DC & Helwani (February 22, 2021) | ESPN MMA

22 feb 2021
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Daniel Cormier & Ariel Helwani are back in your lives to recap Derrick Lewis showcasing his power with a record-tying knockout of Curtis Blaydes. With the heavyweight title picture a little murky, how close is Lewis to that opportunity? Where does the winner of Jairzinho Rozenstruik vs. Cyril Gane fit in? Leon Edwards finally has a fight, Colby Covington still does not & Kamaru Usman seems to have rescinded his call out of Jorge Masvidal... The guys break down all things at welterweight.
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  • The gayest thumbnail yet.

    GaigeGaigeMånad sedan
  • Who's DC? Isn't he the guy Jones kept beating?

    fishing fin-addicts Australiafishing fin-addicts AustraliaMånad sedan
  • Every time Ariel introduces DC he always points to the wrong side

    DDCOW ClothingDDCOW ClothingMånad sedan
  • Colby should fight Durinho this year, but he only wants to fight bums! Only wants easy wins, lawlers and woodleys

    Gutierrez SilvaGutierrez SilvaMånad sedan
  • dc, you gotta make a statement about the carano situation. you are not a coward, right? lol.

    gin kogin koMånad sedan
  • fade in.

    gin kogin koMånad sedan
  • Vitamin A in sweet potatoes.

    steve Mcsteve McMånad sedan
  • Donuts rule .

    steve Mcsteve McMånad sedan
  • Say Happy Birhday .in kurgy.

    steve Mcsteve McMånad sedan
  • Iv played football at a good level, highest level when I was young and semi pro (paid) after being out for four years through injuries. As much as I love khabib he can't play footy 😂

    PJR7PJR7Månad sedan
  • Love how he responded to Joe’s direct inquiry as to what he’s gonna do after he’s done fighting. “Not really thinking about plan B right now, more focused on plan A”

    ZackZackMånad sedan
  • This is the best MMA show, PERIOD! Their rewarding interactions confirm they are both masters at broadcasting fundamentals.

    Brian HersheyBrian HersheyMånad sedan
  • 34:32 DC's reaction 😂😂

    Bag StallionBag StallionMånad sedan
  • Francis respecting his power doesn’t necessarily mean has more power than Francis, 😳 neither does having more knockouts. Most of Derrick’s KOs come from his ground and pound.. 4 out his 12. are one punch. 7 out of Francis’ 10 are one and done. His knockouts equal the amount of fights Francis has in his entire UFC career. I understand you got caught up in the moment because that’s not sound analysis coming from you champ...

    Jah Music Mansion #WhereRealReggaeResidesJah Music Mansion #WhereRealReggaeResidesMånad sedan
  • I sometimes wonder how good Ariel's basketball skills really are too..why doesn't he accept the challenge from the Schmo? I don't actually have any sense of how good the Schmo is..but, Ariel's credentials sounded like they implied he'd be well above average..though I don't know that either. Why act like the Schmo doesn't exist either..you know what that looks like..I mean, you cover that kind of drama regularly and have for years. "Who is this guy?", or "Who does he think he is?" are sentiments that have been expressed, I'm guessing, in private. The Schmo is already better liked among fighters - though less well respected, obviously. Just pick something you can beat him at and compete in that domain. I don't think he'd mind.

    Michael FalkovMichael FalkovMånad sedan
  • I’d listen to these guys doing podcasts every day . Don’t even have to talk about MMA

    Connor LowdenConnor LowdenMånad sedan
  • ffs i thought demolition were on hahahahahaaha

    Mad Mouse MickeeieMad Mouse MickeeieMånad sedan
  • But DC last week said Usman Masvidal is where the money is lol

    NV615NV615Månad sedan
  • Dana cormier got it 😂

    michael hannahmichael hannahMånad sedan
  • Khabib is way too old to play professional football, it's not mma. Those guys pique at 27-29 and retire around 34. 32 is way too old to be starting. Not to mention wrestling doesn't translate there at all.

