the ENTIRE team was marinated until THIS happened...

23 okt 2020
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all that marinating and for nothing

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  • I want Rae and sykkuno to be together

    Freyja RogenesFreyja RogenesTimme sedan
  • When sykunno killed gloom poki: laughs poki again: “😯 omg”

    jared vazquezjared vazquez10 timmar sedan
  • Call an ambulance but not for him

    Jeon JungpeJeon Jungpe19 timmar sedan
  • "Someone popped out of the vent and killed her," Minutes later.. "Anyway, that Someone is me."

    Vian FranciscoVian Francisco22 timmar sedan

    Vian FranciscoVian Francisco23 timmar sedan
  • I have been watching you so much that my friends say I talk like you 😂

    Kounew XyoojKounew Xyooj23 timmar sedan
  • Deadlyyyy

    Dj AugerDj AugerDag sedan
  • Yes sykkuno, ur acting was incredible

    immaweebimmaweeb2 dagar sedan
  • Man sykkuno finds way to speak the truth in his own lying way

    Petros TseggaiPetros Tseggai4 dagar sedan
  • Sykkuno is so nice. He laughs about everything and loves and cares for everyone

    Lynn TangLynn Tang4 dagar sedan
  • za warudo

    Earths CoreEarths Core4 dagar sedan
  • i love his intro "what is up guys?, it’s sykkuno here"

  • Sykkuno kills corpse I never thought I’d see the day

    Rainbow JellyfishRainbow Jellyfish6 dagar sedan
  • guys tbh, i really felt bad for sykkuno that put me in a bad mood. The marinating gloom and poki at the start was deffinetly gonna make him win this game... but i guess showtime f..ed everything up lmao. xD

    SlakiiSlakii6 dagar sedan
  • Everyone: Do you know who vented to kill rae? Sykkuno: Of course i know him. He is me.

    KvcpiKvcpi6 dagar sedan
  • raes scarem was just

    Renita YesurajaRenita Yesuraja6 dagar sedan
  • The intro is like horror trailer

    Among Craft DramaAmong Craft Drama6 dagar sedan
  • I have a question, I just played with someone named sykkuno and corpse! Is it really you?

    Kayleigh ShankKayleigh Shank7 dagar sedan
    • I played with a corpse recently, same question

      mine playzmine playz5 dagar sedan
  • Rae's screm was priceless

    Sonia HamSonia Ham7 dagar sedan
  • Why can’t you kill Poki first. I’m confused

    Xx•Fʀᴇɴᴄʜ_Rᴏsᴇ•xXXx•Fʀᴇɴᴄʜ_Rᴏsᴇ•xX7 dagar sedan
  • That is epic music at 9:42 the adrenaline rush!

    SnowyKSnowyK7 dagar sedan
  • Ok 👌

    Vis PlaysVis Plays7 dagar sedan
  • Never stand on a vent with sykkuno.!??!!!??!!!!!!?????!!???????!??....,,..,,,!,..!..'!!?????!!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!??!???!?!!!!??

    Maria JimenezMaria Jimenez8 dagar sedan
  • Sykkuno likes to scare his victims before he kills them Psychkuno

    Lillian MaLillian Ma8 dagar sedan
  • if you _dont_ like sykkuno *why are you here.*

    sydney -sydney -8 dagar sedan
  • Sykunno playing among as imposter talking tot he chat is somone trying to play among us without lying

    Stormy_YtStormy_Yt8 dagar sedan
  • Others: among us is a game about lying Sykkuno: among us is about strategically telling the truth

    Host3 Man guyHost3 Man guy8 dagar sedan

    Hi HiHi Hi8 dagar sedan

    giulian’s artgiulian’s art8 dagar sedan
  • sykkuno and rae’s friendship is so precious

    PeachPeach9 dagar sedan
  • Why do you always cover your mouth when you laugh

    Monty LumbMonty Lumb9 dagar sedan
  • What does it mean to be merinated

    NaNa9 dagar sedan
  • I just got into all this and I'm already a big fan of Sykunno and Corpse

    nineandthreequartersnineandthreequarters9 dagar sedan
  • That kill was cool

    Bangtan KookieBangtan Kookie9 dagar sedan
    • RUDE

      I am TabbyI am Tabby7 dagar sedan
  • Have you ever had those public lobbies where you get a clean impostor round, and then a clean crewmate round with the host as an impostor, and then they ban you from the lobby for it

    Raven GamingYT Love BooRaven GamingYT Love Boo9 dagar sedan
  • 6:55 I'm just going to put this here, IT WAS FUNNY AF

    yannn fiyaaayannn fiyaaa10 dagar sedan
  • Sykkuno is so good at telling half truths, I love it haha :D

    Sabine WSabine W10 dagar sedan
  • "Oh, hello, friends, hello ... come in, come in ..." slashes them in half.

