dodie - Cool Girl (Official Video)

2 nov 2020
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Directed by Charlie Di Placido & dodie
Choreography by Miranda Chambers
Produced by Jordi Estapé
Executive Producer:
Sammy Paul -
Director of Photography:
Jon Kassel -
Focus Puller:
Tomas Frigstad -
Art Director:
Jakob Woolston
1st Assistant Director:
Sam Roffey -
Natalia Glow -
Chloe Rose -
Caroline Morin -
Naomi Weijand -
Federica Somma -
Asmara Cammock -
Rhiannon Bailey -
Emma Ruffet -
Bailie Annalise -

  • Im so glad i run into this. love the song AND the video 😍

    LonkinellaLonkinella19 timmar sedan
  • I feel like lots of people are saying that Dodie's the one here trying to fit in with the other girls but then also be the 'cool girl', but I actually think that this is the throughline for all of the dancers. As you watch, you notice that each dancer is doing the same choreography, but adding their own personality to the moves. They flow together but aren't imitations of each other. What if everyone is trying to be 'different' and 'cool' based off of a model that we all collectively share? That the cool girl is the one who doesn't rock the boat too much, is 'chill', and quietly puts her needs aside for the group. And yet, we can't ignore our individuality and who we are, so even though the choreography has a baseline, each person puts their own flavour into it. It's like trying to fit yourself into a mould and cracking through it because it simply cannot contain you. Then there's the trying to lead the pack and be the 'trendiest' or the 'leader' as shown when she's says "its easy" with the iconic hair flip. She walks confidently forward but soon gets swarmed with dancers crossing in front and behind her and her steps slow down, and she looks unsure. The false confidence of being 'better' than the other girls leads to this feeling of intense loneliness and ultimately isolation. It's this beautiful and heartbreaking magnetic pull to want to be like someone else whilst your own identity is shouting to be heard. It makes me sad, but in a melancholic and beautiful way, in true signature Dodie fashion.

    Alison ChangAlison Chang21 timme sedan
  • wow

    NandaNandaDag sedan
  • Please add closed-captions.

    OutOfTheKlossetOutOfTheKlosset2 dagar sedan
  • bruh I really wanna reference this song in my art work but i almost love the visual representation of this over the song, but I don’t know how to translate that into my own work, each unique action all brought back too a collective feeling of ‘other’ness

    KoalachaKoalacha2 dagar sedan
  • i am in fucking awe

    KoalachaKoalacha2 dagar sedan
  • Holy shit I just realised after watching for the second time that its ALL ONE TAKE WHAT???

    Celeste Van HoutenCeleste Van Houten2 dagar sedan
  • I absolutely love this, so beautiful!!!

    laughingwithlydialaughingwithlydia2 dagar sedan
  • I'm absolutely sobbing, how is your mind so beautiful

    ChelseaChelsea2 dagar sedan
  • The destruction of Wonderland is the destruction of me.

    MonkeyPunch_5322MonkeyPunch_53222 dagar sedan
  • Contact improvisación ♡

    Luis Alejandro PėrezLuis Alejandro Pėrez3 dagar sedan
  • dodie's move at 3:38 is so jarring to me; the other dancers are so smooth flowing, this movement feels harsh and really sticks out. I know dodie's not a dancer but is it meant to be so stuck out? i mean, you could see it as the tension in fitting in figuratively + literally in the song but still. jarring haha

    Rachel GriffithsRachel Griffiths3 dagar sedan
  • just realised that 2:24ish where the lyrics become self-critical, internalising shame, resentment, feeling hopeless etc she's isolated herself walking slowly and separate, alone. When the chorus drops they all dance together again. So interesting and well done!

    Rachel GriffithsRachel Griffiths3 dagar sedan
  • Cannot believe how HIGH DEF everything is omg

    Rachel GriffithsRachel Griffiths3 dagar sedan
  • I can't listen to this song without trying to do the choreography

    EilirEilir3 dagar sedan
  • The musicvideo the song her voice dances all are perfectly splendid!!this is so rare

    birdiekins !birdiekins !3 dagar sedan
  • okay but which pants are your favorite XD

    Cyreine AdamsCyreine Adams3 dagar sedan
  • you are the source of my inspiration this is wonderful

    jazz trumanjazz truman4 dagar sedan
  • My mind is BLOWN this is so beautiful

    Stephanie ScottStephanie Scott4 dagar sedan
  • Cougar 👿 I’ll be different 😬

    I am GrootI am Groot4 dagar sedan
  • I'm late but oh my god dodie! also wow I'm so gay

    chatwithcatchatwithcat4 dagar sedan
  • My POV: Here from her comment on a WW1 Christmas Advent

