Why Đông Tảo Chickens Are So Expensive | So Expensive

19 dec 2020
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This is a Đông Tảo chicken. Often known as dragon chickens, these thick-legged birds can sell for over $2,000.
Each one can take years of raising and special care, and the best are even entered into beauty competitions across Vietnam. So, what does it take to raise a Đông Tảo chicken, and why are they so expensive?
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Why Đông Tảo Chickens Are So Expensive | So Expensive

  • Expensive? lmao trust me I wouldn't pay one cent for those radioactive looking creatures.

    Xfiles Megaman TenXfiles Megaman Ten5 timmar sedan
  • Chicken's in Ugg boots... what next?

    SketchSketch17 timmar sedan
  • This is what our modern dinosaur has evolved to....

    Yume WinstonYume Winston19 timmar sedan
  • Let's come to VietNam to try Đông Tảo chicken

    Dũng NgôDũng Ngô21 timme sedan
  • 🤮

    aiden siessmayeraiden siessmayer22 timmar sedan
  • That looks like a chicken with skin cancer to me.

    Alessandro FilippiAlessandro Filippi22 timmar sedan
  • Horrible leg ! 😱 would u eat them ? 😱

    Kanzen АлександрKanzen Александр22 timmar sedan
  • if we only cut hands out of smuglers.. the life would be much easier ^^

    Vladan SedláčekVladan Sedláček22 timmar sedan
  • bro got some hot boots

    BlixxzardBlixxzardDag sedan
  • Ah... so they are descended from dinosaurs

    Bob BobBob BobDag sedan
  • Looking at these chicken feet makes my skin crawl and feel itchy 😂

    Danny ChaneDanny ChaneDag sedan
  • Chicken worth more than my car insurance.

    WANNTEDD135WANNTEDD135Dag sedan
  • My mans already seasoning those feet

    Luca d'AquinLuca d'AquinDag sedan
  • *Animal abuse, breeding them to be pain ridden* 😢

    Boss QueenBoss QueenDag sedan
  • I thought it was a diesease.

  • Thick Chicken

    LHLHDag sedan
  • Chicken boots.

    Spicy MeatballSpicy MeatballDag sedan
  • They look like they just came out of an egg farm, they look in shit condition.

    yozzayozzaDag sedan
  • The living conditions of the babies is so poor :(

    The Little FloofsThe Little Floofs2 dagar sedan
  • fendi moon boots😍

    RodelRodel2 dagar sedan
  • My chicken participated in a beauty contest...and i am waiting for her to come back.🍽

    nishant jaikarinishant jaikari2 dagar sedan
  • Dam nice shoes bro

    Saiyan ZhaoSaiyan Zhao2 dagar sedan
  • Those birds kinda thicc.

    Toot Says Hi HIToot Says Hi HI2 dagar sedan
  • Legendary KFC chicken

    Bruh GamingBruh Gaming2 dagar sedan
  • I would like to introduce you to my Chinese cousin, Kung Pao Chicken. He tastes like soy sauce and citrus. Although he doesn't have any mutated legs like mine, he's a part of the family and we love him.

    Khari MarquetteKhari Marquette2 dagar sedan
  • It's like they have parasatism. Elephantiasis

    marie jue zerrudomarie jue zerrudo2 dagar sedan
  • It looks like it has elephantiasis

    John Carlo SahagunJohn Carlo Sahagun3 dagar sedan
  • It looks bad

    DavidTrish HopeDavidTrish Hope3 dagar sedan
  • When you work only your legs in the gym

  • I can see Westerners can cross breed different types of dog but we can't even cross breed a freaking chicken cause they assume we play God role Hypocrite at its finest

    Cloudy NguyenCloudy Nguyen4 dagar sedan
  • She really said THICKK

    BerlinBerlin4 dagar sedan
  • They are ugly as hell

    SidAhmed MeddahSidAhmed Meddah4 dagar sedan
  • Did you know that chickens are the closest living relative to the t-Rex?

    DegeneratefestDegeneratefest4 dagar sedan
  • I think about Vietnam usa war and Bombs...

    binyamin ibnemjasbinyamin ibnemjas4 dagar sedan
  • How does it compare to KFC's 8 legged spider chicken?

    Patrick LPatrick L5 dagar sedan
  • This chicken is sponsored by Covid-19

    Imad BouhhImad Bouhh5 dagar sedan
  • I heard 'Kang Tao'....who else from CP2077 here ?

    p4k8g5i7p4k8g5i75 dagar sedan
  • That is what I want to eat. The legs covered in tumors

    Salvage MonsterSalvage Monster5 dagar sedan
  • They have elephantitis

    Salvage MonsterSalvage Monster5 dagar sedan
  • Genetically messed up chickens and people just keep breeding on them in that village... Never gonna eat dinosaur feet oO

    K1LD3R / / Thomas KrarupK1LD3R / / Thomas Krarup5 dagar sedan
  • not thick legged thicc legged

    RaidenRaiden6 dagar sedan
  • Hope it’s not an expensive Rona chicken

    SpartanX360SpartanX3607 dagar sedan
  • “Cock fighting”

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  • Big trucks = lil nuts

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  • Why is this so cheap ??? Cause I need to see some good deals.

    SkeletonSkeleton9 dagar sedan
  • They look like they have some weird leg warmers

    Rachel 01Rachel 019 dagar sedan
  • Thicchickens

    Loud PacLoud Pac10 dagar sedan
  • T H I C C L E G S

    todogrukitodogruki10 dagar sedan
  • Ooo t-rex!

