19 jan 2021
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The RTG is up against the ropes in the fight for Elite 1 but we have one more ace up our sleeve.
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  • Luck u can turn. If I try to turn my player do it in slow mo and loses the ball. Disgusting gameplay EA sucks

    gabriel Villegasgabriel Villegas3 dagar sedan
  • Love you Botas🔥🔥

    Janet DagbaJanet Dagba26 dagar sedan
  • Boras is joao Felix good om Wing pls answer me

    Umut ŞimşekUmut ŞimşekMånad sedan
  • Legendary BoRas

    Lynn RojasLynn RojasMånad sedan
  • Have been following him for quite a long time for not only his gameplay but also his so satisfying background soundrack, always on point

  • His weapon was chocolate...ok

    GameofStonesGameofStonesMånad sedan
  • Well that was scary... 5:59

    GameofStonesGameofStonesMånad sedan
  • Can you try 3-5-2 this week. 442 is starting to get boring and I think 352 is fun

    J AJ AMånad sedan
  • Guys when he play and he go for changes and he put DUNCAN he has ST position at Botas is he gonna be good on CM position what chemistry he has them?

    Amel RAmel RMånad sedan
  • Check it out CR7 had already moved off and started celebrating when Diego Carlos/boras made that clearance off the line with Diego Carlos!!

    remarini52remarini52Månad sedan
  • Use Robben with an engine instead. It helped a lot for me 👌🏼

    Niklas AndresenNiklas AndresenMånad sedan
  • lol u talking about bridge being op but those skill cancels arent? :D have u seen some1 irl cancel his skill move? thats just stupid ;)

    Michal MasnýMichal MasnýMånad sedan
  • What do you mean when you say GG? Surely it wasn’t golden goal as you were almost over with the game and a few goals already scored. Thanks for replying.

    Mauricio CéspedesMauricio CéspedesMånad sedan
    • good game

      Zachary BlueZachary BlueMånad sedan
  • Boras: Isn’t happy to stuck in Elite 1 Me: stuck in Zilver 1 😂

    [BB] Mattiaツ[BB] MattiaツMånad sedan
  • Capa at LB is a odd choice! Any reason you'd play him there and not a left footed CDM?

    Luke RyanLuke RyanMånad sedan
  • The fact you don't celebrate after scoring is reason enough to watch your videos, let alone your skill

    Frankie LaraFrankie LaraMånad sedan
  • Normal people getting vindication: “LET’S F**KING GO!” Boras: “EAT THE GRASS AND DIGEST IT WITH YOU 4 STOMACHS!”

    Zachary StoreyZachary StoreyMånad sedan
  • chocolate tip. Never forget it

    Ellison LeãoEllison LeãoMånad sedan
  • That weird music somehow works😄👍 u r so good, how u don't get top200 is strange man

    Paul NAPaul NAMånad sedan
  • Boras please i hope you see this, what is the name of this kit you sometime use, its WHITE shirts, BLUE shorts and RED socks?🙏

    Ferruccio HFerruccio HMånad sedan
  • Where is salah?

    Liam ÅshedenLiam ÅshedenMånad sedan
  • What's the camera he's using?

    fabio cacciafabio cacciaMånad sedan
  • The song selection in these videos are amazing

    bornsavagebornsavageMånad sedan
  • ”Mollet never misses a shot” 15:56

    Erik LagessonErik LagessonMånad sedan
  • Boras: does gaming guides Best tip: eat chocolate during Fut Champs

    JespressoJespressoMånad sedan
    • 😂

      BorasLegendBorasLegendMånad sedan
  • You know your team is OP when you bringing Felix on as a super sub 😂

    Sameer LallooSameer LallooMånad sedan
  • Was this all just a Snickers advert 😂

    Leevi HellmanLeevi HellmanMånad sedan
    • Naaah 😅

      BorasLegendBorasLegendMånad sedan
  • what ping you got, bro?

    exale88exale88Månad sedan
  • Nice bro

    eslameslamMånad sedan
  • how good is dos Santo?

    אברהם אקאלאברהם אקאלMånad sedan
  • Wallertz the GOAT

    RSRSMånad sedan
  • What are your camera settings?

    qedien fnqedien fnMånad sedan
  • I am always stuk at 11 wins :(

    Dryz_ShineDryz_ShineMånad sedan
  • Duncan doughnuts

    Ameer freemanAmeer freemanMånad sedan
  • Always have chocolate ...this sucks im lactose intolerant

    choo mummmaachoo mummmaaMånad sedan
  • Team wallertz will always get a free win against me when we match up

    Ivan KulolaIvan KulolaMånad sedan
  • Try Salah

    DidoNabil VlogsDidoNabil VlogsMånad sedan
  • *This video is sponsored by chocolate bar

    Adam SöderbergAdam SöderbergMånad sedan
  • Does anyone notice that almost every clutch draw goals were scored by Neymar. I think Ney needs more recognition lol.

