Apple’s Next Big Thing: AR Glasses

20 jun 2020
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What comes after the iPhone?
AR/VR video:
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  • From iPhone to Eyephone

    ItsMeRajItsMeRajMånad sedan
  • microsofts headset looks like dogshit

    OdinnLee MoriartyOdinnLee MoriartyMånad sedan
  • Basically a Tony Stark's glasses with your personal EDITH.

    Gustavo TrianiGustavo TrianiMånad sedan
  • These glasses are simply too much. I don't wanna shiny images invading my vision and environment so much. I think this will fail like the clock. And I actually do prefer the clock.

    Pedro LeãoPedro Leão2 månader sedan
  • A patent on streaming information from my phone to my face? Seriously? That’s absurd as me patenting the use of gas from the mouth to the chest. I love the way big companies get to use the American patent system to stifle competition.

    saberintsaberint2 månader sedan
  • Seems to be the right direction. Stylish light glasses, and the computing power of better smartphones at each iteration. However, they have to move fast, lens are coming. And with 5 (and 6G in the future), say hello to remote computing

    David BocqueletDavid Bocquelet2 månader sedan
  • *ARM

    dorian hoevelmannndorian hoevelmannn2 månader sedan
  • Lidar have some limitations no matter how good the data processing is lidar can never detect 2d image targets or qr codes or vumarks, so I'm still sceptical about how good detection and tracking they can use

    Srijan VarmaSrijan Varma2 månader sedan
  • /watch?v=YJg02ivYzSs Nuff said

    PrognatusSeptemPrognatusSeptem2 månader sedan
  • If they cannot stop getting into politics and brainwashing they will soon see a crash in their stocks much like Twitter just saw literally overnight when they banned Trump. A multi-billion dollar company now thinks they know what is best for our country yet they were not voted into office. Hmm, so what happens when let's say China calls up Jeff Bazose and offer 100 billion to get the laws changed to help China and bankrupt the US?

    Matthew SchwartzMatthew Schwartz2 månader sedan
  • People who wear glasses will be blessed with these

    BogzBogz2 månader sedan
  • Virginia tech is a school I always wanted to go to. Now I really want to go

    Tanush AnandTanush Anand2 månader sedan
  • Lol, most prescription glasses without any tech are more expensive than 500$. I wonder how many people would buy the apple ones instead then

    SplashSplash3 månader sedan
  • Our eyes ll go blind.

    100 hejter100 hejter3 månader sedan
  • All I need is money. Some body adopt me😅😅

    Aliya FichtnerAliya Fichtner3 månader sedan
  • How that dog can see the AR?

    kimie126kimie1263 månader sedan
  • Wow, this will replace ALL TV's on Earth. It can handle 8k?!?! Sign me up, I'll gladly pay $10K

    tigerolltigeroll3 månader sedan
  • This is exciting. I can see a lot of potential and popularity in this. I'm sure it will be very expensive, but still exciting. The way it's described reminds me of the same thing as how Apple Watch and iPhone work together. The watch is small so iPhone does most of the processing work. Same would go probably for the potential glasses. I think a camera on it would be very useful, but it would be uncomfortable talking to someone with a camera pointed at you. Maybe some security concerns like at airports, but we have cameras around us all the time in public anyway plus we have iPhones with cameras that we can take out anytime so maybe it wouldn't make much of a difference in the end.

    jjjj3 månader sedan
  • I think the controller should be about thumbstick size, tracking should be good enough so you can write text on your palm or other flat surface

    Totes JoeyTotes Joey3 månader sedan
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    Marie HensleyMarie Hensley3 månader sedan
  • iPhone - breaks easily. glasses - break easily. iPhone + glasses = don't breathe

    CheeteachCheeteach3 månader sedan
  • Being able to fix vision. Beer googles will be a thing of the past

    Baba AymanBaba Ayman3 månader sedan
  • all this technology has already been achieved and developed by other companies , in exactly the same way you are putting it it will be nothing new just apple coming late to the party

    William WatitwaWilliam Watitwa4 månader sedan
  • Your so good at communication. Well done!!!

