2b2t's Most Bizarre Oddities

21 nov 2020
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Today we uncover some of the more bizarre structures found on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, and the tragic story of their creator.
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  • i like it when you stop more :)

    Magnezone 2016Magnezone 20162 timmar sedan
  • Hope you don't mind me asking this, but was it true that popbob was female?

    Marcus HoMarcus Ho22 timmar sedan
  • 5:49 oh wow... first time hearing that

    ral 1243ral 1243Dag sedan
  • What hacks you use

    lordasg 3515rlordasg 3515r2 dagar sedan
  • The fact his gapples are named nom nom nom

    Madhav SharmaMadhav Sharma2 dagar sedan
  • I can see it now: *2b2t the movie*

    Evan and Charles FilmsEvan and Charles Films4 dagar sedan
  • “That’s enough nostalgia for me” *takes off in boat*

    Connor FergusonConnor Ferguson5 dagar sedan
  • FitMC : you kown what you hear this a millom time Me : yay, skip

    SHEN MENG JIE MoeSHEN MENG JIE Moe5 dagar sedan
  • SankuGG Actually helped tommyinnit lolll

    14xLori14xLori10 dagar sedan
  • 1:42 that fort or castle seems cool to build

    ARealFireHeroARealFireHero12 dagar sedan
  • everybody sub because he actually skipped the viewer subscriber thing, what a legend!

    Paul OlsenPaul Olsen12 dagar sedan
  • I want to know what the signs say tho

    EvilGaming 007EvilGaming 00712 dagar sedan
  • sanku? as in sankuGG from tommyinnits vid?

    crestfellcrestfell12 dagar sedan
  • “...but that’s enough from me, let’s get a move on.” *hops onto a magical boat casually*

    Coflyer Inc.Coflyer Inc.12 dagar sedan
  • fit used wurst

    Krispy KingKrispy King13 dagar sedan
  • Yo 8:35. The vid was posted on 11/21 but the sign says here 12/11

    Nate HarringtonNate Harrington13 dagar sedan
  • It’s funny how he named his golden Apple “nom nom nom”

    SiliconSilicon13 dagar sedan
  • There are no shilds 5 years ago

    Justin BraafheidJustin Braafheid13 dagar sedan
  • How can signs be used to find cords ?

    WiketWiket13 dagar sedan
  • I love how fit makes everything more dramatic lmao

    miguel zambranomiguel zambrano15 dagar sedan
  • This man makes this block game into real life

    Ryle Cariad TionghoyRyle Cariad Tionghoy15 dagar sedan
  • 2b2t is that one server, which you debate whether or not to play it, but once you do, you can't stop

    Toshiya JoshimaToshiya Joshima15 dagar sedan
  • Sanku? Hmm have I heard that before? Isn't he TommyInnit's Friend in 2b2t?

    Free 2 PlayFree 2 Play16 dagar sedan

    DylanLee SkullDylanLee Skull16 dagar sedan
  • How are you getting the 3D renders of the 2b2t map?

    SwordsmanCDOSwordsmanCDO17 dagar sedan
  • fitmc:we going to tha stash *ends video about being betrayed* me:Welp im outa here

    Adam triple duoAdam triple duo17 dagar sedan
  • the Hell How Do U Make Boat Fly?

    Mike YTMike YT17 dagar sedan
  • 1:18 what is that lava cast

    Dr BrightDr Bright17 dagar sedan
  • fun fact pop bob is a girl

    Shark Does StuffShark Does Stuff18 dagar sedan
    • no hes not

      AwoKENAwoKEN18 dagar sedan
  • “It’s actually one of 2b2t’s flooded forests” Me a monster hunter fan: *grabs longsword*

    Ryaquaza 1Ryaquaza 118 dagar sedan
  • 2:40 oh ur holding a photo of a czech youtuber!