    The Midnight Artist Elo1375The Midnight Artist Elo137511 dagar sedan
  • So it's like Wagyu but Dinosaur Chicken

    BvbsBvbs11 dagar sedan
  • Bet they love chicken legs so much he wife was like I need thicker chicken legs then he husband was ok I'll start tomorrow

  • Imagine being seasoned alive

    Shamar DawkinsShamar Dawkins11 dagar sedan
  • Legs make me feel itchy

    itsRevohitsRevoh12 dagar sedan
  • takes the definition of chicken leg and flips it around

    BLACK_HyDrA161BLACK_HyDrA16112 dagar sedan
  • six inch pumps!!!

    Feuerstein69Feuerstein6912 dagar sedan
  • Thicc af

    RE STKRE STK12 dagar sedan
  • They got t-Rex legs 🤣🤣

    D WilliamD William12 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else get tired of trying to watch this on Snapchat because of commercials every 15 seconds?

    TheOkstateTheOkstate12 dagar sedan
  • Here from the stupid snapchat videos with tons of ads.

    Clueless BushcraftClueless Bushcraft12 dagar sedan
  • Came here from snapchat to not listen to ads

    Dishsoap BombDishsoap Bomb12 dagar sedan
  • Them mfs look like dinosaurs

    dipzoiddipzoid12 dagar sedan
  • Sounds more like an endangered rare chicken got a Supreme Boots 😎

    Danial bin NordinDanial bin Nordin13 dagar sedan
  • You should talk about the Brahmin chicken they're also beautiful

    Mar1lynMar1lyn13 dagar sedan
  • That chicken stopped evolving at 90%

    Bruh Entertainment StudiosBruh Entertainment Studios13 dagar sedan
  • Dinosaurs legs for sure

    Terry TangTerry Tang13 dagar sedan
  • People who eat chicken feet are salivating.😂

    Bradley KandhaiBradley Kandhai14 dagar sedan
  • Now this look a lot more t-rex descendant

    sharko neesansharko neesan14 dagar sedan
  • Those chicken feet look like fat peoples feet and those with gout!

    TMSKILZTMSKILZ15 dagar sedan
  • They lay golden eggs

    Nikolai DmitrievNikolai Dmitriev15 dagar sedan
  • Chicken with Cankles?

    Bella MBella M15 dagar sedan
  • They're just another step closer to a T rex

    SiddharthSiddharth15 dagar sedan
  • Those feet look like tumour

    Adnan MustafaAdnan Mustafa15 dagar sedan
  • Thick anime Thighs🤕

    Mr. MewzMr. Mewz15 dagar sedan
  • First time I've heard that chicken doesn't taste like chicken but rather beef. Wonder if their beef taste like chicken?

    John ErnestJohn Ernest15 dagar sedan
  • 🤮

    arisnancearisnance16 dagar sedan

    Milo Man64Milo Man6416 dagar sedan
  • I don’t want that drum stick 🥴

    Baby WavyBaby Wavy16 dagar sedan
  • Hanoi 2021: Hometown of the Dong Tao Chicken Hanoi 2041: Hanoi sees its first T-rex from its extensive chicken breeding mutations.

    KairalityKairality16 dagar sedan
  • YUCK! I think I'm going vegan now.

    graphosxpgraphosxp16 dagar sedan
  • wait so 'chicken legs' isn't an insult anymore ?

    BillaBilla16 dagar sedan
  • I am vegetarian. No idea what I do in here

    Jorge QuinteroJorge Quintero16 dagar sedan
  • The chickens that never skipped leg day lol

    Luiz FernandoLuiz Fernando16 dagar sedan
  • Chickzilla

    happyhappy16 dagar sedan
  • Selective breeding, the most ancient form of genetic engineering

    shafthespaceeggshafthespaceegg16 dagar sedan
    • Genetic engineering is not the same as selective breeding.

      gearzone2611gearzone261110 dagar sedan
  • Who curious the taste ...

    cahyo unocahyo uno16 dagar sedan
  • Their the ugh boot wearing chickens

    RonRon16 dagar sedan
  • I think their ancestor is the dinosaur

    im 16im 1616 dagar sedan
  • Crazy... •~•™

    John DonutJohn Donut16 dagar sedan
  • Chickens with ugg boots on for 2 grand?!

    justin Ajustin A16 dagar sedan
    • Ugg boats 💀😂

      Baby WavyBaby Wavy16 dagar sedan
  • I'm planning to make fried chicken but after watching this, I kinda lost my appetite ngl😔

    Sanur AnggreniSanur Anggreni16 dagar sedan

    Eighty BabyEighty Baby17 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only person Disgusted ?

    Jose AlvaradoJose Alvarado17 dagar sedan
  • You’re telling me that that’s not a dinosaur foot in the thumbnail?

    Riley GRiley G17 dagar sedan
  • looking like ashy and cracked ass feet, i don’t know WHO finds that “beautiful”

    Alternative AestheticAlternative Aesthetic17 dagar sedan
  • First time knowing this lol wtf

  • 🤮 dam Mr Miagi want to eat everything they get there hands on

    Joey GarciaJoey Garcia17 dagar sedan
  • Nay, these are blazikens

    Margherita ParaciniMargherita Paracini17 dagar sedan
  • Now I can see why they are related to Dinosaurs!

    JRDNJRDN17 dagar sedan