"Bridgerton" Costumes Are A Historical Mess, But They Kinda Work

4 jan 2021
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forgot to mention that I focus - as always - on women's clothing here, but @Pinsent Tailoring should drop his review soon! also check out @Costuming Drama 's interesting video about issues within the show: seworld.info/will/b5C13avHiJmJuJM/video&
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  • copying the description here cause no one reads it: forgot to mention that I focus - as always - on women's clothing here, but Pinsent Tailoring should drop his review soon! also check out Costuming Drama's interesting video about some of the issues within the show: seworld.info/will/b5C13avHiJmJuJM/video&

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    • @Mary Blackwing thank you!

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    • @Inez De Kleine I am happy to help you: The Leopard 1963 seworld.info/will/Zm7KnMuWap-iunk/video and The Draughtman's contract 1982 - seworld.info/will/b2qRsbXYsIWYuYE/video

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    • @Mary Blackwing I've never heard of the first two... To the internet!

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    • @Inez De Kleine and I still enjoy them. I wished however, that Karolina would make a review of more elder films. Like The Draughtman's contract, The Leopard, Dangerous Liasons. I used to hear great stuff about the costume design there. However, I fear not many people remember these movies. They focus on the newer ones and that's it. Alos it would be nice to know what she is thinking on the newest adaptation of Jane Eyre. Also, I wonder if she has ever watch The count of monte christo with Gerard Depardieu? - There are some shitty make up there, but the outfitts look at least for my eye quite decent.

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    • Yes I am waiting for pinsent tailorintg's eview and reaction too!🙏🙏🙏

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  • I know it's all fantasy and has great diversity + inclusivity but I cannot forgive it for being so far removed from the actual book plot as I read the books first. If they wanted, they could make an entire new plot by themselves instead of saying they're adapting the Bridgerton books. :c

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  • **watching Bridgeton with gran* **sees corsets hurting character cause they're evil torture devices* Gran: Oh shame look what the corsets are doing to them! Oh I hate corsets (all practicallyinaudible so hopefully shedidn't think I was being rude to her in the next bit) Me: **exasperated sigh* Of course it's hurting them! They're not wearing anything between the corsets and their bare skin! You're supposed to have something under your corset! If it's hurting you that much anyway then you've done something wrong or it's not made to fit you! Jumps stays and corsets aren't supposed to hurt! Gran throughout my rant: cause of the metal in the corsets... they're probably in so much pain... they're not wearing anything under the corsets so they're getting stabbed by the metal... Me: I'm tired **yawns and pretends to go to bed*

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    • Excuse my spelling

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  • when i watched bridgerton, i know every history and sewing channels will go gaga over the costumes choice

    Roly PolyRoly Poly2 timmar sedan
  • We don’t give a shit. Those dresses were gorgeous.

    Sunnie SteversSunnie Stevers3 timmar sedan
  • Can we also mention how after a death, I won't say who, THEY DIDN'T WEAR BLACK!!!!

    Brianna NechelleBrianna Nechelle3 timmar sedan
  • Holy CHrist you are right about the corsets. They don't wear a waistline that has anything to do with wearing a corset.

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  • Because we live in 2020, the decorative fabrics of that time period would not give us the sense of wealth. It has to be over the top with jewels and embroidery. Otherwise it is Jane Austen, and Netflix viewers aren't looking for Jane.

    Somewhere UpthereSomewhere Upthere3 timmar sedan
  • Your hair looks awesome here.

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  • I also thought that the chest areas of the dresses were unflattering on the women. Glad you brought that up. Also I subscribed because of the intricate detail in your video and because I think you are a pretty interesting lady.

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  • Nothing in that hideous show was historically accurate! Such a boring preteen kind of story with a load of codswallop dialogue.

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  • Bridgerton is 100% meant to be regency fantasy. It was never intended to be historically accurate. They dance to an orchestral version of Thank U Next for goodness sake.

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  • Haha I knew you’d be gritting your teeth when I saw that opening corset scene!

    ltw64ltw646 timmar sedan
  • I used to love Historical Accuracy review videos, they can be very entertaining and educational, and I really appreciate that you began with a disclaimer regarding artistic license in the film industry, however I am asking many costubers to be aware that these style videos are being used to shame and gatekeep hobbyists and beginner sewists. While I understand that these videos are very popular, pulling in more than your usual viewers (and when YT is your job, views are income). I'm asking that costubers be aware of this and make a point to ask your audience to not use your content to tear others down. Thank you.

