I met Wilbur Soot in real life…

20 aug 2020
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I met Wilbur Soot, Tubbo, Fundy & more in real life. It was very awesome.
- subtitles primarily done by big man Larry (@TalentLacking )
- in the video: @Wilbur Soot @Tubbo @Fundy @Niki Nihachu @Ph1LzA
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Today I met Wilbur Soot (creator of the Minecraft But and also You Laugh You Lose challenge), Fundy, Philza, Tubbo & Nihachu in real life! It was so funny and we had lots of laughs and fun and pog. This is a vlog like other vloggers but I am the best vlogger. We had funny moments and even talked about the Dream SMP and our War VS Dream in Minecraft. It was so fun and Pog Champ

  • I clipped this 14:14 This is used to cure my depression

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  • Imagine this, your just enjoying a day at Brighton when this while mob of mine craft vloggers just walk into the arcade

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  • Tommy be going on everyones streams hot damn. I wonder whos twitch hes gonna stream on next. ✨

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  • Summary of the video: meeting tubbo, kick his pc, meeting wilbur, buy gun, steal wallet and break in his office, wilbur mad, wilbur apologize to stream, fundy niki joina and roams the city, them making outro on pier. **some Mccs later** Wilbur brake guns.

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  • tommy is like a child wrecking wilburs stream and wilbur is an actual adult that was really pissed off

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  • I’m 16 and more mature than tommy

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  • Omg

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  • tommy talking about having 35,000 viewers is hilarious after watching him peak at about 676k viewers when he visited dream in prision

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  • 5:52 will says he wins and it says time under it😂

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  • No

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  • Dang in 5 months he gained over 4.5M subs congrats

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  • 1:07 that remember me the way my father teachme to swim (he literally tortured me xd), now i love the paddel, surf and the islands that surround where I live

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  • 1:06 it looks like they in the middle of nowhere until he turn around XD

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  • Wilbur:I am so sorry stream Chat:WE WANT TOMMY BACK

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  • This was an expiration even for a German kid like me 🤣🤣

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  • Fundy as the guy who was gonna marry dream but then George said I OBJECT???? bc I think dream and George was secretly dating that time 🤣

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  • tommy:we can buy 700 lolipops and throw them at people me: .-.

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  • wilburs fans: laughing so hard and dont care. wilbur: im..im so sorry guys

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  • Tommy: *whispers* fuck you Wilbur: *face turns to disappointment* Tommy: Haaha

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  • “I EVEN HAVE A GUN” Only a true American would say that

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  • seworld.info/will/jW2c0tSloZt0qZc/video

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  • 9:36 Tommy: Will look how powerful i am Tommy: Will.....I really don't want these Will: *laughing* I swear that was the funniest thing ever!

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  • 4:55 The guy in background: I aM oN cAmErA

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  • Tommy: *gets subs* Me: Trying to remember if 5.38 million subs was yesterday or today

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  • Now we just need BadBoyHalo and Skeppy to meet up.

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  • I hate you Tommy because you are mean

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  • When tommy “started his execution” he was only like 4. Metres out when I go I like go half a km out

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  • 2:20 Fall into the ocean

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  • tubbo’s so cute, i think im in love with him

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  • i mean like i kinda dont like your videos but i like the minecraft ones

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  • Wilbur still enjoying that yoyo

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  • I have been there 😳

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  • 11:25 look at him GOOOO this is the best part of whole video omg XDD the moment when Wilbur show up while Tommy streaming from his account made me laugh so hard and it is middle of the night... MY NEIGHBOURS GONNA HATE ME 14:11 and this is the moment when Tommy died, THE END WHEEZEEEEEE

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  • TommyInnit 5 months ago: thx for 600k TommyInnit Jan 2021 : thx for 5M

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  • Listening to them sing Hamilton completes me

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  • Pog

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  • “IM A MAN IM A MA-🌊💧💦🌊💧💦” HAHA

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  • This is a guide to craft angy Wilbur

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  • "I'm a blogger now I even own a gun" best quote of 2020

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  • now that I think about it, they could have met pewdiepie

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  • 17:09 damn niki do be carrying around some weights

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    • :/

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  • *Wilbur Soot stream starting soon* Everyone: I wonder what it's gonna be abou- [hears tommy laughing] Everyone: *oh no it's child oh no-*

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  • *guns*

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  • "Is this gonna get us many views?" This video is his most viewed video

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  • 7:37 most viewed vid on his channel as of 24 Jan 2021

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  • 6:17 doesnt look like blue eyes to me

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  • I love how he used stardew valley sound effects! It was actually really cute :)

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  • When he says “I am gonna get a lot of views what the hell bro you got almost 16 million views damn

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  • The Vlog Gun Debut Arc

    Overseer's memes, Gacha and probably moreOverseer's memes, Gacha and probably more7 timmar sedan
  • Yo that's a HD thumbnail :0

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  • The thumbnail is wilbur slapping tommy JK

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  • Ya know...I was in wilbur town once...In THAT EXACT arcade. Man it changed alot after 2 years.

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  • "He's sorta my bitch boy-"

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  • Just bought a gun feeling good

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  • The obnoxious blade noticeably wipe because owl regretfully impress among a judicious nepal. tough, inconclusive map

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  • the thumbnail pretty much sums up their friendship

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  • seworld.info/will/monbmdydjZqKyIE/video

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  • Imagine if the meeting was on the 16th instead.

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  • You can tell that Tommy doesn’t live near the sea 😂just because of how he acted at the beach, anyone who lives within a quick trains journey to one acts more like Tubbo or Phil or Wilbur did. Edit: and the flipping ticket machine 😂 thats so normal at many beach arcades and the fact that he was scared of it says a lot

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  • Tommy:Pog Subtitles: *Hog*

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  • they watched Hamilton!!!!!!

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  • theres a reason this has 15 million views

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  • Xd

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  • I feel secondhand embarrassment

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  • I am a girl does that mean I’m a fella? Note: A BRITISH FELLA 🙌🏻

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  • Wilbur didn’t pass the vibe check🙄✋

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  • 0:24 your an american tommy

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  • lol

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  • bri'sh

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  • Holy shit from 600k to 5mil

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  • me: -aiming at tommy's head waiting- now im gonna kill you -shoots sniper-

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  • Brighton? I live there kind of!

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  • *Tommy* : Is this Gonna get 2 much views? - *Will* : Probably - *The Video* : *15 Million Views*

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  • "brighton" also how do u not get dizzy filming while ur in a car

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  • What you have two vlog gun

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  • i fell sorry for fundy XD

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  • This has preteen hangout energy.

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  • The phone is water proof lol

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  • We can see Wilbur trying not to laugh in the office.

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  • Rare footage of a father slapping a poor child

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  • 4:56 is that philza?

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  • 15.5 million views

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  • Is tommy and wilber not bother so it would be his father two

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  • 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 Selling tommy falls in water clip one like one 2:20 :)))

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  • 0:21 "and I mean that all I needed I went to meet wilbur IM A VLOGGER NOW!! I even own a Gun!!"Lol XD🤣

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  • im dying lol

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  • “Theme park videos get a lot of views” SEworld: *makes this Tommy’s most popular video*

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  • 14:14

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  • philza is taking care of his children.

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  • Wilbur: 😃 Tommy: *Fuck you, bitch* Wilbur: 😕

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