    Real foxyReal foxy18 dagar sedan
  • who nows maybe im OMALIYMIX and maybe I play on my alt so people dont recognize me

    AID CRAFTERAID CRAFTER18 dagar sedan
  • Im sorry with your friends that they quit minecraft

    Mr endermanMr enderman19 dagar sedan
  • I have the flying boat glitch

    Stacy HerreraStacy Herrera20 dagar sedan
  • 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Connie NovenoConnie Noveno20 dagar sedan
  • I got an ad about some goth looking guy trying to teach people how to speak to plants on this video Why

    Cornn FleakCornn Fleak21 dag sedan
    • i have SEworld premium because of raid shadow legends

      AwoKENAwoKEN18 dagar sedan
  • such a nice guy :D "im not griefing this place, putting the stone bricks back when we are done"

    ShrekShrek22 dagar sedan
  • My name apper in this vid lmao

    Johnny Sins In PersonJohnny Sins In Person23 dagar sedan
  • “Just a block game..” and now, you have officially carried it too far buddy

    Luke MontaguLuke Montagu23 dagar sedan
  • the boat fly me: wow transportation

    mr yeetmr yeet23 dagar sedan
  • In mcpe there is accutually there is a option to break bedrock

    Calix Feric ZambronaCalix Feric Zambrona23 dagar sedan
  • i seen stuff like this but more.. im not gonna say it.. buts its all wierd.. the name is *** and there is always only one player called c88r and i think he died by his computer because he never moved for 6 years now.. i attacked him.. and kept on getting kicked.. and there was alot of damage on the server.. and laggy..

    Mad GamesMad Games23 dagar sedan
  • 2b2t ice berg

    Mad GamesMad Games23 dagar sedan
  • This dude talks about players in a video game wreaking havoc like he’s an immortal storyteller recounting the epic saga of an ancient battle he witnessed

    Angela HsiaoAngela Hsiao24 dagar sedan
  • i bet popbob is using a stolen account to go unnoticed in 2b2t

    ihateplebesihateplebes24 dagar sedan
  • This gives me the vibes of Obi Wan Kenobi telling Luke the stories of his Jedi Adventures

    Roaring Thunder115Roaring Thunder11524 dagar sedan
  • Bro you always show you image holding a gold play button and Bald head

  • Popbob was actually a lunatic lmao

    Condogster FCondogster F27 dagar sedan
  • 7:45 “don’t worry I’ll put them back” so respectful to the builds and history he says this after mining two blocks

    ShadzkyShadzky28 dagar sedan
  • Yup, took him 4 seconds to say it

    NoelleNoelle28 dagar sedan
  • his golded apples are named nom nom nom

    Backstreet 69Backstreet 6929 dagar sedan
  • Santi is from TommyInnit’s 2b2t video, and if you look at the background in the picture you can see Goujon, who is also in the video

    SparkzSparkzMånad sedan
  • January first. 12:00 in the morning. I'm opening an end portal. To ring the sound across the server. And I will let the chaos begin

    Encrypted DjEncrypted DjMånad sedan
  • how bizarre

    JasonJasonMånad sedan
  • Sanku, a friend of tommyinnit lol.

    TeqTeqMånad sedan
  • Song at 8:45 ?

    Enigma roninEnigma roninMånad sedan
  • 69,930 likes? I MISSED IT BY 510 DARN IT 511 including me*

    R BrazR BrazMånad sedan
  • History of 2b2t

    tyronthesadtyronthesadMånad sedan
  • why he gota look like one punch man tho

    Norman BurtonNorman BurtonMånad sedan
  • Actuallly on PE in like 2015 you could craft end portal frames

    MDestroyerXMDestroyerXMånad sedan
  • hot

    German QueroGerman QueroMånad sedan
  • Fitmc's bizarre 2b2t adventures

    LemsLemsMånad sedan
  • 3:04 he says it was 5 years ago he flew off the tower but elytras came out 3 years ago?? 🧐🧐

    70s-80s FanPage70s-80s FanPageMånad sedan
  • 00:07 "oldest anarky server in minecraft"

    Joseph McMullanJoseph McMullanMånad sedan
  • 1:52 turns out Sunku and gujon was with tommyinnit, do anyone remember?

    Tahmidun NaharTahmidun NaharMånad sedan
  • To be honest I like you stoping and looking at the destroyed bases. I would like to see some signs or stuff like that.

