The Wirecard Fraud - How One Man Fooled all of Germany

6 aug 2020
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The heavily requested video on the wirecard scandal. How can $2 billion just go missing? This story raises many questions about the regulatory bodies we all trust to keep the business financial system in line.
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  • In reality, fooling Germany isn't all that hard. They did elect a certain Austrian lance-corporal, failed art student, high school drop-out and messenger boy to high office, after all. Herr Adolf Schicklgruber, if my memory serves correctly.

    Bosmer From CanadaBosmer From Canada5 timmar sedan
    • He wasn’t elected. But it’s a story that fits the Leitmotif. His party didn’t have the majority in the Bundestag in their first election, with less then twenty per cent voting for the national socialists, while the other eighty fragmented to the traditionally established Christian democrats, social democrats and the Communist party. But Hitler knew how to use the horrible social situation in the country, right after the Black Friday stock market crash, to build up a crisis, in which he „promised“ the current president - General Hindenburg - that he will bring order into chaos, if the president picks him instead of the actual winner - the social democrats. Now remember, the Weimar Republic (at that time) was the most democratic country in the world. Berlin was a thriving city with modern museums, galleries, and an entire neighborhood made of night clubs, brothels and even openly gay clubs. The time was known as „Tanz auf dem Vulkan“ (Dance on a volcano). Berlin was the place to go to. Due to no legal limitations to the election process, there were over a hundred political parties, many of which got elected into the 14 different administrations over a five year period, which added to the instability caused by the financial crisis. The government couldn’t get things done, because reading of any proposed bill, got shafted due to the missing votes for it to pass. Hindenburg, old, demented, exhausted and tired of the chaos, fearing the social democrats to be far too left, decided to go against the parliamentary regulations, and proclaimed Hitler as Reichschancellor. Little did he know, that Hitler would bring „order“ into chaos, by dissolving the parliament and proclaiming martial law the very next day. His goons, which at that time, were a handful, were ordered to stop attacking people in the streets, smashing shop windows and arresting the „undesirables“ (communists, Jews, Roma, gays, homeless people) and were also ordered to stop calling people to protests, which made it look like Hitler actually managed to control the masses, whereas his followers just went home and people fell for it. The Nazi state was born.

      Lord TypesalotLord Typesalot4 timmar sedan
  • @coldfusion how did you forget to add "Love on a Real train"(which starts around 9:00 ) in your soundtrack list. it took me 3 days to recall that track.

    Khushal DugarKhushal DugarDag sedan
  • Softbank unerringly invests in every scam on the horizon.

    sdm465sdm4652 dagar sedan
  • He looks like 70s show’s dad character lol

    Triton hTriton h2 dagar sedan
  • 10:06 Tiësto, DJ Snake, Afrojack ... Philippines rocks :)

    Dzenis H.Dzenis H.4 dagar sedan

    Stella of the LakeStella of the Lake8 dagar sedan
  • Elizabeth Holmes: *takes notes*

    Stella of the LakeStella of the Lake8 dagar sedan
  • Well in 1933, you can ask the question: how one man fooled all of Germany

    Angelo Rafael SantosAngelo Rafael Santos13 dagar sedan
  • Turtle necks are red flag

    Wise CapitalWise Capital13 dagar sedan
  • Markus Braund und Jan Marsalek are autrians, both born in Viennna. They are not germans!

    Carlos Jorge StöckelCarlos Jorge Stöckel14 dagar sedan
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    Gottuso MatthGottuso Matth15 dagar sedan
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    Roselee SawyerRoselee Sawyer17 dagar sedan
  • rip my investment

    Hayden LightowlerHayden Lightowler17 dagar sedan
  • Everytime there is a fraud we hear the name goldman sachs

    b3rkb3rk20 dagar sedan
  • "All of Germany" is a bit exaggerated. I had never heard of this company before and I still don't know who they are and what they did. I am sure many people share my opinion.

    sontodosnarcossontodosnarcos21 dag sedan
  • No empowered political or social change will happen until economic reforms are made, and that won't happen until we leave usury commodity currencies behind and move to qualitative exchange mechanisms with no cost that incentives status to create sustainably. This means a no-cost, non-commodity exchange model that doesn't need fractional reserve lending or usury to run it.

