10 jan 2021
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  • Where are your beautiful earrings from? Thank you ☀️

    Marietheres TeipelMarietheres Teipel2 dagar sedan
  • Not to be rude, but blasting an embryo with concentrated ultrasound waves for extended periods of time is a bad idea. There is absolutely no need to see what the face looks like of an embryo.

    MEN 101MEN 1014 dagar sedan
  • Ciiiaooo.!

    got milkgot milk9 dagar sedan
  • Your life is an endless vacation! Lucky you

    Jola DushiJola Dushi11 dagar sedan
  • Hej Janni! Först och främst vill jag tacka för all inspiration och härlig energi du delar med dig av! Säljer du begagnade kläder? Tex via Sellpy eller liknande? Jag har letat efter Sisters the label överallt men hittar ingen bra återförsäljare och kom på att du har en hel del jättefina kläder ifrån dem som du kanske vill sälja. Kram ida

    I *I *12 dagar sedan

    Curt AldenCurt Alden12 dagar sedan
  • Janni, I tried your granola recipe in my air fryer (Philips) and it turned out amazing and very fast. Just keep an eye on it while 'cooking' and you can put lower temperature because mine got a little bit burned on top but it is still very delicious. You can try. 😏

    Teodora TsankovskaTeodora Tsankovska13 dagar sedan
  • They do the insuline resistence test as well here in Hungary, why don’t they do it in Sweden, i didn’t know that :)

    TheDorothyOOTheDorothyOO14 dagar sedan
  • The best roasted cauliflower dip: Mango-Sriracha. You just put your mango in the foodprocessor and add sriracha to taste. You will absolutely love it!! Ofcourseeee you can use it for way more than only cauliflower. And this is how I make my favorite air fryer fries: cut your potatoes and let it rest in cold water for some time. Then dry them, and season it with salt, garlic powder, smoked paprika powder and oregano. Bij adding a little oil, it will get a bit tastier but at the same time more calories, so that's your own choice ;)

    Fleur de koningFleur de koning14 dagar sedan
  • It depends on what region you live in in Sweden, in the south glukosbelastning is standard and everybody does it

    Sandra SSandra S14 dagar sedan
  • Jag undrar hela tiden vad du menar med att du inte är en person som inte gillar socker. Så länge jag följt dig har du alltid bakat något, haft någon sötsak, ätit godis etc - ”unnat” dig något. Mer än de flesta i min omgivning. OCH jag gillar det! Känns avslappnat och härligt med en som inte bara äter sallad och undviker socker (😂). Har bara följt dig dock de senaste året/1,5 året. Men oavsett, skippa det där, det är inget FEL! Det är underbart. Du är superhärlig, verkar hur fin som helst och får alltid ett leende på läpparna av att kolla på dina bloggar 🌟❤️

    Erika R GustafssonErika R Gustafsson15 dagar sedan
  • Hot people always have hot friends Klara is gorgeous.

    Dan GareyDan Garey15 dagar sedan
  • Why dont you use your coffee maker you had built in in the kitchen? :o

    Sólveig AspelundSólveig Aspelund15 dagar sedan
  • She has a beautiful smile.

    Gary GreelyGary Greely15 dagar sedan
  • 🌸🍀🌸🍀🌸🍀

    marvonamarvona16 dagar sedan
  • Great video loved seeing baby girl

    Nicolette Le RouxNicolette Le Roux16 dagar sedan
  • We do the glucose test in Sweden, I just did it today in week 29. It should have been done in week 28 though.

    Pernilla SPernilla S16 dagar sedan
  • So happy for y’all 💕

    AngelinaAngelina16 dagar sedan
  • Love when you recommend snacks because not many vloggers I watch are in Spain and recommend stuff I can actually buy. Love that muesli and the corn snacks! Will try the peanuts 😍

    Sophie KristiansenSophie Kristiansen16 dagar sedan
  • Yes you do the test in sweden as well 😊🧃

    Sarah MartinssonSarah Martinsson16 dagar sedan
  • shaking the air fryer half way makes things extra crispy!