    DemonDaraknaDemonDarakna10 dagar sedan
  • Damn the ending where sykkuno revealed the whole truth really brightens up my day. Smartkkuno.

    Crystal BlinkCrystal Blink10 dagar sedan
  • Oh Among Us getting these Tubers ready for the real thing. Vent murders in NYC have gone up by 200%.

    Eric CalmEric Calm10 dagar sedan
  • I feel like sykunno never lie in a meetting he just cut out the part where hes the one that kill her

    Maira LingMaira Ling10 dagar sedan
  • I feel like all sykunno say was "He didnt know so its was not his fault" "Should i kill him? No,i cant kill him his my friend i dont want him to be sad" "W-what its not me..!?"

    Maira LingMaira Ling10 dagar sedan
  • This videos are so wholesome😭😭💓💓

    Charlyn VilaCharlyn Vila10 dagar sedan
  • i got a heart attack at 4:56 before I realised he was muted

    MatiMati10 dagar sedan
  • If you can win as Impostor without lying that's fucking crazy

    ATS GamingATS Gaming11 dagar sedan

    Seo YoonSeo Yoon11 dagar sedan
  • The video is 11:11 minutes long 😺

    Nelly심미적Nelly심미적11 dagar sedan
  • The video is an angel number :>>

    Carrie LaribaCarrie Lariba11 dagar sedan
  • I

    BlobbyBlobby11 dagar sedan
  • I like how Sykkuno is never that angry

    Gabriel TanGabriel Tan12 dagar sedan
  • Oh wow! That is really galaxy brain :)

    Mernix MernixiaMernix Mernixia12 dagar sedan

    Lois Loves CheeseLois Loves Cheese12 dagar sedan
  • Good job with rae

    Noemi HargroveNoemi Hargrove12 dagar sedan
  • Sykkuno when he is imposter: we don’t vote on 7 Sykkuno when he crewmate: let’s spice it up a little

    Aurelio Tomas TurbaoAurelio Tomas Turbao12 dagar sedan
  • I ship you sykkuno and poke an

    Andrew MacielAndrew Maciel13 dagar sedan
  • “I hurt myself in confusion” Pokémon reference POG?

    L3G3ND P4ND4L3G3ND P4ND413 dagar sedan
  • I always watch Among Us videos when washing dishes, and I just happened to watch this video when cleaning marinara sauce off of a bowl

    Lina KaufmanLina Kaufman13 dagar sedan
  • That vent kill on Rae was actually so big brain with your defense

    Nebulous OWNebulous OW13 dagar sedan
  • I watched Rae kill scream 3x.

    Shadow21GXShadow21GX13 dagar sedan
  • Sykunno intro is the best one i have ever seen

    Sanvika EnterprisesSanvika Enterprises13 dagar sedan
  • It’s just weird because as soon as I was thinking in my head gloom usually gets imposter on the first round when she’s streaming but I guess one does now is sykkno when he literally went by the gloom like oh

    Millyplayz :DMillyplayz :D14 dagar sedan
  • 2:41 **The wild Sykkuno hurt itself in confusion**

    Isabella MayIsabella May14 dagar sedan

    DeltuhDeltuh15 dagar sedan
  • Rae the mood swing she had was honestly amazing i love the laugh then instant scream 😂

    Ocean 180Ocean 18015 dagar sedan
  • Rae does make animal noises!! Lol 🤣

    WillianWillian15 dagar sedan
  • If sykkuno and poki ever dated i would ship

    Alexia FloresAlexia Flores15 dagar sedan
  • Alternate Title: Marinara Sauce

    Chiaka_Chiaka_15 dagar sedan
  • Sykkuno reminds me of a webtoon character in a Korean romance webtoon. He would be the pure innocent character.

    conner andressconner andress15 dagar sedan
  • I’m in love with your intro

    h3llokittys ch0kerh3llokittys ch0ker16 dagar sedan

    nishatnishat16 dagar sedan
  • Bruh first time ever seeing gloom and she’s gorgeous

    Praneeith SuthanPraneeith Suthan16 dagar sedan
  • Why does he put his hand on his face when he is laughing?