    No brainer No painerNo brainer No painer5 dagar sedan
  • i used to be a hardcore dodie fan in around 2015/2016 during her "my face" type songs if i remember correctly ( i hardly remember anything that happened a few years ago lol ) and i just got this in my recommended now that i'm fifteen, almost sixteen. dodie helped me come to terms with my depression, my anxiety, my sexuality, with myself in general, and she was also just a presence that made my day brighter everytime i watched one of her videos. and now to see her still making beautiful music, and thriving, is so wonderful. this song is really incredible and has such a great message behind it, and i'm about to go listen to it about twenty more times :))

    aliciughaliciugh5 dagar sedan
  • I Hope someone help me with this... I'm pretty sure that at 2:19 the song said ¨How much of a tongue can I bite until we shed blood¨ Am I the only one??? Does anyone know?? Heeeeeeelppp!!!!

    Daniel _Daniel _6 dagar sedan
    • @johan karlsson I know, but I remember that at other version it said ¨Shed¨ instead of ¨Notice¨, and I've been looking for every version she sang and haven't found it yet:(( Am I crazy?

      Daniel _Daniel _6 dagar sedan
    • ... until we notice blood!!

      johan karlssonjohan karlsson6 dagar sedan
  • Fuck this made me feel things. Very well done.

    Veronica JenislawskiVeronica Jenislawski7 dagar sedan
  • does anyone else hear a muffled voice around 0:56

    Vivian WildeVivian Wilde7 dagar sedan
  • Chills.Literal chills.

    lindsay kolerichlindsay kolerich8 dagar sedan
  • Dodie you're a wonder- a mix of polished intellect musicality, and beautiful too. Another fab song and great video....🌼

    Eadaoin Ryan-ManleyEadaoin Ryan-Manley8 dagar sedan

    layan subaih.layan subaih.9 dagar sedan
  • omg

    Natalie DaoNatalie Dao9 dagar sedan
  • My interpretation was just that they're all different people trying to be the 'cool girl'. A bit like.. you're not the only one trying to do that and failing, many are

    YouSeeSafYouSeeSaf9 dagar sedan
  • Damn you got a beautiful voice 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    sumit kolisettysumit kolisetty9 dagar sedan

    ElisSElisS10 dagar sedan
  • Ive seen this god knows how many times and each time i notice something different, great job dodie

    Katy GonzalezKaty Gonzalez10 dagar sedan
  • Damn this is insanely amazing!

    MichaelBogaMusicMichaelBogaMusic10 dagar sedan
  • hits home hard

    IraZornIraZorn10 dagar sedan
  • That was AMAZING

    Caitlin ChristianCaitlin Christian11 dagar sedan
  • This is the best song ever!!!

    Evelyn OchsnerEvelyn Ochsner11 dagar sedan
  • Underrated music video

    LaurmilaislifeLaurmilaislife11 dagar sedan
  • okay but like tell me that 2:12 doesn't look like the kind of girls that would defend you if you were being harassed by men on the street.

    Emily SantiagoEmily Santiago11 dagar sedan
  • 2:10 might be my favorite moment in a music video *ever*. The restrained energy in this music is just incredible, and that moment says so many beautiful things at once. It was breathtaking.

    andyselbymusicandyselbymusic12 dagar sedan
  • when i tell you my jaw DROPPED the first time i saw the lyrics to this song, and this video just makes me love it even more. absolutely incredible. well done dodie

    Livie NoelleLivie Noelle12 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful... Everytime.... Beautiful

    valencia pandavillvalencia pandavill12 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for the amazing song Dodie! Again! I always love how soft yet powerful her voice is. ... Also, how in the world are they not slipping? That floor looks frickin slippery. And with SOCKS?

    IsabelIsabel12 dagar sedan
  • ok dont tell me she looks just like Eliana Walmsley with black hair or im going insane 🥸🥺

    Serina SeranaSerina Serana12 dagar sedan
    • lolllll

      Serina SeranaSerina Serana12 dagar sedan
  • this video deserves 5.7 million views at least and more than 52k likes maybe even 150k likes

    diane raffaellediane raffaelle13 dagar sedan
  • Exceptional!!!

    kishka7kishka713 dagar sedan
  • dodie dancing dodie dancing doDIE DANCING

    theflowergodtheflowergod13 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful love u.

