Filoni ALREADY Proved The Sequels Are in an Alternate Reality! | Star Wars Theory

11 jan 2021
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In this Star Wars Theory we go over the shocking evidence that the Mandalorian already retconned the sequel trilogy using Ahsoka and the World Between Worlds, as seen in Star Wars Rebels used by Ezra Bridger and Ahsoka Tano to save her from Darth Vader.
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  • This is THE best think to swallow

    Come on George ತ_ʖತCome on George ತ_ʖತ7 minuter sedan
  • Awesome

    Come on George ತ_ʖತCome on George ತ_ʖತ9 minuter sedan
  • In my opinion, Luke did not take Grogu to train him but simply wanted to learn from, since he expierenced the old Jedi ordef

    Simon BraunSimon Braun34 minuter sedan
  • Feloni is a genius we all know that and know his got Favreau who is brilliant and George to bounce ideas off there's no stopping them i knew they could do it. Let's hope this is the case and that bullshit trilogy was all but a bad dream were Kennedy and Ryan and team force is woke female can be written out and thrown in the bin were it belongs and never visited again. While you're throwing trilogy trash out throw Kathleen Kennedy and Ryan and force is female team in trash as well and never to be allowed at Disney or Star Wars again! We all hope Favreau and Feloni take over everything!

    Paul VuPaul Vu35 minuter sedan
  • When I saw this video pop up on my feed, I honestly just assumed it would be half baked wishful thinking from fans who hate the sequels and are just grasping at straws hoping that the sequels aren't the "true canon" (or at least the only canon). However, the theory makes sense and has some pretty strong evidence to support it. I'm sure the theory originated from that mindset of people wanting the sequels to no longer be canon, though, but it is well thought out. I think it's possible. However, I still have some doubts. And while the narrative built by the evidence is extremely compelling and would make sense, I'd argue that it's not the only explanation for those contradictions being there. Some thoughts: Everything hinges on Ahsoka, surely. And it may seem like Filoni and co are setting this up. But it's also just how storytelling works. There are multiple instances in The Mandalorian where Mando would have failed his quest if not for the help of someone else. Ahsoka's inclusion is just one more instance of this. It's still possible this one instance of it happening is set up in such a way to show what is essentially a split in the timeline (well, more accurately Ahsoka surviving would be the split, just this moment is the more important difference in the timeline) but it's also possible that it's not really as important as the theory makes it out to be. The narrative structure of Mandalorian is built around this idea of other people helping him out of trouble. And this was inevitable to happen when Ahsoka was included. All that said, the whole world between worlds connection is very compelling. It's a concept that still hasn't been explained all that much since Rebels. And I'm sure the Ahsoka series will help explain that concept more (hence the logo), but that doesn't mean it'll end up confirming this theory. As for Ben Solo being Luke's first apprentice, this can be explained away by retcon. I know, I know, pulling the retcon card, but so many details about Star Wars are made with no knowledge of what will come later and then those details get retconned. This isn't just something of the past EU, either. There's already been several retcons in Disney's canon. Most of the small and dealing with details established in the new EU material like comics and novels (for instance, Poe Dameron's background), but the biggest one was the nature of Snoke. He was definitely intended in the movies to be someone who existed before the rise of the empire. However, post-Rise, this could already be explained as him being a puppet to Palpatine, who did exist then. Even if he ends up being a clone of sorts of Grogu, it still seems like a stretch to try to retroactively connect the idea that he meant since Grogu existed back then, so did he. It makes more sense that (retroactively, at least) he meant Palpatine existed back then. Because, while Grogu might have played a part in his creation, he is still essentially a surrogate to Palpatine, as established by Rise of Skywalker. But getting back to the point of Ben Solo, it would make more sense that this was a slight retcon. I honestly didn't even think about that when I watched the show and it wouldn't be all that far fetched to make an exception to Luke not taking on an apprentice for over a decade after Return of the Jedi (especially since it makes little sense he would wait that long anyway, despite the canon explanation). It seems more to me like the creators of the show being allowed some leeway instead of being constrained by canon, and it's not like this retcon would be all that huge. While Disney's canon has been more consistent and there is a lot more work put towards making sure it stays that way, they are still going off of the old Lucasfilm method of having tiers of canon. Most of Luke's adventures from before the sequels appear to be from the books, which have always been a lower tier of canon than what was on screen. To give an example, Poe Dameron's backstory was fleshed out by novels and comics and then tossed aside come Rise of Skywalker. Not only that, but we are still relatively early in the timeline. There's still a lot we do not know about the transition between the OT to the Sequels. And while it may seem like The First Order's creation hinges on them acquiring Grogu, they either still could in the future of these series' or they could find a completely new method in creating Snoke. Time will tell what will happen next. I still think it's a very compelling theory and it's one that is not too far fetched or sounds at all like bad fan fiction. I do think it's possible. And despite the fact that I actually like the sequels, it would be insanely interesting if they went in this direction. There are so many possibilities for something like this. So it's not just wishful thinking surrounding this theory. At the same time, I don't think it's all that cut and dry that it has to be true. There are plenty of explanations for all of these contradictions, the main one being that Star Wars canon has always been and always will be nebulous. And that's as it should be. Canon can be a constraint, especially if you adhere to every little tiny detail.

