I wore Rock Lee's leg Weights for TWO WEEKS, did I get faster???

12 jan 2021
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I've been waiting 17 years for the chance to make Rock Lee's leg weights so I can finally answer the question: would they actually make me faster?
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You never did answer my bra question @Xyla Foxlin ??
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    Allen Pan - Sufficiently AdvancedAllen Pan - Sufficiently Advanced4 dagar sedan
    • @Michael Gomez it seems like a great way to get muscle, during all this lockdown nonsense i lost 40 pounds and NONE of it was muscle weight I'm trying to get muscle but its hard without the motivation of over pushing myself

      Yukimura Sanada5Yukimura Sanada553 minuter sedan
    • So technically If you add just one pound you could work out harder and still get that light feeling in your legs with less loss of coordination

      Michael GomezMichael GomezTimme sedan
    • where did you get the 5 and 10 pound weights? "Amazon maybe?" and what are the called so I can get some, this stuff was a plan of mine in the past but had no clue what and where and my mom waves her nurse title around saying it just hurts and breaks my body, But I don't listen to medical "Experts" anymore after many things in my life

      Yukimura Sanada5Yukimura Sanada52 timmar sedan
    • I've done weighted martial arts training and watching you do this makes my legs tired just thinking about it

      ShironAdamShironAdam2 timmar sedan
    • Damn wish I could have these weights I have 2 10 pound ankle weights and a 25 pound weight vest that I wore my whole junior year I wish I had these weights so I could increase it for my senior year

      Caleb DavisCaleb Davis2 timmar sedan
  • 2:57 really dude? Your outside and no one else is by you... not trying to cause any issues it’s your choice if you want to then that’s fine

    Daigan BledsoeDaigan BledsoeMinut sedan
  • Allen and Kyle. Best. Collab. Ever.

    Marcus BartoliMarcus BartoliMinut sedan
  • Nobody: Rocks lee son:

    Annoying DoggyAnnoying DoggyMinut sedan
  • muscle is denser and heaver then fat so if you didnt burn alot of fat off but did gain muscle you would weight more

    azurephantom100azurephantom1002 minuter sedan
  • Good content

    lokallokal2 minuter sedan
  • Hey, he wears the same socks as me!

    Jesse HodgsonJesse Hodgson3 minuter sedan
  • This is why it's so difficult to escape obesity. It's like wearing those at all times

    The Hoodie With a RudyThe Hoodie With a Rudy5 minuter sedan
  • My school rucksack weighs 34kg and I wear it all day every day sooooo mans a big tough guy innit? 😂

    DE-Intro No.2DE-Intro No.27 minuter sedan
  • So slow lmao

    Clinton BrighamClinton Brigham7 minuter sedan
  • This guy has a tiktok t-shirt.... why isn’t anyone mentioning this 🤦‍♂️

    大砲は「ピュ」大砲は「ピュ」8 minuter sedan
  • Watching you take of the ankle weights each day and seeing you so happy was great. XD

    Volt SianoVolt Siano8 minuter sedan
  • How come your feet point so far out diagonally.

    Angelo AlexanderAngelo Alexander8 minuter sedan

    jooj uoskejooj uoske8 minuter sedan
  • I’ve never seen two more out of shape dudes.

    elbowgreeseelbowgreese9 minuter sedan
  • Loved the video!! You just got a new fan. Animanium lol!

    Darius ToddDarius Todd12 minuter sedan
  • 10:27 I saw that and I was like, you Crazy son of ..... Insane! It hurts my eyes to watch that. Nice video and thanks for the sacrifice!

    ZertexZertex12 minuter sedan
  • I've always think about doing this, and someone already did

    KubikKubik12 minuter sedan
  • Your steps should look something like this: \ / \ /

    Raul David ColonRaul David Colon14 minuter sedan
  • It's pretty natural to gain weight during the free weeks or so of working out this is due to your body getting used to releasing more energy by getting used to I mean saving more.

    I AmI Am15 minuter sedan
  • Most unathletic person I have ever seen.

    taylor stubbstaylor stubbs16 minuter sedan
  • Have you tried eating a healthier diet with your experiments?

    CrowmasterCrowmaster17 minuter sedan
  • Just be careful with your Achilles.

    Jonston BrownJonston Brown17 minuter sedan
  • Now all he need to do is make a space pod with 10x gravity and hes good to go

    Jeo harold SapaJeo harold Sapa24 minuter sedan
  • This was what Cristiano Ronaldo used to do when playing for Manchester United. He used it to practice dribbling and skills, not for sprint speed though

    caolan ferrycaolan ferry24 minuter sedan
  • Rock lee

    Honey BagerProjectHoney BagerProject25 minuter sedan
  • *weighs self and has gained weight twice*

    Brody CordonBrody Cordon26 minuter sedan
  • I'm going to point this out, more for 'Goku' than for 'Rock Lee', gradual weight increase while regularly exercising is not only safer, more effective, and logical... it is literally what was done in Dragon Ball. Roshi started Goku and Krillin with lighter weights, then increased their load over time, Goku and the others all mentioned they merely kept doing it and distributing the weight across their bodies. To properly test the DB weighted clothing would require starting light (1lb per wrist, 2lbs per ankle, 5 lb belt, 9lb shirt... 20lbs overall to start) and gradually increasing each every few weeks while maintaining a moderate to rigorous workout regiment, not skipping to major weight without building the strength, fundamentals, and endurance.