    Benjamin LampteyBenjamin LampteyMånad sedan
  • DC's awesome. Incredible Champ. Great work

    Alfred HaenselAlfred HaenselMånad sedan
  • BLAYDES got set up and LEWIS timed it perfect .i still dont think hes that good just has lots of power ,i bet he loses his next fight.

    Brad VogtBrad VogtMånad sedan
  • GSP was a true welterweight and moved up for a title shot and champ champ legacy... I can’t believe no one is pushing that for Khabib. He would whoop marty

    donjoy33donjoy33Månad sedan
  • DC with the stoneface talkin bout 50 to 40🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏾

    Thurston BellThurston BellMånad sedan

    BayouflierBayouflierMånad sedan
  • DC is a great and humble man. Respect to him for saying Stipe is the GOAT of heavyweight 💪🏼

    Jim HenryJim HenryMånad sedan
  • The towel shot has me dying laughing!!!

    marcus millermarcus millerMånad sedan
  • 2nd best show on youtube. 1st is Chael Sonnen’s YT channel

    Sergio PerezSergio PerezMånad sedan
  • 2:10 hahahaha DC ma man!!!!! hahahaha..

    Nabeel AwanNabeel AwanMånad sedan
  • Ariel you dumb dumb. Why would Colby in his position take the fight on short notice and lose his spot in the rankings!!!

    Babloo MiahBabloo MiahMånad sedan
  • You’re wrong Cormier. Kabib absolutely needs to move up and fight Colby or Usman if he wants to be considered one of the greatest. If he really wanted to test his skills he would move up and fight someone that isn’t way past their prime like GSP. Nobody knows how good he is against another great wrestler. All his fights are against stand up fighters. He is absolutely not the goat yet! Until we see him fight another great wrestler

    Zach BrownZach BrownMånad sedan
  • Ariel with the haircut jokes 🤣😂 I actually died

    Troys TravelsTroys TravelsMånad sedan
  • Colby vs Masvidal makes more sense. And the winner is the #1 contender.

    TheMemficeTheMemficeMånad sedan
  • Does Ariel Just never point to DC on purpose now? Or is it set up for him to always get it wrong?

    Smokers WorldSmokers WorldMånad sedan
  • Love DC but Ariel always annoying and a hater, chip on his shoulder or just a natural born hater

    Rick SandRick SandMånad sedan
  • Animal and Hawk nice

    Josh HutslarJosh HutslarMånad sedan
  • Ariel giving Jurassic Park Dr. Ian Malcolm vibes

    Victor AlcantaraVictor AlcantaraMånad sedan
  • Love DC...Helwani is my least favorite mma leech. There are youtubers much better at the mma game.

    Brett SBrett SMånad sedan
  • Man herb yelled out stop stop before diving in, good man why would you put yourself in the way of a full flight lewis. Blades signed the contract

    Jules WinfieldJules WinfieldMånad sedan
  • Didnt DC called out Brock, seconds after beating Stipe, then became HW champ??

    Tom FTom FMånad sedan
  • Boss Show

    Raphael GittelsonRaphael GittelsonMånad sedan
  • It's not a Tuesday if DC & Helwani aren't part of it. DC's look when Ariel said if you fought Lewis in February, you'd be gone😂😂

    Karabo MoleleKarabo MoleleMånad sedan
  • If Stipe loses to Francis he'll need a year off because it will be a brutal KO

    DirtyBluesStankDirtyBluesStankMånad sedan
  • I support gina

    Canada FirstCanada FirstMånad sedan
  • “It’s awful!” 😂

    Ayrton KinnerAyrton KinnerMånad sedan
  • ariels shoulders at 1:58 compared to rest of show LMAO

    jadonploxjadonploxMånad sedan
  • Best show! Look forward to it every Monday.

    Al SchuppAl SchuppMånad sedan
  • The heartbreaking aftershave counterintuitively cure because chair cosmetically receive beneath a kaput hacksaw. panoramic, amused bulldozer

    Taylor MichaelTaylor MichaelMånad sedan
  • "say the line Ariel" Ariel: Hogwash

    Robbie PasqualeRobbie PasqualeMånad sedan
  • Crazy this channel only has 851k subs.

