3 Minecraft Speedrunners VS Hunter ft. MrBeast

24 maj 2020
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3 Minecraft Speedrunners VS Hunter. This was super intense...
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is a different rendition of it, where there are THREE speedrunners instead of just one.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.15 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to stop Mr Beast and his friends from beating the game. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 350,000 likes we'll do it again, but with 4 people!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin

  • I understand this is a break from my normal content, this is just a bonus video! Back to normal content in the next few days :) MrBeast is a SEworldr I really look up to, so getting to do something like this was insanely fun and nerve wracking for me. If we ever collab again we'll bring George and make the dynamic much better > : )

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    • Bruh the holl time you was going ez on them just say it

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  • Why he said Mrbeast Was Dream dislike for epicly lying!1!!11!1 😠😠😠

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  • Dreams name is clay!

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  • what is dreams actual name

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  • Dream

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  • 16:12 Notice anything?

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  • karl did not just say chandler couldve dug straight down

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  • "that was a good fight" literally has no armor fighting an iron armor + diamond sword

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  • mr beast is biggest nerd i ever met

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  • Bro they said that your anoing

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  • Was blaza in there i heard BLA as voice

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  • yeetttttttttttttt epic vid bro

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  • everyone watching sees dream hiding, mrbeast: oh well, im probably just seeing things

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  • 16:09 what's that block in the bottom left LOL

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  • A chicken fell from the sky for no reason😂🤣😅

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  • ты знаешь русский???

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  • Face reval


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  • why is mr beast so greedy

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  • Dream has five moves: slash, run, craft, jump, and clutch. That's how it works.

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  • 13:46 Bruh, you all started with full iron armor and iron items, dreams has nothing, how can you expect dream to win mr beast???XD( for fun perpose )

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  • Let’s be real, dream let Carl kill him for content

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  • y is mr.beast turning his head to the left everytime he talks to dream, is he there??

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  • This was posted on my birthday

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  • if jimmy wasn't a bot he should be dead bc he died in lava but dream let him stay alive since dream didnt kill him

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  • Mrbest is bab

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    • I love mrbest and dream

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  • Mr beast calling dream dumb whilst Braking a furnace with his hand

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  • Dream I'm the BIGGEST! FAN! PLS ADD ME THE DREAM SMP PLS....btw may name in minecraft is Dream023323 I think

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  • I was thinking it was mr beast channle

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  • Dream realy is the master of manhunt

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  • Everybody wait for next mr beast fams with chris and tyler and marcus vs sapnap george and badboyhalo

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  • Something is really suspecious when MrBeast Joined In Like Dream Skills Are Way Off.

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  • Karl: "Nobody's ever cared about me this much" ... Karl: "Oh.. you were supposed to contest that a bit more" Jimmy: "I care about you Karl" Karl: "Thank you, that was sincere" *Aww I'm not tearing up, you are! :')*

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  • throwback to when karl was just an acquaintance/stranger

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  • Did he not or did he get $5000?

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  • Oh dream is is the best guy

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  • "If it doesn't get 10 million views I'll be mad" gets 31 million views.

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  • Jimmy: Do I win $5000 now? *2 minutes later* Jimmy: And today we are giving away $5000 to a person who subscribes in the next week.

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  • Well it got more than 10.1 million views Jimmy, but it’s nowhere close to his most viewed lol

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  • 6:22 Rare of dream sighting

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  • i forgot to subcribed

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  • I think it was not dream

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  • 8:09 I cried

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  • It’s so weird seeing Karl looking so different here, this was the first time I was introduced to him (not a bad thing)

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  • speedrunners?

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  • Mrbeast cried when he died to dream 🤣🤣

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  • Bruuuhhhhh mr beast team dont know how to sprint

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  • Dream has two modes “LEAVE ME ALONE” full health “COME HERE GEORGE” half a heart

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  • hey dream iam the biggest fan of urs can u invite me in ur smp please man.......pls i commented in ur every video to remind u p.s. i am a biggest fan of urs pls broooooooo

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  • 2:46 Karl used the morph mod

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  • Who is who here?

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  • 5:31 mr. Beast can't jump 2 blocks . Dream flies in survival mode

  • When someone said: Come here dream~. I know they about to dead

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  • Dream, you should really place a half slab above your head so you don’t uncrouch when crafting or smelting

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  • why did they start with the kind of armour dream would consider ready for the nether?

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  • Mr beast kinda pissed me off with the smack talk and talking about George and dream didn't say anything

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  • Mrbeast thinks he gonna beat dream lololol

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  • Congo 22 million

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  • Tbh MrBeast and the others can't play it much, and Dream didn't even try hard don't eat me please :D

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  • Fun fact : No nether is harm during this video

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  • Gurbge comment you idots

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  • Yo sheesh this music is from bob the robber

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  • When I watch dream playing with George dream sweats but when he plays with mr beast he plays like me (and my best is getting blaze rods in the nether)

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  • Idk man, but I kinda didnt like the guy in the purple shirt. The other two were actually cool. I dont want to be the bad guy, some ppl you like, some ppl you dont lol. Nevertheless, even George could have killed those 3. They must be new in game, I assume.

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  • In every other manhunt video he goes try hard mode on sapnap badboyhalo and George he was going easy on them definitely going easy

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