    Robert ArmstrongRobert Armstrong4 månader sedan
  • lol i woud use these glasses to see the answers for exams lol 😂😂✌🏻

    Leah KookiesLeah Kookies4 månader sedan
  • You can’t call it a steal if they were paid for sharing that technology with jobs they got Apple shares what more could they want

    menassie samuelmenassie samuel4 månader sedan
  • homestuck lol

    DanDan4 månader sedan
  • Put LiDAR on them so I can have AR night vision

    Finn TranFinn Tran4 månader sedan
  • Apple´s Next Big Thing : Ophthalmology

    tasss550tasss5504 månader sedan
  • The control interface and utility of the device will make or break it. VR had a similar problem and it's games have intuitive controller (but controls unlike these) and it's cost and complexity to set up is to off-putting for the mainstream (except maybe PlayStation VR) If they can make it register you're hands correctly, have the interactions be intuitive (like VR or the Wii) and has enough usefulness for the high price ($500 is basically a new console, so it has to be) I see it slowly taking over. But I don't see how they can get more utility out of it compared to just the phone or having good controls or interface. I could be wrong, but to put a number on it, I see it having a 10% chance of success. I hope it has all these things though just because it sounds cool though.

    Matthew BoydMatthew Boyd4 månader sedan
  • Ads intrusive and too long as well as the same ad. Didn’t even finish the video. Got to get better to keep me involved.. thumbs down just for that.

    Harri JohnsonHarri Johnson4 månader sedan
  • What is this amazing lamp with watch and qi wireless charging at 2:57 ?

    Timur SharifyanovTimur Sharifyanov4 månader sedan
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    Rodolfo VitangcolRodolfo Vitangcol4 månader sedan
  • The thing mentioned in this video which has the biggest real world impact was having glasses that would examine the eyes and adjust for vision, eliminating the need for prescription lenses. The other stuff, as exciting as it might be, delivers less real world benefit.

    David ThrasherDavid Thrasher4 månader sedan
  • What I think about this? If Apple is making this it will obviously make a hole in your pocket

    Ibr VybhavIbr Vybhav4 månader sedan
  • In the future: you will not be allow to be on your glasses while driving.

    AllahAllah5 månader sedan
    • Cars will be autonomous w/ in 50 years.

      DBAY 012DBAY 0124 månader sedan
  • Actually I'm more interested in the potential to correct vision problems. The eyeglass industry is a complete rip off, and they never get it right. To have a pair of glasses that automatically adjusts and project an absolutely clear image would be absolutely awesome.

    Robert CanaryRobert Canary5 månader sedan
  • why don’t they just do what they did with vr glasses but put a camera on them so that the images we see look transparent cause they appear real life backgrounds?

    1Mafia1Mafia5 månader sedan
  • Microsoft hololens has a price tag of $3500 because all of their tech has to be contained in the headset... Why? Their cellphones FAILED.. Apple has the power of the iPhone. Apple is setup perfectly...

    Keith JamesKeith James5 månader sedan
  • What about people who wear medical glasses. Would they wear two glasses superimposed?

    M AbdM Abd5 månader sedan
  • 8k res.!? MicroLED maybe?

    dandan5 månader sedan
  • Who’s watching after apple announced One More Thing event 2020?

    Sayantan SasmalSayantan Sasmal5 månader sedan
  • I don’t want a camera pointed at me....lidar, yeah that’s fine tho

    Ezekiel LyonsEzekiel Lyons5 månader sedan
  • If they succeed, I'll finally stop ignoring apple devices and get one! 😅

    BukkyThery BTABukkyThery BTA5 månader sedan
  • Like si crees que es Edit de Tony Stark :3

    Johan LCJohan LC5 månader sedan
  • Just one word Wow

    Louis MarchandLouis Marchand5 månader sedan
  • All of those calculations and working will suck the electrical juices right out of your iphone. You'll end up needing to carry a "car battery" around in your hip pocket, and it'll probably last an hour.

    Scott GuffeyScott Guffey5 månader sedan
  • Apple: Makes "Secret Team" for expanding their technolgy (VR) Online Journalist: This is BIG NEWS! The "Secret Team" : bruh...