    Anonymous HippopotamusAnonymous HippopotamusMånad sedan
  • No mention of Phil Hawes? Man that fight was insane

    Jeff WairiJeff WairiMånad sedan

    LipsOfDaMuleLipsOfDaMuleMånad sedan
    • Jre is popular because of the guest 😂

      JupiOnTheMoonJupiOnTheMoonMånad sedan
  • Canelo is fighting a guy who hasn’t fought in 2 years and is coming off a loss.

    OrisniOrisniMånad sedan
  • DC is always ragging on Ariel

    Nathan DustNathan DustMånad sedan
  • ariel, you may not understand why colby aint fightin cause you havent fought in your life. i dont specially like colby but if dc is explaining you why doesnt he take the fight in short notice, understand it and shut up

    Shredded HippoShredded HippoMånad sedan
  • Ok Helwani the origins of basketball had no dribbling. So respect the ancestors and the game. Capitalism has transformed the game into sport with the goal of making money. The origins of basketball are to play to the death, literally. And it was the captain of the winning team that was put to death. B/c that was true honor for your people.

    Mike AvilaMike AvilaMånad sedan
  • Downvotes for Helwani

    Stephen RussStephen RussMånad sedan
  • I love the synergy of DC being so likable and Ariel the opposite.

    Dennis VDennis VMånad sedan
  • Ariel “The Chef” Helwani.

    Ain’t Fredo Of YouAin’t Fredo Of YouMånad sedan
  • “Usman is too small for 185” -DC Usman: largest welterweight in the ufc

    Hingle McCringleberryHingle McCringleberryMånad sedan
    • @Ben Bray Usman easily weighs over 205 himself. Darren Till was a huge welterweight that moved up and walks around 200+ and Usman is bigger than him

      Hingle McCringleberryHingle McCringleberryMånad sedan
    • His style of wrestling and controlling fights isnt gonna be easy against guys who cut from 205lb plus for 185.

      Ben BrayBen BrayMånad sedan
  • DC says "right?" about 75 times

    VoodooBeatsVoodooBeatsMånad sedan
  • Best Show in the world.

    J.L [From the hood]J.L [From the hood]Månad sedan
  • Lewis still can't tussle with Stipe, Bones or Francis. Even Gane would smoke him

    Renaldo MatadeenRenaldo MatadeenMånad sedan
  • Daniel has definitely lost weight, maybe training for a Jones fight at heavyweight??!!

    G CarterG CarterMånad sedan
  • Check out Khabib's goal against retired pro's. Quite the strike 👌

    Paul BellPaul BellMånad sedan
  • DC is way too nice. I swear if I was him some of the stuff Ariel says, he’d be getting smacked

    iTz CompadreiTz CompadreMånad sedan
    • @Keyshawn Harris How sway

      iTz CompadreiTz CompadreMånad sedan
    • Your just sensitive

      Keyshawn HarrisKeyshawn HarrisMånad sedan
  • Why is no one talking about Lewis’ line to overeem telling him “he’s already oiled and greased up for him”.. a few days after telling him he’s coming for his cheeks... quotes too good to ignore

    Brian C MeddersBrian C MeddersMånad sedan
  • So DC still not taking responsibility for his loses to Stipe? LOLOL Good Lord

    RobRobMånad sedan
  • It should just be Colby-burns Colby already beat woodly who was ranked below him why should he take another fight against another lower ranked opponent ? Ariel is just a hater

    realwadebrownrealwadebrownMånad sedan
  • The ultimate fighter coaches need to be Colby and Jorge, it’s wayyyy better than usman being involved. The story behind Colby and Jorge is much deeper than 2 guys that just dislike each other wayyyyyyyy better for tv

    realwadebrownrealwadebrownMånad sedan
  • I think Leon messed up by not fighting Wonderboy (not that I know whether or not the UFC ever offered it, but he did say he didn’t want that fight). That fight might’ve been less hyped than Khamzat (not checking the spelling lol), but it made more sense at the time and would’ve obviously been better than what’s happened.

