21 feb 2021
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If you laugh you lose, good luck. #meme #memes #MemeReview
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  • New podcast this week on the podcast channel!

    ZeducationZeducation3 dagar sedan
    • Your moderators on Discord suck. They delete memes and then can't say why. If you have people like that, killing conservative speech, you might as well call yourself Joeducation...

      Adam EstAdam Est17 timmar sedan
    • If I wake up to see sun pelosi I'd go back to sleep cause it would be a nightmare!

      Kel CastleKel Castle21 timme sedan
    • 14:48 Or as I call it, the Jesus emoji! Yeah! Finally!

      Reggie AmazingReggie Amazing22 timmar sedan
    • Today, the Southerners dealing with snow meme came up on my Facebook as a memory from 2018!!!

      Potato WomanPotato WomanDag sedan
    • Tŕď

      TJ SpurginTJ Spurgin2 dagar sedan
  • The Left only knows how to Destroy. They spread Hate over and over like a herpes outbreak.

    Scott RAYBURNScott RAYBURN22 minuter sedan
  • at gorila glue really i don't believe that, serisly how can you be that stupid? Edit. NWM I've seen this video my dog is smarter then her and is easier to understand then this gangsta English.

    Paweł PPaweł P25 minuter sedan
  • I can think of plenty of options before I start using a lawn rake on snow.

    Nicholas VatersNicholas VatersTimme sedan
  • Love president Trump. Show your support 2024. Dub dub dub dot presidentialposters dot com

    Violet FrankViolet FrankTimme sedan
  • Imagine voting for Biden.

    Robert HanssonRobert HanssonTimme sedan
  • Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute...!!! I'm cool with the first punishment, but that second punishment is a bit much! Okay, it's a LOT much!! Just letting you know Tyler I will do the first one, but no way am I agreeing to that second one. What a nightmare!! 😬 😵

    Karen SteppKaren SteppTimme sedan
  • 3:50 Now I know I'm not the only one! I have two of these broken blind fins now and only one spare one left. I'm too afraid to even dust the thing anymore for fear I'll break another!

    Tyson WardTyson Ward5 timmar sedan
  • At 12:46, still completely unfunny Edit: made it to the end and barely cracked a smile. Not as good as some of your others.

    Russell BolandRussell Boland5 timmar sedan
  • @18:30 I worked for an asylum called a behavioral healthcare center here in Ohio. They are not gone and they are not inhumane. Those who work there are the best of the best both in CQB tactics and still willing to come to work knowing that you could get a No. 2 pencil in the ear from behind at any time for no reason at all with low pay! True Story.

    bad74maverick1bad74maverick17 timmar sedan
  • 3:40 I have those blinds at work I hate them but with a paper clip and tape and a knife to make a hole you can fix/improve them

    Eaglekun !Eaglekun !7 timmar sedan
  • o wow. a whole bunch of white middle aged dudes complaining about dems. I would have never guessed.

    Casey HamiltonCasey Hamilton7 timmar sedan
  • Hb 3531 New bill trying to restrict video games.

    Avery SheltonAvery Shelton7 timmar sedan
  • ...and D, do we bribe voters overtly now?

    Short RoundShort Round8 timmar sedan
  • We love you💚💜🧡💙♥️💚💜🧡💙♥️

    Heather LunaHeather Luna8 timmar sedan
  • If student loan debt is forgiven then why even charge for college?

    Zero ZeroZero Zero10 timmar sedan
  • You laughed so watch the biden townhall again but you must drink a coffee before so you wont fall asleep 😂

    Manuel RosarioManuel Rosario10 timmar sedan
  • only thing i see stupid is the wormnurse zeducation just a pile of dung'

    Bob FizerBob Fizer10 timmar sedan
  • TYLER? Sorry but TEXAS had a "wake-up call back in 2011 with a nasty spell of cold weather. People KNEW that the VORTEX was on the way! Why didn't people prepare??? WHY? WHY? Some of the vid, I understood. Other parts are beyond me.

    join the conversationjoin the conversation11 timmar sedan
  • This is not even near funny

    Ma gaMa ga11 timmar sedan
  • I lost at the driving Grandma to church one. I live in Africa and we don't get snow either, so I didn't have a chance...

    Shaun KShaun K11 timmar sedan
  • I hate that you said I know you southerners like your sweet tea. When I, Alabama born and raised, am being handed sweet tea.