    ベルナンディノアディナベルナンディノアディナ5 månader sedan
  • Who gave this thumbs down?...

    Eric MorseEric Morse5 månader sedan
  • i would love apple glass

    Roy DamRoy Dam5 månader sedan
  • battery last 1 hour hahahahaha!!!!!!!

    Rigoberto ChavarinRigoberto Chavarin5 månader sedan
  • "Shut up and take my money " eyephone.

    노하늘노하늘5 månader sedan
  • Wow this could really help those with disabilities..... awesome designs

    PamPam5 månader sedan
  • Just Follow Microsoft HoloLens Path... forget about others...

    Mani MalekizadehMani Malekizadeh5 månader sedan
  • Nice, my 'desktop' when I put on these glasses and I'm walking down the street of my city will make people, vehicles and the sky look like Mos Eisley. =P

    bigemugamerbigemugamer5 månader sedan
  • 5:00 Lidar?! I thought this was something only wives and mothers possessed. =/

    bigemugamerbigemugamer5 månader sedan
  • You have to ask yourself why does nasa need or want AR What does that have to do with rockets ... Oh let me guess , astronauts are going to wear them in space , really ! Now we are going to see idiots wearing them while driving too

    doc driscolldoc driscoll5 månader sedan
  • It is still a problem because now they can scan people. lidar is used in face id so imagine on glasses. Will you now be able to faceid that person you looking at?

    Untitled 1Untitled 15 månader sedan
  • Yes, The camera was the main privacy reason and why all AR glasses failed spectacularly. Imagine being recorded without your request.

    Untitled 1Untitled 15 månader sedan
    • Well then just make a LED red light blink to let others know they are recording

      ZzskaoqodZzskaoqod5 månader sedan
  • Only me who think to cheat with this on test?

    DarkDream空のDarkDream空の5 månader sedan
  • Can't wait 👍👍👍

    Utra PlusUtra Plus5 månader sedan

  • Apple going from the iPhone to the Eye Phone

    Aditya MankareAditya Mankare5 månader sedan
  • I want a pair. Onevery cool item

    Roy Paul CarterRoy Paul Carter5 månader sedan
  • Im just super pumped to stream youtube and discord off of this. It would make ti so much easier to walk around and watch, etc.

    Divine GeovaniDivine Geovani5 månader sedan
  • Then Samsung makes one and it explodes

    Calvin MesserCalvin Messer5 månader sedan
  • When people get all excited by something like get the lingering sentiment that things are not quite right with the state of humanity...

    faro717faro7175 månader sedan
    • There is nothing wrong with embracing technology.

      Dead InsideDead Inside5 månader sedan
  • No one remembers the downfall of Google Glass?

    Deborah ErbDeborah Erb5 månader sedan
  • if this becomes mainstream it could hamper the sales of televisions, regular eye glasses and may be even laptops. i am currently an android user but with the potential to combine functionality of laptop and television in one device, apple glasses certainly sound like a bargain even if you have to the phone to use them.

    Yogin SawantYogin Sawant5 månader sedan
  • It's just one small step from The Matrix.

    HilldwellerHilldweller5 månader sedan
  • Eye phone

    Rogelio MontenegroRogelio Montenegro5 månader sedan
  • "Shut up and take my money " eyephone.

    Benjamin YueBenjamin Yue5 månader sedan
  • So they basically made iron man's glasses.

    Malakhi LindsayMalakhi Lindsay5 månader sedan
  • like when you need heath then go to food eat at the store or drink water to fill it up like in real life drink water fill up in game lol

    RC VietNamRC VietNam5 månader sedan
  • also when you walking outside by doing quest fight boss ally with rendom people damn so awesome if that happen yo damn dont have to sit home play game anymore ^^

    RC VietNamRC VietNam5 månader sedan
  • this kind class can play game like sword art online and doing quest kill monster damn gone be hella good

    RC VietNamRC VietNam5 månader sedan
  • That is how astronauts float in ISS

    Christopher SamaritaChristopher Samarita5 månader sedan
  • We just got our first color television today..