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  • Bridgerton is like a Wish version of what it should have been... Or could have been.... I did like the polyester princess theme though. Totally escapist, to a land and time that's never existed. It was cheese but i couldn't stop watching!

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  • Lady featheringtons silhouette reminds me of how frustrating sailor moon’s princess dress is. ITS A PLEATED EMPIRE WAISTLINE WHY CAN I SEE HER NATURAL WAIST

    Aiden OrdoverAiden Ordover7 timmar sedan
  • They wouldn’t trying to be exactly like history because if they were they wouldn’t have a black queen and blacks and whites would not have been married each other really!!!!!

    Veronica SavageVeronica Savage7 timmar sedan
  • I just need a hair tutorial for this look please

    glitteristheanswerglitteristheanswer8 timmar sedan
  • I'm really sorry but I can't listen to this womans voice and I wish she would take a breath or slow down a bit. Apart from that if I want an accurate adaptation I'd watch or make a documentation instead of a show. So what's that whole talking about?

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  • Omg, ur so fun! Subscribing! 😍👍🏻👏

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  • GIRL, THANK YOU. Yes to all of this.

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  • I feel like the series is really bad, I survive just one chapter, I need to believe something in order to like it, the acting was terrible, and all the series, the atmosphere, the stories and the costume feel fake.

    Pamela RahnPamela Rahn9 timmar sedan
  • 11:20 god i was thinking totally the same... like it simply doesn't make sense

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  • Now that you mentioned the word fanfic... I have to say the term absolutely fits not just in the costumes but in the story as well because a lot of details have been changed. Even the personalities of the characters don't fit how they were portrayed in the books or at least how I interpreted them to be while reading the series. Timelines and plotlines are similar but different. The world setting also changed especially in terms of how race/ethnicities played out in the Regency ton. It's Julia Quinn's Bridgerton but in an alternate world. So yeah...it is a fanfic.

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  • Nothing about Bridgerton is historically accurate, and I don't care. I love it. Bridgerton is a Romance Novel, naughty bits and all, brought to life. Finally. Somebody did the thing women have been waiting for. Or at least, this woman. Pornhub is sex without a plot. Romcoms are plots without sex. Somebody at Netflix put them together and blew the roof off the ratings for this show. Now they just need to do that again (and they will) 8 more times.

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  • That's it! "Piles of polyester!"

    Sara Draper-WesselsSara Draper-Wessels12 timmar sedan
  • I'm an American and I don't think British people dressed that way. I hated the costumes so much I exited Bridgerton in the first 5 minutes. Who are they hiring to do this stuff? I think this happens because costuming is never given any importance. They just swing a dead cat and hire the first person it hits to do the costumes. Thanks for reviewing it. Love your channel.

    Sara Draper-WesselsSara Draper-Wessels12 timmar sedan
  • The moment this show dropped, I was like waiting for THIS review hahaha. Also I thought "Nanny McPhee much?"

    maidofthemistymaidofthemisty12 timmar sedan
  • I don't know much about that era but as soon as I started watching Bridgerton, I knew it was historically inaccurate 😂 But you know what, I actually like the dress designs for modern day use. Pretty chaste and some were simple. Like, I would make one of those dresses and just wear it. 🤔

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  • yeah Lady Featherington is lowkey dressed like Margaret from seasons 3 of The Crown

    Glenndy ValerioGlenndy Valerio14 timmar sedan
  • Is like history done by MTV

    Gon R L MGon R L M16 timmar sedan
  • Yeeeeeeeeees! I don't know much about historical fashion, but my noob-level knowledge was enough that whenever I saw scenes with the queen, I got pulled out of the idea that everyone was in the same (fantasy-like) era! Bugged me a lot. The inconsistencies with the script....nevermind. That has no bearing for this video. :D

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  • bridgerton was awful, clothing to story.

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  • I thought the costumes weren't great. There are so many manmade laces and fabrics. So that is a decision that can be hard to overcome. I found the bad costume creations to be a huge distraction for me and stopped watching the show. The cheap costume jewelry also didn't work. Harlots does a great job of modernizing. This also feels like an American version of a British story. Best of luck, however, to Shonda!