    DoodMcAwesomeDoodMcAwesomeTimme sedan
    • Btw, while I'm not completely sold on the theory, your video is excellent and very thought provoking. Definitely going to be checking out more from you.

      DoodMcAwesomeDoodMcAwesome58 minuter sedan
  • I got hope again, this made me achieve inner peace

    jason jacksonjason jacksonTimme sedan
  • Your theory is well thought out and insightful. You are a Boss and I hope you are correct.

    hal krosshal krossTimme sedan
  • I like it. Feels better than the rebels failing to bring back democracy and having the new order destroy more planets and Luke failing to bring back the Jedi. Basically having the same story repeat itself. No wonder Luke went to seclusion. lol

    Matty WakeMatty Wake2 timmar sedan
  • Didn't Filoni say during the aftermath of the last movie say that Ahsoka was alive when she called out to Rey?

    Rob TGRob TG2 timmar sedan
  • they all seem to know who luke skywalker is in the newest trilogy, when in fact they wouldn't. he wasn't a principal player in the destruction of the 2nd death star, and the death of the emperor would have been caused by the destruction of the 2nd death star which was a (top)secret project any how.

    RedSkysAreOnFireRedSkysAreOnFire3 timmar sedan
  • Ok, I have a few questions. I genuinely want to believe this. But 1. When Snoke is referring to his view of the rise and fall of the empire, could it be that it was Palps speaking? Palps did mention to Kylo that he was every voice he’s ever heard & proceeded to sound like snoke and other voices. 2. Is it possible Grogu gets kidnapped again before Luke gets the chance to train him? And Luke ultimately fails. 3. Is it possible that Ahsoka just died in the gap between the OT & ST? For example, trying to save Grogu, where Luke has given up, and ultimately dying in the process? I guess there’s a lot of possibilities, but I’ve been genuinely invested in the idea that the World Between Worlds has yet to see its last screen time.

    Voacity xxxVoacity xxx3 timmar sedan
  • Sequel trilogy? What’s that?

    Spooky Miracle PreacherSpooky Miracle Preacher3 timmar sedan
  • Why did Disney have to make everything so complicated

    ShLongestShLongest4 timmar sedan
  • If u think about it. Couldnt they have better saved every jedi in rebels? If ezra Could save ahsoka then they could have saved every jedi

    Fitifishy xdFitifishy xd4 timmar sedan
  • Filoni to Ahsoka: Come with me if you want to live

    GreybrowGreybrow4 timmar sedan
  • or the Mandalorian is the retcon that was rumored to happen, and yall are making excuses to keep something alive.

    Zombie501Zombie5015 timmar sedan
  • Filoni is the chosen one to bring balance to the force.

    Thomas SpötzlThomas Spötzl5 timmar sedan
  • I don’t know how to feel about this. As much as I dislike the sequels, I feel like an alternative timeline is a little much even though filoni set it up. Wouldn’t it just be easier for Disney to just say “yea these movies are now uncannon and are what if story’s.”

    Boop32Boop326 timmar sedan
    • Disney put so much money and effort into those sequels that completely decanonizing them just 2 years after they finished would cost them too much money. Even if they are disliked, the value of those movies would drop significantly after being done away with. I assume they will decanonize the sequels after Kathleen Kennedy's contract runs out.

