Zendaya Goes Undercover on YouTube, Twitter and Wikipedia | GQ

11 jan 2021
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On this episode of Actually Me, February cover star Zendaya goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from SEworld, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, IMDb and Wikipedia. Who is her favorite Harry Potter character? Does she have any tips on dealing with stress and anxiety?

Check out Zendaya's new film "Malcolm & Marie" out February 5th on Netflix.
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Zendaya Goes Undercover on SEworld, Twitter and Wikipedia | GQ

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  • Listening to her I literally forgot to read the comments. It's a moment 😂

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  • OMG Zendaya's edit to her IMDB page is still there verbatim how she wrote it!!! www.imdb.com/name/nm3918035/bio?ref_=nm_dyk_qt_sm#quotes

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  • imagine having ZENDAYA reply to this comment

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  • I wonder how people react to these replies who happen to be celebrities

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  • I know you might not read or reply on this Zendaya but how did you start acting i really want to do acting but idk where to start and none of my family members belive in me so its useless to ask for there help.

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  • she's too famous not to be payed and requested to audition

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  • i feel like she's a ravenclaw bc we're really creative and good at what we choose to do/like, but are also so lazy and love to do nothing at all as she does.

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  • 🎶"I keep it undercover"🎶 bahaha am I the only one who watched that when I was kid??

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  • really sad. thaat there are ppl out there who cant dress them selfes

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  • Since no ones gonna say it, I will, this is just a spinoff for Kaycee undercover

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  • The way she’s talking about her dog lol. . . anybody else notice the dog bowls in the back? 😭

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  • k.c. undercover. i legit just came on the video to type that.

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  • Zendaya I love you so much

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  • Thank you for sharing Zendaya!Hope everybody here becomes successful on SEworld :)

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  • i love her answers, detailed yet forward. i wish i had her communication skills

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  • This made me love zendaya even more my favorite character is Harry also❤️❤️

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  • wait so she has Nigerian roots?... I'm honoured

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  • Her honesty was fantastic and made me want to be friends with her

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  • Harry and Neville were born on the same day.....what if Neville IS the chosen one?😎😂😈

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  • 1:48 AYYY Jimin's profile pic, another ARMY who also likes Zendaya :)

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  • Anyone else just want to chat about Shakespeare with her now?

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  • She’s just a queen

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  • Anyone else feel like it's because everyone thinks it's a given that they love Harry so they pick their favourite person other than Harry? I loved her answer though, I feel the same! 😊😄

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    • because she's undercover

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  • omg the emmy story is so cool but i guess the academy had to make 5x the units of statuettes but the can always use the excess for next year. what about the engraving bar for the award, tho?

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  • I got X-Out because of her😏

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  • bruh, virgo energy in every answer (i don’t believe in astrology tho)

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  • i’m a simple person. i see zendaya. i click.

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  • as a vegetarian i really relate to the chicken powder part lmao

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  • I just realized that the person who goes undercover, doesn't actually write answers lol. There is no way no one misspelled a word 😅

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  • we love Zendaya!

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  • QUEEN my favorite is Harry too and I always say that same explanation to people!

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