    Mary HMary H17 timmar sedan
  • the comments are kind of annoying, like yeah it wasn't meant to be accurate but that doesn't mean you're not allowed to point out inaccuracies and voice your opinion on the costumes, if you didn't want to see someone critic the show then why watch the video???

    Jameelah SirkhotteJameelah Sirkhotte17 timmar sedan
    • also there's nothing wrong with not wanting to watch something because of inaccuracies, if someone makes that decision it affects no one else and they shouldn't be attacked just because "it's clearly historical fiction" just let ppl live their lives

      Jameelah SirkhotteJameelah Sirkhotte17 timmar sedan
  • they never aimed to be historically accurate this is simply fiction lol

    soph lousoph lou18 timmar sedan
  • Hi Karolina, have you ever seen the show Gentlemen Jack? Would love to see a video on the accuracies of women in that time wearing suits. Thank you!

    LIL FUNGUSLIL FUNGUS18 timmar sedan
  • Thank you!

    Regina PhilangeeRegina Philangee23 timmar sedan
  • It's fantasy.

    Victoria KingsburyVictoria KingsburyDag sedan
  • I don’t know about others but that story looked to me like it was taking place in a post-dystopian/ post-apocalyptic world where there was a kind of regency like era revival with a very 21st century take... so basically a fantasy story down to the core which is why I like kinda like it and don’t take it seriously. The sisters I t hat show got tea and it be delish

    Plume D’ArgentPlume D’ArgentDag sedan
  • I’m happy that people in that era didn’t actually have glitter or we’d still be finding it everywhere nowadays 😂

    harvey53141harvey53141Dag sedan
  • I don’t think they claim to be historically accurate, they were sort of having fun with the whole thing. I do appreciate your thoughts on it but I think it’s unnecessarily critical, (although it is your opinion) the show itself is fantastic and so is the wardrobe!

    Chehrazad CChehrazad CDag sedan
  • Have you seen the movie "the secret of moonacre"? Or is based on the late 1890s and I wanted to know your opinion on the costumes.

    Victoria NavrkalVictoria NavrkalDag sedan
  • Daphne wore at least one insipid pastel blue silk dress. She matched the furniture but it was silk.

    ElizabethIVElizabethIVDag sedan
  • The anachronism does make sense in Outlander just cause Claire is a time traveler and it makes sense she would take elements from her time and put it into her 18th century dresses, even without thinking too hard about it

    O. C.O. C.Dag sedan
  • 😒😒😒

    Chaterra TillmanChaterra TillmanDag sedan
  • I love ur earrings so much

    Rain KhosrodadRain KhosrodadDag sedan
  • Please, it would be amazing if you made a review about THE GREAT hulu. Don't know if the clothes are accurate, but they are just soo amazing like really amazing. Especially the ones worn by catherine aka elle fanning.

    Salomé GobSalomé GobDag sedan
  • Just for fun, in the UK and most of Europe, dropping the (loose and long) skirt from just below the bust is called an "Empire Line" dress.

    BoredOfBillsBoredOfBillsDag sedan
  • Bridgerton is never going to be historically accurate... but if you are super drunk, it's pretty funny.

    Joel LeBlancJoel LeBlancDag sedan
  • I believe from the story line and where they are taking her character at least Penelope's exclusively "overboob" bodices are made that way on purpose so that in the next series she will look older and more confident. I think it is most probably a set up to give her a cinderella moment later in the story. The designer clearly knows how to dress a curvier figure, look at her mother's dresses, she always looks amazing even through she does not have a slim, almost flat silhouette. Because we know they are using the colors to make a point why wouldn't they use the dress fit and shape also?

    bethany braybethany brayDag sedan
  • I wasn't huge on watching this show... now I'm sure that I will sue my time in some other thing ;)

    H AngeliH AngeliDag sedan
  • The level of pretentiousness in the beginning of this review. You literally explained the reasons for why a production would have to budget and then criticize them for budgeting. The spitting noise that you make when you trying to be sarcastic is rude . I Couldn’t make it through the rest of the review because I don’t want to hear that noise again.