    Anthony MazzolaAnthony Mazzola12 timmar sedan
  • I forced air out of my nose quickly but I never actually laughed.

    Mikunt IzitchieMikunt Izitchie12 timmar sedan
  • Did not laugh .

    Rusty BucketRusty Bucket12 timmar sedan
  • Dude with all respect... i laughed the most at your brilliant Tetris shaped teeth... 😁🤣🤣😂

    Big DaddyBig Daddy13 timmar sedan
  • There would have been rioting in the streets and CNN would have exploded if Trump had said blacks and hispanics weren't smart enough to use the internet. The earth may have spun off its axis. Biden? Meh, nothing to see here.

    67L4867L4813 timmar sedan
  • To be as stupid as Joe is he had to work at it. I mean he is stupid on steroids

    357 bullfrog357 bullfrog13 timmar sedan
  • Oh my gosh, I'm not sure if Joe's lying, more like he can't remember his promises. Or much of anything.

    Knitting PastaKnitting Pasta14 timmar sedan
  • Its a guy getting head 1717

    juan Gonzalezjuan Gonzalez14 timmar sedan
  • Somebody is a big Trump fan i think

    Luuk den BestenLuuk den Besten14 timmar sedan
  • Mama took care of your stalker.

    Shannon CatsShannon Cats14 timmar sedan
  • Dammit I laughed when you said manually transcribe Joe's speech lmfao

    Deez NughtsDeez Nughts15 timmar sedan
  • Please explain why the black guy was funny, its making me nuts because I don't know 😦

    Nadia FloresNadia Flores15 timmar sedan
  • And let us never forget that Epstein didn't kill himself. Thank you.

    Lorrie BlanksLorrie Blanks15 timmar sedan
  • Guess I am getting dementia.......

    Lorrie BlanksLorrie Blanks15 timmar sedan
  • 6:10 got me there, makunt izichi brought me to tears 🤣

    ZiSt1989ZiSt198915 timmar sedan
  • Sweet tea gets as much hate as pineapples on pizza.

    Politicians are cancer Deserve to hangPoliticians are cancer Deserve to hang15 timmar sedan

    Vince LarocVince Laroc16 timmar sedan
  • Dude preach California sucks

    Caleb WyantCaleb Wyant17 timmar sedan
  • Taking the stairs

    Mc AppleTonMc AppleTon17 timmar sedan
  • They said the $600 was a down payment. $1400 is a payoff on an illegal bribe for votes.... $600 down payment on the $2000 promised. Just sayin'

    I Am Who I Say I AmI Am Who I Say I Am17 timmar sedan
  • I understand the bookshelf one. It’s detached from reality: scholars. Book smarts doesn’t mean life smarts. What works well in the mind often falls apart in practice. Now combine that with MSM which targets college graduates (specifically environmental studies and social sciences) then voila you’ve got yourself an indoctrinated citizen who doesn’t like “bullies” and will use that as a moral high ground.

    Michael MendiolaMichael Mendiola18 timmar sedan
  • “Wear your mask and you’ll be fine”” That’s not how masks work.

    Thomas BirtlesThomas Birtles18 timmar sedan
  • Oh my God, the Ted Cruz meme is killing me.

    Olecranon RebellionOlecranon Rebellion19 timmar sedan
  • it is a real "ad" actually, I have see it in spanish

    lordbrysonlordbryson19 timmar sedan
  • 4:30 1. Countries laugh at texas for once in a century snow storm. 2. America laughs when Nato is disbanded and the entire socialist planet has to pay its own bills.

    david rossdavid ross19 timmar sedan
  • Execute order 65

    Ohioan EmpireOhioan Empire20 timmar sedan
  • We love her too. Never stop laughing!!!!!

    TS RealTexanTS RealTexan20 timmar sedan
  • I don't understand the gear shifter joke.