    Swoon DronesSwoon Drones24 dagar sedan
  • Any business executive will say this is not an isolated event.

    David AllenDavid Allen26 dagar sedan
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    fknhealthyfknhealthy27 dagar sedan
  • I know another man who fooled German6 :/

    Flaken MaskFlaken MaskMånad sedan

    Tronghung DaoTronghung DaoMånad sedan
  • I think you could have gone deeper into how much input this company had towards politicians and agencies: even the german chancelor angela merkel advertised for wirecard when she was on a china-visit. Marsalek (CEO/right Hand of Braun) is still on the run and german press is reporting that he has contacts and relations to different spy agencies in europe and russia. this story is so crazy.

    dreipunktekinddreipunktekindMånad sedan
  • Poor Softbank man

    LeifenatorLeifenatorMånad sedan
  • SoftBank seems to have quite a good taste in investments... tech companies that arent at all tech. (... wework)

    Max LüdeckeMax LüdeckeMånad sedan
  • Just like Hitler, he fooled a few people. 🤮

    Ant EAnt EMånad sedan
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    Louise Mcveigh0pedometer00TudyLouise Mcveigh0pedometer00TudyMånad sedan
  • BPI has it's own scandals and fraud here in the Philippines. I missed that news here, obviously our media here are mediocre shrinking more important news to those that'd amass more revenues... [long story.]

    Where I StandWhere I StandMånad sedan
  • Dagogo, ur study n journalism is beyond satisfaction. U R EPIC!!!!

    Pratik VyasPratik VyasMånad sedan
  • I wasn't actually expecting my profit from Austin today.too good to be true but I just earn from Austin platform.

    Marry RedddMarry RedddMånad sedan
  • Yet another brilliant video!

    Ria SharmaRia SharmaMånad sedan
  • Wirecard CEO is talking bull just like my company's CEO (also IT)

    allanhouston22allanhouston22Månad sedan
  • so only European IT company with success is SAP (more like CRAP)?

    allanhouston22allanhouston22Månad sedan
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    clark loefflerclark loefflerMånad sedan
  • Enron, Lehman Brothers, subprime, Bernie Madoff, Theranos, GameStop. How many of these cases do people need in less than 20 years to finally understand our taxes are wasted and taxation is theft.

    EEMånad sedan
  • When will people finally understand governments and "regulatory agencies" are not there to protect consumers and "the masses".

    EEMånad sedan
  • Braun is pronounced "brown", not "brawn".

    Phil SurteesPhil SurteesMånad sedan
  • "He appeared to exhibit the image of what a tech leader should look like; speaking at tech conferences, he began sporting the classic black turtleneck. After the Theranos episode, I find it funny how it’s becoming a theme for frauds to try & imitate Steve Jobs." Note to self: Henceforth, *NEVER* trust _ANYONE_ with your investments if fronted by somebody wearing a black turtleneck sweater!🤨 #Fraudster_Fashion_Faux_Pas

    Lorna Ginette HarrisonLorna Ginette HarrisonMånad sedan
  • Machine learning as some who has studied analytics as part of my IT degree is the wild west of tech at the moment. Look at Amazon's recognition ai 19% of the time co fused women with men and black women 35ish %. And they are one of the largest businesses and they can't get it right. Do you research and derive you own assumptions everything you are told is part of a narrative with how businesses and institutions as examples are some of the biggest liers

    Zakary Morton KingZakary Morton KingMånad sedan
  • Before the fall I used to hear about wirecard so often but never really understood what's so special about them/how they made big money despite the hype

    FoxFoxMånad sedan
  • hahah love all the softbank comments

    In the blackIn the blackMånad sedan
  • Wirecard: "Sues Financial Times for revealing trading secrets" Trading Secrets: *A bus company in the Philippines*

    Sean SolaSean SolaMånad sedan
  • Softbank spending cash like brrrr

    LEET 37ALEET 37AMånad sedan
  • Well did he go to prison or run the country Like Bush or Clinton?

