Worst Phone Failures in History

29 jul 2020
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Lets take a look at some of the wild events and bad/ interesting designs in mobile history.
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  • Im waiting for the intel phone

    ice creamice cream2 dagar sedan
  • Fuck no. Ngage is so succesful in my place. Every kids have it. And no, its not a rich kid status symbol. It every kids cellphone, elementary school kids.

    Vendri MuslimVendri Muslim8 dagar sedan
  • Symbian OS and the Nokia Ngage original were the bomb back in the day! I had a 3650's, a couple Ngage's and of course an Ngage QC at the end! Using standard SD cards to store the games allowed us to simply copy and paste all the game files instead of hacking DRM! Imagine an entity releasing a game or other software without any security or copy protection...

    RVA Live SoundRVA Live Sound8 dagar sedan
  • Windows phones was tootal didsaster

    Rokas LisauskasRokas Lisauskas15 dagar sedan
  • I actually love how the Serene looks and would've loved to get one- but only as curiosity and only if I was rich enough to have money to spare on extra phones. Doesn't really look like the kind of phone that would be able to take a lot of usage.

    C DsC Ds21 dag sedan
  • The Galaxy Beam sounds like a legit great idea.

    nap163020nap16302022 dagar sedan
  • The texting was good

    gritty011gritty01124 dagar sedan
  • And I had a windows phone after words I still have it in drawer once again no apps

    gritty011gritty01124 dagar sedan

    gritty011gritty01124 dagar sedan
  • How hard is it to learn how to say Nokia properly before making a video? Damn fool

    IrishThreeFourIrishThreeFour26 dagar sedan
  • Bring back the Beam !!

    GT S1971GT S197129 dagar sedan
  • A failure on making a basic functional smartphone in the year of social media is very very very outrageous. Nokia, Blackberry, Microsoft had their doors wide open, they just didn't move. Apple, not the best company, but they sure knew how to make smartphones. Their early success on iPhones placed them in a place where they don't have other "IOS". They control their own iPhones.

    baba o' boeybaba o' boeyMånad sedan
  • vertu

    Jagjot BehbalJagjot BehbalMånad sedan
  • I like your music, do you have a link?

    Ted RunyonTed RunyonMånad sedan
  • Kin is really a huge failure, Windows Phone is nothing compared with it..... And I personally think Windows Phone was rather successful before Microsoft pulled the plug.

    Ching-Chen HuangChing-Chen HuangMånad sedan
  • Hey ColdFusion! You have beautiful voice!

    Easy EasystepsEasy EasystepsMånad sedan
  • I want the Golden Buddha Phone lol

    Captain USACaptain USAMånad sedan
  • In Indonesia I was a cool kid using N-gage and N-gage qd until highschool, where they don't sell the rubber on the edge of the body and i can play it anymore and change it to first android in my place galaxy y

    Yohanes KustiadiYohanes KustiadiMånad sedan
  • i had the kin. and it was recalled, unbeknownst to me, and when i came in to verizon years later the people at the store literally laughed at me when they saw my phone

    realitytvenjoyerrealitytvenjoyerMånad sedan
  • All the kids flocked around that one kid at school with the N-GAGE back in the day. I rmemeber wishing I owned one too lol

    baselbaselMånad sedan
  • Calling a Serene: Ding ding NYUUUUHHHHHUH

    Caleb BakerCaleb BakerMånad sedan
  • Glad to see Billy Gates lost $1 billion, now he wants us all to have his vaccines (for longer life, he says, yeah!?)

    Gort NewtonGort NewtonMånad sedan
  • star phone lol also the watch phone couldnt stop laughing

    Jackson 123Jackson 123Månad sedan
  • Microsoft Kin: How do you do, fellow kids?

    Andrew CutlerAndrew CutlerMånad sedan
  • I actually liked the Amazon Fire Phone.

    Mark Schultz-CloseMark Schultz-CloseMånad sedan
  • n-gage fail? hahaha.// as a teenager at that time, nokia n-gage sold realy well in my country,.. many engagement at the time and then qd come out and that is the real failure

    dimas whilmadimas whilmaMånad sedan
  • the telson should've just a Mic stapped to your pinkie and thumb to your ear📞

    User UserUser User2 månader sedan
  • I had a Kin :) I loved the hell out of it since it was my first 'smart' phone lol

    Matthew FlytheMatthew Flythe2 månader sedan
  • Horrible so called mobiles

    BeautyHunter1986BeautyHunter19862 månader sedan
  • android was new in 2014? what?

    Brian ReeseBrian Reese2 månader sedan
  • $2,000 for a phone with sideways camera. what were they thinking

    smonyboysmonyboy2 månader sedan
  • virtu?

