FIRST LOOK: SINGER'S ACS - the ultimate safari 911!

5 jan 2021
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What do you get when you cross a Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer with an off-road racing buggy? Well… this - the All-terrain Competition Study (ACS) - a co-developed project between Singer and British company Tuthill Porsche. Built at the request of a client who wanted an air-cooled 911 that could cope with the world’s most extreme off-road races, it pays homage to a golden era of Porsche rallying in the 1980s and to cars like the 959 Safari. It has four-wheel drive, a turbocharged flat-six, carbon panels, trick suspension and a stripped out interior, but still retains the outrageous attention to detail of all Singer’s creations. See it in action, allow Jack Rix to give you the full tour and hear from the man responsible for engineering this restomod monster - Richard Tuthill.
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Service & Feedback

  • Who is the client?

    Stephen MillarStephen MillarTimme sedan
  • Could you imagine if they built the other car into a road/track version of this? With watercooled heads and adjustable hydraulic suspension? Max boost and a choice set of rims? This beast is already sexy as hell...

    EatinbritchesEatinbritches2 timmar sedan
  • I like it

    lukas ibrohimlukas ibrohim3 timmar sedan
  • Very nice

    Peter RetfordPeter Retford8 timmar sedan
  • if '2019 Vettel' and 'Richard Hammond' had a baby

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi10 timmar sedan
  • I wonder if he does any other impersonations besides Hammond. The interview and discussion is less Top Gear and more, Leno’s Garage.

    Dave FoxDave Fox10 timmar sedan
  • if you cant beat them join them, copy Hammond I think it makes it better.

    Luke YeatesLuke Yeates10 timmar sedan
  • that scene in this whilst he fawns over the branding and colours made me feel like vomiting

    Michelle de VriesMichelle de Vries11 timmar sedan
  • $500k plus? Perfect is perfect and you pay for perfect. This car at less that a million is a deal.

    Mitsubishi Turbo TunerMitsubishi Turbo Tuner13 timmar sedan
    • They're fabulous.

      eioshen boboieioshen boboi10 timmar sedan
  • On his wage you’d think he could afford correctly fitting jeans , is it me do his trainers make it look like he’s trying to walk in ice skates 🤣

    Darren JonesDarren Jones15 timmar sedan
  • 3:28 he’s trying so hard to be like Richard Hammond lol

    Best name on This platformBest name on This platform15 timmar sedan
  • All this babbling and no running the car?! Jesus

    Thomas GrossThomas Gross15 timmar sedan
  • Singer is doing Gods work.

    Happily HamHappily Ham18 timmar sedan
  • god that is beautiful

    Green ToastrGreen Toastr18 timmar sedan
  • now she looks like a 'beetle buggy'... :)

    Shiran DavidaiShiran Davidai20 timmar sedan
  • What is it really you are trying to achieve in this job? Those shoes, that hair, those clothes all on a guy who is the wrong side of 50. you do know the world is absolutely inundated with boys in men bodies don't you?

    Big RedBig Red21 timme sedan
  • Really wanted to see that thing in action. Two dude talking...... thanks

    John NaesJohn Naes23 timmar sedan
  • Using a radiator for the oil cooler haha porsche people are funny and i love the look of them but come on give up the bullshit and just use water cooled engines haha

    phantom dickphantom dickDag sedan
  • Cant drive it tho? Is this even TopGear

    Braden WoodsBraden WoodsDag sedan
  • When you see budget Clarkson, Hammond and May I miss the old top gear

    rallexrallexDag sedan
  • Make a nice "daily-driver"! Now can we make one bullet-proof? (BTW: You didn't t talk about the "all-wheel drive"...)

  • Thats hot!

    Kerem OzurunKerem OzurunDag sedan
  • I'm sorry. I'll get of this vid for all 911 fans. I simply hate the 911 "design".

    Wacky TabacyWacky TabacyDag sedan
  • The styling element?

    Wacky TabacyWacky TabacyDag sedan
  • A jacked up 911 looks stupid in my opinion

    Wacky TabacyWacky TabacyDag sedan
  • I could do without the front mudflaps

    Mike BraccoMike BraccoDag sedan
  • Hamster has a pornstache! Lmao Boy has hamster changed over the years

    NYC BADoneNYC BADoneDag sedan
  • Gorgeous car but the exchange between the presenter and the engineer was quite awkward.

    Combo NationCombo NationDag sedan
  • This show is nothing but fluff without the 3 amigos

    Montana MuleMontana MuleDag sedan
  • Thing looks like a radio controlled car and he sounds like discount Richard Hammond.

    mikea hiooimikea hiooiDag sedan
  • This show died when Clarkson, Hammond and May left. Just let it go and admit you were wrong

    Dyna HackDyna HackDag sedan
  • Maybe don't speak like Hammond from top gear

    Ozzy CamOzzy CamDag sedan
  • After all these years, they're still trying to replicate the original trio and it's just terrible. This guy seems like he wants to do his own thing but is forced to act like hammond, so it turns out like very awkward balance between doing the car journalist and acting jobs.