    Mahtab AmanMahtab AmanMånad sedan
  • Hi

    Uram Don’t careUram Don’t careMånad sedan
  • Hey Boras you should try the new Tavaneir card headliner as a CB, hes an absolute beast. Great content. Keep it up

    Decay GamingDecay GamingMånad sedan
  • Once a legend said "Dunkan donuts"

    Sumit 07Sumit 07Månad sedan
  • boras definitely learn science

    One LoveOne LoveMånad sedan
  • I love u bro ❤️

    Solar_ SoccerkingSolar_ SoccerkingMånad sedan
  • Can you please give us a video about goncalo guedes 85 I’m planning on doing his challenge but I don’t see any video about him

    iNLiNLMånad sedan
    • Might finish him!

      BorasLegendBorasLegendMånad sedan
  • Not on purpose... but it gives us the rave quit 😂😂

    Eddie ValenciaEddie ValenciaMånad sedan
  • GG u really dominated me and diserved the win im the guy at 3:45

    Dark_m8a1Dark_m8a1Månad sedan
    • Gg man! 💪

      BorasLegendBorasLegendMånad sedan
    • Sure haha

      Dark_m8a1Dark_m8a1Månad sedan
    • Did you eat the grass?

      practiceyourartpracticeyourartMånad sedan
  • How dare you insult King Mo and call him sbc fodder! that's why you'll never be a top player. Disgrace.

    Karim FaggalKarim FaggalMånad sedan
  • Why do you feel like Hunter is better than Engine on CR7? Doesn’t his dribbling and balance affect you?

    Francisco HuatoFrancisco HuatoMånad sedan
  • Pro tip : "if you play fifa always have chocolate near you"

    S1NfUL Dr4g0NS1NfUL Dr4g0NMånad sedan
  • Him saying dunkin donuts is so funny to me!! Lol 😂😂

    Omar CervantesOmar CervantesMånad sedan
  • i played about 100 games with Robben and really just isn't that good. His weak foot is soooo bad

    Ben ABen AMånad sedan
  • i love when he says take it, digest it 🤣

    LloydnyakoLloydnyakoMånad sedan

    Navil AhmedNavil AhmedMånad sedan
  • What Chem style do you recommend on Jonathan dos Santos? Using him as my ball carrier next to Mid ballack in cm

    Jordan NewtonJordan NewtonMånad sedan
  • Love you boras

    Santiago SalomSantiago SalomMånad sedan
  • Those ball rolls to get past keeper don't seem to be as effective anymore. :( I think the problem this weekend was burnout. Seemed very tired, and understandable. Playing so many games cooks the enthusiasm levels. Attitude seems good though. You're not blaming other things. Just tired.

    Wasko PekoWasko PekoMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/brGaq7i2m2xn0aM/video

    Papa ShmoovePapa ShmooveMånad sedan
  • A Boras FIFA card would have 99 composure. Keep on the good work

    n0sd0gn0sd0gMånad sedan
  • Why is pope so op???

    Guery CordovadislaGuery CordovadislaMånad sedan
  • Its really sad last week he almost got top 100 but he lost to his own sub

    Nehemy ThermoiseNehemy ThermoiseMånad sedan
  • 14:35 how is that no offside?

    Sepehr LotfiSepehr LotfiMånad sedan
    • Yeah 100%

      Wasko PekoWasko PekoMånad sedan
  • 6:04 😂😂

    Ege ÖmürEge ÖmürMånad sedan
  • WALLERTS you absolute legend

    Shuaib AbdullahiShuaib AbdullahiMånad sedan
  • 3 dislikes means only one thing....... 3 Saturday 👻 👻 👻

    Ray BansRay BansMånad sedan
  • Burirum ก็มา 555+

    Beer KungBeer KungMånad sedan
  • 17:32 i felt that with my heart bro

    Oliver FoxOliver FoxMånad sedan
  • Is it just me or is the jockey not as accurate after the patch? Before the patch I was conceding 1 or no goals at all and sometimes 2 but now I’m conceding so many goals man

    Leonardo _DaG9Leonardo _DaG9Månad sedan
  • You are a good player and a good person but this game is very toxic and a scam.

    Riccardo CRiccardo CMånad sedan
  • “salah is sbc fodder here” me, who also got red salah from an upgrade like 2 days ago and sold my cr7 because salah has been better: ??????

    Seth KetchumSeth KetchumMånad sedan
    • @Haizil Mohammed fayaz well he aint strong

      Legendary Tanki OnlineLegendary Tanki OnlineMånad sedan
    • @Legendary Tanki Online wth he isn't tiny lol

      Haizil Mohammed fayazHaizil Mohammed fayazMånad sedan
    • Bad physicals 3* weak foot. He's tiny and no where near as good as Ronaldo

      Legendary Tanki OnlineLegendary Tanki OnlineMånad sedan
    • 3 star ⭐️ wf bro

      Ray BansRay BansMånad sedan
  • Acuna or Tavernier as CDM?

    Shuaib AbdullahiShuaib AbdullahiMånad sedan
  • boras & ovvy >>>>>>>>>>>> shitty krasi

    Lum SamuelLum SamuelMånad sedan
  • "Chew the grass like a cow - take it, and digest it" in Boras' accent, might be the greatest thing I've ever heard!

