The Fish Tier List

5 okt 2020
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  • I don't know man the virus and bacteria meta looking pretty good right now ngl.

    ShanT0ShanT0Timme sedan
  • I know you already made a video about crustaceans but I really wanted to know if coconut crabs are viable in the current Meta and if they are OP.

    MarciolokoMarciolokoTimme sedan
  • Its so lame that i went for the human build now i just have to wait for game over until i can actually be something cool.

    okok3 timmar sedan
  • the fish’s eyes at 11:34 LMAO

    bugbug4 timmar sedan
  • #Thankmas is pretty cool.

    Beeg YoshiBeeg Yoshi5 timmar sedan
  • s tier is goldsfhish, if you make them climb at elast for 20 years a waterfall, theyw ill ebcoem an imortal dragon

    Jose del Carmen Cruzado CastilloJose del Carmen Cruzado Castillo7 timmar sedan
  • No Arapaima Gigas???

    Haikal tsabatHaikal tsabat7 timmar sedan
  • Obviously, I am at the top

    FishFish9 timmar sedan
  • Also, the moray eel has 2 fuckin jaws, how the hell do u evolve something like that?

    Victor DinuVictor Dinu9 timmar sedan
  • We need a video about pay to win within the Human build.

    Cory NealCory Neal10 timmar sedan
  • where would the gar place?

    Levi RessaLevi Ressa10 timmar sedan
  • Bear vs Gorilla would be a good situation🤔

    Andrew O'NeillAndrew O'Neill10 timmar sedan
  • Could you do a tier list of Hoofed animals!?

    Joseph Edward GonzalezJoseph Edward Gonzalez10 timmar sedan
  • Hello! Tier zoo can you talk about the speedruners in the game?

    Mr GespinMr Gespin11 timmar sedan
  • What if human buff there intelligence more even though is max

    Outplayed GamesOutplayed Games13 timmar sedan
  • Fishes are so misunderstood like they got all stack into one despite different species.

    world no1 boyband no1 boyband member.17 timmar sedan
  • lmfao that intro xD

    TemetTemet19 timmar sedan
  • Hey TierZoo, how would you rank Manta Rays? They are one of the coolest-looking builds in the game, but I've never played it, so I don't know how well they would stack up to the fish builds that you covered in this video. :/

    Gabriel TorresGabriel Torres22 timmar sedan
  • Sun fish are those players who put all their upgrade points into one stat.

    K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的なK REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な23 timmar sedan
  • When I was 6 I caught a type of lionfish with my fishing rod. I was seriously lucky that my marine biologist uncle was there with me.

    Andrew MallonAndrew MallonDag sedan
    • ​@Yeet Mahhotpockett It's been over 10 years so the details are a bit fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure it was on a family vacation in Florida or somewhere around that area. What I do remember is that I caught it near some rocks at the base of a bridge and bragging about catching the danger sushi for the rest of the trip.

      Andrew MallonAndrew Mallon8 timmar sedan
    • Really? Where was it?

      Yeet MahhotpockettYeet Mahhotpockett8 timmar sedan
  • Dude thankyou, you give a spice to life that I've been looking since I was a kid

  • blocko sent me, my dude.

    Table'Table'Dag sedan
  • When are you going to make a new video?

    Devon AuhornDevon AuhornDag sedan
    • It’s been a month, we should be due for another vid

      Max RochesterMax Rochester20 timmar sedan
  • I love the osrs music in background 😄

    Kody CleaverKody CleaverDag sedan
  • The arthropod tier list :)

    Flint Lock PlayzFlint Lock PlayzDag sedan
  • please post me a link of that game, i wonder that much long to know how tp get that damn game! pliz post a link below my coment

    SHADOW the LUKASHADOW the LUKADag sedan
  • Have you ranked beavers yet?