      Christian CruceChristian Cruce4 timmar sedan
  • Ok I'm just going to say it. i honestly don't mind the sequels. sure the lines are janky and the characters and story were kinda a mess I still left the cinema with a smile thinkin 'that was fun'. i feel like nowadays there's too much of a thing of saying movies are bad or good. Why can' everyone just say that a film doesn't have to be a masterpiece to get enjoyment out of you. because in reality every film is likely someone's favorite.

    Archie BellamyArchie Bellamy6 timmar sedan
  • "That boy (George Lucas) is our last hope." "No, There is another"

    Sh3ikahSh3ikah7 timmar sedan
  • Please let this be the case. I had such high hopes for the Rey trilogy as i like daisy ridley as an actress. But the need to be pc and woke really boned her char.

    Troy FredTroy Fred9 timmar sedan
  • Leia had a vision and stopped training with Luke. After she stoped training she had another vision, the sequels. 😱

    Brandon HowellBrandon Howell9 timmar sedan
  • Season 4 of mandalorian will introduce Mara jade. Come back in 2 years.

    willd3rbeastwilld3rbeast10 timmar sedan
  • love the video and makes total sense

    OBN NetworkOBN Network11 timmar sedan
  • Mandalorian is explaining Snoke, and the Vader comics have him visiting Exegol. I think it's unlikely, if anything happens there will be spin off shows. Remember Star Wars is Star Wars, whether its Heir to the Empire or Light of the Jedi we are star wars fans and there is something you like and dislike. May your likes be stronger than your dislikes.

    Kyle FKyle F11 timmar sedan
  • So, the EU can be canon again? Could also explain the two endings in the force unleashed

    CalebungaCalebunga11 timmar sedan
  • Does this mean we can get an alternate reality where Anakin doesn’t turn to the dark side? I’d watch it 😂

    The Art of California Pizza KitchenThe Art of California Pizza Kitchen12 timmar sedan
  • In my personal timeline, Rebels never happened. Hot take, but Rebels is the WORST Star Wars media I’ve ever seen (in my opinion). I like the sequels far better, and I don’t like (or dislike) the sequels.

    Clod CollectingClod Collecting12 timmar sedan
    • Well, you're opinion is hot garbage.

      Sammy NSammy N8 timmar sedan
    • I just finished it today and I think I like it better then the clone wars. Have you ever sat down and watched the whole thing?

      The ApprenticeThe Apprentice11 timmar sedan
  • Hmm this could also open the possiblities that the EU and even the old republic are a alternate Reality

    TOKU BLAZETOKU BLAZE12 timmar sedan
  • Thank you for giving me a new hope that the shequel was just a terrible fever dream

    ContagionContagion12 timmar sedan
  • im more annoyed that this makes Rebels cannon... way to trade one evil for another

    GaudyMarrkoGaudyMarrko12 timmar sedan
    • Rebels was a decent show, stop being a crybaby.

      Sammy NSammy N8 timmar sedan
  • I think this would be a really cool path

    Jonathan MabeJonathan Mabe12 timmar sedan
  • Which means Disney’s Sequel Trilogy is officially now what it’s always been - fanfiction.

    Grant HughesGrant Hughes13 timmar sedan
  • My problem with this is, by the battle of yavin, Ahsoka was 36, and by the mandalorian, she was in her mid 40s, which means by the rise of skywalker she would have been seventy. That’s old, whose to say she didn’t die of old age before rise of skywalker, or died in battle

    ThebigboigruThebigboigru13 timmar sedan
  • God I hope this isn’t true. I hate the sequels but this theory of two realities is so much worse

    Kendall BrownKendall Brown13 timmar sedan
  • Let’s be honest here: best character in the sequels was Babu Frik.

    ToganiumToganium14 timmar sedan
  • The Marvel movies are a alternate universe isn't it?

    Dylan DeetchDylan Deetch14 timmar sedan
  • Me just waiting for the old republic to be canon

    RevanRevan14 timmar sedan
  • This video definitely needs more traction. I hope Star Wars Theory can look at this and give his opinion on it.

    Wesh BeshWesh Besh14 timmar sedan
  • Yes alternate timelines is the excuse used to fix disasters.

    Death'sHeadDeath'sHead14 timmar sedan
  • If Star Wars fans focused more on real life, especially politics, it would help make the world a better place. They always come up with theories, in many ways thry sound ALOT like "conspiracy theorists" Star Wars fans that make these videos are smart, it could be put to some good use, if only they focussed more on real life events. Unfortunately it won't happen because fiction is a way of escaping.