    TxSonofLibertyTxSonofLiberty27 minuter sedan
  • You can't become stronger, So!! Have a son, put weights on him, train that kid like rock lee, over time intensity increase will not damage him🍻

    Joseph JoestarJoseph Joestar29 minuter sedan
  • Wait, is Goku the guy from Because Science?

    Shagzidon GamingShagzidon Gaming30 minuter sedan
  • You couldn't have just said "Demon slayer"?😭😭

    The WillThe Will30 minuter sedan
  • in some martial arts you do use leg weights to train, if you remove them the legs will feel lighter and you can do stuff much faster, but weights on legs increase risk of injury a lot, so you must know what you are doing very well.

    Felipe AugustoFelipe Augusto30 minuter sedan
  • He doesn't know how to run thoughhhh

    Ntinos KassNtinos Kass31 minut sedan
  • This guy is wearing a mask outside.

    BeuqBeuq31 minut sedan
  • The IllinoiS test lol

    BuildWorm67BuildWorm6731 minut sedan
  • But if you were to wear the weight and work out i bet the gain in speed would be a land slide

    Ajfarm 713Ajfarm 71332 minuter sedan
  • "That Green Guy is Rock Lee Disgusting NORMIES"

    Cookie CrumbleCookie Crumble33 minuter sedan
  • 0:00 Allen Pain

    Darian WadeDarian Wade33 minuter sedan
  • The power of Youth!

    OlyChanOlyChan33 minuter sedan
  • Dude Is by himself outside wearing a mask don’t care about rules no one uses common sense when they wear them lmao

    Cody PapeCody Pape33 minuter sedan
  • he gained 3 lbs in muscle cause muscle is denser and heavier than fat.

    Chris NorrisChris Norris35 minuter sedan
  • I just noticed that you were wearing an mha UA gym suit- 😂

    Dasha LopezDasha Lopez36 minuter sedan
  • I dont think he relizez how much we fluxuate weight daily

    house hold fingerboardinghouse hold fingerboarding36 minuter sedan
  • Because you gained it could be muscle weight you gained because you used the energy

    Fahd AbdullahFahd Abdullah40 minuter sedan
  • Dislike for wearing mask becouse he is alone wearing it

    Miki MilanMiki Milan40 minuter sedan
  • i call it unathletic

    FabrizioFabrizio41 minut sedan
  • I have those socks 🧦😂

    Fredi OrdazFredi Ordaz41 minut sedan
  • don't exercise kids, it makes you weigh more

    ocomhdhainocomhdhain42 minuter sedan
  • So basically it's still fine but a more gradual increase would likely reduce the chances of injury and also there could be improvements on the design of the leg weights. Cool video though.

    Ism La'maroofIsm La'maroof42 minuter sedan
  • a big factor here, is that you dont know how to run, everything would be diffrent, so please dont take this video seriously.

    The CracksThe Cracks43 minuter sedan
  • Advertisements: “we guarantee you will lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks” This guy: *X to Doubt*

    GachaCellGachaCell43 minuter sedan
  • I subbed for his Sailormoon shirt 😍🥰😍🥰🥰🥰😍

    Kawaii SenshiKawaii Senshi44 minuter sedan
  • "What's you doing son?" "Strapping drill bits to my legs" "... WHY?"

    ClutterTrotClutterTrot45 minuter sedan
  • Just 2 anime dudes chillin.

    LukaLuka45 minuter sedan
  • "You filthy normy" 🤣🤣🤣

    Kawaii SenshiKawaii Senshi47 minuter sedan
  • Dude, you're so lucky you didn't injure yourself. Like Goku said, sudden changes in mass is going to cause injury. You have to train up to these things and support it with proper diet. Life is NOT an anime. If you want to bridge the gap between rl and anime, why not train properly and show your viewers tangible results? Also a few things: The 1 second you shaved off is insignificant and could have meant many other factors. The 3 lbs of weight gain could have been water weight, food you ate that day, etc. Fitness, weight gain/loss, strength gain/loss is only apparent over a long period of training, not a couple of weeks. Nothing scientific about this at all.

    Yu IkoYu Iko47 minuter sedan
  • Fight me

    h3rl0verh3rl0ver47 minuter sedan
  • LOL. BTW what happened with your gift from the Christmas special? Still caught in customs?

    thecrazy8888thecrazy888847 minuter sedan
  • i’m gonna do this with 5 pounds on each leg

    PricePrice49 minuter sedan
  • Start off with 5 lb weights for 1 week then add 5 lbs each week

    16 2016 2049 minuter sedan
  • *me being named Allen when he says only Allen can test leg weights* 😏😏

    Allen BowlingAllen Bowling50 minuter sedan
  • Your fit bruh you just carrying mad weight cause of your height and stuff..

    legendsnowSK - CoDMlegendsnowSK - CoDM50 minuter sedan
  • Eat and get natural 50pound 😂

    Suraj Prakash ThakurSuraj Prakash Thakur51 minut sedan
  • I ain't promising nothing

    Bradley WathenBradley Wathen52 minuter sedan
  • Why tf does he look like an overweight version of Ryan Higa?

