INSANE 36 KILL GAMEPLAY! My NEW Kill Record! 🤯 (Modern Warfare Warzone)

25 okt 2020
992 291 visningar

INSANE 36 KILL GAMEPLAY! My NEW Kill Record! 🤯 (Modern Warfare Warzone)
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  • Why can’t he build?

    X4_ ClapzX4_ Clapz26 dagar sedan
  • I actually never saw nick play with anyone else

    No_One. EXENo_One. EXE27 dagar sedan
  • Got into Warzone a little more, figured I’d watch the best guy play it💪💯

    Yrb JrYrb Jr2 månader sedan
  • Hell yeah

    Niko MaysNiko Mays2 månader sedan
  • Keep an eye out for SAM SMITH the GAMER on SEworld, he's a solid player & could use all the gamer fellowship & support he can get. He doesn't know that I am reaching out to you guys&gals, to show that you care. Thanks everyone!

    Andrew IvanyAndrew Ivany2 månader sedan
  • I love his energy

    Nadeem MoosaNadeem Moosa3 månader sedan
  • hell yay

    Bradley DeFeoBradley DeFeo3 månader sedan
  • you should play more warzone ur really good at it

    Duncan MackDuncan Mack3 månader sedan
  • Bat wings homie

    Marcos HernandezMarcos Hernandez3 månader sedan

    GMR6GMR63 månader sedan
  • Everybody nick kills-WHAATTTT NOOOOOO HUH?????

    Isaac_ KingIsaac_ King3 månader sedan
  • I finally found a funny warzone player😁😁😁

    Isaac_ KingIsaac_ King3 månader sedan
  • Hall ya

    Trent MckellipTrent Mckellip3 månader sedan
  • One of rare SEworldrs not cheating in this game.

    Jester WolfJester Wolf3 månader sedan
  • I like nick and i think he is really awesome in warzone but why everybody talks about reverse boosting?what do you think about that?i think hes not boosting i can see real skill at his gameplay.

    Marco HajetschekMarco Hajetschek3 månader sedan
  • SEworld was going on today man

    Todd BrinegarTodd Brinegar3 månader sedan
  • His fr is a crybaby I hate people that leave after you mess with them

    Gabriel ErdahlGabriel Erdahl4 månader sedan
  • call of duty modern warfare _ warzone best setup for kilo high lights(no commentary)go watch in my chanal

    Mr extremeMr extreme4 månader sedan
  • call of duty modern warfare _ warzone best setup for kilo high lights(no commentary)go watch in my chanal

    Mr extremeMr extreme4 månader sedan
  • What if the operators had different specialties like in Rainbow Six Siege?🔥 New fan btw🤟🏾 IG@Zydamenace

    Zykiez BaxterZykiez Baxter4 månader sedan
  • Hell yeah

    Zac NealZac Neal4 månader sedan
  • I got 91 before

    Mary RobertsMary Roberts4 månader sedan
  • Yo he still got the forehead cam 🤨🤣

    Cody bohlkenCody bohlken4 månader sedan
  • why does he look like he has no neck

    DeltaTheChampDeltaTheChamp4 månader sedan
  • Your neck

    Christian FoyChristian Foy4 månader sedan
  • Hell yes

    Trenton .mTrenton .m4 månader sedan
  • Hell yeah lmao

    Nick GollnickNick Gollnick4 månader sedan
  • Why the hell does Nick Mercs need the Ali A thumbnails?

    Ethan Mooneyham ShowEthan Mooneyham Show4 månader sedan
  • Hell yea

    Jeremiah FloresJeremiah Flores4 månader sedan
  • Hell yeah

    Manny FernandezManny Fernandez4 månader sedan
  • Only reason why I barely watch this channel anymore is because you never play solos. Mix it up, dawg. Solos is entertaining to a lot of people and it can be harder in a different way than trios or quads. Show us your solo skills. Try to break some personal records and other records. Challenge yourself.

    Rob MenRob Men4 månader sedan
  • Hell yea

    Isaac TrejoIsaac Trejo5 månader sedan
  • Nick bro you gotta use some gold bond powder and wear some shorts when you game, should help loads with the sweat.

    Jasmeet SinghJasmeet Singh5 månader sedan

    Alexander UgbahAlexander Ugbah5 månader sedan
  • Stop throwing pistachios at me bro

    Mitchell AndersonMitchell Anderson5 månader sedan
  • I still like you

    Barbara HodgesBarbara Hodges5 månader sedan
  • Hell no

    Barbara HodgesBarbara Hodges5 månader sedan
  • I loved your explanation of of sticky sacks lol

    Will McAvaneyWill McAvaney5 månader sedan
  • Hellllllllllllllllll to the yeah

    Will McAvaneyWill McAvaney5 månader sedan
  • Hell yeah

    powperkinspowperkins5 månader sedan
  • What game mode was this ?