    Rob StrickeN FearyRob StrickeN Feary14 timmar sedan
  • Yoda: Always in motion is the future

    Thaddeus AidThaddeus Aid14 timmar sedan
  • So I don't mean this with any disrespect as I love your videos, but I still think this theory is too far-fetched and there's stuff as early as the third episode of TCW second season that disproves it. Palpatine is kidnapping Force-sensitive children already in The Clone Wars series (remember that episode? "Children of the Force" - look it up on Wookieepedia to refresh your memory). We see this happening again in "The Future of the Force" episode of Rebels. It would seem as though these children are being kidnapped just to become Inquisitors or something, but Jedi: Fallen Order clearly tells us that the Inquisitors are basically tortured Jedi survivors who were turned to the dark side. All of this suggests that Sidious had some other use for the children he had been kidnapping for decades, so why does it have to be Grogu's blood alone? Why not a combination of various hosts? We know that Sidious was obsessed with achieving immortality when he tells Anakin about Darth Plagueis, so it makes sense for him to be looking into ways to preserve his physical being early on - especially once his body becomes disfigured as well as the dark side taking its toll on him. What we don't know yet is if Grogu stayed with Luke, if he survived, or if Luke even ended up training Grogu. He could be dead by the time of the sequels, he could have cut himself off from the Force like Luke, etc. There are so many possibilities. Also, it makes sense that Ahsoka would be dead by the time of The Rise of Skywalker because she is older than Luke, Leia, and Han; Ahsoka was born in 36 BBY, whereas Episode IX takes place in 35 ABY... this means that she would be 71 years old by the events of this film! Not really the right age for going around with a lightsabre and slicing enemies down with it, especially considering togruta have pretty much the same average lifespan as humans. Who knows, maybe she was eventually hunted down and it was her blood that was also used to clone Palpatine? I guess we'll find out in the Ahsoka series and other media, anything up until then is just speculation.

    BamulBamul15 timmar sedan
  • believe me u r not alone with this theory!!! i also think Ashoka is the key as she is out of "time" so 2 speak so she exists in 2 time lines 1 where she should've died & 1 where Ezra saved her thank u 4 makin this video!!!😎💯💪✌

    TK 421TK 42115 timmar sedan
  • Filoni when No one liked the sequels: Hmm, really glad I made that backup plan.

    DefenderYTDefenderYT15 timmar sedan
  • Yes... Plz... Make it that way... I beg you all... Make disney's stuff irrelevant like they did to all the 75+ books already existant of Star Wars lore.. that would be extremely redeeming. Enough of that Canon/Legend bullcrap, Disney doesn't know how to make anything consistent. Delete there abomination of what they call "a film"...

    Lord HendrixoLord Hendrixo15 timmar sedan
  • We gonna get a Zelda-like timeline for star wars. I support it!

    !K!K15 timmar sedan
  • I honestly want this to become real.

    ImBuruu _ImBuruu _16 timmar sedan
  • Sounds good to me. Anything to get rid of the Mary Sue trilogy.

    andrew szigetiandrew szigeti16 timmar sedan
  • So Snoke is an anti-Yoda...

    Daynaris BarathionDaynaris Barathion16 timmar sedan
  • 9:31 poe is perfectly timed here

    MidnightNachosMidnightNachos16 timmar sedan
  • I’m not a huge star wars fan and I just refuse to accept the sequels as Star Wars canon or otherwise, so I can only imagine how the real fans felt.

    Hassan almadhounHassan almadhoun17 timmar sedan
  • I think we can all agree the sequels just don’t exist.

    Jacob AndersonJacob Anderson17 timmar sedan
  • What if the mandolorian is in an alternate time line

    Abrahan AsuncionAbrahan Asuncion18 timmar sedan
  • Please.

    Shawn KuhnShawn Kuhn18 timmar sedan
  • I'm willing to accept any theory that does away with those last 3 turds of a film.