    Clark JonesClark JonesDag sedan
  • Tier zoo is a immortal that knows all and sees all

    Memes dot OrgMemes dot OrgDag sedan
  • Thanks i chosse humen to see what build is best i tink mabey i chosse killerwale

    Thor EriksenThor EriksenDag sedan
  • Need a wading birds tier list for real

  • Do One on bacteria

    apple cringeapple cringeDag sedan
  • i like the gar A teir

    Ntense KidNtense KidDag sedan
  • man i wish you made more videos

    PatrykPatrykDag sedan
  • Do a stat tier list of a skateboarder

    ultimate Herobrine trials Risingultimate Herobrine trials RisingDag sedan

    Jennifer ParkeJennifer ParkeDag sedan
  • 13:10 love how he put Larry’s the lobster in there

    Joe SchranzJoe SchranzDag sedan
  • Could you make a website that has stats and junk for animals. Not a game but a site that has the ability trees and stats

    Final MimikatchuFinal MimikatchuDag sedan
  • Is this a real game? Or a meme

    Andrew FalkAndrew FalkDag sedan
  • *Blocko sent me*

    Your Friend ChubbyYour Friend ChubbyDag sedan
  • Life: "Is this all just a game to you??” TZ: "Yes."

    Jack SkeeanJack SkeeanDag sedan
  • How about the wels catfish?

    Kingston AhnKingston AhnDag sedan
  • It...Ate...T-the CAT

    ReaperReaperDag sedan
  • Do the Reptile tier list!

    Mr GespinMr GespinDag sedan
  • I swear if you make a tier zoo game it will be a million dollar industry

    SlothGang BruteSlothGang Brute2 dagar sedan
  • Salmon should be one tier up due to it's higher than average hp

    endymon ytendymon yt2 dagar sedan
  • Helo everyone, new player on this chanel :D with a question for the Developer :D : What kind of build do you think can evolve to be a human natural predator? Personal i think that it can only be an intelligence based one to really be a match for our own, otherwise they will be easily annihilated by high level human players such as armed soldiers equipped with detection equipment in an armored vehicle or not.

    Vlad DanciuVlad Danciu2 dagar sedan
  • The fun starts when you're a biologist but not a gamer so you have to go back and look up gamer vocabulary in order to understand Like, this guy puts all that effort into translating technical complex biological concepts into videogame language And my ignorant brain goes 'nope'

    Angélica PérezAngélica Pérez2 dagar sedan
  • What game is this

    Dusan The ReaperDusan The Reaper2 dagar sedan
  • Hey, could you do a tier list on mythical birds Eg: griffin, Phoenix, cockatrice

    Annika F WAnnika F W2 dagar sedan
  • I feel like you’re going to make a game with all of those pixel animations

    birdbird2 dagar sedan
  • Video idea: How Op is Santa clause? Make a tier list for how good different Santa from around the world like .the North American Santa he have max speed because he can move to millions home and put presents in them.

    Nineto5 that guyNineto5 that guy2 dagar sedan
  • You should do a collab with "Brave Wilderness" aka Coyote Peterson.

  • Would stingrays be counted for this list? Where would they fit?

    Waylon FaulknerWaylon Faulkner2 dagar sedan
  • Pokemon music from hoenn is the literal thing that should be in this video

    Emilio tanadiEmilio tanadi2 dagar sedan
  • Do a human races tier list.

    DHCETCDHCETC2 dagar sedan
  • Talk about space biome pls?

    Poland BallPoland Ball2 dagar sedan
  • The octopus would be a rogue mage build capable of using poisons and camouflage as well as an intellect that outmatches all other fish species.

    Sean ViklündSean Viklünd2 dagar sedan
  • Damn, that piranha said 😳

    TrapjudasTrapjudas2 dagar sedan
  • When are you going to post anew video pls😱🤕

    Celery CelsoCelery Celso2 dagar sedan
  • 0:12 *_"OMEA WA MOU SHINDEIRU"_* *_"NANI"_*

    Toturials of plane crazy!Toturials of plane crazy!2 dagar sedan
  • He knows whales aren't fish right they're mammals

    tiget2013tiget20132 dagar sedan
  • oi were due a new video t i e r z o o

    Tenzin ChoesangTenzin Choesang3 dagar sedan

    el captianel captian3 dagar sedan
  • I would love to see another lizard video. also I am a HUGE fan of your channel.

    cliveclive3 dagar sedan
  • If you don't like seahorses... they don't need much mobility if they live on the same piece of coral for their whole life. Their stealth is more effective than their armor, too.

    Jake HillJake Hill3 dagar sedan
  • I'm still waiting for this game to be released

    Gabriel Hodgkins-WebbGabriel Hodgkins-Webb3 dagar sedan
  • Could you weigh in on the grizzly versus mountain gorilla debate?

    J JbJ Jb3 dagar sedan
  • I Love your videos

    VladanVladan3 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone speedrun outside?