    Ava MeagherAva Meagher16 dagar sedan
    • and spray (low cal) oil

      Ava MeagherAva Meagher16 dagar sedan
  • You look so pretty and happy :)

    Anni AnnyAnni Anny16 dagar sedan
  • Kan verkligen rekommendera att testa broccoli i airfryern, SÅÅ gott

    Lovisa KarlssonLovisa Karlsson16 dagar sedan
  • What a cozy vlog, thank you🥰

    Zarina LutfullinaZarina Lutfullina16 dagar sedan
  • Honestly can’t live without an airfryer !! Try boiling your potato a bit first then cook in airfryer ! I also salt and season before cooking and after as well 👌🏻😍

    Bec HBec H16 dagar sedan
  • Got to get Jon to change Leon's car battery to a 24v battery!!!

    Todd at stone_city_outlawTodd at stone_city_outlaw16 dagar sedan
    • @Callie Masters LOL

      Todd at stone_city_outlawTodd at stone_city_outlaw16 dagar sedan
    • Then he'll send it off for months for a ton of alterations, let Leon drive it for a week and then sell it. 😁

      Callie MastersCallie Masters16 dagar sedan
  • I have an airfryer for about 5 years and we are adicted. In Holland we fry everything and we use it a lot. French Fries are really good to make in in. We also make steak in there and other meat. You have to use the baking tray then.

    Ingrid SavelkoulsIngrid Savelkouls16 dagar sedan
  • Don’t mind me I’m just going to come over to your house and eat snacks all day. lol My milk frothed is the best thing ever, use it all the time with my Nespresso, use Illy capsules, the best 👍 Thought about buying an Airfryer but I know I’m just going to use it a few times and then never again. 🤷‍♂️

    venom5809venom580917 dagar sedan
  • Hey Janni when working with air fryers you might want to use at least coat with a cap full of oil. I prefer grape-seed or olive oil & seasons as you’d like. Didn’t scroll through all the comments. So my apologies in advance if some one gave you advice on the air fryer. 😊

    DeannaDeanna17 dagar sedan
  • You and Jon should watch Cobra Kai

    Alexandra KarAlexandra Kar17 dagar sedan
  • The crown is really good but Bridgerton is absolutely fantastic need more of it to watch but beware it's a bit raunchy😂😏😮 I've watched almost all the period dramas on Netflix The Durrells was another brilliant series to bingewatch xx

    Niq TNiq T17 dagar sedan
  • I think baby looks already like mum. She is playing hide and seek there

    Travels In Her Heart - AureliaTravels In Her Heart - Aurelia17 dagar sedan
  • What camera in this one? (at home) looks amazing at my tv and its not even a 4K

    Andreas JohanssonAndreas Johansson17 dagar sedan
  • I use my air fryer to even make steaks and salmons ... it’s soooo easy

    Muhammad _F_FMuhammad _F_F17 dagar sedan
  • Love your cosy Marbella vlogs, Janni! Huge hugs x x

    S OneS One17 dagar sedan
  • Im sorry to break it to you guys, but an air fryer is a miniature convection oven. Its said to simulate the cooking of a fryer but its really not the same at all, just a selling point. Probably why John thinks it resembles the ones you make in the oven: 12.29

    Carolina SilvaCarolina Silva17 dagar sedan
  • Does Klara work with/for you?

    Elin-Sofie ØdegårdElin-Sofie Ødegård17 dagar sedan
  • She looks like Leon somehow

    Elin-Sofie ØdegårdElin-Sofie Ødegård17 dagar sedan
  • Did you know the ingredients of the impossible (vegie) burgers are actually terrible for you?

    A PA P17 dagar sedan
  • Hello Lynn and Warner happy new year...Good news about the growing little girl best to everyone hooray

    Patrick WoodsPatrick Woods17 dagar sedan
  • Do you guys speak Spanish??

    Pie GrandePie Grande17 dagar sedan
  • Which size of the once upon photo books did you get?

    CarolCarol17 dagar sedan
  • Lägg pommesen i en skål med vatten i 30 min innan ni har dem i airfryern! Makes all the difference 😍

    Maja WMaja W17 dagar sedan
  • MUSIC NAME IS chemistry - tape machines

    M GM G17 dagar sedan
  • Glucose tolerance test. Quite nasty but it’s a moment in time. Like childbirth and worth it.

    Amaya StrataAmaya Strata17 dagar sedan
  • What brand is the red espresso/coffee maker? Does anyone know? TIA

    Julia HaggstromJulia Haggstrom17 dagar sedan
    • @Mari Anna thank you! :)

      Julia HaggstromJulia Haggstrom16 dagar sedan
    • It's Nespresso. I have the Nespresso Citiz, it looks similar to the one they have :)

      Mari AnnaMari Anna16 dagar sedan
  • jag har gjort glukostestet tre ggr med alla mina graviditeter .. det olika i olika regioner..