    Chris WelchChris Welch18 timmar sedan
    • TLJ was a good movie

      Fraser DuffyFraser Duffy59 minuter sedan
  • loving this theory, would hope you are on the right track with this, as i have seen other videos people thinking Rey could be a palpatine (well music played matches pals) and evenutally (not like they planned it though) rey reveals to be palpatine's granddaughter. So who knows anything is possible

    Olaf van EssOlaf van Ess18 timmar sedan
  • you make an incredible point. I still think Filoni did exaclky what he wanted while ignoring the shitty sequel. That's going to be the trend, simply ignoring the new trilogy

    José Gregorio ZapataJosé Gregorio Zapata18 timmar sedan
  • what about the casual viewer who has not seen the clone wars shows etc to know about this info? it will be very confusing to throw at them without a great explination

    Peter CorfieldPeter Corfield18 timmar sedan
    • They're going to explain it anyway in the Ahsoka show since most won't know her as a full character anyway

      letmeknowletmeknow16 timmar sedan
  • I Wish rian jonson (idc if misspelled) was in an alternate reality

    Von DamnVon Damn18 timmar sedan
  • Why does this cringy ass videos keep popping up in my recommendations? Like just get over it, man.

    Emilio JaimesEmilio Jaimes19 timmar sedan
    • Just click not interested lmao

      RainRain13 timmar sedan
    • because it fits with what happened

      letmeknowletmeknow16 timmar sedan
  • This is a _huge_ stretch. But we will have to see, of course! I need to make a video on this, but one thing to keep in mind is that the TROS novel gave us a hint that Ahsoka was alive when it described voices “still anchored to the living.”

    J. Kevin ParkerJ. Kevin Parker19 timmar sedan
    • The novels arent really canon also(like hiw poe and rey met in TFA novel)

      letmeknowletmeknow16 timmar sedan
  • I'm ok with this. The sequels can stay canon as long as it's in an alternate universe.

    JipsJips19 timmar sedan
  • All we see is Luke take Grogu, that's it, we don't even know if Luke trains Grogu. In fact cannon actually dictates Luke isn't the one to train Grogu by what it states in said comic. My money is on Ezra being the one to train Grogu, somewhere within a corner of unknown space away from The First Order. I could see this happening after Ezra is found by Ahsoka and they setup a Jedi Academy together but separated from the old order by basing their teachings on the core tenets of selflessness and helping those in need, not politics and war like what the order had become. Maybe even based on the teachings of The Bendu, walking the line between the light and the dark, neither one nor the other finally bringing balance to the force. We already know that Ezra has used the dark side on several occasions with it leading to corruption. As for Grogu role in this theory, it's already inferred in in Mando season 1 that they The First Order (Empire Remnants) already had Grogu at some point. Lost him and hired Mando to find him again they already likely have blood samples and a DNA profile (actually confirmed in S2 E4). The reason they want Grogu is for more research as the "clones" are imperfect. It never mentioned that Grogu is explicitly required to carry on producing more clones or strand casts in fact orders are to retrieve or terminate if Grogu falls into New Republic hands. Again this implies that although not ideal The First Orders research can continue without Grogu. This theory (by Lore Star) is really reaching, it basically hinges on something he thinks the writers overlooked when in reality its based on something the author of the theory missed or failed to understand himself.

    The Ultrawide GuyThe Ultrawide Guy19 timmar sedan
    • @letmeknow I never said they did that was what you inferred not what I implied. Thanks for confirming what I said, as to rest of what you seem to be arguing. Whether the Empire Remnants and First Order are the same makes no difference to my theory and at this point no one knows anyway. But what does seem to be clear is that these Imperial Loyalists seem to be trying to create force sensitive clones. Somebody else was trying to make clones strong enough to hold the force of another being. I forget who he and they were though. 👍

      The Ultrawide GuyThe Ultrawide Guy15 timmar sedan
    • @The Ultrawide Guy They had a small amount of Grogu blood because of Episode 3 of Mando, not because they had him from Episodes 3 to 7

      letmeknowletmeknow15 timmar sedan
    • @The Ultrawide Guy They have a little blood, but the base was destroyed, and Gideon clearly needed Grogu even more 2nd of all the First Order is in the Unknown regions just hiding and stealing people at this time stated in the books The empire remenants are most likely their own thing doing things for their own goal in the end(Which is why clearly everything is building up to Thrawn, who is a man tha really did things for his own goal)

      letmeknowletmeknow15 timmar sedan
    • @letmeknow OK still doesn't address the fact that they do have Grogu's blood and DNA profile as I stated. Which is the main point you made. The Empire Remnants in Mando are clearly the beginnings of The First Order. It is very much likely they would have still had dealings within known space collecting data, information, people and materials for whatever they were planning/building.

