Jack Harlow - Route 66 feat. EST Gee [Official Video]

1 mar 2021
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  • That beat 🎶

    Rappers DigestRappers Digest17 timmar sedan
  • The talent Jack has to be able to create a perfect flow for every beat is deadass impressive.

    Joel El RicanJoel El RicanDag sedan
  • Dont like the parts, but the hook is insane. I come back to it just to hear the hook again.

    TheRapDistrictTheRapDistrictDag sedan
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Ricardo MojicaRicardo Mojica2 dagar sedan
  • This song 🔥

    ITD FILMSITD FILMS2 dagar sedan
  • Thaat's the shitt!!!

    instrumentalistinstrumentalist3 dagar sedan
  • what i thought thought thought i was at 16 w my new DL and old beater

    Jared TicerJared Ticer3 dagar sedan
  • heat

    IsthisrealifeIsthisrealife3 dagar sedan
  • Why isn’t this song on the charts this shit rock harder then anything on the list

    Jer WyattJer Wyatt4 dagar sedan
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Blake GonzalesBlake Gonzales4 dagar sedan
  • Every since his one song ride around town man been hooked every since.!!

    james sayshijames sayshi4 dagar sedan
  • This song deserves way more views. His fits and the fckin song is 🔥

    Cee JayCee Jay5 dagar sedan
  • Only 3.9 mil views, underrated

    LNDLND5 dagar sedan
  • I made a Route 66 first

    Montral TrajikMontral Trajik6 dagar sedan
  • Smooth as fuck. good job jack

    cheezytacoscheezytacos6 dagar sedan
  • Trash

    Luke NukemLuke Nukem6 dagar sedan
  • Here before tik tok takes it away.

    Fact9 Spitter7Fact9 Spitter77 dagar sedan
  • Haha wish u would come to the rez, u can't hang!?😂😘❤😁✌

    Brittany MartinezBrittany Martinez7 dagar sedan
  • jam you guys are fucked to shake 2021 😷🤘🏻

    Yathanderson De Miranda FeitozaYathanderson De Miranda Feitoza7 dagar sedan
  • The giddy sleep radiologically paddle because step-uncle paradoxically obtain qua a able cuticle. plastic, straight ornament

    Fijija UxgFijija Uxg7 dagar sedan
  • Jack is too TUFF! #KentuckyBoy

    Dustin WalkerDustin Walker7 dagar sedan
  • 918 baby

    ThinkingOftenThinkingOften7 dagar sedan
  • 1145 angel number

  • Glasgow Kentucky 270 aspiring artist coming up too thank you for showing out for Kentucky !!!

    Autumn LasheaAutumn Lashea8 dagar sedan
  • His flow his music his style just make my head bounce most underated rapper

    spandan patespandan pate8 dagar sedan
  • 💥

    SneakerFetish420SneakerFetish4209 dagar sedan
  • Wer kommt auch von Dick&Doof Podcast?

    DilosDilos9 dagar sedan
    • Ich xd haha

      Tatjana FritzlerTatjana Fritzler7 dagar sedan
    • Ich lol

      FLO - Brawl Starsシ︎FLO - Brawl Starsシ︎7 dagar sedan
    • meee haha

      Alina CarlaAlina Carla7 dagar sedan
    • iichhh😂👏🏼

      Tamina StalderTamina Stalder8 dagar sedan
  • every song is different tf

    inotplaygamesinotplaygames9 dagar sedan
  • underrated song

    Lexi CandyLexi Candy10 dagar sedan
  • Show show

    Thaís Ferreira LaurindoThaís Ferreira Laurindo10 dagar sedan
  • Mannn 🔥

    Yhung KuruptYhung Kurupt10 dagar sedan
  • Anyone knows the Instagram of the blonde girl with the beanie in the car?

    RafasEuo13RafasEuo1310 dagar sedan
  • Role model!

    My FaultMy Fault10 dagar sedan
  • Jack a legend. Don't care what no one says.

    ludesta tomlinludesta tomlin11 dagar sedan
  • Jack is my inspiration🔥

    ツAspectツAspect11 dagar sedan
  • Егор Крид отлично выглядит 🔥

    Boris VarlamovBoris Varlamov11 dagar sedan
  • Big JaCk

    Joseph RaineJoseph Raine11 dagar sedan
  • This guy's sauce is to saucy!! Finally someone with good music fuego 🔥 🔥

    Jonathan SanchezJonathan Sanchez11 dagar sedan
  • aii

    Charlene StauffertCharlene Stauffert11 dagar sedan
  • Fergie?

    Jaden JamesonJaden Jameson11 dagar sedan
  • This song tough on so many levels

    rmohauptrmohaupt11 dagar sedan
  • New comment so this video gets recommended more 🌎🌍🌏


    Simone CaldizziSimone Caldizzi11 dagar sedan
  • Fds o vídeo só me ouve vou estourar 😴

    CabeludinCabeludin12 dagar sedan
  • Underrated as hell

    DeariesDearies12 dagar sedan

    BadnewsBenjiTVBadnewsBenjiTV12 dagar sedan
  • #502 #TheVille

    Kimmie MillerKimmie Miller13 dagar sedan
  • This video gives drake "vibes"

    94Kb love94Kb love13 dagar sedan
  • Ice ice

    TristanTristan13 dagar sedan
  • What song is he referencing with the melody in the hook??