    John Simon WijayaJohn Simon Wijaya2 månader sedan
  • Sagem phones were pretty bad too.

    anmonlivanmonliv2 månader sedan
  • The music is annoying. This channel is GARBAGE.

    Peter PanPeter Pan2 månader sedan
  • This z Mrwhosetheboss content

    Russell MasimbaRussell Masimba2 månader sedan
  • This video was awesome, yet for the first 5 minutes all I could think of was how the PSP was so far ahead of its time.

    BlakeWR81BlakeWR812 månader sedan
  • m.seworld.info/section/PLCQ4_zV736C6veXECwgmYU7qW0UTcvVO_.html

    __2 månader sedan
  • Even the name alone was 'Ringing bells' 😏

    The Uzumaki GuyThe Uzumaki Guy2 månader sedan
  • Good one to know that even top companies like microsoft & amazon can fail in their projects.s.

    Senthil Kumar NSenthil Kumar N2 månader sedan
  • That kyocera was bomb, i used to have two echo & rise

    Michael AMichael A2 månader sedan
  • phones is good

  • The iPhone 6 🤮

  • The Kin's Green Dot: Was this before or after Mac OS let you drag images and other files directly from a browser into the downloads directory on the dock?

    Chris RayChris Ray2 månader sedan
  • the Buddah Phone looked cool and i actually would want one just for decoration only.

    Sunset WolfSunset Wolf2 månader sedan
  • so what was the problem with galaxy beam?

    M4dAf4kaM4dAf4ka2 månader sedan
  • Nokia N-Gage was success In finland but i dont know what rest of world think about it... Finland have same population as Barcelona numbers dont tell the whole picture.

    Markus AlanenMarkus Alanen2 månader sedan
  • the kim looked good aesthetically atleast ngl

    The EncoreThe Encore2 månader sedan
  • The Freedom 251 looks like an Apple lookalike.

    David JacksonDavid Jackson2 månader sedan
  • I want a ColdFusion video that just says "Nokia" for four minutes straight

    Oscar NavarroOscar Navarro2 månader sedan
  • Nice video........but were you in a coma when the Essential phone debacle was happening? Maybe you can check how much money that venture lost...This is like talking about all the Rugby World Cup winners and forgetting to mention the All Black's. 😉

    Brian MBrian M2 månader sedan
  • You forgot to mention the n gage's goatsee design

    rjojorjojo2 månader sedan
  • nokia still the beast

    Kuzaya RahimKuzaya Rahim2 månader sedan
  • definitely the Nokia N97

    Jude HoJude Ho2 månader sedan
  • Good stuff. It's a lot of work to put these presentations together.

    jkirk1626jkirk16262 månader sedan
  • i still quite proud i owned a n-gage. haha

    Andrew ChooAndrew Choo2 månader sedan
  • 💕

    Rui-9-CSRui-9-CS2 månader sedan
  • The Samsung projector phone was excellent. Why did it go wrong? I wish my phone had a projector.

    SuperKevinheartSuperKevinheart2 månader sedan
  • Red hydrogen looked cool

    Jesse KauffmanJesse Kauffman2 månader sedan
  • Projector is awesome

    Jesse KauffmanJesse Kauffman2 månader sedan
  • The true explanation alarmingly hover because reaction frustratingly count mid a hungry friction. curvy, mere shoulder

    DZXAS CDSAVDZXAS CDSAV2 månader sedan
  • So microsoft failed on 3 phone platforms ??? windows mobile ce, kin phone and windows phone !!! GREAT !

    Tomasz KusmierzTomasz Kusmierz2 månader sedan
  • You gotta be kidding me that Vertu is not in the list.

    Jack LowJack Low2 månader sedan
  • Who can forgot Vertu?

    Seejay FrujaySeejay Frujay2 månader sedan
  • Hi guys, would the I-mate be a good video?. I had one, apple must have liked the name enough to copy it. The company lost millions.

    GEMWRCGEMWRC2 månader sedan
  • Fun Fact: This video was removed by youtube itself as an inappropriate content (August 18). And then (August 19) SEworld itself reinstate the video back with no explanation. ***** Another Fun Fact: Only Dagogo's Real fan know about this.

    Pie Pie ChannelPie Pie Channel2 månader sedan
  • India doing what they’re known best.. fraudulent..

    Senkol ZSenkol Z2 månader sedan
  • The grammar... biggest disaster in this video!