    Alfred DelloiaconoAlfred DelloiaconoMånad sedan
  • "I don't want to see him squatting on the spot" That's easy for us spectators to say. If we consider and try to imagine all the work the top fighters have put in to get to that Nr. 1 contender spot, it's kinda understandable that the only fight they're looking for is the title fight. On the other hand, not fighting for a whole year because of that, is too much imo.

    Flying VikingFlying VikingMånad sedan
  • It sounds like dc making excuses to me

  • Bruh Ariel threw this man under the bus about using the towel 😂😂😂

    Justin SchmidtJustin SchmidtMånad sedan
  • I’m a huge Colby fan but I think burns presents all sorts of problems for him. He doesn’t have the power Usman has

    Wise RiseWise RiseMånad sedan
  • DC shaking his head like he don't know he ragdolled Lewis.....hahahah

    Jarrod EvansJarrod EvansMånad sedan
  • Admin! Upload in higher res..thanks

    Viking MmaViking MmaMånad sedan
  • Both of these dudes are trippin. Derrick and Francis stood there. He literally threw 3 more strikes than Francis for a total of 3 shots thrown.

    Derek MorrisDerek MorrisMånad sedan
  • Wonderboy Vs Covington

    mamamia947mamamia947Månad sedan
  • Daniel "Cheat de Scales" Cormier :-)

  • honestly, these guys taking shots at each other and having fun with it is a treat to watch/listen to!!!!

    Nas RirhalebNas RirhalebMånad sedan
  • 34:41 hahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahaha hahahahaha hahahaha I'm on the floor hahahahah

    nikelo mbambonikelo mbamboMånad sedan
  • Dc joined Ariel to protect Helwani from Bully fighters ...ie Quinton Rampage ..

    onion peelingonion peelingMånad sedan
  • Ariel banging on about squatting and yet he is the one backing the biggest squatter in the division...Leon Edwards.

    Will FullWill FullMånad sedan
  • Not buying masvidal but I'd buy Colby Vs Usman 2

    Splash Bros LLPSplash Bros LLPMånad sedan
  • FREE Ariel Helwani !!!!!

    Zekson1200Zekson1200Månad sedan
  • 34:32

    TzzzzzzTzzzzzzMånad sedan
  • Leon turned down Wonderboy in December and now Colby do the same thing to him. That is karma for you

    Karol PierzynowskiKarol PierzynowskiMånad sedan
  • Dc wake up ,, Jon Jones in next in line to HW strap

    javier rubiojavier rubioMånad sedan
  • Dc have every quality that attracted people’s to listen him.

    harry singhharry singhMånad sedan
  • Ariel such clown. Why would Colby take that fight on short notice 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Investing 101Investing 101Månad sedan
  • I know it’s Ariel’s personality but when he says some stuff dead seriously and you’re not sure if it’s a joke or not, is very frustrating. He also a lot of times doesn’t say something like ‘I’m just kidding’. Good thing DC is there to call him out on this stuff

    Kemal AKemal AMånad sedan
  • DC's face becomes so bright whenever Khabib topic is there 😁 But seriously, I think if DC or coach Javier convince him to comeback to fight, Khabib would back.

    Summer BreezeSummer BreezeMånad sedan
  • Please stop asking Ariel to point the right way, he is doing it on purpose! With Ariel and the bad guy podcast he always points the right way.

    Freko2011Freko2011Månad sedan
  • 34:30 Ariel the savage

    Ivan VargasIvan VargasMånad sedan
  • Where’s the time stamp guy

    Koofy DonnisKoofy DonnisMånad sedan
  • Love this show, they are so good together💖

    Alexx ThomsonAlexx ThomsonMånad sedan
  • DC keeps playing the old man card like he didn't beat Rumble twice. Sheesh this guy🤣

    Jacob BarelaJacob BarelaMånad sedan
  • Ariel always points the wrong way to DC at the start 🤣

    HHMånad sedan
  • 34:57 DC is dying inside

    Matthew penningtonMatthew penningtonMånad sedan