    Creative CatalystCreative CatalystMånad sedan
  • So happy I met @Darkphate1 on Telegram he saved my life after being duped on this platform so many times he got my cards delivered to me with great balance on it...So I’m so proud of him and vouch for him.

    Rev PastorRev PastorMånad sedan
  • So happy I met @Darkphate1 on Telegram he saved my life after being duped on this platform so many times he got my cards delivered to me with great balance on it...So I’m so proud of him and vouch for him.

    Rev PastorRev PastorMånad sedan
  • I really hope there another war I would join Russia Germany. Or Scotland

    Nai UnitedNai UnitedMånad sedan
  • And they call us fools to believe in crypto .....

    Br0kkBr0kkMånad sedan
  • Dagogo your channel is excelent! you should venture into the Brazilian Corruption scandal involving the State owned Oil Company Petrobras and the Workers Party led by Lula da Silva who was convicted but has been released from custody due to a shady decision from Brazil´s Supreme Court, this was deemed the biggest Corruption Scandal in World History so far

    coyolgringocoyolgringoMånad sedan
  • There is a new book about Wirecard by its former vice president Jörn Leogrande called "Bad Company". It's full of stories about fraud, shady dealings and incompetence behind the scenes. You could make a great video about it.

    Hermann AbtHermann AbtMånad sedan
  • I feel bad for Softbank, they have been fucked over so many time 🤣🤣🤣

    HobbyistYoutuberHobbyistYoutuberMånad sedan
  • How this kind of people can find all of those investors? And main question is why and how big investors having all those resources and money to check legitimacy this called “startups “ bogus firms falling for that scam? This kind of fraud is really fascinating!

    Easy EasystepsEasy EasystepsMånad sedan
    • There are more dumb people than we think there are. Just throw some slogans into your advertisement. If you aim at German investors start talking about what they like to hear, about how "German quality, engineering, punctuality, fairness, environmental friendly etc." the values of your company are.

      Just a GuyJust a GuyMånad sedan
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  • He didn't fool anyone. Didnt need to. The counselors office WAS informed, KNEW about his fraud. But didn't do sh!t! Merkel belongs in prison, for so many reasons

    TheStengoTheStengoMånad sedan
  • Newspaper investigation : Wirecard offshore office is actually a random citizens house Wirecard : Sues newspaper for "exposing trade secrets " Translation : They uncovered and exposed our scam😭 I wonder if they really expected to win that lawsuit 😑

    Mthobisi MhlunguMthobisi MhlunguMånad sedan
  • Title is wrong. Multiple people in Wirecard made the scam especially the accounting teams as there is no possible way that they didn't had access to the imaginary bank accounts!!!

    Momchil AndonovMomchil AndonovMånad sedan
  • Ahh Goldman Sachs... They make money even when we think they're losing

    Qwabena UrbanQwabena UrbanMånad sedan
  • Wirecard: I need money. I lost a dollar.... Bank: Ok how much? Wirecard: or $2 billion. Bank: 🤨

    Joseph ArmstrongJoseph ArmstrongMånad sedan
  • These videos are brilliant dagogo.

