Why H3H3 Is Jealous Of Logan Paul

12 mar 2020
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  • How y'all doing?

    Andrei TerbeaAndrei Terbea10 månader sedan
    • I'm in pain and my insides are burning

      shadow _animutesshadow _animutes7 dagar sedan
    • Gud ^_^

      bruhbruhMånad sedan
    • Good

      Vance4594Vance4594Månad sedan
    • Ok

      lil yogilil yogi2 månader sedan
    • Poppy 💩

      Ask RandyAsk Randy2 månader sedan
  • That drake voice was great

    Samuel DeGreySamuel DeGrey6 dagar sedan
  • I honestly thought Andrei was about to say the N word...

    NimeNom 2886NimeNom 28869 dagar sedan

    Jonas HenniusJonas Hennius10 dagar sedan
  • Ok

    Manika TheophanidesManika Theophanides11 dagar sedan
  • I'm a 14 yr old and I find logans podcast pretty enjoyable. Same thing with his vlogs. Yes he might have a pornstar in his vlogs and some people might call it mature content and shit but I really enjoy watching his vlogs. During 2020 I watched every single vlog that he made cause I felt like his content is becoming pretty good and funny again. As for impulsive this podcast is literally the best podcast in the world. I don't hate the other podcasts I just find his the most entertaining

    Youssef Al-GhroryYoussef Al-Ghrory12 dagar sedan
  • Papa Bless 🙏

    Matthew M. Stevick, CFPMatthew M. Stevick, CFP16 dagar sedan
  • i think Frenemies is a road to reinvention

    Lidia KLidia K17 dagar sedan
  • it took all the toilet paper t make this video im late to the party am i

    Omari CampbellOmari Campbell18 dagar sedan
  • H3 is the second annoyest bitchest youtuber after jake paul

    The PianistThe Pianist21 dag sedan
  • Was h3h3 in A game called Payday 2

    Godzilla GamerGodzilla Gamer21 dag sedan
  • That gokanaru Video was kinda a lot of he said she said and here’s my opinions tbh

    Falcon SoarerFalcon Soarer23 dagar sedan
  • fine

    Maaviah animatesMaaviah animates23 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    HUSKYHUSKY23 dagar sedan
  • 6:46 except Mariah Carey

    f̶r̶o̶g̶ g̶a̶l̶f̶r̶o̶g̶ g̶a̶l̶24 dagar sedan
  • andrei i was one of ur first subscribers its so cool how now ur so big :)

    Pr. PwabloionPr. Pwabloion24 dagar sedan
  • I'm so dumb! I didn't know logan paul and jake paul are brothers

    Rebma EsorRebma Esor25 dagar sedan
  • Andrei is like a library. And a library is an island in a vast sea of ignorance.

    Dev NoobDev Noob25 dagar sedan
  • Just wanna say for no reason im a muslim bye

    Dev NoobDev Noob25 dagar sedan
  • I don't like Logan Paul, i really don't. But i have to admit that the guy is creative. He's going into every hole to find a new gold vein, and it works. H3H3 thinks he would sit on his chair and makes the same views. Rn, videos has to be more and more impressive to be watched (for example, the exponantial growth of money given in MrBeast videos), and basic sketchs and reactions aren't enough anymore to grow your channel. So he has 2 choices: going full wild and trying to reinvent him (but it will be hard, he stuck to his reactions too much), and hope it works. If it don't, he would be able to be salty at Logan Paul because he would do the same work of reinvention Or he stays at what he's doing, contenting his fanbase while being always good paid, but then he stfu and stop being salty at someone doing another thing.

    Damir MaatarDamir Maatar27 dagar sedan
  • i think it’s a bit of both that needs to happen

    Awesomeguy222 22Awesomeguy222 2227 dagar sedan
  • Goo

    El Toro The BullEl Toro The Bull29 dagar sedan
  • H3H3 might have shot his fanbase’s foot there, but I DEFINITELY would rather have HIM over the Paul family.

    L_backL_backMånad sedan
  • Oh great a pheonix wright refrence

    RandomfungodRandomfungodMånad sedan
  • bruh logan pauls boxing fight is one of the worlds biggest fight in the history

    Rawnak RafiqRawnak RafiqMånad sedan
  • I think they should both mind that own bisnos

    Smort LlamaSmort LlamaMånad sedan

    Black AngelBlack AngelMånad sedan
  • what 8 year old is gonna watch podcast

    Dashawn ReddenDashawn ReddenMånad sedan
  • Wasnt h3h3 a disease or something

    Kher GokulsingKher GokulsingMånad sedan
  • Funny thing os that Andrei has more subs than h3h3

    Shivarama GShivarama GMånad sedan
  • Can we just appreciate the fact he didn’t use the n word

    Shreya RShreya RMånad sedan
  • atleast yo accept proper sponsorships. but i will ignore the raid shadow legends sponsorship.

    legendary cowmanlegendary cowmanMånad sedan
  • Does Logan Paul still exist?