    Josh TurkJosh Turk5 månader sedan
  • Hell yeah

    Ceri PowellCeri Powell5 månader sedan
  • What head set you using

    8 C BOTHA ANTON8 C BOTHA ANTON5 månader sedan
  • HELL YEAH 😷🤐

    Cristian MoralesCristian Morales5 månader sedan
  • Hell nah

    Darla PondDarla Pond5 månader sedan
  • Yo how is your day have a great day and christm

    Kaif KabirKaif Kabir5 månader sedan
  • I just found your SEworld channel today and It who’s the best SEworld channel ever

    Undercover NoobUndercover Noob5 månader sedan
  • brady bayman 14

    Brady BraymanBrady Brayman5 månader sedan
  • I am not lieing i like the video when he says to

    see_smizzysee_smizzy5 månader sedan
  • That’s sad I can’t even a 10 kill

    dereks adventuredereks adventure5 månader sedan
  • I new to the channel I subscribed already

    Miranda CallahanMiranda Callahan5 månader sedan
  • Hell yea

    jose portillojosejose portillojose5 månader sedan
  • hell yeah but i bealive you can do better

    Mr_ SouLMr_ SouL5 månader sedan

    Mr pickle9998 YTMr pickle9998 YT5 månader sedan
  • Hell yeah

    Freddie HadenFreddie Haden5 månader sedan
  • I think the zombies is harder because you have the living and the dead attacking you.

    Cydnee SayCydnee Say5 månader sedan
  • The squeak at 1:27 😂

    Jack ChristouJack Christou5 månader sedan
  • Zombies? Hell no

    Charlie LewisCharlie Lewis5 månader sedan
  • Hell yea

    margaret collinsmargaret collins5 månader sedan
  • My most is only 4

    Dan PritchardDan Pritchard5 månader sedan
  • Hey nick im new to watching you but love your vibe!

    Will SchinzelWill Schinzel5 månader sedan
  • hell yea

    Dusty PetersonDusty Peterson5 månader sedan
  • Hell yea

    Regan BlignautRegan Blignaut5 månader sedan
  • I love you nick

    Adam MontgomeryAdam Montgomery5 månader sedan
  • Who would like to see him play apex legends

    JakareeThegh0stJakareeThegh0st5 månader sedan
  • yes

    Taige PfizenmaierTaige Pfizenmaier5 månader sedan
  • Me just whatchin he’s face cam the whole game

    casper Theboiicasper Theboii5 månader sedan
  • hell yeah

    Kasper KarlssonKasper Karlsson5 månader sedan
  • hellllll yeahhhh

    StanemStanem5 månader sedan
  • Hell yea

    AMT_ _MOTOAMT_ _MOTO5 månader sedan
  • 8:00 lol

    Ahmed AlfarisAhmed Alfaris5 månader sedan
  • A dam 2 Minuit in tro

    Gabriel TomlinGabriel Tomlin5 månader sedan
  • Hell no

    Gabriel TomlinGabriel Tomlin5 månader sedan
  • MW>black ops

    DoomzyyDoomzyy5 månader sedan
  • Nick needs to unplug his zen and try playing.

    Billy The KidBilly The Kid5 månader sedan
  • hell yeah

    Mado PlayzMado Playz5 månader sedan
  • A este men le falta cuello

  • Hell yeah

    MoonflwrrMoonflwrr5 månader sedan
  • hell yea

    Aj WenrichAj Wenrich5 månader sedan
  • Hell Yeah

    Sauce _YTSauce _YT5 månader sedan
  • Hell ya

    Ghoulznitro _Ghoulznitro _5 månader sedan
  • Hell yeah

    Glen CocksedgeGlen Cocksedge5 månader sedan
  • I don't think it counts because zombies doesn't count as a win.

    angie mathusangie mathus5 månader sedan
  • How come his shirt switched in the intro?

    Chayse HeinChayse Hein5 månader sedan
    • Different clips

      MoonflwrrMoonflwrr5 månader sedan
  • Hell no

    Who don’t zucc me dude SaysWho don’t zucc me dude Says5 månader sedan
  • He'll ye

    lightning wplightning wp5 månader sedan
  • Hell no

    Bach ManiaBach Mania5 månader sedan
  • Nick why don’t u just lower your face cam 😐😐??

    DipZ GhostDipZ Ghost6 månader sedan
  • " stucky sticky meat sack" that's a new one Nick

    Alessandro SpadaroAlessandro Spadaro6 månader sedan
  • its called 'colorforms sack' lol.

    Dr DestructoDr Destructo6 månader sedan
  • He’ll yea boi

    Kyle HoddinottKyle Hoddinott6 månader sedan
  • Bruh, 1:26 had me dead

    Deontae’ LenchDeontae’ Lench6 månader sedan
  • Settings??

    TaNnEr on Ps5TaNnEr on Ps56 månader sedan
  • Bro sound like a HOF D-line coach

    Akire HarrisAkire Harris6 månader sedan
  • Sticky stucky sack hahahaa leg meat lol

    Ask MeAsk Me6 månader sedan
  • Ya it does what are they thinking hahahah nice job nick

    IQ wiftyIQ wifty6 månader sedan
  • Kali sticks are meta in that mode

    Imposter timesImposter times6 månader sedan
  • Put some cornstarch on ur nutz to keep them from sticking.

    Paul BPaul B6 månader sedan
  • HELL YEAH!!!!😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Evan MemesEvan Memes6 månader sedan
  • This guy is corny

    Ref CuzRef Cuz6 månader sedan