MAMA AND SOCKIE GOT IMPOSTOR - Among Us Gaming w/ The Norris Nuts

10 jan 2021
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Mama and Sockie team up in Among Us - look out!
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    Norris Nuts GamingNorris Nuts Gaming6 dagar sedan
    • What does Sus mean I’m only 9

      Sophia DoeSophia Doe5 dagar sedan
    • Hi I love you guys

      Jennifer GuestJennifer Guest5 dagar sedan
    • HAI GUYS! My dream is to meet you guys, and ik it will never happen ;c love u guys! ❤️💗🥰🥺💞

      CharlotteCharlotte5 dagar sedan

      Y KhY Kh5 dagar sedan
    • Hiiiii yayyayyaya

      Ayat MohammedAyat Mohammed5 dagar sedan
  • Biggy crys when people vote if out but he dose it to naz thats so not fair

    Abdulla Alma7shAbdulla Alma7sh16 minuter sedan
  • 🦀

    M. C.M. C.19 minuter sedan
  • Bigg was mean to naz

    Abdulla Alma7shAbdulla Alma7sh24 minuter sedan
  • When I was teaching my dad to play among us we got imposters together then we ending up winning even tho everyone had 2 tasks each

    Makayla HughesMakayla Hughes43 minuter sedan
  • Sockie: I never get imposter *gets imposter 3x each among us video*

    John Muhire JrJohn Muhire JrTimme sedan
  • In the carrot video I loooooooove carrots

    Christmas Queen and loverChristmas Queen and lover2 timmar sedan
  • Norris nuts no need to cry it's just a game

  • Me when me and my niece both imposoter so happy and wins

  • When you are older you are most likely to have multiple babies but idk Also I think that I have a feeling that you are going to have four and you are 3 weeks pregnant with four or it’s twins I have donuts it’s just one

    Animation NationAnimation Nation3 timmar sedan
  • Do last person to rage among us

    Bella raison_x_addiBella raison_x_addi3 timmar sedan
  • You guys are really influencing and I love your videos and I love the video where you and Noah both got imposter that was really cool

    Layla IngallLayla Ingall4 timmar sedan
  • Hello everyone reading this maybe the Norris nuts ( I hope) 😊. I just wanted to say that I have been a legend for a super longs time! It’s been a long journey there have been ups and downs for you guys but I have always tried to be supportive! 😄 Sabre you are soo talented at skateboarding and surfing and so kind! You are so brave taking a needle every day idk if I could do that! Sockie your jumpsuits are super gnarly I can imagine your cooking to taste sooo good! If you open up a restaurant when your older call baffles I will definitely come! Biggy your super funny and you are amazing at making songs that I could never even be close to making a song as good as you! Naz you always put others before your self your so thoughtful! I hope you get a guinea pig one day! Disco, Charm since you are so little I don’t know much about you but I knwi you will both grow up to be like your siblings! Slender mom and Justin you guys seem so nice and are amazing at filming! God bless all of you! 😇

    Lucy ShahLucy Shah4 timmar sedan
  • Brooke:"Imma kill yo mama,is it okay if I find yo mama,imma find yo mama"

    xoxoaddiexoxoxoxoaddiexoxo5 timmar sedan
  • Just let the girl win

    Ashely RomeroAshely Romero6 timmar sedan
  • Also in the begining biggy looked at nazs screen and he kept doing it

    JasonJason6 timmar sedan
  • Black among us! Among us black: yes no more

    Christina JimenezChristina Jimenez6 timmar sedan
  • Lol! Your mom is so funny! you should definitely post Sabre’s birthday! I would love to experience it with you guys!

    Dalia’s Ass crustiesDalia’s Ass crusties6 timmar sedan
  • It is ok Naz I would be mad too i love you NN and biggy maybe u could take a little longer to vote someone off but this is NOT meant to be hate u guys, you are my fav YT channel EVER and Naz I am the youngest too and my siblings do some stuff similar to that so I 100% get it. And other NN u should try maybe to help Naz (not that she needs it, but when she does) sometimes or give her advice? Again, NOT hate I swear! I love u guys and u r the sweetest things ever I love u guys! KATCH ME KUCKLES!👊🏻🖐🏻

    Heidi MeadHeidi Mead7 timmar sedan
  • Hi Norris nuts!

