24 jan 2017
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wowe you never expect

  • Task failed successfully.

    wittypiddywittypiddy21 dag sedan
  • Put the actual one into shortcut

    BMF0XBMF0X22 dagar sedan

    seasedROUseasedROUMånad sedan

    何其諺何其諺Månad sedan
  • Oh my heart 😨

  • rip headphones users as I am

    Vája VajushVája Vajush2 månader sedan
  • Throw away the recycle bin, get a brand new recycle bin

    Joey CaridiJoey Caridi2 månader sedan
  • Instructions unclear, collapsed half of universe.

    McMemeCremeMcMemeCreme2 månader sedan
  • wow how funny of a jumpscare im am laughing so hard

    MythicCheese357MythicCheese3572 månader sedan
  • Can we just respect that he didnt make it like creepy lmao

    zwinkiezwinkie3 månader sedan
  • It works in Windows 10!

    18ismyfavoritenumber 201118ismyfavoritenumber 20114 månader sedan
  • This is hilarious. Awesome play!

    dbznappadbznappa4 månader sedan
  • I am now scared of bass boosted goats

    28 STAB WOUNDS28 STAB WOUNDS4 månader sedan
  • ಠ‿ಠ wow...

    gremausaragremausara4 månader sedan
  • I turned the sound off 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Chihab UneChihab Une5 månader sedan
  • i tried it and i was extremely dissapointed before this vid came out

    D CookD Cook5 månader sedan
  • Ow 🤕 my ears

    Brenden StahlBrenden Stahl5 månader sedan
  • aaaa

    bloxybloxy5 månader sedan
  • It was supposed to be a rickroll

    CowyCCowyC5 månader sedan
  • I would recycle the recycle bin and clear the recycle bin

    DeKidOneDeKidOne5 månader sedan
  • i want to know what actually happens

    Weegee PlaysWeegee Plays5 månader sedan
  • IT doesnt let you

    Game LlineGame Lline7 månader sedan
  • The question I used to ask back then, now it's answered all thanks to the algorithm.

    Ivy K. ParpholiaIvy K. Parpholia8 månader sedan
  • it worked to me

    among us dave 2020among us dave 20208 månader sedan
  • The Hell if windows deleted this program then No

    diogowartek7 youtube channel.diogowartek7 youtube channel.9 månader sedan
  • try putting the shortcut in the recycle bin

    Cykopath CyanCykopath Cyan9 månader sedan
  • 0:46 Я испугался

    Igruha GamesIgruha Games10 månader sedan
  • Its a joke

    og Torigaming. comog Torigaming. com11 månader sedan
  • bruh moment

    geniosplaysgeniosplaysÅr sedan
  • I had to skip forward frame by frame to see if I was going to be bamboozled

    Stone Heads GroupStone Heads GroupÅr sedan
  • BSOD

    horizonlyhorizonlyÅr sedan
  • It isn't fit

    skskÅr sedan
  • I moved the shortcut in the real bin and it worked

    DylanPlayzDylanPlayzÅr sedan
  • you get 2 recycle bins.

    KyrozuzuKyrozuzuÅr sedan
  • you're supposed to put it in *Recycle Bin* not *Recycle Bin - Shortcut* :/

    Bendo The MonsterBendo The MonsterÅr sedan
  • lmao

    VERAVERAÅr sedan
  • Lol

    Cozzy RSTCozzy RSTÅr sedan
  • hahahahahaha

    Lone WolfLone WolfÅr sedan
  • The recycle bin will never recycle

    I need more subs OnlineI need more subs OnlineÅr sedan
  • This was a disappointment...

    NSCNSCÅr sedan
    • Lol

      Black HatBlack Hat2 månader sedan
  • *I did the exact same thing but renamed the copied recycle bin to just recycle bin and put that in the real recycle bin. My friends thought I just did the impossible.*

    Creeper_PlayzCreeper_PlayzÅr sedan
  • Disappointing.

    NightbreakerNightbreakerÅr sedan
  • I used the stones to destroy the stones

    Ghosty BoiGhosty BoiÅr sedan
  • Here's what you have to do: 1: Enable show hidden files and folders 2: Enable show system files 3: Go to C:\ 4: Delete $RECYCLE_BIN$

    kevlu8kevlu8År sedan
  • WAT :O

    Andy VallinaAndy VallinaÅr sedan
  • :D

    Ab. AAb. AÅr sedan
  • Who else was expecting Noggin the Gnome?

    The Internet PoliceThe Internet PoliceÅr sedan
  • Thanks i have red the comments first...