    David HillDavid HillMånad sedan
  • The Lidl version of Steve Jobs

    Carl MannhardCarl MannhardMånad sedan
  • Please make a video of Odebrecht

    AlcrianAlcrianMånad sedan
  • Does the CEO of Softbank wear a Steve Jobs style turtleneck would explain a lot

    SuperBizzle10SuperBizzle10Månad sedan
  • " How One Man Fooled all of Germany" seems to be a theme for Germany

    King WingKing WingMånad sedan
  • Electronic money will never replace real money (Gold - Silver) Also keeping the money in the hands of banks and/or Governments will never be a safe solution even for Gold and Silver.

    hamadhamadMånad sedan
  • damn i still have an account at wirecard bank ag

    TTMånad sedan
  • I don’t understand why he wouldn’t just get legit. They have the technology in place. Lazy business man. Oh, and I hate turtlenecks lol

    4plus2wj4plus2wjMånad sedan
  • Interesting how wirecard and wire fraud sound awful similar

    Gee ButtersnapsGee ButtersnapsMånad sedan
  • I found a legit plug @Darkphate1 on telegram shout out to you bruh man hook me up with some valid cc with high balance

    Pastor PastorPastor PastorMånad sedan
  • I found a legit plug @Darkphate1 on telegram shout out to you bruh man hook me up with some valid cc with high balance

    Pastor PastorPastor PastorMånad sedan
  • I found a legit plug @Darkphate1 on telegram shout out to you bruh man hook me up with some valid cc with high balance

    Pastor PastorPastor PastorMånad sedan
  • p0rn0 & gambling payment platform, bank account in Philippines.... seems legit 😂

    RK92 1RK92 1Månad sedan
  • When one man fools all of Germany and all that happens is $2 billion in nonexistent profits, that's a massive improvement over the last time it happened!

    John CateJohn CateMånad sedan
  • avoid company softbank backing 😅

  • Wow, I didnt realize they had some stuff here in the PH.

    CwiffyCwiffyMånad sedan
  • me buys a black turtle neck goldman sachs, rupert murdoc, softbank: Ah yes a man of culture, here take the gdp of south america and go nuts

    Zakary Morton KingZakary Morton KingMånad sedan
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    Rob CisnerosRob CisnerosMånad sedan
  • Your pronounciation of German names is horrible, you're not even trying to say them correctly. It takes 5 seconds to search for the words on German wiktionary and listen to the pronounciation. Good video, though.

    Kevin FKevin FMånad sedan
  • im german and have never heard about these guys in news, radio, even tv or internet.

    Robert RosenbergerRobert Rosenberger2 månader sedan
  • Any company that doesn't produce physical products is more likely to be a scam.

    Farzin FarzinFarzin Farzin2 månader sedan
  • yeah don't know why cuz he was a scum bag

    User UserUser User2 månader sedan
  • didn't you tease the meltdown video of the CEO? I thought we'd get that towards the end.

    MonstersMonsters2 månader sedan
  • I completely lost it on the Excel spreadsheet detail

    Sayyed WaqasSayyed Waqas2 månader sedan
  • A simple auditing and checking will do but they trusted their golden boy too much which turns out to be a golden shit!

    Babes DoceBabes Doce2 månader sedan
  • If I ever see a CEO with a turtle neck. I run fast away as I can.

    DarkZtormDarkZtorm2 månader sedan
  • Braun is NOT german. He is austrian.

    TonesaTonesa2 månader sedan
    • @Tonesa Den gleichen Kulturschock gibt's auch, wenn man von Nord nach Süddeutschland oder von West nach Ostdeutschland zieht. Das größte Problem, wenn Österreicher sagen sie sind keine Deutschen ist, dass sie nicht verstehen, was das heißt. Deutsch ist eine sehr grobe Kulturgruppe zu der Österreicher dazugehören. Deutsch zu sprechen ist so ziemlich die einzige Gemeinsamkeit der Deutschen. Also die Frage, sprechen Österreicher deutsch?

