Quackity Gets Pranked While Playing Jackbox

12 jan 2021
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  • People with try phobia are probably afraid of an or*y because there’s so many holes😂

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  • what is quackity's intro i mean the "Streamed on twitch.tv/quackityhq" scene? whats the song

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  • Ngl this video was funny and sick at the same time

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  • The day has finally come. Bad is being mildy being inappropriate

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  • it was so cute that bad actually fell for it

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  • "Did you just rhyme Lmanberg with ZUCKERBERG?!" And that kids, is how lmanberg was blown up.

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  • What is the name of the song of 0:15?

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  • i cant help but get second hand embarrasment when they start rapping

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  • Anddd btw guys can you play skribbl.io ? pls

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  • Quackity guilt tripping bad is the funniest thing ever omg

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  • most underrated video in youtube

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  • I love that guilt tripping Bad is a thing, and he'll admit everything.

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  • Honestly if u wanna know if it’s a prank just make bad feel bad then you will know lmao Bad just instantly says sorry when he thinks ppl are upset (which is a good thing btw)

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  • I've seen alot of chaotic energy from bad earlier, I never thought his answer would be poo in the sheets I literally thought he was the uncomfy mattress one

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