    PatooniaPatoonia7 timmar sedan
  • The kaput jelly increasingly whisper because step-uncle unequivocally invent behind a garrulous cloth. scintillating, nostalgic dessert

    greg hosfeldgreg hosfeld7 timmar sedan
  • 2:08 on Naz screen it says someone invited her to a party ?????????????????

    Victoria RobloxVictoria Roblox8 timmar sedan
  • i love these videos keep on making more!!!

    Nora CareyNora Carey8 timmar sedan
  • Nbnnmmb

    CebresmoonCebresmoon8 timmar sedan
  • anybody notice naz got invited to a party on xbox

    cameryn campbellcameryn campbell8 timmar sedan
  • "green its not meeeee" :3 lol

    minifries148minifries1488 timmar sedan
  • I just want to say to brooke don't worry if you're having a baby when you're 40 because some women even have babies at 45 so don't be scared. Congrats 👏 👏 👏

    Diane StephensonDiane Stephenson8 timmar sedan
  • Sorry if I'm spoiling the news but I just watched the Norris nuts latest video on the actual main channel and Brooke is expecting 👣😳😳😳😳

    Ruby ChapmanRuby Chapman9 timmar sedan
  • I taught my mum how to play among us, she is now addicted

    GxxdViibesGxxdViibes9 timmar sedan
  • Hi

    Anslem ILekendiAnslem ILekendi9 timmar sedan
  • Mum: i lost my phone has any one seen my phone Biggy: you don't need your phone Mum: whoever finds my phone can get a lolly Biggy and all the norris nuts: runs!

    Sobia IvySobia Ivy9 timmar sedan
  • Ik im late but i loved nazz's drawing on tt of the baby

    Charlie-Sue Does StuffCharlie-Sue Does Stuff10 timmar sedan
  • is it just me or when they're mum said in the caption : I'm going to vent vent they said it twice but ye CATCH ME KNUCKLES!

    s cass cas10 timmar sedan
  • I like the Norris nuts but I think they just over react over games a bit too much

    Ava Banger girlAva Banger girl10 timmar sedan
  • Add a public comment...

    Harry MeldrunHarry Meldrun11 timmar sedan
  • ItS nAz pRoOf ?! My PrOoF is ItS jUsT hEr

    Harry MeldrunHarry Meldrun11 timmar sedan
  • Congrats on your new baby Please call it baz

    Saber BelleSaber Belle11 timmar sedan
  • Nobody: Mama talking to sockie: who killed yuu ? Sockie: yuu voted me out Mama: oh dats rite *laughs* rub it in 😂😂😭😭

    Life With MyiaLife With Myia12 timmar sedan
  • Why did nav cry over getting voted out?

    JOE MamaJOE Mama12 timmar sedan
  • whats the name of that dounut game?

    lin soukarlin soukar13 timmar sedan
  • Everyone unsubscribe to Norris nuts gaming they are being so stupid and voting with out proof

    Cassy SmithCassy Smith13 timmar sedan
  • I’ve got lots of name suggestions for the 7th baby I’m so excited😁😁😁🥰🥰 - belle - Russel if it’s a boy and belle if it’s a girl🥰🥰 also I love u guys so much and I love ur vids they inspire me so much to be myself!!🥰🥰🥰

    Ana CollinsAna Collins13 timmar sedan
  • Naz is such a cry baby

    Keiron MoriartyKeiron Moriarty13 timmar sedan

    Tipsy Mixie!Tipsy Mixie!14 timmar sedan
  • Mums are always imposter I was play among us with my mum for like 7 game and she got imp like 5 times and I got crewmate every time

    Moonshadow StudioMoonshadow Studio14 timmar sedan
  • Dont be sorry Nazzy if biggy was you he would cry too it is ok😊😊😊