      The Ultrawide GuyThe Ultrawide Guy15 timmar sedan
    • @The Ultrawide Guy Empire Remenants* Because they're not the First Order yet(first order already hid in unknown regions and most of it's army is stolen kids)

      letmeknowletmeknow15 timmar sedan
  • Dave Filoni is the chosen one.

    Count GoatenbergCount Goatenberg19 timmar sedan
  • Ezra has saved star wars wow that is something I never thought I would say

    Dinoblaze502gamingDinoblaze502gaming19 timmar sedan
  • Don't worry. Kennedy will find a way to keep her devil child canon. Or do worry; worry a lot, actually

    Noel GonzalezNoel Gonzalez20 timmar sedan
  • Making this my personal head canon cause it makes way too much sense for it not to be canon.

    william_o99william_o9920 timmar sedan
  • They could have just used the blood of another being that has a high M count

    Ethan EveleighEthan Eveleigh20 timmar sedan
  • Filoni is turning the sequels into legends _touché_

    Daniel QueirozDaniel Queiroz20 timmar sedan
  • While I do like your theory, I don't believe that mando and his team would die there. Even if he had no training with the darksaber he's still wearing full beskar armor, which has been shown can withstand blaster blots and strikes from the darktroopers.

    jetcore123jetcore12320 timmar sedan
    • He has plot armor, but not THAT much plot armor

      RainRain13 timmar sedan
    • There is too much of them, Beskar can't handle that much fire or the level of strength they have

      letmeknowletmeknow16 timmar sedan
  • But what if Grogu lived but dies or is till being held captive later by the empire? And what if Ahsoka dies later after the end of the Empire? Maybe I'm missing something here.

    Jesse TurnerJesse Turner20 timmar sedan
  • This gives me hope and a renewed excitement for the series.

    Mathew RushingMathew Rushing21 timme sedan
  • When you started the video talking about "evidence" I was quite curious. But then you proceeded with wild theories and speculations and I realised this is just another fucking clickbait...

    Jakub BergerJakub Berger21 timme sedan
    • it does line up tho

      letmeknowletmeknow16 timmar sedan
  • Save Ashoka, save the world! This would make me oh so very happy

    Morten Lund PoulsenMorten Lund Poulsen21 timme sedan
  • Click bate if I ever saw one

    phhsdjphhsdj21 timme sedan
  • It’s kind of sad that people really believe this

    F UF U21 timme sedan
    • it does line up tho

      letmeknowletmeknow16 timmar sedan
  • best theory ever

    Micah BushMicah Bush21 timme sedan
  • BAM! I knew not to consider the new trilogy canon.

    Alex TarvenAlex Tarven22 timmar sedan
  • It seems that this entire theory hinges on the theory that the empire could not have enough of grogus blood unless they were continuously drawing it from him. But this could be explained by the empire farming grogus blood with the initial sample

    fundaymusicfundaymusic22 timmar sedan
  • Yeah, this makes alot of sense. My friend talked about this he said when you see the Crest in ROS it's mandos ship but the pilot is the only survivor from the mandalorian s2 finale... Boba Fett. Whom in the alternate time line stole the crest from tatooine along with his armour and struck off on his own instead of joining Djin. When I asked my friend why boba would fight with the heroes in ROS he just looked at me like I'm thick and said 2 reasons. A few credits more and the fact this is the last fight and Boba fett is a fighter why wouldn't he be there? I am not sure about his theory but I know for a fact Boba did not support the empire ever he worked for Vader because he paid well and Darth Vader destroyed the man who was responsible for his father's death (omgwtfbbq ... Kenobi?!?) Also Bo Katan would have died and boba would become Mandelor and claim the dark saber It's an interesting time to be a star wars fan that's for sure.

