19 dagar sedan
  • I advise the use of a Schlieren setup to better visualize the airflow.

    Jack o LanternJack o Lantern19 dagar sedan
  • You were soooo pulling bongs in the smoke test! 😂😜

    MicKMuzZ MKMZMicKMuzZ MKMZ19 dagar sedan
  • 0:00 I've never been here.

    HeathHeath19 dagar sedan
  • Nice only fans video

    Hashirama SenjuHashirama Senju19 dagar sedan
  • but it does have blades?

    Rainbow DashRainbow Dash19 dagar sedan
  • The bladeless may have lost in total cooling power, but it was quiet. It that way it was the best of them. I wonder what would happen if you turned down the RPM on the other fan designs so that they were all 42dB so we could compare total cooling power at the same noise level.

    odizzidoodizzido20 dagar sedan
  • I made the mistake of trying to contact you via thingiverse. Not even sure why I try using that site anymore... Is there a place where you've centralized the leaderboard results? Trying to figure out the current rankings involves re-watching ALL the videos.

    Swerving LemonSwerving Lemon20 dagar sedan
  • damn. you told a story with sean's fanless fan. you set it up. you let it ride and you brought it home. it was an emotional journey!

    Noah CarverNoah Carver20 dagar sedan
  • nice.. vape..

    Bennet HüntelerBennet Hünteler20 dagar sedan
  • nice.. vape..

    Bennet HüntelerBennet Hünteler20 dagar sedan
  • It’s amazing how you can make fan testing so fun.

    AndrewAitchison100AndrewAitchison10020 dagar sedan
  • i love your fan showdowns and it would be really cool if you made a tutorial on how to submit including designing and all that stuff :)

    0ep1 Opidiop produktions0ep1 Opidiop produktions20 dagar sedan
  • The fans must have an ODD number of blades. Then he will be quiet.

    vladi gvladi g20 dagar sedan
  • You should work on creating a cheap wind tunnel system around your fan motor module to calculate the actual Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) each fan displaces.

    AndarusAndarus20 dagar sedan
  • Once i heard the music i had to pause,comment,now im gone ✌🏽..........

    budd indakushbudd indakush20 dagar sedan
  • Can I pump water trough the heat pipes from my air cooler think was a great hybrid cooling for gpu and cpu

    Patrick HandlerPatrick Handler20 dagar sedan
  • and the winner is...Nikola Tesla... This is a perfect example of a tesla turbine principle of work applied in the reverse way...

    Giovanni PGiovanni P20 dagar sedan
  • I want to replace the blades in the extractor fan in my kitchen... the current fan is, well... WEAK! I go in the kitchen to vape and turn the fan on when doing so, but even blowing vape directly at the fan, it's not verry effective at drawing the vape out of the house, allowing a good 50% and sometimes more to simply float down the walls into the living room and subsequently has set of the smoke alrm on occasion. so I ask you/challenge you! -which fan design do you suppose would be the most effective at extracting my vape? and terrible cooking smoke of course :D

    Chris’N’ StuffChris’N’ Stuff20 dagar sedan
  • The Bladeless design priniple is also often used a asynchrones motors. The fan only works with the fanshroud.

    ERR98 DarksynthERR98 Darksynth20 dagar sedan
  • If I may the smoke test can give a better show if you build a see through box with the fan built in the wall then use the smoke machine to fill the box and see how fast the fan get the smoke out .

    William FWilliam F20 dagar sedan
  • So you review onlyfans?

    NathanNathan20 dagar sedan
  • Wanted to listen how the cool one would perform; *puts heavy dark metal as sound*

    Rodrigo Andrés Beltrán PoliteoRodrigo Andrés Beltrán Politeo20 dagar sedan
  • Make an only’fans 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Trevor GondaTrevor Gonda20 dagar sedan
  • Blade less has blades lol. And it sucks 😂

    Pamaypay PHPamaypay PH20 dagar sedan
  • Do people send STLs in or STP files? People are so crap at setting the right tessellation level, you always see polygons in the 3d prints.

    chronokchronok20 dagar sedan
  • "i know funnest is a word because i just said it" not even a joke, this is actually how language works. Too many people think the dictionary can disprove the ability to use a word and have people know what you mean. If you can use it, it's a word, mirriam and webster can go suck an egg

    JakeJake21 dag sedan
  • I need to get myself a 3D printer.

    Neat tNeat t21 dag sedan

    Александр ЧернышАлександр Черныш21 dag sedan
  • This is a genius idea for a show - I love it

    Daniel KintighDaniel Kintigh21 dag sedan
  • As an idea to measure how much air the fans propel, how strong they are, use scales and put them on top to see how much lighter the fan gets if you understand what i mean.

    Tristan 123Tristan 12321 dag sedan
  • There are fans like this everywhere

    Prasanth RamPrasanth Ram21 dag sedan
  • the last video, possible s3e1 ? is 'private" ? :)

    partyflockskepartyflockske21 dag sedan
  • Very interesting experiments!! Pero creo que el ventilador sin aspas funcionaría mucho mejor si el diseño fuera en forma espiral con cierto grado de inclinación para absorber el aire hacia adentro con mucha fuerza y empujarlo a manera de torbellino. Grüße aus Deutschland!! 🍺😎👌👌👌

    FabianFabian21 dag sedan
  • Can you measure the RPM of the trinity fan?

    davis beauvaisdavis beauvais21 dag sedan