    NoodleNoodleÅr sedan

    mr. applejuicemr. applejuiceÅr sedan
  • You become the recycle

    An EggAn EggÅr sedan
  • 0:46 Free Replay

    Stxrm_RebelStxrm_RebelÅr sedan
  • *black hole appears*

    thecooleryenthecooleryenÅr sedan

    horizonlyhorizonlyÅr sedan

    legoking907legoking907År sedan
  • El mundo explotara dentro de poco

    CAPITO _29CAPITO _292 år sedan
  • 0:46 *i paused in 2x speed* GG 17 Attempts

    OleshekMaxOleshekMax2 år sedan

    Raging HippopotumasRaging Hippopotumas2 år sedan
  • This what really will happen if you put them together GOAT APOCALYPSE

    Bite's The PencilBite's The Pencil2 år sedan
  • Wat

    Victor TobarVictor Tobar2 år sedan
  • u can't

    JeromeJerome2 år sedan
  • I went to check the comments then i realised that goat was a jump scare.... but mr.Idiot right here did not get scared >:D

    Dinero DenagioDinero Denagio2 år sedan
  • The fucking goat scared the hell outta me

    DAVENCIDAVENCI2 år sedan
  • LOL

    Mihailo DragonMihailo Dragon2 år sedan
  • wAaAaAAAAaaAAAaaAaaAaAaHhah

    Xylorimbal 2Xylorimbal 22 år sedan
  • I tried this on my computer, but never saw the goat. All I got was a pop-up message that said: "LET GO DA MOUSE, FOOL!"

    marshalllhieplermarshalllhiepler2 år sedan
  • Jesus the stress

    NPC WojakNPC Wojak2 år sedan
  • Back when I was learning WordPress I screwed up and ended up with four of each item in the menu bar.

    cat luvacat luva2 år sedan
  • It was not full of trash

    Classic DountsClassic Dounts2 år sedan
  • Wait

    Classic DountsClassic Dounts2 år sedan
  • I expected a to be continued meme

    Kaneki KenKaneki Ken2 år sedan
  • 0:46

    FreshiiFreshii2 år sedan
  • *What really happens when you recycle the recycle bin:* *• It keeps on recycling, so it means kids will have more porn than ever*

    haiderrhaiderr2 år sedan
  • wait you can recycle the recycle bin wtf *goat jumpscare* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA X_X (I AM A HEADPHONE USER MAN MY EARS ARE BLEEDING)

    Razvan CiuciuRazvan Ciuciu2 år sedan
    • Razvan Ciuciu didnt scare me, im a ghoul

      Kaneki KenKaneki Ken2 år sedan
  • XD

    匚尺ㄚ丂ㄒ卂ㄥ 爪乇ㄒ卄匚尺ㄚ丂ㄒ卂ㄥ 爪乇ㄒ卄2 år sedan
  • That was funny video xD

    lemonboid jwlemonboid jw2 år sedan
  • If it IS allowed, my theory is after the recycle bin is recycled, the recycle bin is in the recycle bin. But since the recycle bin is in the recycle bin, the recycle bin can't recycle itself causing the recycle bin to be permanently deleted. (To not confuse you, the recycle bin can't be in itself so it gets permanently deleted.) When you try to recycle something else, two of the theories might happen That file is recycled normally, but you can never access it. That file is recycled permanently.

    paper2222paper22222 år sedan
  • It does not let you recycle the recycle bin

    Somebody RandomSomebody Random2 år sedan
  • I never see that coming. 😂😂😂

    Geek Master AGGeek Master AG2 år sedan
  • Infinitive loop detected

    Lý KhánhLý Khánh2 år sedan
  • You get nothing. You lose. Good say, sir!

    YoungFox 21YoungFox 212 år sedan
  • Who listened to dickbutt while watching this

    TheCrazyInsanityTheCrazyInsanity2 år sedan
  • 0:46 I Have A Heart Attack

    totabtotab2 år sedan
  • top 666 scariest jumpscares of all time!

    BluHairManBluHairMan2 år sedan

    InstantMaxInstantMax2 år sedan
  • The song is "the house of leaves" btw

    BatChestBatChest2 år sedan
  • Sound effect Pls

    Aleksi GrAleksi Gr2 år sedan

    ToutacToutac2 år sedan

    BlitzTheWolf And RandomBlitzTheWolf And Random2 år sedan
  • dota 2

    skeetcc userskeetcc user2 år sedan
  • Lol i thought there will be some scary jumpscare So i look down on comments then i saw the half face of goat

    JPST PlaysJPST Plays2 år sedan
  • Should have put an explosion at the end xD

    BlackSwiftBlackSwift2 år sedan
  • Fuck the song.. when I think it was jumpscare..

    Satrio PunisherSatrio Punisher2 år sedan

    TrollManTrollMan2 år sedan
  • Lol funny video

    Maksim ParalelovMaksim Paralelov2 år sedan
  • It won't let you

    Somebody RandomSomebody Random2 år sedan
  • DOTA

    Valerian SantosaValerian Santosa2 år sedan
  • You can either delete the shortcut or the special icon without any trouble. However, the actual location of the Recycle Bin is protected in Windows Explorer by default. If you turn this protection off in Windows Explorer’s settings, the C:/ will contain a folder called $Recycle.Bin. This folder contains the REAL location of the Recycle Bin! I’ve always wondered what happens when you delete it, but I never had a virtual machine to test it.

    Tavian LiretteTavian Lirette2 år sedan
  • the ending makes me wanna cry to Mama.

    I dont know what life is anymoreI dont know what life is anymore2 år sedan
  • idk why youtube recommended this to me but im glad

    maroonallemagnemaroonallemagne2 år sedan
  • Now I should fill up the school's computers with recycling bins.

    Killer ClownKiller Clown2 år sedan