    ThunderThunder13 dagar sedan
  • Fire

    Samantha MeilSamantha Meil13 dagar sedan
  • that grateful dead jacket is so fire

    jwalkrrjwalkrr13 dagar sedan
  • Dowg you an't drip are you not jack harlow you just vurb

    wardog the real prowardog the real pro13 dagar sedan
  • I swear I love this 502 shit.

    Zack EvansZack Evans13 dagar sedan
  • He is coming for the crown

    Luis J. ChavezLuis J. Chavez13 dagar sedan
  • Dope

    B SzB Sz14 dagar sedan
  • Sheeesh

    Brice CordovaBrice Cordova14 dagar sedan

    Javandesh SinghJavandesh Singh14 dagar sedan
  • LOVING the Drake-esque playfulness of it. GRAND. MASTERY. Over the sound. This was true artistry.

    ShadesnFadesShadesnFades14 dagar sedan
  • Ifw Gee heavy...100% not the next person I was thinking he would do a song with...this song was 100% gas🔥🔥& that’s cuz they were both 100 themselves

    Kevin BurnsKevin Burns14 dagar sedan
  • I know you felt like a god when you created that flow 0:55

  • I see Jack Being up there with Drake 100 percent. If he stays consistent, big things man

    Isaac HigdonIsaac Higdon14 dagar sedan
  • Jack your inspiring me with every damn song on this fire album

    Trev MontTrev Mont15 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/Y7KdvdGxiYeWyJM/video 🎧🌙

    Angel 2001Angel 200115 dagar sedan
  • Damn boy

    Tyler StandfestTyler Standfest15 dagar sedan
  • dudes wearing a grateful dead sweatshirt, thats dope

    Maxwell ElderMaxwell Elder15 dagar sedan
  • this shit "hot hot hot"

    Avdyl TrstenaAvdyl Trstena16 dagar sedan
  • Hook first part sound like Fergie right?

    Lucas CastroLucas Castro16 dagar sedan
  • lil drake vibez

    Shilp BijgavneShilp Bijgavne16 dagar sedan
  • Finally a shout out to Kentucky!

    c Jaxc Jax17 dagar sedan
  • S.A.V

    p kp k17 dagar sedan
  • Ok🔥Jack ain't here to play!!

    Tumelo MothokgwaneTumelo Mothokgwane17 dagar sedan

    Jose CastilloJose Castillo17 dagar sedan
  • "from the city Like Rondo, Rajon but Im from the Whiteside like Hassan" BARZZZZ 💯🔥

    Joshua PfeiferJoshua Pfeifer17 dagar sedan
  • ₀⁶√∔Ↄ🚒₀⁶ ̄へ ̄₀

    Frederic ReidFrederic Reid17 dagar sedan
  • Mr. Haaaarloow!

    Tim HagerTim Hager18 dagar sedan
  • anyone know who the white girl is? lol

    mn9500mn950018 dagar sedan
  • Anyone hear from Ben chilwells 1st playlist song

    Jacob WakefieldJacob Wakefield18 dagar sedan
  • You can't lose when you're just yourself, no gimmicks and props. Jack can spit, and its evident he blowing for that real sound

    Pot Head MediaPot Head Media18 dagar sedan
    • Most underrated comment

      C JOC JO14 dagar sedan
  • Folks cold 🥶 💯

    Yung Swagg Tyme serve ClickYung Swagg Tyme serve Click18 dagar sedan
  • It’s dope seeing another Kentucky white boy make it big. Representing us big time Jack. We love to see it 🔥

    A Robot OstrichA Robot Ostrich19 dagar sedan
  • ik eet boterham

    Duong Viet ChinhDuong Viet Chinh19 dagar sedan
  • If u from Kentucky u got the Julip and a hot brown line

    Andrew TomlinsonAndrew Tomlinson19 dagar sedan
  • _Fire fire fire_

    ZookaZooka19 dagar sedan
  • You ate the beat up.....🧐🤪

    Quinessa KiddQuinessa Kidd19 dagar sedan
  • Drake kiddies 😂

    Sus movesSus moves19 dagar sedan
  • Fire style

    001oveOfficialPage001oveOfficialPage19 dagar sedan
  • This kinda sounds like fergie fergielicious lol

    Bea At homeBea At home19 dagar sedan
  • Wtf is this, music def went to shit

    femboy thighsfemboy thighs19 dagar sedan
    • You’re a heathen

      VillYumVillYum17 dagar sedan
  • jack always dropping fire

    dAViddAVid19 dagar sedan
  • Harlow And Est Went Nuts On This One Here 🔥 🔥

    MakeIt HappenMakeIt Happen19 dagar sedan
  • Crazy how this is just now blowing up I was bumping the day it dropped🔥

    VINTAGE RuST EVINTAGE RuST E20 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or did he do Fergies for flow from “ Humps “ ....

    David MendozaDavid Mendoza20 dagar sedan
  • Jack's flow on the chorus is so similar to Fergie on My Humps

    T. ACT. AC20 dagar sedan
    • that's the point I believe

      Tasmay ShahTasmay Shah19 dagar sedan
  • 0:55-1:00 was givin Drake and I liked it

    Cee JayCee Jay20 dagar sedan
  • 🔥🔥

    ernest jonesernest jones20 dagar sedan
  • Got that Fergi flow

    Matt BowdlerMatt Bowdler20 dagar sedan
  • Est. GEE 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Dolo DaMogulDolo DaMogul20 dagar sedan
  • he just doesn’t miss

    FlamityFlamity20 dagar sedan