    Deltaflyer LastnameDeltaflyer Lastname3 dagar sedan
  • Jesus loves you

    I love GodI love God3 dagar sedan
  • o/ I might have a video idea for you. We're going to Mars right? (Hopefully in our lifetime) On Mars basically every animal flora and fauna are going to be an invasive species. So we will have to think about a Global echosphere. If you'd have to make your own list of Top tier animals that would consist of Mars's complete food chain. What animals would be your picks. and don't forget to send your findings to NASA and Daddy Elon.

    The Holistic BartenderThe Holistic Bartender3 dagar sedan
  • Talk about buffs that certain humans use like steroids

    Gaspar SiamesGaspar Siames3 dagar sedan
  • TOUCANS & HORNBILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maribeth WheatMaribeth Wheat3 dagar sedan
  • I literally got stung by a catfish before, I was so confused

    YawctyYawcty3 dagar sedan
  • I was just watching one of the other videos and was thinking: what if we put as many top tier as possible into as little as possible area.

    Joseph LawsonJoseph Lawson3 dagar sedan
  • When I say the start I thought it was a add and blocko seen me

    Rubina AdilRubina Adil3 dagar sedan
  • What is the game called plz i need to play it looks awsome nice high 9999999999999k graphics plz

    Jonah JerrysonJonah Jerryson3 dagar sedan
  • why wasn't coelacanth on the tier list

    Jacob NeeseJacob Neese3 dagar sedan
  • Like the SNES Donkey Knog music.

    The Ignorant BostonianThe Ignorant Bostonian3 dagar sedan
  • Can I just ask why one time A guy commented people were stealing all your content when they used the same tier list without credit but it’s not exactly a work of art and there is a 99% chance that’s just the first thing they saw on google

    SoupSoup3 dagar sedan

    Raphael MeirelesRaphael Meireles4 dagar sedan
  • This man must have played Smash Bros Brawl

    Luke StoergerLuke Stoerger4 dagar sedan
  • I giggled a little too hard upon hearing the Kid Icarus theme play when the Flying Fish came on.

    Not Your BabushkaNot Your Babushka4 dagar sedan
  • this is mad creative I LOVE THIS

    sanelchanelsanelchanel4 dagar sedan
  • I would have given catfish a little more power because most of them are nothing but muscle.

    Star LordStar Lord4 dagar sedan
  • Take a look at the Candiru (Vandellia cirrhosa) and you will know what true terror really is...

    CZ57 AvengerCZ57 Avenger4 dagar sedan
  • Really good video, as allway! But the ox pecker is not a god support, yes it cleans mammals wounds from parasites, but they also keep the wounds open longer to lure in more of them!

    Ditlev Herold-JensenDitlev Herold-Jensen4 dagar sedan
  • If Archerfish gets a buff itll be one of the best fish in the game

    Aiden HAiden H4 dagar sedan
  • I loved this vid because it focused on my faction but I'm sad to not see the Clupea Guild

  • Blocko sent me

    TheAkulTheAkul4 dagar sedan
  • Make pvp tier list

    Hoang An NguyenHoang An Nguyen4 dagar sedan
  • *Me and anyone else who ate fried catfish daily: *You underestimate my power*

    17WARD17WARD4 dagar sedan
  • Tier means animal in German. So the name of the channel would be tautological.

    IblameBlameIblameBlame4 dagar sedan
  • I can't tell if this is a real game or a clever way to teach people about animals

    tripdtripd4 dagar sedan
    • It’s a real game

      Succ My ToesSucc My Toes4 dagar sedan
  • I want a video with axolotls

    • Please

  • Such a good channel, I'm subbing

    Daruny BeoulveDaruny Beoulve4 dagar sedan
  • Do a African savvanah tier list

    Saatwik JainSaatwik Jain4 dagar sedan
  • He ranked Archer fish again and not even changed its placement. But for those that wonder. Puffer fish was S tier and Electric eel was A-tier to him. Also he ranked sharks as overall higher than bony fish. Guess old but gold applies.

    San droSan dro4 dagar sedan
  • Are centipedes op? I watched two "centipede vs" vids on monster bug wars and the centipede won twice

    Jack's unfinished main pubJack's unfinished main pub4 dagar sedan
  • Crocodile tierlist

    ßåçhmæñň Þíé máñņßåçhmæñň Þíé máñņ4 dagar sedan