    JonO387JonO38720 timmar sedan
  • The high stakes gambling with shotgun shells is funny bc ammo is so hard to find now... Ex: We were in the local gun store a few weeks ago and it just so happened that a cop, two lawyers, and the judge walked in around the same time. They were all checking to see if the gun store had gotten any more ammo in yet... Of course they had not and one of the lawyers said, "Its easier to buy drugs than bullets now!" The other one goes, "Pretty soon people are gonna be selling ammo by singles in the street." Cop said, "Yeah, its gonna be like, 'hey man how much you want' and the ammo dealer will pull out a small bag with one 9mm round for $10 and another baggie with three for $25!" The judge said, "That's alright, anything under 6 is a misdemeanor, so as long as I dont buy more than that I can get away with it." The whole store DIED LAUGHING!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Leslie GrayLeslie Gray20 timmar sedan
  • So many jokes about Texas. And I get it, I appreciate them... But if anyone had made jokes about any other natural disaster... like the flooding in New Orleans in 05... OMG...

    Leslie GrayLeslie Gray20 timmar sedan
  • 6:03 ok, you got me lol

    Powwer69Powwer6920 timmar sedan
  • Holy s*** my ex-best friends father invented those blinds. Wow yeah I know they are s***** blinds. He's a s***** person.

    Mz ClementineMz Clementine21 timme sedan
  • ☠️Toxic Hillbillie Bile☠️ Check your brain at the door to watch.

    Amy HogartenAmy Hogarten21 timme sedan
  • 14:48 Or as I call it, the Jesus emoji! Yeah! Finally!

    Reggie AmazingReggie Amazing22 timmar sedan
  • I’m from Canadastan and almost won, all except for those window blinds...... So relatable.

    Rhonda WentzellRhonda Wentzell22 timmar sedan
  • He showing his unorganized book shelf just like someones we know.

    Genghis KhanGenghis Khan22 timmar sedan
  • 5:00 I was without power for 90 hours, it was negative four in my condo, I used a jar to avoid having to get out of my bed to use the bathroom, because it was that cold in my place. With no power, my fridge became the hottest place in my condo, and my food spoiled quickly. So on Tuesday I ate a tupid ham and cheese, and then on Wednesday all I had left was some cheese. I also have Mint Mobis cheapest plan, and ran out of data quick, so all I could do for days was try and sleep under 10 covers. It really sucked man. In all my years I have never seen anything like this here. And our snow output while not great, was a good six inches. But it was the cold and lack of power that got us.

    Reggie AmazingReggie Amazing23 timmar sedan
  • Trying to figure out what the joke is about the dude with the caption "It's this cold". Sadly knowing having the joke explained doesn't make it as funny.

    Shadow AscelinShadow Ascelin23 timmar sedan
  • 6:58 he's showing that all the books are ON THE SHELF and he's ON HIS 'SMARTPHONE'. He didn't vote vfor Joe because he's INFORMED but because he's glued to MSM. (?)

    Ben PyneBen Pyne23 timmar sedan
  • I didn't laugh but I'm sharing you anyways

    Justin WhiteJustin White23 timmar sedan
  • 3:29: that was definitely a giraffe that used a black marker to camoflage itself so it didn't get eaten.

    Ben PyneBen Pyne23 timmar sedan
  • About 14:56. Sam Kinison did a bit about that. He was hilarious.

    Pamela SmithPamela SmithDag sedan
  • "Yee Yee" at about 10:42? What's that, please?

    Pamela SmithPamela SmithDag sedan
  • 1:10 is a felony bribe.

    Tink ErtimeTink ErtimeDag sedan
  • Ammo?

    Arnie CarlsonArnie CarlsonDag sedan
  • BWAHAHAHA gender neutral emoji looks like JESUS!

    Airgun BubbaAirgun BubbaDag sedan
  • 9:55 Can somebody explain what's so funny. All I'm seeing is just a black guy sitting in a bed. I don't get the joke.

    Alek I. RodesneyAlek I. RodesneyDag sedan
    • in original photo the guy is nude with a dong the size of a fire hose. for it to really make sense and be funny he should be nude with a dong shriveled to the size of peanut; but i guess that couldn't be posted here because of censorship so they just show him in clothes.

      WCW YTAWCW YTA9 timmar sedan
  • So I have to share the channel and then torture myself

    Carter RoseCarter RoseDag sedan
  • Schumer & Pelosi...right, they couldn't even get something done they'd have given up a testicle for!

    SerpentLord666SerpentLord666Dag sedan
  • 14:12 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 All your missing is that line in the middle of the shriveled.........