    Dave BakerDave BakerMånad sedan
    • laughed my ass off haha

      ahmedomusiqueahmedomusiqueMånad sedan
    • @Hjalmar Forsvall I think it translated beautifully tbh! 😃😂

      Dave BakerDave BakerMånad sedan
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      sin2k6sin2k6Månad sedan
    • Such an educated roast! "Digest it with your four different stomachs!"

      ggMånad sedan
    • In Sweden we say that, but it doesn’t translate to English very well😅

      Hjalmar ForsvallHjalmar ForsvallMånad sedan
  • guys do I play kante or acuña 88 at cdm?

    zN8thzN8thMånad sedan
    • Duhh acuna is that even a question bruh

      Haizil Mohammed fayazHaizil Mohammed fayazMånad sedan
  • I wish my girl talked about me the same as how Boras talks about acuña 😪

    Carlton678Carlton678Månad sedan
    • @Emmy_10 Al Capone without the cap 🧢

      DaanDaanMånad sedan
    • I wish I had a girl

      Emmy_10Emmy_10Månad sedan
    • I feel u man🤩

      EnZoEnZoMånad sedan
  • How does a midfield with kante very weak to you?? 2 times you said that, kante is one of the best cdm in the game and so hard to get past

    Romário ViegasRomário ViegasMånad sedan
  • Why don't you play kleiber on the midfield, sell blanc and buy someone else to play as a rb?

    Andrei PopescuAndrei PopescuMånad sedan
  • I feel like the legend would have the funniest rage, what’s he talking about eat the grass😂 always fantastic content killing it man

    My LifeMy LifeMånad sedan

    Christopher GuzmanChristopher GuzmanMånad sedan
  • Make a video on a effective skill move bypassing this patch

    Max PowerMax PowerMånad sedan
  • Joga demais né

  • Why RIP shot cancel?

    Romário ViegasRomário ViegasMånad sedan
    • They are gonna patch it

      Haizil Mohammed fayazHaizil Mohammed fayazMånad sedan
  • I don't know why boras gives me jesse (aaron paul) vibes! lol!

    AryanAryanMånad sedan
  • We need ea to give us a really juiced version of the real club captain Aturito during toty

    Emmanuel GeshinEmmanuel GeshinMånad sedan
  • Nah that celebration is toxic... I do not respect that you RAT BORAS

    warofmankindwarofmankindMånad sedan
  • I am studying you Boras, looking for weaknesses for the day we meet on the pitch. What a battle it'll be....

    Steve AustinSteve AustinMånad sedan
  • What kit are you using? It looks good to view players in space

    Hashtag-HounslowHashtag-HounslowMånad sedan
  • Be honest tell everyone your real secret... what kind of chocolate is it.

    mark alfaromark alfaroMånad sedan
    • Anything works really

      BorasLegendBorasLegendMånad sedan
  • noob

    rangar lodbrokrangar lodbrokMånad sedan
  • 4:42 “what is courtois doing man? Drinking water??” Let him be boras...let him be😌

    JoseJoseMånad sedan
  • I have red Salah too. I like him you should give him a try

    AsdasPro7AsdasPro7Månad sedan
  • Duncan donuts😂😂😂😂😂

    Eyad WaelEyad WaelMånad sedan
  • The Best In My Eyes ♥

    MrCoolMrCoolMånad sedan
  • what a comeback from duncan donuts

    Adalind WeißAdalind WeißMånad sedan
  • Killing me that boras isn't hitting that top 200.... I hate that I'm even attempting to give advice to someone of your standards haha , but boras , you do too much, sometimes it's beautiful to watch, it's prime arsenal stuff , but jeez ... kills me when you then end losing. 💔 one the greatest to play the game.

    Samuel NewcombSamuel NewcombMånad sedan
    • @Samuel Newcomb thanks mate, appreciate it! Hope you get elite again this weekend!

      A KA KMånad sedan
    • Possibly the second video from this weekends set? Maybe the first episode? Not sure. Tactics are at the end , but I'd watch how he plays with it xxx

      Samuel NewcombSamuel NewcombMånad sedan
    • @Samuel Newcomb what’s his 4321? Which video was it in bro

      A KA KMånad sedan
    • Ps your 4321 got me my first elite finish.

      Samuel NewcombSamuel NewcombMånad sedan
  • Robben is overhyped

    N.SN.SMånad sedan
  • Give robben a chance with engine 👀

    Emad NooriEmad NooriMånad sedan
  • I think Boras has no hater

    Zia Ul Haq HamidiZia Ul Haq HamidiMånad sedan
  • Its simple, I see a Boras upload I click.

    Vid BrezovnikVid BrezovnikMånad sedan
  • Why dont you try freeze dembele??

    TyreseRandall 1TyreseRandall 1Månad sedan
    • Because Neymar, Mbappe and ronaldo are all cheaper and better....

      daniel gardardaniel gardarMånad sedan