    Axdal familjenAxdal familjen17 dagar sedan
  • I love your vlog much you and leon relationship is so cute🤗

    Özlem BelindirÖzlem Belindir17 dagar sedan
  • 💘

  • Good luck,really wonderful young family

    Mario BMario B17 dagar sedan
  • What a hell. Jon is turning grey. It's not possible.

    GoldsGolds17 dagar sedan
  • Nice vlog Janid! And your friend Clara is our favourite one from all of your friends ♥️♥️♥️

    TWINS lifestyleTWINS lifestyle17 dagar sedan
  • Wow a boy and a girl, How many children is there gonna be.

    GoldsGolds17 dagar sedan
  • Such a beautiful baby girl already in mommy’s tummy! Thank you from sharing your ultrasound and parts of your life!

    butterfly1122butterfly112217 dagar sedan
  • Dress oil on the potatoes before putting them in the air fryer (also add salt before)

    Daniel Fl.Daniel Fl.17 dagar sedan
  • hm i just ordered a Philips Air fryer... you influenced me haha

    iampepaiampepa17 dagar sedan
  • 🤩🤩👋👋

    Paki MarinPaki Marin17 dagar sedan
  • Babygirl!😍 You have to try the pistachio nougat from Mercadona!!🤤😋

    Alejandra CamanoAlejandra Camano17 dagar sedan
  • Nu när ni snart blir fyra i familjen, var ska ni bosätta er? Blir inte lägenheten i Monaco liten med fyra i familjen?

    MrMae77MrMae7717 dagar sedan

    i Yazzyi Yazzy17 dagar sedan
  • I vårt landsting gör de glukos på alla efter vecka 26 😊👍🏼

    Hanna EricssonHanna Ericsson17 dagar sedan
  • We have the same air fryer, now im not sure if your supposed to do this, but we season everything before it goes in the fryer. Otherwise you need a lot of seasoning and we try to avoid to much salt. But its a lot of trial an error, I think it took us a couple of months until we figure out, what to cook for how long at which temperature. Thanks for loads of amazing content.

    kinm91kinm9117 dagar sedan
  • Try to do salmon in it. It’s super super delicious 😋 I use it a lot too

    Giselle Criações em FeltroGiselle Criações em Feltro17 dagar sedan
  • Janni she is going to look just like you and Leon looks so stylish in his car I bet you just can imagine when he gets to drive a real car Jon is going to be out of his mind with proud ness if that's a word lol but you know what I mean anyway take care and can't wait to see your next video thanks for sharing

    Ruth LongRuth Long17 dagar sedan
  • I think the camera phone would have been fine but the front-facing lens was dirty or smudgy so the image was not sharp. People tend to forget the camera on the front, but when you do it's a game-changer for selfies or front-facing videos.

    Lisa_ and_ChristianLisa_ and_Christian17 dagar sedan
    • I think when you use front camera it has this kind of beauty filter that makes the image smudgy-looking. You can remove the filter though but the quality isn't as good as the back camera. I think for vlogging with a phone it's better to use the real camera, like Jon said.

      Mari AnnaMari Anna16 dagar sedan
  • In norway its also rutine to take the glucosetest now. Its recomendation only, but why would you not, right. I had it, but I lived lowcarb and did not need medication. ❤

    MademoiselleMademoiselle17 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me, or did Jon put a ridiculous amount of salt on those fries?! Hahahahah

    Niek AnkonéNiek Ankoné17 dagar sedan
  • You should watch Bridgerton on Netflix, it‘s amazing!

    Lena LeopoldLena Leopold17 dagar sedan
  • Hi Janni, thank you for letting us have a look in your life! Always love watching your vlogs. I was wondering, with both of your pregnancies you've shown us which dietary precautions you are taking. How about personal (beauty) care? Any ingredients you are cautious with? Things like deodorant and dyeing your hair.

    IdrysMeiIdrysMei17 dagar sedan
  • Wow you're baby daughter looks stunningly beautiful already.

    Tilly SandersTilly Sanders17 dagar sedan

    Sarah Febrina HarmainiSarah Febrina Harmaini17 dagar sedan
  • I love love love my air fryer. Do what Callie Masters said below. I cut up already baked potatoes in it with coconut oil as you say Soooo good!