    ScaleZyScaleZyMånad sedan
  • Well, everyone has their time.

    NirzonNirzonMånad sedan
  • 501 nope

    Bader AlsaqabiBader AlsaqabiMånad sedan
  • If your redings this Have a wonderfull day.If your redings this Have a wonderfull day.

    4NG -Okka4NG -OkkaMånad sedan
  • Andrei i like you but i hate ads sory to see u do this

    finas croatiafinas croatiaMånad sedan
  • Animated pewdiepie animated jake Paul = same

    Beefybeens ‘ The2ndBeefybeens ‘ The2ndMånad sedan
  • logan paul still has that young children fans, i love pokemon cards but i cant watch any tournaments because the chat has so much ebegging now, my god i hate logan paul he broght his toxic fanbase to the actally chill pokemon card comunity.

    PusheenCedricPusheenCedricMånad sedan
  • logan paul should b more self censored

    The Real ChickenThe Real ChickenMånad sedan
  • He’s like the better, more cartoony info graphics show. Andrei, u da best

    DuRagDuRagMånad sedan
  • 4:58

    The Cat strikes backThe Cat strikes backMånad sedan
  • I have never heard of these people in my life. I'm not kidding, the first time I learned of H3H3 is from Andrei Terbea.

    Specimen 42Specimen 42Månad sedan
  • I don’t care how much hate I get from saying this but now I’m gonna go watch Logan Paul and yes I am a fan

    Zoro Fan boyZoro Fan boyMånad sedan
  • I just want to become popular because I want people to see my videos and have a good laugh out of them :)

    CrystalShines StudiosCrystalShines StudiosMånad sedan
  • Glad I found this channel! Your videos are so good!

    Make Money GuideMake Money GuideMånad sedan
  • "the attitude of a giant salt shaker" -nerdy crafter has left the chat-

    Celestia LudenbergCelestia LudenbergMånad sedan
  • Your underrated

    flamin Tactxzflamin TactxzMånad sedan
  • thought the title said why HDMI is jealous of logan paul

    rreewwqqaaa PlayZrreewwqqaaa PlayZMånad sedan
  • Your dying because your quality has dipped please stop trying sneak make more money. Thanks.

    killjeantettekilljeantetteMånad sedan
  • ISNT h3h3 just "hehe"?

    ZuhayrrzZuhayrrzMånad sedan
  • Bruh h3h3 has fallen off so much he was such a king back then dang

    Kurumi TokisakiKurumi Tokisaki2 månader sedan
  • I love skill share 🙂

    DARKNESSDARKNESS2 månader sedan
  • Who's h3h3

    neo fnneo fn2 månader sedan
  • can you do a video on jacksepticeye's success and charity? (also he is on the hall of fame right RIGHT)

  • Oo! First 500 people who click the link will get 2 months free! *Looks at views* Oh-

    Harbaw PlaysHarbaw Plays2 månader sedan
  • You have been roasting logan for so long but I think he is the main source for ure income...

    BeastioBeastio2 månader sedan
    • He's not even roasting him???

      Original NameOriginal NameMånad sedan
  • .

    Aula ZainiAula Zaini2 månader sedan
  • Retire he has enough money no reason for him to be jealous

    Lord DracolicheLord Dracoliche2 månader sedan
  • Face reveal

    Damian GarciaDamian Garcia2 månader sedan
  • I love royal no no’s😂

    BissQuitBissQuit2 månader sedan
  • I love this dude his channel Is perfect

    simp onsimp on2 månader sedan
  • To be fair on Logan and Jake if they want their content to not be for kids then they shouldn’t have to change it just because some kids watch their content likes say some creepy SEworld are who makes ghost videos with blood and gore in them suddenly gets popular with kids he shouldn’t have to change his channel into a surprise egg channel kind of thing

    Rocket-GW149 YYRocket-GW149 YY2 månader sedan
  • when andrei says h3h3 it sounds like pastry pastry the first time i heard him say it

    Souless Reaper 70Souless Reaper 702 månader sedan
  • So mediocre channels gain popularity... never watched either channel and doubt id ever be a fan...