    Hades-Hades-52 minuter sedan
  • Girls: ok guys so today we’re try out a new Make-Up brands 🌞 Boys: 💪🏽🌛

    BrannixBrannix52 minuter sedan
  • I called it the rock lee challenge

    16 2016 2054 minuter sedan
  • I had the same idea

    16 2016 2054 minuter sedan
  • U have to train fast twitch muscal fiber with wights then take them off

    Angel NapierAngel Napier54 minuter sedan
    • Also u have to heal from the calsifaction

      Angel NapierAngel Napier53 minuter sedan
  • “Don’t try this at home” The experiment works Weebs: oh yeah yeah

    Dan DA little ManDan DA little Man55 minuter sedan
  • His pants is reminding me of izuku midoria from my hero academia

    biscuits 246biscuits 24655 minuter sedan
  • You filthy normie... As Naruto is a normie anime smh

    MACHO NACHOMACHO NACHO55 minuter sedan
  • It's just out of shape man trying to do anything

    hey hayhey hay57 minuter sedan
  • Next video: I got eye surgery to see whether or not Sharingan eyes actually work

    Sébastien ElimbiSébastien Elimbi57 minuter sedan
  • Rock lee and goku having having small talk

    Matsuri VMatsuri V58 minuter sedan
  • I’m glad he wore a mask while talking into the camera so that I didn’t get the virus by watching this.

    RyanRyan58 minuter sedan
  • Video games failed? Bro, play thrill of the fight on a Quest XD

    Carlos CervantesCarlos Cervantes58 minuter sedan
  • Why did he use HSS drills? It's not tungsten carbide.

    MartinMartin59 minuter sedan
  • Walks into a bank with ammo pouches strapped all over him... “Hello, I’d like to make a withdrawal please.”

    Samuel CusterSamuel Custer59 minuter sedan
  • Naruto stole that shit from Goku.

    drotheilldrotheill59 minuter sedan
  • imagine wearing a useless face mask OUTSIDE and while exercising, he must live in one of those unfreedom zones we call liberal states

    goldchris1111goldchris1111Timme sedan
  • Confirmed allen is dumb

    Ugandan Metal SonicUgandan Metal SonicTimme sedan
  • You can work out a lot but if you don’t change your diet well you won’t see much improvement

    nick osbournnick osbournTimme sedan
  • ATTENTION For european people and rest of the world (basically non english speakers): 50Lbs = 22,67 Kg your welcome hahhahaha

    Toni MacarroniToni MacarroniTimme sedan
  • it was actually 50 kilos which is like like 100 something pounds

    Lucas AssefaLucas AssefaTimme sedan
  • 100$ a month?????

    Jacob VapsvaJacob VapsvaTimme sedan
  • When you take the weights off in the end I was imagining Rock Lee reacting like you did 🤣

    AndersAndersTimme sedan
  • he has duck foot, it is much worse on his right foot than left

    Lmann7Lmann7Timme sedan
  • Bru I love this guys energy

    The actual slayer FilmsThe actual slayer FilmsTimme sedan
  • I heard "Good Morning Nate". I was like so that's Nate Robinson. Then heard another name I was like well I am dumb asf.

    Nasty_Pampers PlaysNasty_Pampers PlaysTimme sedan
  • Anime is real

    Gonzalo SanchezGonzalo SanchezTimme sedan
  • This is hands down my favorite anime fight scene of all time. I cry every damn time. Rock Lee is a friggin legend.

    SlimmFromYouTubeSlimmFromYouTubeTimme sedan
  • The answer is flat out no. There was only like a 1 to 3 second difference and that could just be because of the moment. In order to actually test this you would need to run several times before the weights and get the average then again after the weights.

    BLAZE45BLAZE45Timme sedan
  • An ankle weight hack I used to do when training for sports was to wrap them around your waist instead of your ankles.

    Edward GadsonEdward GadsonTimme sedan
  • Talk about commitment...even though the results was NOT worth it 😂

    SuikodenGRSuikodenGRTimme sedan
  • Ya need to do that for 16y, or u wont gonna reach lee's level. Haha

    I hate idealismI hate idealismTimme sedan
  • Now by Guy's and Rock Lee's standards, you should wear 100 pound weights for 5 weeks lol

    TaqresuTaqresuTimme sedan
  • I can't walk with my own legs and you here walking with your legs and extra weigh dude

    Jo JoJo JoTimme sedan
  • To be agile, you need to fix your 01:50h feet first

    CuajomenCuajomenTimme sedan
  • Why the hell are you wearing a mask outside wtf or at all

    Federico .S.Federico .S.Timme sedan