    Sarah's sunny side of the MountainSarah's sunny side of the Mountain17 dagar sedan
  • You look so good! Happy for both of you 🤍

    Madalena MorgadoMadalena Morgado17 dagar sedan
  • U should watch Bridgerton....queens Gambit is nothing compared to that😄👍💜

    tessa bodenhamtessa bodenham17 dagar sedan
  • Janni, It is great to see that your baby and you are doing well. Congrats and my best wishes from Germany. I love seeing Leon driving in his first proper car. You an Jon seem to be still down to earth despite yor live between Monaco and Marbella. All the best 👍😊🍀

    S KS K17 dagar sedan
  • Haha... air fryer goals😄 Had the same experience first time around with so many appliances...:) Third time lucky usually. We have a big shortage of electrical goods here now though. Trying to buy a new food processor- 6-9 month wait time now for new stock..

    polyannamoonbeampolyannamoonbeam17 dagar sedan
  • what was the girl's name? let it be Nola-it's in tune with Leon

    Agasfer696Agasfer69617 dagar sedan
  • Janni, I congratulate you on the girl!!! did you really recover so quickly after your first pregnancy and childbirth!? I wish You had five children!

    Agasfer696Agasfer69617 dagar sedan
  • Wow, janni I'm also Rh negative had to get a shot each time I gave birth because my blood doesn't work will my baby's blood type 😪 take care

    Janice LambertJanice Lambert17 dagar sedan
    • Me too...RH negative same process...many years ago now. I had my gynaecologist at each of my 3 childrens' births in case a blood transfusion was necessary. I guess it was the procedure then.

      Judith PJudith P17 dagar sedan
  • Tips. Salta pommesen innan ni tillagar dom i fritösen. Och man kan kolla i fritösen efter halva tiden, skaka runt och se hur det ser ut utan att stänga av den och man bränner sig inte av att öppna den heller. Har en större som används flitigt här hemma och vi brukar köra 16-18 minuter när den är halvfull och då får det plats en hel kyckling där i 😅

    Saga NihlenSaga Nihlen17 dagar sedan
  • beautiful mama 💗💗💗💗

    Aurélie JennaAurélie Jenna17 dagar sedan
  • Daughter is very similar to you ! La Concha¡⛰

    Diana DDiana D17 dagar sedan
  • You actually do the sugar test in Sweden as well :)

    Danielle HammarskjöldDanielle Hammarskjöld17 dagar sedan
    • I should point out that they wanted me to do it twice since my dad has diabetes (type 1), so everyone doesn’t “have” to do it twice

      Danielle HammarskjöldDanielle Hammarskjöld16 dagar sedan
    • @Janni Olsson Deler they recommend you to do it, but you don’t actually HAVE to 😊 they wanted me to do it twice, once early in this pregnancy and one in a couple of weeks but I strongly refused this second time because I became so nauseous the last time. My body reacted in such a strong negative way 😅

      Danielle HammarskjöldDanielle Hammarskjöld16 dagar sedan
    • @Janni Olsson Deler It is routine in Sweden actually. For every pregnancy (risk or not) 😘

      sabine Fanteriasabine Fanteria17 dagar sedan
    • Oh ok, but I don’t think it’s mandatory? Only if you’re in a risk group! 🙈

      Janni Olsson DelerJanni Olsson Deler17 dagar sedan
  • Tip for fries in a airfryer: Take the basked out at half time and shake above the sink. The wil get way more crunchy

    JuriJuri17 dagar sedan
    • Or just stir it.

      Callie MastersCallie Masters17 dagar sedan
    • We did that in the end! 👌🏽👌🏽

      Janni Olsson DelerJanni Olsson Deler17 dagar sedan
  • Har flera vänner som gjort glukostest här i sverige med :)

    lovve013lovve01317 dagar sedan
  • Woohooo I'm so excited!! I can't wait. When do you start the baby girl nursery??

