How Pewdiepie Saved Minecraft

3 sep 2019
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Andrei Terbea - Lead Animator
Nicoleta Toader - Producer
Background track: "Delusional" by Spring Gang feat. King Sis
Outro song: Joakim Karud - Loudness & Clarity
Today we take a look at the recent surge in popularity of Minecraft, how Pewdiepie revived Minecraft and made the game popular again. Or did he? Google Trends suggest it was already coming back but Felix's push may have helped tremendously. We analyze this and more in today's video. There are many Minecraft channels doing really well right now - JackSepticeye following in Felix's footsteps, even James Charles, who surprisingly is very good at the game - and of course with major events like Minecraft Monday, it feels like the phenomenon created by Notch in 2009 is not going anywhere even a decade later. So let's sit back and enjoy the ride. Just like Pewdiepie riding Joergen towards the setting sun. Or like Sven riding the minecart into the tunnels beneath Felix's Minecraft mansion. You get the point. Anyway, enjoy the video and follow ya boi on Instagram ok? Thanks.
#pewdiepie #minecraft #animation

  • Has anyone noticed this videos length is 10:06 which is pewdiepies meme review video length

    GlizzyGlizzyDag sedan
  • Who else is trying to see if pewds commented lel

    Ali AlshammariAli AlshammariDag sedan
  • Almost all SEworldrs starts with minecraft and now successful

    tpdisaster ntpdisaster n2 dagar sedan
  • 2019: how pewdiepie saved minecraft 2020: how dream saved minecraft

    Animation DudeAnimation Dude2 dagar sedan
  • You are the most underrated SEworldr I love your vids keep it up man 🔥🔥😎😎

    Marshall MonkeyMarshall Monkey3 dagar sedan
  • And he yet still says it.. *sniff* IM PROUD ME BOY

    Sumi SunilSumi Sunil4 dagar sedan
  • Pewd is goat

    Doctor DoomDoctor Doom4 dagar sedan
  • pewdiepie: pet captions: pit

    Elvie BarrientosElvie Barrientos5 dagar sedan
  • Felix is love

    THE MOB :dollarmixTHE MOB :dollarmix5 dagar sedan
  • acutaly lazarbeam did it

    mohammad uneebmohammad uneeb5 dagar sedan

    Theo AnimatesTheo Animates7 dagar sedan
  • jorgen will be remembered in minecrft history also im using my moms computer

    liliam rodriguezliliam rodriguez10 dagar sedan
  • pewds now play minecraft hardcore

    Sta ffSta ff12 dagar sedan
  • HEY Andrei if you talk about dani (aka milk guy) i'll sub to you

    XDlol 8XDlol 814 dagar sedan
  • Wrong it was lazarbeam

    Lazarbeam LuaticLazarbeam Luatic14 dagar sedan
  • Petition for andrei and wilfur to play minecraft

    Tahsin SameerTahsin Sameer14 dagar sedan
  • PewDiePie deserves a lot of credit and maybe some royalties for bringing back Minecraft. He did it not just by being one of the absolute best and most creative players of the game. He did it by being an incredible storyteller. He actually makes stories out of the things he builds. He also has to my knowledge the only good music video about Minecraft. Seriously that jam was fire.

    paysonfox88paysonfox8815 dagar sedan
  • People who watched lazarbeam's Minecraft series: pathetic

    hazardhazard15 dagar sedan
  • Yes sweden i come from sweden. PEWDIEPIE!!!

    Blinken 77Blinken 7715 dagar sedan
  • I want to ask a question do you guys hate India if yes do comment if no like

    Vineeth PVineeth P16 dagar sedan
  • The little ponny song link please,very good cover

    WeareWeare16 dagar sedan
  • pewdiepie is the God of animals in minecraft

    TeQuing C.sTeQuing C.s16 dagar sedan
  • dantdm, andcaptainsaprklzze started it, he saved it, then dream boosted it. Then techno humiliated it.

    The Icy SharkThe Icy Shark16 dagar sedan

    yeetboiyeetboi16 dagar sedan
  • Petition for Andrei to animate all pewds minecraft episode’s! Pls Andrei pls do it

    Yobro AbdelYobro Abdel18 dagar sedan
  • Idk if ppl realize how much like a tv show pewds minecraft show is a pilot episode has the main character go through different situations until a nice conclusion at the end which is how a good pilot episode goes going through what will be important later a to b until the end to give you an idea of what the show will be and then the second episode is a contained episode about one of the last plot lines you brought up this is exactly what pewds series does and not a lot of gaming channels do that and it stays this way with an end goal and different plot points there's even a two parter after felix kicks it with villagers where their under attack this is good story telling even the characters like jorgen is someone you don't think to die bc he's been their since day one but he does and then sven a character he meets a lil later has been alive since this is another good thing to do so we're not just attached to one character knowing the new ones will die and losing interest plus it surprises us this is amazing pewdiepie can do whatever he wants with without it being some narrative made by some game company with bad dialogue it's his story like a tv show but still with the personal element of playing the game this series is a masterpiece love you PewDiePie

    dylan Fosterdylan Foster19 dagar sedan
  • i think its because mojang started adding new things to the game again

    deckuumdeckuum19 dagar sedan

    Iancarlo CortezIancarlo Cortez19 dagar sedan
  • I played Minecraft on PS4 for like 3 years on 2015-2017. Then I stopped. But then i played it again in early 2019 because i saw a lot of people enjoying it now im still playing Minecraft.