    Karina MartinezKarina Martinez14 timmar sedan
  • Mum: "HAS ANYONE SEEN MY PHONE?" Biggy: "Mama you dont need your phone for gaming." Mum: "WHOEVER FINDS MY PHONE GETS A LOLLY!" All the Norris Nuts Brains: FIND THE PHONE NOW

    Tia And Sometimes Some OthersTia And Sometimes Some Others14 timmar sedan
  • im just a little pissed off bc this happened to sabre she was impostor and they all just vote her out for no reason so i feel like now nazzy can feel how it feels to be sabre when shes impostor and that sab deserve better not hating or anything tho- I LOVE U NN

    15010024 Penelope Brigitta Nichole15010024 Penelope Brigitta Nichole14 timmar sedan
  • Hi guys 👋🏻 I just watched your latest video on your normal - vlogging channel and woah ! So unexpected ! Wish you all the best ! Xx♥️☺️✨👊🏻🖐🏻

    WolfBloodGirl 4Life !WolfBloodGirl 4Life !15 timmar sedan
  • pls post sab birthday vlog

    Raicheal GrimesRaicheal Grimes15 timmar sedan
  • Mom where my pone biggy you dont your pone when we play video games mom who ever find my phone gets a lolly everyone rushes me laguhing non stop

    Raicheal GrimesRaicheal Grimes15 timmar sedan
  • I love Norris nuts

    P33ny WhoaP33ny Whoa16 timmar sedan
  • I can’t stop watching your among us videos

    Lyra MacnabLyra Macnab16 timmar sedan
  • I love the Norris nuts

    P33ny WhoaP33ny Whoa16 timmar sedan
  • you said I was a legend

    Darth VaderDarth Vader16 timmar sedan
  • I felt so bad for naz when biggy voted her out 🥺 Like if u agree

    P33ny WhoaP33ny Whoa16 timmar sedan
  • I played among us with you sockie. I was baby Yoda but you weren't filming

    Darth VaderDarth Vader16 timmar sedan
  • I felt so bad for naz when biggy voted her out 🥺 Like if u also felt bad

    P33ny WhoaP33ny Whoa16 timmar sedan
  • Naz you are an amazing person but don’t cry because you lost. When you loose you learn 😘

    Sofia GladerSofia Glader17 timmar sedan
  • i love your chanal i watch it evry day hope u find this comment xxxx

    Annie WalshAnnie Walsh17 timmar sedan
  • SnOw iS SnOwY

    Zena AlamoushZena Alamoush17 timmar sedan
  • Mum: Wheres my phone Biggy" U don't need a phone when ur gaming Mum: first to find my phone gets a Lollie Biggy: SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEED

    Zena AlamoushZena Alamoush17 timmar sedan
  • Your mom is so excited

    LumiLumi17 timmar sedan
  • I didn’t really like this one because Sockie always rats mama out but biggy doesn’t at it makes it not fun to watch don’t hate on me it’s my opinion

    Holly RowlandHolly Rowland18 timmar sedan
  • Nah is always crying when you guys Play among us

    Farwa Ali khanFarwa Ali khan18 timmar sedan
    • very short

      pack pianopack piano18 timmar sedan
  • Not in a bad way but I'm intrigued what height you guys are

    NICHOLAS FrostNICHOLAS Frost18 timmar sedan
  • it was my birithday on the 11 of January

    Stacey WilsonStacey Wilson18 timmar sedan
  • That first bit for the lolly lol Btw thanks to the person who liked I never get likes

    P33ny WhoaP33ny Whoa19 timmar sedan
  • When I heard they accuse for nothing then that's fake

    Twilight CoreTwilight Core19 timmar sedan
  • In the first round when sockie said she got killed by neck twist but she got stabbed

    Sxymply_k SchwenkSxymply_k Schwenk20 timmar sedan
  • Im so impressed of mama :)

    the best YouTuber star Emilythe best YouTuber star Emily20 timmar sedan
  • can you tell your mum to not play among us with you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Just K.xJust K.x20 timmar sedan
  • Uhhh?