    TehAlekziTehAlekziDag sedan
    • I know the tuthill family

      mikea hiooimikea hiooiDag sedan
  • could be a 4 liter, right?

    Logan GardnerLogan GardnerDag sedan
  • They should make a mod for the modern Renault Alpine to be a rally car as well, or if not a mod they should remake it yo look like the new iteration of the Alpine rally car (I know they are mainly invested in Porche but the idea just popped out in my mind)

    Rodrigo IrigoyenRodrigo IrigoyenDag sedan
  • Thing looks like a radio controlled car and he sounds like discount Richard Hammond.

    Ephemis PriestEphemis Priest2 dagar sedan
  • Mesmerized by the tennis shoes myself.

    William FilerWilliam Filer2 dagar sedan
  • I've been lucky to have been in real, deep, true love twice in my wife. The first time when I met my wife. The second time when this video began and I saw the Singer ACS

    Tall DrinkTall Drink2 dagar sedan
  • شوفو الفيديو بليز😢💔

    muhammad saaed alawamuhammad saaed alawa2 dagar sedan

    Sue TaylorSue Taylor2 dagar sedan
  • The interview feels so forced.. yikes

    TanzaniteTanzanite2 dagar sedan
  • I have a hunch it will cost more than a VW Kit Dune Buggy .... It's hard to find VW Donor cars anymore..

    Mike SkidmoreMike Skidmore2 dagar sedan
  • But... the Irish Green 911 in the background! :0)

    William RWilliam R2 dagar sedan
  • Wait that was not a toy? Wow!!!

    Rashad GloverRashad Glover2 dagar sedan
  • Who else misses the original Top Gear

    Horrera hashmiHorrera hashmi2 dagar sedan
  • Who are you and what have you done to Richard Hammond??

    Grimble GrumbleGrimble Grumble2 dagar sedan
  • No thanks. As the owner of a Jeep Wrangler TJ and a Porsche Boxster, with years of motorcycle overlanding experience this is Not the vehicle I'd want to take Anywhere.

    d bd b2 dagar sedan
  • I know the tuthill family

    Nigel PlayzNigel Playz2 dagar sedan
  • WTAF is that thing under his nose?

    Chris HChris H2 dagar sedan
  • The first Singer 911 that I don't like.

    scudboy002scudboy0022 dagar sedan
  • Fresh sneakers out the box - maybe there's a video of that too?

    Steiger _Steiger _2 dagar sedan
  • That's a fancy Beetle 🪲👌

    Jesus GonzalezJesus Gonzalez2 dagar sedan
  • The sulky goose proximately kiss because cheque uniquely knot following a undesirable spleen. sulky, happy accountant

    Stephen HarrisonStephen Harrison2 dagar sedan
  • Volkswagen?

    Budi SantosoBudi Santoso2 dagar sedan
  • This is kind of art how virgil abloh should build on G Class

    Lorend BungaranLorend Bungaran2 dagar sedan
  • Functional and beautiful.

    Galen HaughGalen Haugh3 dagar sedan
    • Awesome!!!!

      aola wiliaola wili2 dagar sedan
  • *drooling*

    Sweet Pea GraybleSweet Pea Grayble3 dagar sedan
    • Fire 🔥

      aola wiliaola wili2 dagar sedan
  • HAMPSTER 2.0

    D ShermD Sherm3 dagar sedan
  • It's gorgeous - except for those flappy things up front- WHY????

    james curtisjames curtis3 dagar sedan
    • Mild downforce.

      EatinbritchesEatinbritches2 timmar sedan
  • When i first saw the thumbnail i thought that was an rc car. Even in the intro it sounded like one....

    24_Siddarth24_Siddarth3 dagar sedan
  • This car reminds me very much on the Porsche Panamericana concept car from 1989:

    Peter OfenbäckPeter Ofenbäck3 dagar sedan
  • Who for gids sake its that thing presenting this! Trying to be.......who?

    Sjef HendrickxSjef Hendrickx3 dagar sedan
  • I though it was a radio controlled car

    Hammonds a bitchHammonds a bitch3 dagar sedan
  • This guy could save Top Gear Fwaah! nice

    Michael van SchalkwykMichael van Schalkwyk3 dagar sedan
  • How ironic--i have an F150 Baja Prerunner that I lowered and put slicks on to autocross!

    Craig WilliamsCraig Williams3 dagar sedan
  • Why has it got blades sticking out of the front - have they entered it into Death Race 2020?

    CyberGorn StarTrooperCyberGorn StarTrooper3 dagar sedan
    • It reduces how much slop gets flung at the windscreen.

      Rick CRick C2 dagar sedan
  • The ridiculous "mutant mudflaps" have to go.

    Lee WardLee Ward3 dagar sedan
    • Sometimes function is a higher priority than form.

      Rick CRick C2 dagar sedan
    • ...unless you actually encounter mud.