    SonnyG -SonnyG -Dag sedan
  • Black pumpkins........................................... Blumpkins🤔

    Dario OrtizDario OrtizDag sedan
  • 9:02 fact check true

    YallreadyforthisYallreadyforthisDag sedan
  • WOW SEworld is censoring the shit out of comments

    Vault of the FutureVault of the FutureDag sedan
  • How to tell people you voted for joe? Normally you’re drooling. The bookshelves full of Garfields and Calvin and Hobbes, didn’t impress me.

    The WardenThe WardenDag sedan
  • Aaannd, btw it was 4 to SIX inches. signed, a West TEXAN

    solitary beesolitary beeDag sedan
  • this was one of the greatest if not THE Greatest

    anonymous2024anonymous2024Dag sedan
  • Soooo. Is this channel all about being salty because the Democrats won the election?

    Steve SheppardSteve SheppardDag sedan
    • "Won?" Lmao. You should do stand up

      Vault of the FutureVault of the FutureDag sedan
  • Texas when its 95 degrees and 75% humidity: that breeze feels good lets play football everyone else: No

    anonymous2024anonymous2024Dag sedan
  • Grandma was watching cnn and one of them chicks called joe vice president joe

    Mugabe M'DikMugabe M'DikDag sedan
  • 14:54 looks like one of the members of Nickelback.

    Geldai013Geldai013Dag sedan
  • I grew up in a country where every election my mother was promised a brand new stove and refrigerator. She dutifully voted for them every time because she wanted to give us a better life. The stove never arrived, and the refrigerator also never did, and yet she insisted on voting for them every election cycle. Eventually I left to build a better life, and she continued to vote for them every time, ‘knowing’ her stove and refrigerator was just around the corner. 56 years of voting for that stove and fridge later she died never knowing what a stove or fridge does.

    Jay FutonJay FutonDag sedan
  • I'm still waiting for the 600.00

    Martin MunozMartin MunozDag sedan
  • Makunt izichi is russian bot

    MetaruKarakuriMetaruKarakuriDag sedan

    MetaruKarakuriMetaruKarakuriDag sedan
  • 9:55 Wardy Joubert III, you’re welcome!

    Jake DavisJake DavisDag sedan
  • Why is this meme review actually 90% republican political ideals

    Laurence RoyLaurence RoyDag sedan
  • I laughed, when you were describing punishments. What to do now?

    MikhailMikhailDag sedan
  • I didn't see a Raggedy Ann doll, but I did see a Strawberry Shortcake collection. Interesting.

    faeriefire78faeriefire78Dag sedan
  • Ok, that wasn’t fair. Had to crack up over the guy and his laptop.😂🤣

    nadogrlnadogrlDag sedan
  • Lol, I live in SW Texas but I’m from NE Oregon we got 4” of snow in the first storm and 8” in the second, dropped to 8 degrees, damn made feel like I was back in Oregon a little. I Loved it!

    Philip ColtonPhilip ColtonDag sedan
  • NEWS FLASH: California has found something new to tax. TAXES

    Terry CarterTerry CarterDag sedan
  • 🤣Lost

    Cloudie 831Cloudie 831Dag sedan
  • You asked is the press is biased? MSM says no, now support glorious fearless leader Biden he needs your support to finally defeat moose and squirrel.😂

    Terry CarterTerry CarterDag sedan
  • Damn I lost before the video started, just your explanation of what the punishment was made me bust up!

    Philip ColtonPhilip ColtonDag sedan
  • Honestly, we need the asylums back. Sure there were a lot of horrible things that happened, but it's still better than modern day mental health.

    William BarnesWilliam BarnesDag sedan
  • He straight up did reopen the cages. They're just trying to call it something else now and "only until Corona is gone"

    Lynn LeighaLynn LeighaDag sedan
  • When my daughter's father got married, he married a chick named Isa and his last name is Cox. Lololol!! Her dumbass pointed that out to me.

    Lynn LeighaLynn LeighaDag sedan
  • *"Tell me you voted for Joe, without telling me you voted for Joe."* _(Makes an unfunny reply that fails and misses the point of the meme because the left can't meme.)_ I... think I have to give that man a win. He's done exactly what was asked. We can all tell he voted for Joe.

    William BarnesWilliam BarnesDag sedan
  • Us Texans aren't offended by the snowstorm jokes. We have a good sense of humor. ❤ 😉

    Andrea BrunkowAndrea BrunkowDag sedan