    Will HewsonWill Hewson22 timmar sedan
  • People are so desperate to make the sequels seem like they never happened or existed in a new timeline, it’s an actual shame they can’t accept the sequels as amazing movies

    Squaashed YTSquaashed YT23 timmar sedan
    • @letmeknow From an objective standpoint, too. Visually the trilogy is STUNNING but that's about all it has going for it

      RainRain13 timmar sedan
    • Rise of Skywalker is pure trash that makes no sense

      letmeknowletmeknow16 timmar sedan
  • too good an explanation to ever be truth

    Will PalmerWill Palmer23 timmar sedan
  • He missed the fact that Ashoka was never saved in rebels that she told Ezra she needed to be brought back to her time and she did fight Vader and he never outright killed her she didn’t die and he didn’t kill her and she was never saved by Ezra only taken into the world between worlds for a short period and brought back to her time. That’s the huge plot hole in this theory and the reason that there are plot holes in the sequels is because Disney is bad with continuity and the mandalorian was created after the sequels were and grogu was created in the mandalorian series it’s the same reason you don’t see Ashoka in the prequels because her character wouldn’t be introduced until 2008 in the animated movie lol find it funny how Star Wars fans have to try and explain everything with the movies and the cinemas rather than just looking at real life and the creations of the cinemas that’s where the continuity is lost there isn’t some grand plot of alternate timelines and all the bologna. It’s just bad continuity thats really it

    Cody James x BlackoutCody James x Blackout23 timmar sedan
    • She was saved, if he didn't pull her she would die

      letmeknowletmeknow16 timmar sedan
  • she probably died post mandolorian

    Mustoons: Bad content for freeMustoons: Bad content for free23 timmar sedan
  • its just a single line, a single retcon isn't this deep

    Mustoons: Bad content for freeMustoons: Bad content for free23 timmar sedan
  • GASP, its almost like when Disney bought star wars, part of the contract that stated that all star wars movie's they make are canon.

    Mustoons: Bad content for freeMustoons: Bad content for freeDag sedan
    • It's not part of the contract

      letmeknowletmeknow16 timmar sedan
  • I liked the sequels (didn’t love them though) but this sounds like a good idea

    Grace DoddGrace DoddDag sedan
  • Yeahhhhhhhh, nah. LFL won't do it. Too much money to throw away soz. Plus Carrie died so they can't have a do-over.

    Mark WhittakerMark WhittakerDag sedan
    • @letmeknow they know they cooked it. Carrie is dead, Mark is pissed off and Harrison is disinterested. They can't shoot an alternate trilogy. For so many more reasons than that. The breach of trust with the audience in pulling such a move. The waste of an investment in the ST. The uphill battle convincing the audience to accept it. No general audience member would wrap their head around it. This is dumb on so many levels. Reading the tea leaves to say they're planning one is absurd. There is only the most tenuous of evidence. And it makes no sense from a business perspective. Makes far more sense to move to another era and start again (...which is exactly what they're doing).

      Mark WhittakerMark Whittaker15 timmar sedan
    • I don't think carrie dying woulld change how Disney looks at money, lets be hoenst(they made their money from sequels, now they cna move on)

      letmeknowletmeknow16 timmar sedan
  • This would be quite the Holdo My Beer Manoeuvre.

    HankHankDag sedan
  • I mean for all we know Luke could have been lying in saying Ben was his first apprentice

    Bawdy SasquatchBawdy SasquatchDag sedan
  • Petition to call this theory "A New Hope"

    Hicham LemdaniHicham LemdaniDag sedan
  • so you're telling me there's a chance

    MainMcShizzleMainMcShizzleDag sedan
  • Impressive. Most impressive.

    Archana KumariArchana KumariDag sedan
  • I'll give it a thumbs up, because you've thought longer and harder about this then the idiots that "wrote" the Disney star wars trilogy. But it's still like sanding a square down so it'll fit through the round hole.

    deamondeathstone1deamondeathstone1Dag sedan
  • Okay here me out here. With all that Ahsoka stand for and represents, and saying that the whole of the galaxy's fate possibly hinges on her survival and what she does... What if she is in a sense the chosen one...

    TheCrazyHoboTheCrazyHoboDag sedan
  • Lucius films plz save

    My CopyMy CopyDag sedan
  • Interesting. I'd always thought trying to retconn the Sequels would be a bad idea and fracture the fandom more, as fans of the Sequels feel hard done by, by the move. But watching this vid it could well work, and be done in a way that doesn't disrespect the Sequels, but merely offers them up as a divergent timeline. Will be intriguing to see if this is indeed the way this will play out.

    Harold WithersHarold WithersDag sedan
  • Disney: people hated our star wars, we're definitly doomed Dave filoni: *mandalorian theme*

    just someone with weird profile picturejust someone with weird profile pictureDag sedan
  • My brain has been thinking sequels were a bad world between worlds timeline. wanna see that happen on mando season 3.

    Bass StuffBass StuffDag sedan