    Milan KMilan K5 månader sedan
  • i cant be the only one thinking this is gonna be something like Sword Art Online 2. Also i really like the idea of the vision problem being addressed. I wear glasses and am near sighted so this seems to be a great choice of development into the product.

    Tecn0Gamer57Tecn0Gamer575 månader sedan
  • The ads so much ads

    AKASH RAJAKASH RAJ5 månader sedan
  • So its just another add-on for the iphone

    TheVoidGrailTheVoidGrail5 månader sedan
  • I know what will happen now , Apple someday will launch this technology, chinese will reserve engineer it. The technology will be modified for more smooth and better version and Android will come to play.

    RyuRyu5 månader sedan
  • Am about to become an iPhone user

    Nasser NathanNasser Nathan5 månader sedan
  • I would love them glasses

    Stealth Panther GamingStealth Panther Gaming5 månader sedan
  • This technology will increase the ever division of human to human contact and bonding. It will be an epidemic of proportions no one wants to talk about. Texting created the division of inner personal communication for a whole generation. This will increase that division 10 fold. No one ever releases the psychological affects of pioneering technology, they only get caught up in the worshiping of it.

    T ClarkT Clark5 månader sedan
  • Apple Glass Will Have A Button to Swipe on App in A big Upside Down🥚 in OS And a Button could Go From An App to Front Screen or Widget Screen like The Sleep Button. Work with New OS in the Right Eye. With Taptic Engine in the Right eye.

    Shahar RozenbloomShahar Rozenbloom5 månader sedan
  • Waist of money

    JOSUAL NEWJOSUAL NEW5 månader sedan
  • Cheating in exam will be easy.

    Mugen HillMugen Hill5 månader sedan
  • I have tinkering with wearble computing for about 15 year and for me biggest boundary was the lack of an operating system that does not require classical interaction devices. And therfore as and user interaction models that does not require a pointing or a keyboard style text entry device. I could overcome a lot of the problems with a texted based system (emacs plus addons) and a diy chording keyboard, but your are missing out on all the GFX and Spacial Computing that AR can offer. The OSs and there assosiated user interaction models and usecases are what really exite me. The hardware will step into the background the better it does its job I believe.

    Jens KaufmannJens Kaufmann5 månader sedan
  • AR is going to do what smartphones have done to the computer . I think most people will see laptops as being old fashion tech

    J BJ B5 månader sedan
  • It will definitely be called iSight

    Sanjay .S KumarSanjay .S Kumar5 månader sedan
  • Apple glass as no cameras because it read your mind

    Jeremiah dunlapJeremiah dunlap5 månader sedan
  • Who needs this type of display or app. CAL

    Charles LauterCharles Lauter5 månader sedan
  • When I close my eyes. I have already build in AR. Called fantasy. I am selling it! Click here! Stock market shares can be bought here! Thx!

    Michelle w.Michelle w.5 månader sedan
  • 2:03 for the rich masses*. I could never afford any apple product in my life, not even second-hand. Its just not reasonable. Yes I hope apple invents cool stuff and makes it available to the masses, so then other companies will hopefully make the same thing but more affordable

    slave No. 4028slave No. 40286 månader sedan
  • The next thing they steal, gotta love that company. Not one original product created, ever!

    Danny MolDanny Mol6 månader sedan
  • I legit thought If this like when I had iPhone 7... I was all “it would be cool if the phone was just a keyboard or “controller” and the media would play on a a virtual screen that popped out. Then I thought to myself “well that Microsoft at thing is espensive... so it wouldn’t really work...” cuz the Hololens is the screen AND the computer. Then I thought... “what if my phone WAS the computer and just beamed the info to my glasses via Bluetooth” I either manifested this, or I’m a genius and vastly underpaid...

    Martin BuendiaMartin Buendia6 månader sedan
  • Samsung is also working on their own competing product and it will launch before Apple.

    The Wonderland ShowThe Wonderland Show6 månader sedan
  • The Eyephone from Futurama

    Swiss Media StuffSwiss Media Stuff6 månader sedan
  • Omg apple did use lidar in the new iPhone maybe the glasses aren't so far

    Rintesh DasRintesh Das6 månader sedan