    Beverly CrowderBeverly Crowder17 dagar sedan
    • Leon doesn't have a room either it seems, he's still sleeping with mom and dad

      Mari AnnaMari Anna16 dagar sedan
  • You should try watching Bridgerton

    Valentina ErjavecValentina Erjavec17 dagar sedan
  • Lol I thought you were in a leaf in the first clip lol the electric car

    Max NewtonMax Newton17 dagar sedan
  • You three are amazing! Thank you for such good content. Started watching jon years ago and leon is just 2 weeks younger than my first daughter. Maybe because im a dad now, but ive grown to appreciate this kind of content more. Wouldn’t change parent life for anything! Like what was life before? . Just want to say thank you for continuing these videos! Not sure how you find the time 😂😂

    Deadhead DustinDeadhead Dustin17 dagar sedan
  • Can we get a clue as to the baby girl's name? Another animal or a flower, or staying with the L, like Louisa, maybe? You have a lot of people in your family so a lot of the names are taken.

    Callie MastersCallie Masters17 dagar sedan
  • An air fryer is really just a convection oven. This is why you set the temperature a little lower than just a regular oven, like with convection ovens. You can still use a very small amount of oil if you want, and you can even bake a cake in it (find a bowl that fits). You can turn it off and on to check how it is cooking (& stir the food, which helps), so you can stop when it is perfect. Preheating takes about 5 minutes, so you need 5 minutes less for a second batch if you cook the first batch without preheating. You can get a little rack (and a popcorn popper box) from Phillips, but this will take longer to cook if you double up the food on the rack. The best thing is you can set it and it will turn itself off, so if you're busy with something else it won't burn up the food if you forget to check on it like a regular oven. You can leave the food in after it stops and it will stay warm. Remember to check the bottom of the pan to clean off all the drippings as you go. It's not huge, but an air fryer works great for cooking for 1-2 people at a time. You don't heat up your entire kitchen to just crisp up a leftover or meal for one person, for example. For advanced cooks you can try changing the temperature at different stages as you go along, too. Read the booklet that comes with it for more help and ideas.

    Callie MastersCallie Masters17 dagar sedan
    • Thank you, Callie! Very good information 👍🏻

      TrumpWonTrumpWon17 dagar sedan
  • Yes please sponsor this people, they really need it. They have already bought one, with their hard earned money. PLEASE.

    Christel JonssonChristel Jonsson17 dagar sedan
    • Hehe yes, it was a joke of coursez. If you’re swedish you’re usually sarcastic/ironic a lot which a lot of people from other countries doesn’t get all the time 😅👋🏽

      Janni Olsson DelerJanni Olsson Deler17 dagar sedan
    • They are being sarcastic. Come on girl, calm down.

      Jamie den HaanJamie den Haan17 dagar sedan
  • I love the airfryer. You really have to try thinly sliced carrots and butternut in the air fry. But cook it with salt in the air fry 😍

    Melissa GellingMelissa Gelling17 dagar sedan
  • Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    Issac MaximoIssac Maximo17 dagar sedan
  • Managed to get some of the BBE for my partner! ☺️ Thanks for all your content lovely - we’ve been rewatching all your vlogs from the beginning again for UK lockdown 3.0

    Rachel WellsRachel Wells17 dagar sedan
  • And THEY are called Spanish corn

    Christel JonssonChristel Jonsson17 dagar sedan

    Stephanie MidhammarStephanie Midhammar17 dagar sedan
  • Janni is the most classy woman, mom and wife I’ve seen so far. Both mentally and also physically.

    mrbreakybeemrbreakybee17 dagar sedan
    • I love how calm she is! ☺️

      TheDorothyOOTheDorothyOO14 dagar sedan
    • Yes goals! ❤️

      Stephanie LepizStephanie Lepiz17 dagar sedan
    • Naaw, thank you! 🥰❤️

      Janni Olsson DelerJanni Olsson Deler17 dagar sedan
  • Oh yes. Glukosbelastning. It’s mandatory in Sweden. Done it every time 🤢

    Sophia AhlinSophia Ahlin17 dagar sedan
    • @Janni Olsson Deler yeah that has to be it. That’s wierd. In south of sweden it is mandatory. Should be the same routine throughout the hole country. With free health care and all. 😏

      Sophia AhlinSophia Ahlin17 dagar sedan
    • What?? Haven’t heard any of my friends do it 😅 Maybe it’s different in different cities! 🙈

      Janni Olsson DelerJanni Olsson Deler17 dagar sedan
  • I worked at a three star hotel.. at some time and they used to serve cream buns for breakfast but that might have changed now... have not had sugar or salt for years now... 🎷

    Peter HarrisPeter Harris17 dagar sedan