    Edward ShaweEdward Shawe2 månader sedan
  • I miss my Nokia phone with slide out keyboard & real number pad buttons.

    rollmeisterrollmeister2 månader sedan
  • I pretty much liked n-gage..it should have stuck around!! I also liked Nokia 6600..also known as MMS phone ..he he😝

    hssp1534hssp15342 månader sedan
  • golden buddha phone is china’s own insult to buddha 🤣🤣🤣

    Hans SolosHans Solos2 månader sedan
  • bill gates next of “kin” must be his worst nightmare 🤣🤣🤣

    Hans SolosHans Solos2 månader sedan
  • honestly tho most of these phones looks more interesting than today's boring black rectangular phone. and I didn't expect N-Gage is considered failure. I used to love to play game on my friends N-Gage back then. tons of interesting game at that era when internet and mobile gaming isn't a thing yet

    Mas FugoMas Fugo2 månader sedan
  • Amazon sucks balls. I have no clue why people order from there.

    KenKen2 månader sedan
  • 5:38 I really want to meet the guys who approved this abomination!

    Akash RajkishoreAkash Rajkishore2 månader sedan
  • Remember Nextbit Robin smartphone? this garbage phone that only works on consistent network and data. Plus has terrible build quality. Watch on JerryRigEverything.

    Ғ Ū Ṉ Γ Δ G ΣҒ Ū Ṉ Γ Δ G Σ2 månader sedan
  • i am 95% sure you could make that green dot system with an app

    • • nannesoar •• • nannesoar •2 månader sedan
  • Exynos equiped samsung S9.... a brick has better battery life

    John SmithJohn Smith2 månader sedan
  • The Golden Buddha Phone also had a swastika in the middle of the keypad, which I'm sure helped make it flop big time, at least in the West

    Kasper JensenKasper Jensen2 månader sedan
  • I'm using a superb 6" 200 USD Poco X3

    Andrei JedidiahAndrei Jedidiah2 månader sedan
  • Microsoft made so made terrible business decisions over the years. They are lucky they're swimming in cash.

    Ruben HeymansRuben Heymans2 månader sedan
  • Should have added/mentioned the Essential Phone

    Ahad ShahAhad Shah2 månader sedan
  • But, by the time the Amazon Fire Phone came out , Android had been around for a solid 5 going on 6 years, commercially. That’s like saying the iPhone was relatively new by the time the 5 or 5S came out.

    Will SerranoWill Serrano2 månader sedan
  • The Pogo.....About as reliable as an Italian washing machine. And the Xperia play which was a brilliant concept but Sony bailed as soon as it was released almost. Could have been brilliant.

    Clem FandangoClem Fandango2 månader sedan
  • Budha phone with swastika OMG

    SalesuroviSalesurovi2 månader sedan
  • Wow a corrupt company in India, theres a shock

    Chris LChris L2 månader sedan
  • The ken phone 😗🥳😂😂😂😅

    christian crowchristian crow2 månader sedan
  • Am I the only one who likes these videos before they even start?

    Danilo RaulDanilo Raul2 månader sedan
  • What about the WebOS phones?

    schotokaschotoka2 månader sedan
  • I loved my ngage I still have it

    LW_ LoKiLW_ LoKi2 månader sedan
  • But N-gage was an official Certificate rich kid status in my childhood lol

    EdoEdo2 månader sedan
    • Damn I would've been a king at your school then lol

      Rome IsaacRome IsaacMånad sedan
    • Just goes to show you how irrelevant material things do to boost ur status quo

      DN AndersonDN AndersonMånad sedan
    • That clearly didn't mean anything in retrospect.

      Christophe JergalesChristophe Jergales2 månader sedan
    • THPS 2 💪

      Ryan HRyan H2 månader sedan
  • Blackberry Storm

    David LandryDavid Landry2 månader sedan
  • NGage might be a failure, but at least it became iconic

    DustieDustie2 månader sedan
  • Rabbit phone !!!! From the 80's...ring out jacking onto a telephone box signal but could not recieve calls!

    richard bradleyrichard bradley2 månader sedan
  • The taboo aries karyologically admit because alcohol mechanically depend vice a solid hedge. last, black anthony

    Paul antonyPaul antony2 månader sedan
  • "Android was relatively new at the time"? Amazon Fire phone got released in 2014, Android got released in 2008. Come on dude.

    Christian GravemakerChristian Gravemaker2 månader sedan
    • 6 years is old now or what?

      Sterling MSterling M2 månader sedan
  • The groovy beard timely rub because lumber pertinently carry besides a chilly group. doubtful, quixotic bacon

    Paul antonyPaul antony2 månader sedan
  • The n-gage is a highly sought after phone in the collector's world and buying one brand new can cost you more than the latest iphone.

    latinsizerlatinsizer2 månader sedan
  • Blackberry Storm 1 should be an honourable mention...

    Wayne HarperWayne Harper2 månader sedan
  • Nokia made so much money during its prime it could afford to make stupid and risky business decisions which ultimately led to its demise Take notes Samsung

    MixeyMixey2 månader sedan
  • Love from India. And that Indian phone is crazy, I have never tried it but have only heard about it.

    Manbir JudgeManbir Judge2 månader sedan