    Excluive EndsExcluive EndsDag sedan
  • I love your reviews/critiques! So on point! I get it, the show isn't supposed to be 100% historically accurate, but it wouldn't have killed them to at least try a little harder. You made some really great points and I'm glad I wasn't the only one who felt this way after seeing the fashions presented in this fanfic of a show.

    SarahSarahDag sedan
  • I remember thinking of you immediately when I watched the corset scene!

    Sophie KSophie KDag sedan
  • I made a scene re-enactment. Pls watch

    Jide JBlaze OyegbileJide JBlaze OyegbileDag sedan
  • Young unmarried girls would not have worn those colors.

    Carolyn SchmidtCarolyn SchmidtDag sedan
  • I love your videos! theyre very informative like you do your research! and the memes!!! youre so funny too !!

    Yasmin CrossingYasmin CrossingDag sedan
  • You're very pretty. Have a nice day

    NovlekNovlekDag sedan
  • I dont think their focus was being historically accurate. Its Netflix not the history channel. We know its historically inaccurate when we see free black people. Soo 😗

    Michelle noMichelle noDag sedan
  • Why wouldn't it be modernized? The music, the story? Everything was. I love the look of the costumes

    LouAnne LordLouAnne LordDag sedan
  • I've been calling it Gossip Girl meets Jane Austen (and I haven't even seen it)

    Mackenzie HofmannMackenzie HofmannDag sedan
  • I hope the producers see this

    MikaMikaDag sedan
  • Karolina: bYe ThAnKs FoR wAtChiNg!!!!! Me: umm ok 👍🏻

    Boba CharmBoba CharmDag sedan
  • Those were definitely not leather gloves 😂

    Beatriz PintoBeatriz PintoDag sedan
  • i cant stand seeing black nobility

    EmilkaEmilkaDag sedan
  • I just wanted to say that your style is so gorgeous!!! your hair is amazing. Love it!

    GabicitaNumero1GabicitaNumero1Dag sedan
  • it’s like the sims when they try to give you basic clothes, no one is wearing a bra crop top with studded jean shorts on their typical monday morning.

    mckenna laurenmckenna laurenDag sedan
  • I was thinking of you when I saw the first corset scene 😂

    Toriana DouglasToriana DouglasDag sedan
  • I couldn't stomach watching this entire video, but Bridgerton was based on an historical romance novel, "The Duke and I". That alone should tell you just how much they were concerned with historical accuracy and it would appear they took that as a chance to use a lot of creative liberty, such as making the Duke a black man. I for one enjoyed it this way, especially as a huge Julia Quinn fan (yeah, I actually read "The Duke and I" when it was first released, I still have the 1st edition print even). Again, this is not Jane Austin or something else where one might expect stricter elements of accuracy. It's an historical romance, as such... people need to realize and accept that it's really more of a fantasy than anything else. I get wanting costuming to be a certain way. My daughter is historical fashion obsessed, but this is NOT the type of show where one should expect accuracy on any sort of level for the reasons I've already stated. It would be like expecting accurate costuming in the "Once Upon A Time" series or something. It makes no sense because it is all based in fantasy, or in other words, things that would NEVER happen in the first place.

    SmartyPantsGamerMomSmartyPantsGamerMomDag sedan
  • 1 sekunda filmu, a ja już ekscytuję się na 17 minut patrzenia na to, jak mega pięknie wyglądasz 😄

    Zuzanna DziwińskaZuzanna DziwińskaDag sedan
  • That show is an utter mess in every conceivable way.

    Jason DevonJason DevonDag sedan
  • I like you’re knowledge of fashion from different eras but it’s possible haven’t worked in theatre or film as a designer. The costume designer isn’t just given complete free reign. Don’t think that they don’t know all of the things that you are saying and haven’t done their research. Things usually start with the directors vision of the show and everyone works towards that. So it likely that many different people had input into the design process. Sometimes the directors vision and the costume or sound or set are the complete opposite of what the designer would choose to do if it were wholly up to them. They are working within a brief and the Bridgerton brief was clearly not to be historically accurate. Maybe even deliberately. The wanted a modern twist which you can also see in the casting. I loved it and yes, I’ve studied costume.