    TheTruFullmetalTheTruFullmetal2 månader sedan
  • Omg Thank you I have my own SEworld channel under this account and what you’re saying helps me a lot

    The BallerThe Baller2 månader sedan

    Natimationarts will help Defend Justin YNatimationarts will help Defend Justin Y2 månader sedan
  • Put sponsers at the END

    Natimationarts will help Defend Justin YNatimationarts will help Defend Justin Y2 månader sedan
  • My only argument is Ethan and Ella are on Payday 2 Logan paul isn't

    DocDoc2 månader sedan
  • On that chalkboard logan paul looks lile tom from tom and jerry

    Game GuyGame Guy2 månader sedan
  • HEHE

    Jerry RazoJerry Razo2 månader sedan
  • 9:38 laugh is so good lmao

    Arvasu KulkarniArvasu Kulkarni2 månader sedan

    Mr i DoNt kNoWMr i DoNt kNoW2 månader sedan
  • I think Ethan and Hila are more towards the right

    Tommaso PoggioTommaso Poggio2 månader sedan
  • I feel like this video could have contained a lot more than it did. This is good though, but I feel like you did not go in depth enough on Ethan and Hila's situation, nor did you cover the extent to which the Jake Paul has been exploiting his younger audience, and the analysation of the situation as a whole could have been more comprehensive. It's still a very good video, and I'm aware that it isn't recent, but I like this channel a lot, and I in no way mean to discredit his work, it's actually great. Anyways, thanks for reading. 🙂

    Leonardo FrayneLeonardo Frayne2 månader sedan
  • sill share is the only thing that sponsors him

    Hans MehtaHans Mehta2 månader sedan
  • Is it me or Andrei is not Terbea??

    MrFreak GamingMrFreak Gaming2 månader sedan
  • h3h3 doesn't have the right to complain about it but from the bottom of my heart, logan paul's channel can die for all i care :D

    iets ook ietsiets ook iets2 månader sedan
  • Dude h3h3 is like jealous of everyone

    AceAce2 månader sedan
  • When he said that there aren't a lot of kids watching anymore, that probably boosted their views from kids cuz the kids would thing they are watching something more mature and therefore believe that they can be included with the target demographic that is in reality in their age range

    Zach HermanZach Herman2 månader sedan
  • 6:05 go check what logans channel content is now its CLICKBAIT WHO COULD'VE GUESSSSEDDDD

    Squiddo kiddo99Squiddo kiddo992 månader sedan
  • I agree with what you said, but with the “We have no kid fans” I feel like they meant the majority of fans. But I dunno, maybe I’m wrong

    BM AlphaBM Alpha2 månader sedan
  • Mike and login said that ther fans ar 8 to 11 years old

    Fiona FullertonFiona Fullerton2 månader sedan
    • When i send login i ment logan/😞

      Fiona FullertonFiona Fullerton2 månader sedan
  • Dude, I love this channel!

    Philip Feanny AlemanPhilip Feanny Aleman2 månader sedan
  • Can I ask, is it actually the first 200 or just anyone that clicks? Be honest lol

    Trenton MooniasTrenton Moonias3 månader sedan
    • idk

      Charles GlasserCharles Glasser3 månader sedan
  • It must be so hard to portray h3h3 like this when hes so likable. But it's not false so I admire that

    Trenton MooniasTrenton Moonias3 månader sedan
  • "And then he pulled out his phone and texted some creep shit to Millie Bobby brown" 💀

    Peepee PoopooPeepee Poopoo3 månader sedan
  • You should make “Royal No No,” merch

    Katelyn ArtsKatelyn Arts3 månader sedan
  • e

    Ratita TuxRatita Tux3 månader sedan
  • Oysters remind me of my father

    MonstrumMonstrum3 månader sedan
  • Imagine being jealous of logan paul

    Andrew HarmonAndrew Harmon3 månader sedan
  • Silencely looks away knowing my name is well Eth..

    David CAMERONDavid CAMERON3 månader sedan
  • Out of all filthyfrank era youtubers, h3h3 never died but tries to live but fails everytime

    Crouton gyroCrouton gyro3 månader sedan
  • Ah terrible times when he got 12 years old to vipe ah great times

    Dominique WatsonDominique Watson3 månader sedan
  • People just change their moods. And by moods I mean change their likes from this and then this then back then a different like. Yeah

    Deadly DiamondDeadly Diamond3 månader sedan
  • i mean ethan has enough money to never work again in his life

    Hagen ReHagen Re3 månader sedan
  • When I hear H3H3 I hear pastrie pastrie

    Emma The Guinea PigEmma The Guinea Pig3 månader sedan
  • H3H3 jut have to grow a beard

    CybersorcererCybersorcerer3 månader sedan
  • His voice is so noce

    Will DWill D3 månader sedan
  • .

    Miss ShresthaMiss Shrestha3 månader sedan