    Zim ExtraZim Extra22 dagar sedan
  • 2019 Pewds: Sven! Jeorgen! Water sheep! Peepeepoopoo! 2020 Pewds: PFFfFFFffFfffFfFfFffFffffFfffffff

    RaysworkshopRaysworkshop22 dagar sedan
  • You should start a Minecraft s series

    the yeeterthe yeeter23 dagar sedan
  • 10th video imma watch the series

    sabteca allensabteca allen23 dagar sedan
  • Lazarbeam did

    Deadpool BoyYTDeadpool BoyYT24 dagar sedan
  • Poor lannon doesn't get an credit

    Ducky BotDucky Bot25 dagar sedan
  • Who came cuz of the thumbnail

    CHONG WEI JUN MoeCHONG WEI JUN Moe25 dagar sedan
  • Pewdiepie *latterly abuses water sheep* pewdiepie *he was like a father to me*

    Landon DeanLandon Dean26 dagar sedan
  • I have watched the whole series about like 10 times lmao

    Lorie SurioLorie Surio26 dagar sedan
  • Stampy is the og of minecraft storytelling

  • Your animation made it better

    JoselinoJoselino27 dagar sedan
  • i ony love tge thumbnail

    [GD] GameShooter[GD] GameShooter28 dagar sedan
  • i honestly started playing minecraft again because of pewds lol

    blue novablue nova28 dagar sedan
  • 1:51-2:07 Pewdiepie Minecraft veteran

    Joey ParedesJoey ParedesMånad sedan
  • Captions: My Craaaap

    Kent GuillerKent GuillerMånad sedan
  • Well actually it only has 30,000,000 blocks from the center to the world border and has 60,000,000 block overall in every dimension.

    Kent GuillerKent GuillerMånad sedan

    Andi MalixAndi MalixMånad sedan
  • I’m surprised that no one went to the comments and went “LaZeRbEaM BrOuGhT It BaCk”

    CduBCduBMånad sedan
    • @ryan kang I know I thought it would just be something to funny to say

      CduBCduB29 dagar sedan
    • he kinda brought the trend back dough. not saying pewds didn’t have a big impact on its revival, but lazar did get the ball rolling so to say

      ryan kangryan kang29 dagar sedan
  • Pewdiepie brought back minecraft and minecraft brought back Pewdiepie

    Pog ChampPog ChampMånad sedan
  • Short answer: Pewdiepie save minecraft by playing it

    Olive 9987Olive 9987Månad sedan
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    04เด็กชายเดโช จํานงค์จิตร04เด็กชายเดโช จํานงค์จิตรMånad sedan
  • And boat cow

    Unique GamingUnique GamingMånad sedan
  • Uh I think lazarbeam was the one who got mincraft back

    liam1630 liam1630liam1630 liam1630Månad sedan
  • “Joergen was like a father to me, I loved him like my son”

    Some Dude On The Internet That Likes CheeseSome Dude On The Internet That Likes CheeseMånad sedan
  • Was it pewdiepie or lazarbeam I don't care any more, it was a year ago

    TuortleTuortleMånad sedan
  • FAKE! LazarBeam Brought Minecraft Back, Lazarbeam Saved Minecraft #01 ON TRENDING

    Technical VishnuTechnical VishnuMånad sedan
  • hello

    VisualTunic 05VisualTunic 05Månad sedan
  • No lazarbeam saved Minecraft PewDiePie however did not save Minecraft

    Galaxycat-yeetGalaxycat-yeetMånad sedan
  • 6:26 you said he had a full circle but u didn't complete the circle ; - ; love ur content tho- keep it up :D

    Ava KAva KMånad sedan
  • Me at 4:59 singing the national song of Sweden instead of listening to andrei:

    I’m addicted to MiraculousI’m addicted to MiraculousMånad sedan
  • How come the spots on pewds shirt change from red to orange?

    JonahWayzJonahWayzMånad sedan

    Gubbi Stop MotionGubbi Stop MotionMånad sedan
  • Lazarbeam: I brought back minecraft for ad revenue Pewdiepie: I am bringing back minecraft Dream: Might as well do this aswell

    DarkBowzzjrDarkBowzzjrMånad sedan
  • Lazarbeam :)

    Delirious MuffinDelirious MuffinMånad sedan
  • Actually lazarbeam posted let’s get Minecraft trending again and then pewdipie posted

    meowscles meowmeowscles meowMånad sedan
  • No, he didn’t.