    Hanas SabreHanas Sabre21 timme sedan
  • Ooooooooooooo

    Hanas SabreHanas Sabre21 timme sedan
  • Omggggg you hey

    Hanas SabreHanas Sabre21 timme sedan
  • Hey norris nuts I have 2 questions the first question is when your moving to queen's land you just did up your house for cooking what will you do with that 🤔 my second question is I want to be a singer when I grow up I was wondering if biggy could give me tips on how to write a song because he's great at it .love you norris nut plz respond 🥰😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤❤❤

    scoot famscoot fam21 timme sedan
  • But why does sLeNdEr MoM pretend to do task when she’s not the imposter?😂

    Tuva BjörkstenTuva Björksten21 timme sedan
  • When biggy said orange vented , it’s just a delay glitch , it happens

    Illeesya YasminIlleesya Yasmin22 timmar sedan
  • Why were you allowed to sneak in the house behind you? Ik 99% of ppl won’t see this but to the other 1%. Hi :)

    Tiffany MattsonTiffany Mattson22 timmar sedan
  • Here are some questions for your new norris nuts clips video! Why did you creep into the block behind you? When is world of pets coming out? Why havent you been posting on your main channel? When is Sabre going to drive? What will you do with the cooking house? I hope you pick me i love you guys 💕

    Noemi SzegediNoemi Szegedi23 timmar sedan
  • Hi norris nuts can you guys please play among us but whit 3 imposters

    ItsAddison robloxItsAddison roblox23 timmar sedan
  • about the nn clips when are you guys going to answer the questions?

    ItzAliyahPlayzItzAliyahPlayz23 timmar sedan
  • I've dislike all the norris nuts clown videos

    JmReactsJmReacts23 timmar sedan
  • Hi you are probably not reading this but you inspire me you would make me so happy if you did a Minecraft video I love them

    Kate ToppingKate ToppingDag sedan
  • Naz was only one out of electrical so it's self 90000000 iq

    ifeoluwa smithsifeoluwa smithsDag sedan
  • 0:12 biggy: mom you don’t need you’re phone when we play video games Mum: first one to find my phone gets a lolly Biggy RUNS

  • When are u guys moving?

    Ava LeskeAva LeskeDag sedan
  • I just was in a game with the norris nuts I have a screenshot

    katelynn norris nut fankatelynn norris nut fanDag sedan
  • 10:22 wait but where the heck did orange go

    Camille LavianoCamille LavianoDag sedan
  • Youse have been the only thing I do and watch ever since I got hacked

    Nicole DurkinNicole DurkinDag sedan
  • i love naz so much, but she shouldnt have cried on the first round she shoulda killed :(

    Leyah WashingtonLeyah WashingtonDag sedan
  • No hate

    Ruun TahlilRuun TahlilDag sedan
  • Biggy was rude for voting naz when she wasn’t the inp and when they vote biggy for no reason biggy starts yelling

    Ruun TahlilRuun TahlilDag sedan
  • mum said shes gonna vent when she really didnt lol

    Amani StallingsAmani StallingsDag sedan
  • mum:how ever finds my phone gets a lolly norris nuts:sonic

    Amani StallingsAmani StallingsDag sedan
  • She would love to do a video with her username is rottencheeseeescace3277

    THE_ MANDO_569THE_ MANDO_569Dag sedan
  • My sister is a big fan of you she doesn’t have SEworld but she watches it on my iPad

    THE_ MANDO_569THE_ MANDO_569Dag sedan
  • Hi

    Alyssa GoebelAlyssa GoebelDag sedan
  • Idea: HOGWASRTS in mincraft

    Sophia BeatriceSophia BeatriceDag sedan
  • Tbh I feel like biggy only voted nazzy out for no reason that round because he was mad at nazzy for telling Brooke that he voted for her during the first round.

    Juan BurucaJuan BurucaDag sedan