    Darla RoseDarla Rose14 dagar sedan
  • Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

    Moore ClaudeMoore Claude15 dagar sedan
  • Why have you been doing such sad songs nowadays? You used to be so cheerful and optimistic in the past!

    Petr JančíkPetr Jančík16 dagar sedan
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    kim phikim phi17 dagar sedan
  • OMG that parquet floor though, anyone know where it is?

    Mat SmithMat Smith18 dagar sedan
  • Cold Girl (Ballad of Kiki) Parity of Cool Girl by dodie She carries the meat she doesn't eat With her dog pack Leave it on the deck under leaves she didn't Come back And all the food, at Grandpa's hand She'd aways ask him for Won't throw it away, it's okay, without a Single care I could could've swore She wouldn't play The earring game Yeah, I watched her ask for all his food anyway Rolling her tongue, over the back of her mouth Surely you know she'll bark at them instead Cold girl Will be different She'll be quiet Oh, no barking Cold girl Will be different She'll be quiet Oh, no barking How much of her tongue can she stick out Until we notice her Bounce to the left, carry on Just smile and say you're a good dog She pleads and demands All your meats like only she can She'll be asked till he's out I would know, I've seen her before Chill outside when freezing out Or every heavy snow, she'll have a white back I could could've swore She wouldn't play The earring game Yeah, I watched her ask for all his food anyway Rolling her tongue, over the back of her mouth Surely you know you know better instead Cold girl Will be different She'll be quiet Oh, no barking Cold girl Will be different She'll be quiet Oh, no barking No, doesn't bark Wants more meat than a friend No, she won't stop begging them She'll be quiet again Oh no barking [About my dog who begs from grandpa every morning and spends most of the winter outside and the summer in front of a fan or vent]

    BLW BebopKidBLW BebopKid19 dagar sedan
  • It was only right near the end when I realised "holy crap, that's all one take". So so good. Also adore the production on this, the kick drum is absolutely gorgeous and warm, and the vocals are mixed perfectly

    potkettlepotkettle19 dagar sedan
  • This art moves me. Thank you.

    Tiffany ColsonTiffany Colson19 dagar sedan
  • I find the lines "You will plead and demand all your needs but you can't He'll be asked 'til he's bored I would know, I've been bored before" And "I won't be like them Want me more than friend" To be really interesting. It's like this relationship is similar to "Boys Like You" - there's more, but the partner does not want a romantic relationship. Or, they're sending mixed signals, with them saying no but acting in ways that would suggest romance. They're insistent that they're "just friends", and she wants more, but she feels guilty for wanting more. She's been in this situation before, guy friends who keep pursuing despite rejection. So she thinks she's being like them, and doesn't want to be, so she doesn't say that she wants more out of this. But I think the situation is probably different. This guy does show an interest, likely sexual, in her, whereas she did not show any interest to the guys. But since the guy doesn't want it to be a romantic, likely closed, relationship, it feels very similar. The guy might be using this to manipulate her into staying with him in a not-quite relationship. But this song seems to mostly be about the ways women often perform, mostly for men, and hurt themselves and each other in the process. "Cool girl" disparages most women as being "uptight", "nags", "clingy", etc.

    Mini WilliamsMini Williams19 dagar sedan
  • ❤️

    Nando GorskiNando Gorski19 dagar sedan
  • vraiment belle performance chorégraphique du groupe de danseuses

    Jean-Luc BrunetJean-Luc Brunet20 dagar sedan
  • Genius choreography. I was spell-bound.

    UrgeltUrgelt21 dag sedan
  • Hey Dodie, I forgot how good you the song,love the video & choreography

    Peter DayPeter Day21 dag sedan
  • This music is stuck in my head, so I come here to listen to it a few times.

    Specbelly1Specbelly122 dagar sedan
  • Kate Bush must be jealous. Great song

    Th von STh von S22 dagar sedan
  • Høne. But so much more

    Th von STh von S22 dagar sedan
  • OOF okay That ending tho! She slowly pushes every girl away in an attempt to be cool and different from them, and finally begins to put HERSELF down to be more palatable to whoever she's trying to win the affection of... but one of the other girls raises her arm, and dodie copies her-- because even though she says she doesnt want to be like them and has pushed them away, she really does.