      Galen HaughGalen Haugh3 dagar sedan
  • Absolutley fantastic looks completely factory finished unbelievable piece of machinery no doubt.... in white as well perfect palette for high speed artwork

    john moserjohn moser3 dagar sedan
  • While the ad and start was running, i was so confused reading the comments with everyone saying how much Hammond had changed and everyone mentioning him

    CaspzzCaspzz3 dagar sedan
  • whoever ordered this car, mad respect.

    Samet ALTUNSOYSamet ALTUNSOY3 dagar sedan
  • Only at the end I saw I awas watching a "Top Gear" video. Man, that was the most unpassionate presentation of an unbelievable car I have ever seen under that name. Really sad.

    easyXdiehardeasyXdiehard3 dagar sedan
  • It’s not Electric ⚡️! 👎🏻👎🏻

    KoofaKoofa3 dagar sedan
  • Tools and spanners in a *white* leather bag? SIGH....

    vondahevondahe3 dagar sedan
    • *brown leather bag within 30 seconds

      MattMattDag sedan
  • Perfect vehicle for Forza Horizon!

    Andrew ReevesAndrew Reeves3 dagar sedan
  • When did top gear start having moustaches?

    Sharath R NairSharath R Nair3 dagar sedan
    • I think the problem is that it's merely the start of a moustache.

      Rick CRick C2 dagar sedan
  • I thought that I clicked on a Top Gear vid, what is this?

    KingJeromeKingJerome3 dagar sedan
  • Interesting rally-car project.

    Денис УсковДенис Усков3 dagar sedan
  • Happy every day

    aola wiliaola wili3 dagar sedan
  • Not my cup of tea but what an amazing peace of equipment, OMG 😲

    MickeyMickey3 dagar sedan
  • It looks like a RC car and it sounds like a RC car. They did everything right!

    ö. . ,ö. . ,3 dagar sedan
  • the phwoar is soooo awkward.

    Geoffrey YeohGeoffrey Yeoh3 dagar sedan
  • Wow very cool ...

    Raden BimoRaden Bimo3 dagar sedan
    • Took a while to get the time to watch this...Could have watched that all day.

      aola wiliaola wili3 dagar sedan
  • I only clicked because I thought it was Hammond .

    Mohammed UddinMohammed Uddin3 dagar sedan
  • top gear fan since 1991...........sad......sad........sad.......road, hope you find waze, and get rid of the 2 boys with no message and keep harris (HE'S TG NOW). i feel like crying.....mustache guy......go.....witter away're sad......and dont forget that you look like a resume on jokes of the '80 😢 i will be waiting for you my dear top gear....get well...we love (to see) you!!! 😢

    szmityszmity3 dagar sedan
  • All top gear presenters articulate and pronounce words like each other, don't they.

    Ufkun ÇakırUfkun Çakır3 dagar sedan
  • What a gorgeous, maniacal thing. Love the shape, colors, and intent.

    Zack KlapmanZack Klapman3 dagar sedan
  • i hate how they keep calling it an offroad 911 its a 964 body and looks like a 964 not a 911

    Andrew IsaacsonAndrew Isaacson4 dagar sedan
  • That’s quite the car.

    Jerome HansenJerome Hansen4 dagar sedan
  • I like how the car has a safari theme to it, and the host looks a bit like Nigel Thornberry

    carmaticcarmatic4 dagar sedan
    • If Nigel Thornberry were intimidated by actual adventure.

      Rick CRick C2 dagar sedan
  • Actually the Lord said to Moses " Come Forth " unfortunately he came in they gave him a Tea Set... also a razor he may even share with you for you prep of perfect facial hair...LOL...

    Edmund Arthur DickensonEdmund Arthur Dickenson4 dagar sedan
  • Hat's off , I want one ! Great idea top gear .

    gordon chacegordon chace4 dagar sedan
  • Where is the license plate mount?

    Brad ComisBrad Comis4 dagar sedan
  • Safari builds are bad ass. A Singer safari build is beyond words.

    Steven WilliamsSteven Williams4 dagar sedan
  • When you see the passion and excitement in Richards eyes you just want to work at Porsche yourself! At least i do...😄

    Rens De LangeRens De Lange4 dagar sedan
  • Presented by Pritchard Harmon

    P FP F4 dagar sedan
  • Took a while to get the time to watch this...Could have watched that all day.

    Mr. AmpsMr. Amps4 dagar sedan
  • How much is it?

    Will blundellWill blundell4 dagar sedan
  • skinny jeans are starting to look ridiculous!

    kevin waltonkevin walton4 dagar sedan
  • Richard Tuthill is the man for building comp Porsches without a doubt

    Chopper MeirChopper Meir4 dagar sedan
  • Clarkson has built something similar recently for The Grand Tour. It was a Bentley. Much better show, much better car then this Panzer and Clarkson tested it in Madagascar. Top Gear is rubbish since the lads left. What are the viewing ratings in comparison BBC??

    Shane du BarrieShane du Barrie4 dagar sedan