      Jonas KlapperJonas KlapperMånad sedan
    • @Jonas Klapper stimmt, darum ist ein Österreicher auch kein Deutscher. Sie sind sowas wie Cousins (es gibt dabei freilich auch lokal gr. Unterschiede) mit selber (viele würden eher sagen ähnlicher) Sprache. Deutsche in Österreich erleben meist bei ihrer Immigration erstmal einen Kulturschock. Und das ist auch verständlich, gehen sie doch davon aus, sehr ähnliche kulturelle Verhältnisse vor zu finden, was dann aber doch anders kommt... Darum ist ein Österreich sicher kein Deutscher. Und in Österreich würde ich sowas auch nicht all zu laut behaupten, wenn sie gesund in ihre Heimat zurück kommen wollen.

      TonesaTonesaMånad sedan
    • @Tonesa Ich habe nicht mal von Biologie gesprochen, uns nein ein Amerikaner ist nicht gleich ein Engländer. Amerikanische Kultur ist eine Mischung aus vielen

      Jonas KlapperJonas KlapperMånad sedan
    • @Jonas Klapper Nonsens. Dann ist ein Amerikaner ein Engländer. Das hat mit Kultur zu tun, nicht mit Biologie.

      TonesaTonesaMånad sedan
    • Take a step back and look at it from an international view and you see, that austrians are a subgroup of germans like bavarians or saxons. You are not austrian or german, you are austrian and german.

      Jonas KlapperJonas KlapperMånad sedan
  • German industrial or commercial criminal energy is bigger than anything you could think of and it doesn't end here have a look at VW or Siemens.

    George NiggGeorge Nigg2 månader sedan
  • When you are in retirement and find out through the press that you are (supposedly) a high-paid manager in an international company... could you sue the company for back pay?

    Rene SchickbauerRene Schickbauer2 månader sedan
  • Meiner Meinung nach sind diese ganzen CEOs abgehoben und voller Unmenschlichkeit!!

    Etienne OttoEtienne Otto2 månader sedan
  • man, i really don’t think there’s a channel that beats your quality of videos and information.

    coFFin QcoFFin Q2 månader sedan
  • What's the name of the outro? song

    Performa20Performa202 månader sedan
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    Mamadou van LeijenMamadou van Leijen2 månader sedan
  • Can't be just one...There should be more and many more that are part of his web of deceits. Many have lost their life savings, good staff lost their jobs and partners, like us in Singapore who has marketed their payment service diligently for 5 long years, lost everything overnight. Hope justice will take it rightful course across the world including Singapore to prosecute them and their cronies.

    Lim BenjyLim Benjy2 månader sedan
  • In Germany we have Special rape for Them dont worrie

    Hl StnHl Stn2 månader sedan
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    Gerard LigondeGerard Ligonde2 månader sedan
  • “How One Man Fooled all of Germany” Hang on I’ve see this one before

    Vladsnipe11Vladsnipe112 månader sedan
    • Of course you have. Herr Adolf Schicklgruber, former lance-corporal.

      Bosmer From CanadaBosmer From Canada5 timmar sedan
  • How to become a billionaire? Step 1: Buy a turtleneck sweater.

    DoubleM55DoubleM552 månader sedan
  • Reasonable people: I think something is fishy with Wirecard's financials Wirecard: YOU'RE JUST TRYING TO SHORT SELL US. ARREST THAT MAN!

    Angela HsiaoAngela Hsiao2 månader sedan
  • that is not what short selling is...

    kang Ckang C2 månader sedan
  • Going on about machine learning in the banking sector is kinda nonsensical in banking world

    Max PowerMax Power2 månader sedan
  • one more thing if someone noticed during the Bloomberg interview this guy was speaking like jeff Bezos his behaviour his way of talking the enlarging of eyes etc resembled to me as Jeff Bezos

    Naman SrivastavNaman Srivastav2 månader sedan
  • He almost looks like Clarence Bodicker from RoboCop

    LinkacideLinkacide2 månader sedan
  • You must do Steinhoff International Holdings N.V. South African company that is as dodgy as Wirecard and Enron. 😅

    Akhona NgqubaAkhona Ngquba2 månader sedan