    BroiledRaikouBroiledRaikouMånad sedan
  • Pewdiepie saving minecraft hardcore again

    esakki rajesakki rajMånad sedan
  • Minecraft is the undertaker it will never go down

    gaming tvgaming tvMånad sedan
  • What about Lazarbeam he allso helpt allot

    idk idkidk idkMånad sedan
  • Pewdiepie? Not Lazarbeam?

    秀吉茜秀吉茜Månad sedan
  • Not really infinite land its into your memory dies

    SnipeN RandoM S.O.TSnipeN RandoM S.O.TMånad sedan
  • Fortnite: we gonna be the best game :minecraft ima bout to end this trash games career

    InfernoInfernoMånad sedan
  • “Turtles, am I right” best line ever

    W4-11 v2.0W4-11 v2.0Månad sedan
  • it was Lazarbeam

    the spy from tf2the spy from tf2Månad sedan
  • When you showed the comment on one of his latest minecraft videos I paused and read the whole thing only for you to read it out loud...True sadness

    Just MonikaJust MonikaMånad sedan
  • wait what about lazarbeam

    Ozzy's In JapanOzzy's In JapanMånad sedan
  • 5:36 and a big pp

    J U A NJ U A NMånad sedan
  • What mean that bad indian people........ It's hurts.... Yes I agree to series is taking advantage of population... India is just new on internet so 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    komedy makerkomedy makerMånad sedan
  • För Sverige - i tiden

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  • didnt lazarbeam did it and got 1# trending games but pewds took it

    DiamondSDGaming SilverDiamondSDGaming SilverMånad sedan
  • "A seemingly simple game" No

    A y.ZA y.ZMånad sedan
  • Dream when his channel was small

    A y.ZA y.ZMånad sedan
  • Wow u animated it kinda 3 times better than the real

    R-787 M07R-787 M07Månad sedan
  • पूडीएपीए

    safiya sarasafiya saraMånad sedan
  • breh i was expecting dream instead of pewdiepie

    Juan Miguel AngatJuan Miguel AngatMånad sedan
    • this was a year ago lol

      EnchantingEchoEnchantingEchoMånad sedan
  • Pewdiepie and minecraft monday really saved minecraft

    elijah odhubaelijah odhubaMånad sedan
  • 3:33 the killing point

    30322이준연30322이준연Månad sedan
  • PewDiePie: **plays a dead game** Everyone: *fortnite revive sounds*

    Orabi The CarnexOrabi The CarnexMånad sedan
  • It was LazarBeam

    DiegoivanDiegoivanMånad sedan
    • no

      LLama & Sophia ProductionsLLama & Sophia ProductionsMånad sedan
  • I hate minecraft

    Jitendra BhallaJitendra BhallaMånad sedan

      LLama & Sophia ProductionsLLama & Sophia ProductionsMånad sedan
  • Anybody else remember that whole scene where Sven got trapped and that whole rescue mission. Makes me sweat so hard every time.

    Drew AlejandroDrew AlejandroMånad sedan
  • Yes x10000

    Let’sDoGaming 123Let’sDoGaming 123Månad sedan
  • Pewds really has the power to revive games... Remember skate 3?

    kami kirakami kiraMånad sedan
  • Minceraft

    Games and Fun!Games and Fun!Månad sedan
  • I think u mean Dream

    Papi ThanosPapi ThanosMånad sedan
  • You mean lazarbeam

    The BanditThe BanditMånad sedan
    • @IIClichaye YT yea

      LLama & Sophia ProductionsLLama & Sophia ProductionsMånad sedan
    • lazarbeam started after pewds.

      IIClichaye YTIIClichaye YTMånad sedan
  • The thing that started it to raise was lazerbeam

    Whyisthewhy MedinaWhyisthewhy MedinaMånad sedan
    • @LLama & Sophia Productions yes it was it was first on trending for gaming

      Whyisthewhy MedinaWhyisthewhy MedinaMånad sedan
    • no

      LLama & Sophia ProductionsLLama & Sophia ProductionsMånad sedan
  • You now Norway is on side off sweden

    Mr RainbowMr RainbowMånad sedan
  • Jshlacts vid helped too

    Dakota AguiarDakota AguiarMånad sedan
  • PewDiePie: I'm gonna end this series Dream: its finally my time to shine but I need someone famous to make me famous MrBeast: fine ill bring back Minecraft with dream and ill host SEworld Rewind 2020

    P U P P YP U P P YMånad sedan
  • poor felix joergen died in the middle of getting in the nether

    Allan BarasaAllan BarasaMånad sedan
  • this one video got me into pewdiepie and minecraft great job andrei

    Andres AlvarezAndres AlvarezMånad sedan