    Katrina KellyKatrina KellyDag sedan
  • the editing is making me laugh A++ :D

    Fay LillmanFay LillmanDag sedan
  • You're brilliant. 🌹

    My World of FragranceMy World of FragranceDag sedan
  • i just love her

    Uroboros _8Uroboros _8Dag sedan
  • The gowns I loved because they were clearly empire and pretty consistent, I liked the modern twist on them, it was the under garments I was like... where are we going with this???

    Abbey PanoshAbbey PanoshDag sedan
  • Day 1 of asking Karolina to do a costume review of Reign.

    chaoticmidgetchaoticmidgetDag sedan
  • I was effing wating for that! Yesssssss!!!!!!!!

    b vargab vargaDag sedan
  • Mina le creds💖

    K HoneyyK HoneyyDag sedan
  • I thought Queen charlotte was known for keeping the old style of dress for the court presentations. I thought how clever the designers were to have got this correct. Was I dreaming it?

    Flannery PedleyFlannery PedleyDag sedan
  • Okay, this was fun. Thank you.

    NehmiNehmiDag sedan
  • The discovery of witches (season 2) has tremendous costumes.

    petia ivailovapetia ivailovaDag sedan
  • I totally get what you mean, I hate when shows don't follow historical accuracy BUT this show is in no way SUPPOSED to be historically accurate, it's almost like an alternative universe, so I completely forgive everything in this show (except the corset damaging thing...that was WRONG), BUTTT the actual costumes I actually love the interpretation.

    Taylor MusaTaylor Musa2 dagar sedan
  • Loved this. I was also shocked at the lack of mourning dress after Mr Featherington dies.

    Bookish ShenanigansBookish Shenanigans2 dagar sedan
  • Honestly its not just the clothes its the actors attitude or the way they carried themselves too. nothing felt like 1800s.. I guess the appeal of the show is not that but more like a rom com? I just watched one episode of it.. I am going to try and watch the rest of it this weekend.. I hope it is good..

    SPSP2 dagar sedan
  • I Love Her hair

    Stephanie WoodStephanie Wood2 dagar sedan
  • I just can't with this show.

    FunkyDucky 87FunkyDucky 872 dagar sedan
  • I actually feel bad for you because you notice all this stuff but I just enjoy it and thought it looked cool hahaha

    Eva MastertonEva Masterton2 dagar sedan
  • Bridgerton looked like a bad high school film project to me, and I have literally no interest in watching it.

    Isabella RoseIsabella Rose2 dagar sedan
  • show is a total fantasy

    Boozy BeautyBoozy Beauty2 dagar sedan
  • As soon as I heard the corset slander in this show I IMMEDIATELY thought of how much you would hate it

    Chantel KChantel K2 dagar sedan
  • your content is so interesting, but it is ruined by the amount of cuts and editing that you do. cannot watch, only listen.

    RGforumsRGforums2 dagar sedan
  • I actually don’t mind the modern fabrics, but the first scene with tightening the “corset”?? Ugh 🤦‍♀️ Please just let them wear short stays

    AnAwkwardBlueAnAwkwardBlue2 dagar sedan
  • i feel like its going over people's heads that its SUPPOSED to be historically inaccurate. from modern pop songs played in balls, the way they talk, black ppl being in power. like obv the costume isn't going to be HA either. its a total satire and I loved it. it was so fun.

    vanilla arvanilla ar2 dagar sedan
  • me, a high schooler, watching this, and making a dress (admittedly it's an Elsa dress do not historical but still)

    Aspen JohnsonAspen Johnson2 dagar sedan
  • Can you PLEASE tell me what the name of the hairstyle is and what style the dress is cuz I'M IN LOVE WITH THE WHOLE LOOK

    tasbehatasbeha2 dagar sedan
  • I just loved the fact that the queen has Pomeranians and fed them with a golden spoon! This was a very entertaining series and loved the fact that it wasn’t historically accurate.

    G CG C2 dagar sedan
  • all the featheringtons looked like they were wearing curtains 😩

    Dana DDana D2 dagar sedan
  • Also, if you strip away all the specifics of the era and anything that actually evokes a specific time period, all you get, all it seems they were trying to achieve with this show is...a generic "white people" aesthetic. Just whiteness and things that define it or are associated with it and nothing else

    iLikeTheUDKiLikeTheUDK2 dagar sedan