    Sarah TurnerSarah Turner23 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful people Beautiful choreography Beautiful song 100/10

    Cheeze WIZ no chipsCheeze WIZ no chips23 dagar sedan
  • my take-- her knocking down the other cool girls kinda represents calling them out on their,, fakeness? not every outgoing charismatic person out there is faking their personality or anything, but when somebody can get along with everybody, they must be forcing it a little bit. so, when i see her throwing and kicking the air to knock the other cool girls down, she's calling them out, saying they're boiling themselves down to a charicature of themselves for somebody else, instead of just being themselves *for* themselves and the people that really love them. but even then, dodie can't help falling into the habit of doing the same. of trying to be like them, the type of person anybody could like. as the last cool girl gracefully tosses and turns after getting thrown to the ground, dodie still wants to be like her. (this hurt my heart oh my god !!) i get the sense that as she sits back down she feels guilty,, but it's too late now. wOW that was ✨pretentious✨ but fun :) ahh love dod so much

    zaykawaiizaykawaii24 dagar sedan
  • I’m really sorry but a lot of the words are kinda mumbled and I don’t know what she’s singing. I get it’s her new style but kinda distracting. Other than that it’s good

    Bathroom JamsBathroom Jams24 dagar sedan
  • I would love to hear the backstory for this song

    Rose's ArtsRose's Arts24 dagar sedan
  • Masterful. #zen

    Brotha AlphiBrotha Alphi24 dagar sedan
  • this gives me 2014 tumblr

    Mariel TuckerMariel Tucker26 dagar sedan
  • Hey peeps, I don't have a particularly pretty face or love promoting myself but I made a cover of this amazing song and I'd be very grateful if some people wanted to check it out!! ❤

    elisa's notebookelisa's notebook27 dagar sedan
  • I can only think gone girl - such a beautiful song :)

    G-OSPELG-OSPEL27 dagar sedan
  • this was so gorgeous wow

    Jasmine MajdiJasmine Majdi27 dagar sedan
  • This song is so beautiful i cant even count the amount of times I've replayed this today

    ChrissyDivineChrissyDivine28 dagar sedan
  • My new obsession is this song and choreography couldn't stop crying 🥲💞 such a lot of story and meaning

    diane raffaellediane raffaelle28 dagar sedan
  • What is that wonderful font in the title-screen called?

    TheoTheo28 dagar sedan
  • малаца!

    Andrei OsipovAndrei Osipov28 dagar sedan
  • DODIE you absolutely MAGICAL and PERFECT being i am in love with you do not tell my boyfriend

    emilie wemilie w28 dagar sedan
  • esto transmite las mejores vibras💕

    Araceli RMAraceli RM29 dagar sedan
  • I love this ❤️

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  • sorry lemme just SIMP real quick srsly dodie is everything

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  • this whole video is ONE SINGLE SHOT

    Trey ErnyTrey ErnyMånad sedan
  • What an artist

    J NJ NMånad sedan
  • Ok, I'm subscribing.

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  • Maravilhoso! Música, voz, coreografia e bailarinas TUDO LINDO!!!!!!!!! AMEI

    Aline MonteiroAline MonteiroMånad sedan
  • What is this gorgeous building?!

    64wing64wingMånad sedan
  • art.

    nownowMånad sedan
  • I missed this type of songs, so quiet but energetic at the same

    Gy nebre TalliGy nebre TalliMånad sedan
  • nice choreography and song ^_^

    Dian DianDian DianMånad sedan
  • Congradulations great clip and a killer tune

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  • Obsessed.

    Elizabeth WilliamsElizabeth WilliamsMånad sedan
  • Stunning!

    Adrian Calia - MusicAdrian Calia - MusicMånad sedan
  • beautiful

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  • this is A+ production value

    amytyvilleamytyvilleMånad sedan
  • Perfect song and choreografy, i loved it ❤️

    Luzíria Luísa da Conceição Luís MateLuzíria Luísa da Conceição Luís MateMånad sedan
  • Absolutely incredible. And the choreography is absurdly good, loved it. And holy crap, the soloist in the crop turtleneck and green trousers is STUNNING. Her imrpov is on POINT.

    Gabrielle LeeGabrielle LeeMånad sedan
  • I love everything about this song and video!! Eagerly awaiting for each song as they pop up on my itunes :) Dodie, thank you for sharing your art!

    Franken StormFranken StormMånad sedan
  • The begining sounds like the intro of the young pope, no?

    zed zedzed zedMånad sedan
  • I'm so obsessed with the choice of not having Dodie fully lipsync in this it is CHEFS KISS

    merksmirsmerksmirsMånad sedan