    Jase12Jase12Månad sedan
  • Person:" it was omaleymix's stash" Fit: now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time

    Marcus HughesMarcus HughesMånad sedan
  • tb2t looks soo good in rtx

    AbraxasAbraxasMånad sedan
  • You look like tyler1's older brother

    Koala BeardKoala BeardMånad sedan
  • One day I think 2b2t will be discovered forever...... Until Mojang updates to 1.17 I hope they do not delete the border.

    Kent GuillerKent GuillerMånad sedan
  • "a large percentage of you..." me: **angree** "ya know what, you've heard this before" me: **liek n soobscrib**

    Elisa NoveloElisa NoveloMånad sedan
  • you can tell right after he said he wasn't gonna stop he was about to stop

    Elisa NoveloElisa NoveloMånad sedan
  • I subscribed because he didn’t want to bother me about subscribing

    A random guy with no dreams :DA random guy with no dreams :DMånad sedan
  • My man braves the anarchy’s server for historical purposes. Hell yeah

    James BaucomJames BaucomMånad sedan
  • TommyInnit had seen SankuGG

    koyeli daskoyeli dasMånad sedan
  • I refuse to believe elytras were added that long ago

    ellery YSBKWGellery YSBKWGMånad sedan
  • My cousin went there 0•0

    Blue ButterflysBlue ButterflysMånad sedan
  • 7:26 what is that noise? A fallen angel?

    DiamoDiamoMånad sedan
  • Bizarr

    rmino08rmino08Månad sedan
  • I like how he doesn’t really do big things on the sever in his videos he just documents and archives all the information he can

    Eldin HoelkerEldin HoelkerMånad sedan
  • It’s ironic how he travels on boat regularly but when he went through the water he went on foot

    CoolGamerzCoolGamerzMånad sedan
  • this isnt just a block game this is THE block game

    DoggoDoggoMånad sedan
  • it took fit 4 seconds to say the thing is this really fit orrrrrrrrrrrr

    ShitassShitassMånad sedan
  • So you like 2b2t tell the history

    Kenrick John MarquezKenrick John MarquezMånad sedan
  • fit after a 1 year in 8760+ hour I have far lands but it is on an older Minecraft but its is stole loge in on 2b2t i will give you the a world download and the account login … my discord name is yellow sus I am free today and for 3.30pm to 8.00pm on school night just saying DO NOT NEED THE $2,000 Reward give to the homeless people then need it more then me

    exotic sloth gamingexotic sloth gamingMånad sedan
  • His voice is like a Disney land ride

    Laura VanceLaura VanceMånad sedan
  • Just imagine being in one of these 2b2t videos, and then you have your possibly cringy name featured in the video I would scream

    Lefty The EggLefty The EggMånad sedan
  • Did somebody say my name?

    OddityOddityMånad sedan
  • Man said “Alright Let’s get a move on” proceeds to acsend In boat

    Spo nenSpo nenMånad sedan
  • I watched tommyinnits 2b2t video where Sanku and goujon helped him

    ꧁BlueBlade꧂ ͔꧁BlueBlade꧂ ͔Månad sedan
  • π minutes: nostalgia

    Killian O'BrienKillian O'BrienMånad sedan
  • Omg

    Kimsean TengKimsean TengMånad sedan
  • 4:00 all I have to say is shit

    That HumanThat HumanMånad sedan
  • 8:10 insert song "Just the Two of Us"

    MykleMykleMånad sedan
  • Ummmmmm din he not see the redstone contration!?

    Baron GaliciaBaron GaliciaMånad sedan
  • I like it when you stop to see so I can see what everything is

    tiktok YouTubetiktok YouTubeMånad sedan
  • Eyy Did U Say SankuGG An Great 2b2t Player? His Tommyinnit Friend Too

    Karen RomeroKaren RomeroMånad sedan
  • did anyone notice he blocked out the coordinates ;-;

    TimidFerret4982 GamingTimidFerret4982 GamingMånad sedan
  • what hacked client is fit using?

    JHBDHS613JHBDHS613Månad sedan
  • This is like discovery channel for minecraft

    Brandon KingBrandon KingMånad sedan