    ProBoyKCProBoyKC16 dagar sedan
    • @nishkarsh goel how did that happend to him?

      ProBoyKCProBoyKC16 dagar sedan
    • @ProBoyKC ikr

      nishkarsh goelnishkarsh goel16 dagar sedan
    • @nishkarsh goel thats sad

      ProBoyKCProBoyKC16 dagar sedan
    • he is paranoid that his teeth are crooked so he covers his face

      nishkarsh goelnishkarsh goel16 dagar sedan
  • I bet u sykkuno is a stoner

    pink pantherpink panther17 dagar sedan
  • This is would have to be my most favourite kill 100%

    Jordan cleveleyJordan cleveley17 dagar sedan
  • 1:45 i was actually sad

    Laura RatkevicaLaura Ratkevica17 dagar sedan
  • 6:56 dang, that scream, straight out of a slasher-horror film 😂😂😂

    AthenionAthenion17 dagar sedan
  • ooo Dan's there nice!

    SkorpiyonSkorpiyon17 dagar sedan
  • Valkyrae and Sykkuno: casually chillin on top of a vent Gloom: What the hells goin on here?-

    Kelsey BarcialKelsey Barcial17 dagar sedan
  • 10:17 no one saying how sykunno killed Corpse what the heck corpse is black and sykunno killed black aka Corpse

    Rhianne sisley ClaudioRhianne sisley Claudio18 dagar sedan
  • i feel like sykkuno is a better imposter than corpse sometimes

    square up thotsquare up thot18 dagar sedan
  • Technically u did lie because u said u didnt see the person venting because the lights were out. Also u stutter when u lie, idk if the lobby is stupid or just foolish

    LegendaryAlexLegendaryAlex18 dagar sedan
  • Sykkuno getting a opportunity to kill someone without anyone noticing: No I can't kill her she is my friend Rae getting the same opportunity to kill: heck yay

    Pikachu playsPikachu plays18 dagar sedan
  • 8:21 how many were laughing so badly 👇This many

    Pikachu playsPikachu plays18 dagar sedan
  • You know you're the worst player I've ever watched lol?

    BillyTheNoobBillyTheNoob18 dagar sedan
  • ShowThyme really done goof the first round lol. That was painfully cringe

    Nanna OgashawarmaNanna Ogashawarma18 dagar sedan
  • 6:55 epic moment..

    Farhan Rafi MuhammadFarhan Rafi Muhammad18 dagar sedan
  • This is the most funniest video ever, I've watched it for like 5+ times lmao

    Elyse Is The BestElyse Is The Best18 dagar sedan
  • 0:27 LMAO

    KenFromYTKenFromYT19 dagar sedan
  • Sykkuno is just smart like that

    GloomyDayGloomyDay19 dagar sedan
  • galaxy brain bahahaha... how does he come up with this stuff! I need this big brain energy when I play imposter

    Maura SpencerMaura Spencer19 dagar sedan

    Arjun SarmaArjun Sarma20 dagar sedan
  • You and Terry TV have very similar voices. Who else thinks so?

    XKimukunXXKimukunX20 dagar sedan
  • sykunno: i swear its not me guys also sykunno: i told the truth i dont know about that one chief

    Ali Abu SettaAli Abu Setta20 dagar sedan
  • AHHHHHHHHHHHH 🎶✨what’s up guys is sykkuno here✨🎶

    Nerf BrothersNerf Brothers20 dagar sedan
  • Sad Ad D

    Maheen MehmoodMaheen Mehmood20 dagar sedan
  • Sometime when your the impostor the other impostor ruining the game of yours

    Tutanes LanceTutanes Lance20 dagar sedan
  • sykkonos laugh is adorable

    Arta BytyqiArta Bytyqi20 dagar sedan
  • That kill on Rae right on top of vent was priceless hahaha

    Ada MontgomeryAda Montgomery20 dagar sedan
  • im not saying showthyme is dumb but sometimes i just wish my partner imposter would think correctly LMAO

    kyliexcrossingkyliexcrossing20 dagar sedan
  • if sykkuno wasn't scared to lie he would be bigger brain than toast ngl

    Nqtural_Nqtural_20 dagar sedan